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mom forced to watch her daughter deflowered, then she is taken.
I hated this bitch next door. I mean hate. she never been anything but rude to me. She complains and often calls the cops whenever I play guitar, she tells me my grass needs moving cause my house makes her's look bad. I hated her fuckin guts, but she was quite a cute woman. At 37, her short blonde hair waved in the sun, but couldnt detract you from the tanned cleavage she shows. at 5'7, and prolly 130 lbs, not bad for a woman her age. She was divorced, and I could tell why that guy ran for his life.

She had a daughter, about 17 i belive, almost identical to her. Black hair, and small b cup titties, but very fuckable. She had very tone legs, and an ass that was just beautiful. She was a snotty lil bitch, but she flaunted her ass off quite a bit. many times, I had seen her nipples slip out "accidentally" then she would scold me for looking. Stupid bitch.

Well, they got angry at me for my dog shitting in thier yard and shot him with a bb gun. I watched the old broad do it. I figured it wa time to teach them a lesson. I marched over there and barged in, starteling both of them. The started to yell, but I grabbed for my .45 and they shut right the fuck up. "Im in charge here bitch. You shot my dog. Now I shoot you, in one way or another. You pick. Fuck me, or eat a bullet." She started to cry. HEr cunt daughter spoke up. "Bullshit! He wont shoot. He's bluffing." "oh really bitch?" I retorted. " Just for that, you get fucked too." I walked to her and putthe gun to her head, and she started to bawl, agreeing. Her mom was in the back beggin me to just leave her out of it, jut take her, but i need to teach them both. I forced them into the bedroom where i had them strip. It was quite a sight, mom and daughter side by side, ready to be my fuck dolls. I started by tieing up the old bitch, tieing her ankles up and wide to the top bed post, hands spread to the same.its was very prettyand I saw her fat clit pokin out of her very red pussy. there was a small line of pussy hair covering the top, and the lips were veryplump. I then walked over to her daughter and put her on her knees, then stripped, dropping my cock out right in her face. I asked her if she liked it. her mom screamed, and I grabbed my .45 and put it to her daughters head. 'if you scream, eaither of you, I will shoot the other one, no questions." That shut her up for good. I guded my cock to her luscious daughters mouth, and soon hard my cock going all the way down her throat. She chcked and caughed, but I let her up for air every 2 strokes. HEr mom cried, trying to remain silent. I lifted the lil slut onto the bed in front of her mom, so she could see me ram her daughter. I spread her legs and as I was about to thrust into her, her mom said "Wait, she a virgin, take it easy." I looked into the lil girls eyes, and I saw lust behind those tears of fear. I rammed my cock deep into her, and kept pumping hard, shattering her virginity. I railed the fuck out this lil girl for about 5 minutes as she gasp and bawled. I kept pushier her legs back father and father, getting my cock deeper into her. I suddenly realized that her bawling, wasnt moans of pain, or cries, but moans of pleasure and squeals and a thurst deep into her womb. She was fuckin lving it, and about that time, I felt her pussy soak my cock, as her body shook. I just came, the lil slut!. I pulled my cock out of her tight twat and shoved my dick into her faced. I rubbed it all over her face, smearing her cum all over her cheek and lips. I made her suck my cock, which turned into me throat fucking her, I grabbed the back of he head and rammed my cock down her thraot, and her tears fell into cock and I fucked her head. I pushed her away down on the ground, then jumped on top of her doggy style. I found her asshole and lubed it wuth her twat juice. I started finger fucking her ass hole. I turned to see what her mom was doing, and she was bucking her hips against her rope. the was cooing, and breathig quite heavy. I walked over and looked her fat red cunt, glintening in anticipation. I spit on her pussy, then grapped a nipple and twisted it, whispering, "im gonna fuck that asshole over there, then your getting face fucked, my cute lil whore" she spit at me, but missed,

