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A dancer at an exclusive strip club is humiliated by her pupil.
I peered behind the heavy curtain that divided the stage from the sweaty dressing room. The seats in the converted cinema were all taken. The music crawled around the hall, the heavy, almost lazy bass contrasting with the visible air of excitement in the audience. My audience. A crowd of grown men, bigshots by day, reduced to their most basic natures at night, waiting for me. I had the power to turn these corporate semi-gods into impatient schoolboys. The thought made me shiver with excitement.

Tonight was going to be a special performance. For the first time in ages I was going to perform with another girl. Celia. This was planned by our boss, Ruby, as a special surprise. I was surprised, as I'd become used to planning and giving my own performances. Duets were for the new girls, who needed an extra pair of tits onstage, to make up for their poor dancing. Celia was new here, and foreign. I wasn't sure where she came from, but there was something mediterranean about her looks. She was exceptionally tall, with large breasts and luscious, waist-long hair. In the three weeks of practice I had not heard her say a single word, but she was such a good dancer that it didn't matter. She always followed my instructions perfectly, but had recently started adding moves of her own.

During our last practice session, halfway through the routine, I was sitting with my back arched against the back of the chair and my legs apart. The music boomed, and I could feel the chair vibrate to the rhythm. Celia's perfect body moving in front of me put me in a trance. The truth was, she was much better than me, and I was bitterly jealous. But under my velvet panties, which matched my corset perfectly, my pussy was soaking wet. So far, Celia had been complimenting me with her perfect moves. She was then supposed to kneel in front of me, with her impressive ass to the public, and slowly peel my stockings off. She would then throw them into the audience, and we would probably find them between the chairs the next morning, a cum-stained mess.

Suddenly I was jerked out of my trance. Celia was dancing with her front to me, running her arms along her perfect curves. She bent down to take her first stocking off. This was not what she was supposed to be doing. 'Celia!' - I snapped – 'What are you doing?'. Celia didn't answer, she just shot me this unnerving glance. She followed the routine again, crawling behind my chair on all fours. I raised my arms and felt her long nails trace them. She ran her arms back down again and cupped my tits, squeezing them slightly. My pussy was now aching with excitement, and I tried my best to concentrate. Years of dancing solo had made me forget the amazing sexual tension that was born between two performers.

Meanwhile Celia had was tracing my arms again. Before I fully realised what was happening, she grabbed my arms and twisted them to my back. 'Celia, please' – for a moment it felt so good I couldn't even be firm – 'could you follow the moves?'. Again, no answer. The music boomed; I could now feel my wrists being tied together with a stocking. 'Celia, stop!' - I made an attempt to sound strict. I tried to get up, but couldn't – my arms were crossed against the back of the chair with the horizontal piece at the top of it blocking my arms. 'Celia!' - I shouted. Celia got up, and stood in front of me. 'Let me go!' - I ordered. I could tell she understood me by the way her lip curled. I tried once more to free my arms. She watched my struggle with satisfaction. Not wanting to humiliate myself further, I stopped moving. 'Celia, untie me, please' – I said as pleasantly as I could. Celia smiled once more. Suddenly, she was on all fours in front of me. Ignoring my protests, she prised my legs apart with the force that surprised me. She looked up, gazing into my eyes steadily from under her heavy fake lashes. She licked her lips and moved her head closer. With a quick move, she licked my throbbing pussy through my velvet panties. I gasped at the sensation, which sent an almost electrical chill through my body. My nipples were hard under my corset. Celia licked my panties again, this time harder. I could feel her hot breath on my cunt. She was looking up at me all the time. I moaned. Celia sprung away from me. She stood up, turned around smartly, and with one last triumphant look, she left the room.

As she shut the door on me, I realised that the song had finished. I called Celia, but my voice rang out naively in the silence, and there was no reply. My lust quickly changed to fury. She'd left me tied to the chair, and horny as hell. She couldn't just do that to me! I stood up and tried to chase after her, but the chair was still tied to me. My arms ached, the pain adding to my humiliation. I sat down, still panting, and tried to untie my wrists.

Eventually, I managed to untie myself. I sat dumbly under the harsh halogen light of the changing room. The building was silent, but my head was drumming with angry thoughts. 'She won' – they said – 'She'll steal your show' – 'She's amazing'. I made my mind up to get her fired before the show, which was the next day, which is today. As soon as I got changed, I told myself, I would call Ruby and get my show back. I thought back on what had happened, and my rage slowly started turning back into lust. I thought of Celia's breath on my pussy, her moist tongue on my panties. I took them off, and noticed that they were soaked through. I slipped my hand between my thighs and lay down on the bench, relishing the memory and my anger. My fingers slid into my brimming cunt, while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. My thoughts started evolving from fantasies of firing Celia to her coming back and seeing me fucking myself, surrendering to the memory of her. My juices flowed onto my asshole and onto the bench as I imagined Celia's tongue in my cunt. I commanded the dream Celia to lick me harder – she listened. I ordered her to put her finger in my wet asshole. She traced my hole with her sharp fingernail and licked her finger, then shoved it in my ass. I came hard, moaning loudly. My cunt and asshole pulsed sweetly for a long time after.

As I got dressed I decided that I was not going to be defeated easily. I wasn't going to let her steal my show. But I wasn't going to fire her – that would be too simple. I wanted to teach Celia a lesson, so I had prepared a surprise of my own to keep her on her toes.

To be continued....

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