She is his and he does what he wants with her
I met my slave Angel on the net and we shared Master and slave fantasies for along while before we finally met in person, she is beautiful and with a very sexy body. 5 ft.9 in., 125 lb.., 36C-24-36, long blonde hair with just a hint of red and soft green eyes. When we met for the first time, I seduced her immediately turning her into my obedient sex slave over night, using her tall slender body as I wished and as often as I wanted for what ever pleased me.

Angel was the perfect sex toy, doing anything and everything she could to please her new Master, sucking my cock or fucking me anytime or anywhere at my slightest whim. She soon moved in with me and that it was really wonderful having her body there to use as often as I wished. I would have her cook and clean for me totally nude, the sight of her beautiful naked body working around the house made me half crazy with lust. We would spend most of our time at home together fucking and sucking in all sorts of perverted ways.


I had told a black friend of my named Don about beautiful sexy Angel being my sex slave, but I don't think he believed me, so I had her come to his office with me to put on a little show for him. We arrived there, Angel and I, just at lunch time, so I asked Don, "Would you like something special for your lunch, old buddy!"

Don grinned at Angel’s sexy clothes (a tight white sweater with no bra that showed her erect nipples, fishnet black stockings, fuck me heels and a black micro mini skirt with no panties underneath that rode up when ever she moved leaving little to the imagination), he then licked his lips and asked me, "Just what do you have in mind, Charlie?"

I smiled a wicked smile and ordered Angel, "Take off your fucking clothes slave, my friend is going to eat your slut cunt for his lunch!" Don's lusting eyes never left my slave’s body as she quickly undressed for our pleasure.

"Dose my body please my Master's friend, he always wants me to please his friends." Angel asked now standing naked except for her stockings and heels, her large breasts and smooth shaven pussy exposed and ready for his use.

"Fuck yes, your body’s so damn hot it’s making my cock hard just looking at it. You really do anything he says, I mean ANYTHING!!!" Don questioned to my naked sexy slut.

"Naturally, he is my Master and if it pleases him then it pleases his slut slave. Master may I suck Don's cock while he licks my whore's pussy," Angel asked me as Don moved toward her nude and ready to serve body.

"Only if it pleases him, you wants do not matter, bitch. Don do wish her to suck your cock until you fill her whore's mouth with cum?" I replied knowing now that Don really believed what I had told him.

“Hell yes, a little 69 action sounds just fine to me,” Don replied dropping his slacks and shorts to the floor reviling his big black hard cock to Angel. “Come on baby, let’s get going, I want to taste that hot cunt of yours.” He stretched out on the floor, his cock standing straight up and ready for her mouth.

“Suck him dry slut, make him feel like you do me,” I commanded to my lovely hot sex slave as Angel pushed her wet hot pussy into Don’s face and sucked all his big cock into her mouth. “Looks like a long lunch hour, old buddy!” I quipped to my black stud friend while undressing and preparing to join the red hot action. The lunch hour turned in to most of the afternoon as Don and I used Angel's beautiful body over and over until we were unable to get our cocks hard anymore.

Finally I sat exhausted on his couch with Angel nude on the floor between my legs cleaning my limp cock with her warm wet tongue. "Well my friend, do you know now that I'm her MASTER and she my slave?" I questioned my totally spent friend as he watch my naked slut lap the cum off my cock like a trained dog. Don didn't answer aloud he just nodded his head yes as he looked at my sex slave and me with awe. “Bring a couple of your friends over Saturday night for a poker game and Angel will “entertain” all of us.”

“You mean what I think you mean, old buddy,” Don questioned me as his mind ran wild with thoughts of my sexy slut slave “entertaining” four of us at one time. Four horny men and one sexy slave fucking and sucking all night long, the idea burned in his mind like a volcano ready to erupt.

“Yes that’s exactly what I mean, my friend, she dose exactly what I say, my slut Angel will service us as much as we please,. Well are you coming or not?” I asked my still horny black friend as Angel finished cleaning my cock.

“Your are so good to me Master, I would love to let Don and his friends use my body, but only if it pleases you,” Angel said while toying with my empty balls. She smiled a wicked smile, thinking of four hard cocks to suck and fuck at my command. My slave was well trained and knew what pleased me and she tried very hard to satisfy her MASTER.

