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Solitude can make anything possible.
I have lived my whole life in a small town in Northern Idaho. My parents are totally conservative with everything, so they don't let me date until I'm sixteen, and they don't allow me to watch R-rated television. Basically, I am a fifteen year old virgin that has never dated, and the closests I have ever come to sex is masterbating to magazines sold at the grocery store.

About three months ago, at the beginning of summer, my older cousin Liz came to live with us. I guess her mother got pregant with a black guy on a one night stand down in California when she was sixteen. Ever since then the two of them have been on their own. Ever since Liz turned 17 she has been getting envolved with some hard core gang members, so my mother offered to take her in, and Liz has been living with us ever since.

Liz is actually quite attractive. She has beautiful chocolate brown skin without a single blemish, long straight hair, and shapely lips and nose with a ring in her lower lip. Of course, she came to live with us during the summer while we were on break, so she doesn't have any friends, she never dates, and being the only black girl in the small school she just hangs out at the house all day long.

When she first moved in I hated it. All she did was fight with my mom and listen to music really loud all day. All I ever tried to do was avoid her, of course, that was until about a month ago. I don't know if she did it to piss my mom off or what, but she started wearing really short shorts at night, and a tight t-shirt with no bra. The first time I saw her dressed like that she was laying on her back watching TV when I got home late from a friends house. I had never notice how sexy her body was, she always wore black baggy clothes. Her shorts were so short I could see the bottom half of her full round ass. She had a thin toned waist, and I was amazed at how big her boobs looked. I don't know if she was cold or not, but her nipples were exploding out of her shirt and standing on end. I instantly got rock hard. I was pretty proud of myself, I kept myself trimmed and my cock measured a full seven inches long. My buddies and I compared ourselves to each other one night, and my dick was the biggest by over half an inch.

I think she could tell that something was wrong, because she just gave me a wicked little smile and asked if everything was ok. I just replied, "no everything is fine," and walked into my room. I instantly pulled out my cock and started stroking it hard and fast. I was already leaking precum all over the place, and I new I was close. I always like to see how far up on my chest I can spurt cum, so I stripped down and lay flat on my bed. I couldn't get her black ass and big nipples out of my head and less than a minute latter I burst out all over my chest. I was so tense I actually hit my chin for the first time. As I lay there I heard my mom get home from work, so I quickly jumped in the show and went to bed, listening to mom and Liz go the rounds.

For the last month I have been obsessed with catching my cous naked. We still didn't talk much, but I was alway around at night when she would flaunt her ass and boobs. We only had one bathroom in the house, so every time she would take a bath or shower I would find a way to check to see if she left the door open, but she never did. The worst part was she always kept her bedroom door locked too. I think she did it to keep my mom out, but I was dying to go through her stuff.

Yesterday my mom said that she had to go out of town for a business trip and wouldn't be back until Sunday. She had make arrangements for me to stay at the neighbors for a couple of days. I had no idea what Liz planned to do while mom was gone. A few hours after my mom had left me at the neighbors I was feeling horny and frustrated. I needed to masterbate badly, and there was no way I was going to settle for quicky in the bathroom. Besides, I could tell that they were anoid that I was stuck with them for the weekend. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands for once. I told the neighbors that Liz would be home if anything were to happen and that I would be fine on my own for two nights. I didn't think there was anyway they would go for it, but to my suprise they jumped at the chance.

As I was walkin home, I was fantasizing about my Liz. I wanted to touch her boobs and grab her ass so bad I was actually walking home with a long hard cock. When I got home I decided to see if Liz was around. I could hear water running in the bath tub, so I took the chance to investigate her room, and I was in luck, her room was unlocked. She actually had a pretty simple room, and I couldn't understand why she was so particular about keeping it locked. The only thing that interested me was a pile of clothes in the center of the room. They were still warm, so I new she was just getting into the tub. Her bra was a size 34C and smelled great. Her panties were moist in the front, which sent chills up my spine. I was so turned on my penis actually hurt to be crammed inside my pants. I stepped quietly over to the bathroom door once I was done in her room. I was practicaly praying that she had left the door unlocked. When I got to the door I noticed that she had left it open about two inches. I could barely breathe, my chance I finally come. I peaked into the room, and in the reflection of the mirror I could see Liz sitting on the side of the tub with her back partially turned toward me. I could only see a sliver of her back, and the tob of her buttocks so I chanced pushing the door open a few more inches. She was busy shaving her legs, she had one long leg up on the side of the tub and the other in the water. Every once in a while should would turn so that I could see the side of her breast. It looked huge, and even though I couldn't see the nipple I was so damn horny that precum was actually dripping off of my penis. I could tell that one stroke would cause a huge explosion.