I walked back to the lil twat on the floor and flipped her back over, placing my raging cock at her ass. I rammed as hard as I could, but only got about 2 inches in. I took 3 or 4 more hard thrust but I was finlly all 8 inches up her butt. She was crying, begging me to stop as I began pounding her ass, brutally rapeing tthis teens virginity away. Her mother was still cooing in the background, and I heard the bed creak as she moved her hips. I grew bored of her daughters annoying cries, I pulled out, seeing the gaping hole I left. I pushed her over with my foot, and told her to rest up. I went to her mother, whos pussy was dripping. " You fucking whore. You loved watching me fuck the shit outta her daughter didnt you? I see you starin at this cock slut. It's coming." I stradled her and she opened her mouth, submissing to everthing I gave her. I rammed hy cock into her throat, making her taste her daughters asshold. I forced deeper and deeper ing her her mouther, pinning her head aginst the backboard and hold my cock down her throat. How she did not puke I dont know, but she came close a few times. I continued this for about a minute or so, then moved to fuck her pussy. with her legs tide high, it was easy access, and her pussy was plump and glistening. My cock slid all the way in, balls deep on the first thrust. It was so hot and warm in her cunt,, I wanna to fill her up right then. I starting working hard deep thursts into her, speeding up as I went. She moaned, begging for more in her. Her daughter looked in amazment as I turned her mother into a sex starver cum craving slut. She beg for my cum inside her, but I would let that happen. I grapped her legs and forced them way back behind her head, putting her in major pain. I pounded deeper and deeper into her and she started crying, begging me to let her up. thats when I noticed a huge dildo beside her bed. I stoped and grabbed it. I came back over to her, and shoved the didldo in her pussy, I turned on the virbrate and fucked her with it for about 2 minutes feverishly. I then shoved it all the way in so it was stuckin her pussy. I turninned it on hi, and grabbed her daughter. She began moaning and writhing as the vibe hummed her pussy. I threw her daughter in the bed in front of her mom, so she had a close view over her moms pussy. I started fucking the lil girl doggystyle, taking my time. " Guess what mom, when you cum, I cum." I started fucking her harder, and her mom was obviously trying to fight cumming. I forced her daughters face into the bitchs pussy, pushing the dildo deeper into her soeaked cumhole. suddendly, her hips bucked up sharply, hitting her daughters head. the dildo was forced out of her pussy as her mom erupted into and massive pent up orgasm. Juices flowed from her pussy, getting all over her dautghters face. the old bitch was still moaning and cumming, but not squirting. I forced ther lil girls face into her mom twat,, and pumped hard a few more times. My balls exploded, and heave after heave of thick splurge shot deep into her daughters womb. Ipumped deeply into her, my cock throbing and spurting with each stroke. when I finally finished. The daughter had passed out somehow. her mom was crying, and a lambasted her, calling her a dirty slut, sleeping my cum covered cock on her passed out daughters face. i flicked her occasionally, and she jumped in excitment. I kept teasing her to the point of orgasm the stopping before she could cum for about an hour. her daughter was sleeping, but soon awoke to her moms cries and moans. I grabbed her daughter, and laid her on her back, putting her ankles beside her head, and began furiously fucking her worn out cunt. she was still wet with my cum from earlier, so I fucked her deep and fast. I was ready to cum again, and as I started filling her lil girl with my seed once more, The fucking slut came without anything touching her at all, and soaked me with her cum.I continued to fill the sweet wet pussy I just carved, and I heard her mom call the an asshole. I stood I up and grabbed my gun off the desk, and started to fuck that old wet cunt with the barrel. she screamed, And I wuickly remindered her of the rules as I locked the hammer back. I fucked her with the gun her a lil while, then pulled out. and put it in her face. " I know about your lil "coke buisness". I will send you to jail where you will wish you had only got what I just gave you. You shut the fuck up about this, or YOu rot and get raped everyday in prison." she started to bawl. She knew she could say shit. I looked at her daughter and blew smoke in her face. "Not so hot after your full of cum are ya bitch? Im sure you boy freind and you teachers and or freinds would love to know how you and your mom took on this guy and you Loved every second of it. be at my hosue tomorrow after school. You have class." and I left, bot hof them crying. My balls were satified, and now they wont fuck with me anymore, Ill just fuck them.

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2011-12-01 05:18:28
shitty story. how could put her feet over your hed wshen she was tied spread eafgle on the bed?????????? dumb fuck

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2009-11-19 16:36:51
It was a crap story but tells what should happen to a bitch who shoots at a dog.


2007-09-26 10:37:22
hatte your guts PIG


2006-02-06 13:12:27
wow i'll love to get fucked like that


2006-02-04 22:53:16
CRAP is the only word i can think of to discribe this story

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