“I’ll be there with bells on and more big black cocks for your slave to service,” Don replied as his dressed and prepared to get back to work.

“Good, Don old pal, show up with two friends about 8, just bring you cocks and I’ll supply the rest,” I laughed while we both watched my sexy slave getting dressed, thinking about her fabulous body satisfying all four of us come Saturday night.


Saturday evening was going to be long, hard and hot for my pretty sex slave Angel, with Don and two of his black buddies coming over for a friendly game of poker and other "entertainment". When he and his two horny friends (Big John and Armaad) arrived at my apartment, Angel greeted them totally nude except for fuck me red heels and a black velvet collar, her nude body completely exposed and ready to use.

I introduced them to her by letting each of them kiss her while feeling her wet cunt. Each man kissed her sweet mouth deeply while sliding his fingers into her wet hot pussy, Big John almost lifted her off the floor by her cunt as he buried his hand deep inside her sex hole. “Fuck man she’s wet already, gonna be a long night huh baby,” he commented, then we all laughed and got ready for the nights “entertainment”!

We first sat down to play cards with my naked little slave waiting on us, bringing us beer and snacks as needed. Each time she did so she got her tits and/or pussy played with by who ever she served. When she wasn't serving she sat on a chair in the middle of the room with her long sexy legs tucked under her and spread wide open, so that her by now very wet pussy was in the plain view of us all.

After a while I decided to have some real "fun" with her, I sent Angel for some more beer and while she was gone I told the others what I had in mind to torment my slave and amuse us. As usual after serving me and getting she hard nipples pinched, she returned to her chair and exposed her smooth shaven pussy completely to our hot eyes. "Slave! Your Master has a test for you and if you don't pass we shall have to punish you," I told her as the four of us moved around her naked hot body.

I shall do what ever my MASTER wants, I will try to please him and his friends because I'm a good slut slave. What is it my Master wishes me to do?" Angel questioned unsure of what I wanted, as the four of us closed in on her hot excited body.

"It is a simple test my whore, you must not cum, no matter what we do to you!" I told her as Big John kneeled to begin eating her cunt, while Armaad and Don each started devouring one her breasts and I began pulling her hair while biting her soft neck.

"Please Master, No!!! I can't do that you how hot I get!" my little slave begged as her body was being ravaged by four men at once. Big John’s wide long tongue and huge fingers explored and tormented deep into her cunt, making her body moan and squirm as the fire build up in her clit. Don and Armaad’s hands and mouths ravaged her big tits and hard nipples turning her into a mindless aroused animal. I pulled her head back by the hair, kissing and biting her soft neck and face, driving her to the edge of sanity. Her breath now came in short hard bursts as she fought hard to obey my order to not cum, but it was only a matter of time until she broke and exploded in orgasm.

My faithful slave tried her best for a long time not to cum as we continued our assault on her beautiful body. Then finally after what must have seamed like forever to her, her sweating body shock and trembled with the wild lust which now consumed her, and she was unable to kept control herself any more. "Master...I can't....NO....Please...I can't......stop.....NO!....PLEASE!!!!.......I'mmmm ......CUMMMMMMINNNN!!!!!! she panted wildly as the massive orgasm in her burst thorough her lost self control!

Angel collapsed back on her chair having lost control of her body she wondered what the punishment would be, then looking up at me, she begged, "Master, Please I tried very hard but you kept it up so long, I couldn't stop, PLEASE don't punish me!!!!!”

"A good slave NEVER disobeys her MASTER, we shall have to punish you, lay down on the floor, face up, eyes closed, mouth open and your legs spread wide apart," I commanded her.

Angel did as I ordered spreading her helpless naked body at the feet of her four tormentors, I smiled a wicked smile to my friends and as we had arranged before hand, we took out our cocks and began covering her with our urine. After all the beer we had drank, our bladders was more than full so my slave was drowned in hot yellow piss. I directed mine into her open mouth, while Don and Armaad covered her beautiful tits. Big John's enormous black cock filled her cum drenched cunt to over flowing with a well aimed stream of warm acid urine.

"Now disobedient slut, clean up this mess and yourself then come to the bed room for we have only started our use of your whore's body," I laughed at Angel while my friends and I contemplated what would do to her body next!