I was getting frustrated, she was taking so long to shave her legs, and I wanted to see more. I let out a grunt that was a little louder than I had anticipated. She stopped for a minute and I was afraid I was busted. I was actually ready to run for it. She paused for a moment, then she stood up and turned around, I quickly ducked behind the door. After a few seconds I peaked back into the room. She had move to the opposite side of the tub and was sitting up on the side with her legs in the tub. She wasn't shaving her legs anymore, she was shaving her pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was sitting infront of me with her legs spread wide. Her boobs were full round and stood straight out from her body. She had dark black nipples that must have stood out from her body by half and inch. The large black circles on her breasts were bigger than a fifty-cent piece. Her thin waiste led perfectly down to smooth black pussy. As she finished I could see the dark layers of skin with a light brown clit protroding out of the folds of skin. Below that I could see her pink hole, and to my surprise her entire pussy was glistening. I was afraid that she was going to slide down into the tub, and that the show was about over, but just then she reached up and grabbed both nipples and pulled on them. They instantly perked up and seem to double in size. She then lay back and with her right hand started stroking her clit with long slow strokes. She took her left hand and slide her finger into her slick hot hole. As she lay there I could hear her moaning softly as she moved her fingers in and out. It was more than I could take, I stripped down right there and started stroking my wet engorged cock. I lay down right in front of the door, and pumped cum all over my chest. This time the cum hit high on my right cheek, and the force of the orgasim cause me to grunt a little to loudly. As I lay there soaked in my own cum the door the bathroom opened and Liz looked down dressed in one of my mom's bath robes.

I didn't know what to say, my tongue felt like it was as big as a baseball, and I'm sure my face was as red as a beet. Liz just gave me that same wicked little smile she had before and said,
"It looks like you enjoyed the show." I still couldn't bring myself to say anything. She knelt down and slow rubbed the cum on my chest. "Do you want to do more than just watch?" All I could do was nod. I couldn't believe she wasn't screaming at me to get lost. She stood up and dropped the robe to the ground. I could see that the inside of her legs were glisining. She climbed onto the tob of my chest and said, "I know you dick is going to need a few minutes, so lets try this." She reached down and pulled the sides of her pussy open wide. Then she leaned in and shoved it into my face. My tongue on her clit caused her to let go of her own pussy as she arched her back, and let out a long moan. "Do you like my pussy?" I just licked her hard, and then I shoved my tongue as deap into her hot wet hole as I could. At the same time I grabbed her black ass and pulled her into me. "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!!!!" Just then she stood up over me and started rubbing her pussy like a jack hammer. As she ravadged her own pussy she screamed out, and HOT clear liquid sprayed all over my chest, neck, and face. She was pumping her pussy, and shaking as the fluid continued to gush down her legs, and onto my steaming body. She sat back down on my chest, and grabbed her tits for the first time. My Dick was throbbing, and I wanted her so bad. She could tell I was ready, she turned around and stuck her big black ass right in my face. I could feel her hot breasts as she rubbed them all over my cum covered chests.

Then she grabbed my dick as said, "Nice Cock." Then she licked it, grabbed my balls, and stuck the whole thing in her mouth. At the same time she arched her back and stuck her pussy back in my face. I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her in position. I could feel her mouth stroking my cock, as I took long licks from her pussy to her ass hole. With every lick she would shudder, and I could feel myself throbbing getting very close to an organsim. She must have sensed that I was close, because she stood up, and said, "I want your big cock in my hot pussy Cuz." SheI stepped forward and with her ass facing me sat down on my cock. She started ramming her pussy with my cock like wild woman. I started to scream like she had done earlier, since I was blowing my load all over inside he hot pink pussy. This must have set her off because she started screaming, "Oh FUCK!" again, and I felt her hot pussy juice spray all over my cock and balls. I felt like I had just ran a 20 mile marathon, she just stood up, turned around and while fingering her enlarged clit said, "Thanks for the Fuck, CUZ No one has ever made me squirt like you." She went and got in the tub, and waved me over. We spent the night talking for the first time, and I knew this wasn't the last time I would screw my sexy black cousin.

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