While me and my three horny black friends waited for my sex slave, Angel to make herself ready, we planned just how we would use her beautiful body to satisfy our roaring lust. My friends were more than ready as we all stripped naked, their big cocks were all rock hard and throbbing for WHITE MEAT!

Don's cock was the smallest about my size, 8 inches or so, while Armaad's was bigger at 10 inches, but Big John's was enormous!!! He had the biggest dick ether black or white I had ever seen, at least 14 inches long and so big around it looked like it belonged to a fucking horse! Big John noticed me starring at his fantastic cock and said while grinning from ear to ear, "Think your little white whore can take ALL of this, Charlie, not many women can you know."

"She'll take every fucking inch and beg for more if I tell her to, she BELONGS to me body and soul!" I replied, just as Angel entered the bed room, crawling naked on all fours like a good slave. Four sets of lusting eyes followed her beautiful bare body, her ample breasts dangling obscenely as she crawled to me stopping with her face just inches from my throbbing hard cock.

Angel looked up at me over my ragging hard on with her soft green eyes and purred, "Is my MASTER ready to have his friends use my worthless body for their pleasure, ALL my holes are clean and perfumed for your pleasure!"

I smiled a wicked smile down at my naked slave and replied, "Yes, but first you must worship my cock and drink my cum to prepare yourself,"

Angel then took my pulsing sex tool into her mouth, sucking it down her throat until her face was buried in my thick pubic hair. Her fingers fondled my swollen balls while her tongue messaged my cock with an expertise only she could do. She fucked my hard cock so well with her hot mouth that it drove we wild, bringing me very quickly to orgasm. The three black men madly stroked their hard cocks and watched in hungry lust as I grabbed her long blonde hair with both hands and used it to grind her face into my crotch. My cock exploded pumping a huge load of hot sex juice deep inside her warm mouth, gagging her as she drank ALL of it.

"Did I please you Master? May I now service you friends or does my MASTER have other plans on how to use me for their pleasure?" Angel asked softly to me as she kneeled obediently before her lord and MASTER!

“Yes my slut, now the real entertainment will begin, your body will be used by all of us until our lust is satisfied, no matter how long it takes!” I told her as she knelt nude and ready for my orders. Angel was helpless before the absolute MASTER of her mind and body, obedient and ready for what ever I commanded of her.


My three black friends sat stroking their huge hard cocks as Angel finished cleaning my cock with her tongue after she sucked me off, waiting for their turns to use her sexy nude body. “Now slave, crawl to each one of my friends and beg them to tell you how your can service them. Also because you have pleased your MASTER so much, you may cum as much as you wish while they use you,” I commanded to my slut as she kneeled before me.

“Thank you MASTER, your slave will please your guests anyway that pleases them,” Angel replied as she crawled toward Don her totally body exposed to all our eyes. “What would my Master’s friend like to do to this slut slave,” she asked him as her tongue flicked the precum off the tip of his raging hard on.

“I gotta fuck those big white tits, lay your ass down so can I ride those jugs,” Don commanded my slave as he pushed her towards the floor. He say on her chest, squeezing her big smooth tits around his black hard dick and began fucking in and out of the soft valley they made. She moaned was he roughly pushed her breasts around his manhood using them like handles to pull his cock back and forth between them. “Lick my cock bitch, use your tongue and I’ll give you some hot black man’s cum!” he commanded again to the beautiful white slave he was using like a thing to satisfy his needs.

Angel suddenly felt hands on her thighs, spreading them so wide apart that her wet excited pussy lips opened allowing the cool air of the room the stimulate her even more. “Can’t wait no more, gotta taste her pretty little pink cunt, gonna eat you out bitch until you cum in my mouth!” Armaad announced as he rammed his hungry tongue into her pussy causing her to grind her sex mound into his face.

“Yes...that’s sooo...good...I’ll cummmmm....for you.....soon....bite my clit.....make me feeeel it!!!!! Angel panted between licks with her tongue of Don’s cock as it plunged in and out of the soft pussy like valley made by her tits. The two black studs used her hot body until she began to writhe around and scream, “OHHHHH.....YEESS....I’M CUMMMMMIN!!!!.....GOD ... YES YES YES!!!!” Her juices flowed into Armaad’s waiting mouth as Don neared his limits. His cock was ready to burst with lust so he pushed it up into Angel’s waiting mouth and unloaded a huge amount of hot cum down her throat.

“Swallow it all bitch, drink it down, you’ll love his nigger cum,” Big John quipped while stroking his enormous hard dick and waiting his turn. Don shot so much cum into Angel’s sweet little mouth that it flowed out around his throbbing cock and ran down her face. “Shit baby that’s nothing, wait till I unload my hot stuff inside your little white pussy. You guys bring the little slut over here and sit her cunt down on this,” Big John ordered as he laid back with 14 inch long hard sex tool standing up waiting for her wet pussy to be impaled on it.

I watched as the two men picked Angel’s breathless nude body up like a rag doll and positioned it over the massive black man’s incredibly big cock. Big John reached down and spread her cunt lips open so the tip of his huge sex tool could began to enter her wetness. “Push the bitch all the way down hard, I want her to take it ALL!” Big John commanded his buddies.

“OHHHHH!!! NO, PLEASE NO IT’S TOO BIG, YOUR SPLITTING ME WIDE OPEN!!” Angel screamed as the full length of the huge black cock was forced all the way into her over stretched cunt. Tears ran down her face from the pain as the two men pulled her up and down, fucking her tormented pussy with the massive black man’s cock. The pain soon turned to pleasure as her mussels began to relax and accept the fucking she was getting. Her juices really began to flow as she neared another intense orgasm, making the monster cock move easier in and out of her excited pussy.

Angel’s body went limp in their black hands as she trembled with yet another orgasm, but the black men weren’t ready to stop yet, they had other things in mind for her and I was there to help them. They let her body fall down on Big John’s chest, as Armaad moved around behind her and kneeled down between her widely spread legs. Suddenly her eyes snapped open in fright as she felt the head of Armaad’s cock begin to probe the entrance to her little asshole, she was already full of massive black cock but now there was more for her.

“Angel, my darling slave, you want to please me don’t you?” I whispered to her while stroking her long soft hair and cupping her chin in my hand. I kissed her lips deeply as the other black cock slowly eased it’s way into her back door. “You want all of it in you, don’t you? You must do this to please your Master, beg him to fuck ALL his cock inside your ass,” I whispered in her ear as my hands caressed her hard nipples and fondled her heaving breasts.

“Yes please put it all in me, I want all of both their cocks to FUCK me now, please Master, give me your cock to suck so all my holes are filled,” Angel begged as the last of the second black cock found it’s way all the way inside her. She took my hard cock into her sweet mouth and the three of us began to fuck her whole body in rhythm, slowly at first, then building the pace up as we became even more excited.

Angel whimpered with each thrust but came so many times I lost count as 24 inches of their black cocks and 8 inches of my white cock filled all her sex holes, fucking her wildly for very long time. Big John and Armaad both timed their thrusts so they slammed into her ass and cunt at the same time forcing her face against my crotch time after time driving my cock deep into her throat. The two black studs came at almost the same time as I did, all three loads of hot cum pouring into her body at once caused her to have one last incredible orgasm as the four of us then collapsed in one big heep on the floor.

I pulled Angel’s totally exhausted form away from the others and held her spent body in my arms, stroking her beautiful blonde hair as she tried to recover from the incredible savage fucking she had just received. “Angel my sweet slave, you have pleased your Master so much that tonight I will keep you with me and comfort you for the rest of the night,” I whispered to my wonderful little slave before kissing her deeply.

“Thank you Master, you are so good to your slave!” was all she could manage before dropping into a deep sleep of pure exhaustion. I lifted her on to the bed and laid with her in my arms as the others dressed and departed leaving us along, the mighty Master and his wonderful slave together as one.

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I am a girl... I read this and LOVED it!!! It's sooo effin hott, it made me so wet that I wanted to be her. I want a loving and commanding Master!!

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dude....U-HAVE-ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with u!? seriously looking at this makes me wonder if u have a self esteem problem. really u should go and see a shrink.


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i love this story


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Dose is a measure of medicine.
Does is the word he was looking for.

Fair story.


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