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Tom was a weird guy.
He worked in construction, and thus was tall and well toned, and was only 32 years old. Despite his good looks, though, he was

unable to hold down a girlfriend. He had something of an obsession with schoolgirls, and girlfriend after girlfriend left Tom as

he pestered them to lose weight, wear schoolgirl outfits and hand in fake homework assignments. If any of his girlfriends sticked

with him long enough to be considered "serious", he would drive them away by asking them to get breast lifting surgery and, in

some cases, breast reduction. And so, with pretty much no sexual outlet, Tom found his schoolgirl obsession increasingly hard

to ignore.


Amber was a weird girl.
At 15 years old, she found she was way ahead of her schoolfriends in cynicism, mental and physical maturity, and intelligence.

She had friends, sure, but she found them annoying for the most part. She had very little interest in sex, and when her friends

talked about their meager sexual "conquests" ("my god Amber, Bradley felt me up in the movie theatre!"), she grew increasingly

annoyed. Not that Amber wasn't sexual in her own way. She was very beautiful in a firm, athletic way, and though she had no

particular interest in the boys at her school, she would often lie awake at night in bed, gently touching herself through her

panties, and then more boldly putting her fingers in her wet cunt and pinching her hard pink nipples. She never brought herself

to orgasm, though. She didn't particularly try to, but perhaps this subconscious sexual frustration led to her solitude at school.

During the lunch hour at school, Amber usually spent most of her time hanging out in the grounds' keeper cabin behind the

school. Because the boys in her school sometimes used the cabin to smoke pot in after school, she bought a padlock for the door

and locked it while she was inside - and thus she was never pestered, and the school staff never knew she was in there.

In fact it was to this cabin she was heading, unable to endure any more of Stevie - her "best" friend - yapping about how much

she loved hot boys. As she was rounding the bend to the back of the school, she was a guy sitting on a bench, with his back to

her. She was surprised that one of the 12th grade kids would be hanging around by himself at the back of the school where there

was usually no one. As she approached, she realized it wasn't a kid, but a man, sitting on the bench and intently watching the

girls playing haphazard volleyball in the field.

"What are you doing here?" Amber asked the man.

He whipped around and stared at her, surprised at being interrupted.

"Um, I was just sitting here. It's... so nice out..." Tom said lamely.

Amber was about to say something cynical in reply, and then she noticed the man's hard cock thrusting out from the opening in

the front of his pants. She stared at it, her mouth gaping; it was the first grownup cock she had seen in real life.

"Oh..." she muttered.

Amber thought quickly. What the hell was he doing here like that? She glanced at the girls playing in the schoolyard. He must

have been watching the girls... and jerking off...

"Shit... I'm sorry, I was just... I was comfortable and... shit, I'm gunna get the hell out of here. Don't tell anyone I was here, ok?" He

muttered and started to zip up.

As he started to stand, Amber made to walk away and pretend nothing had happened. But as she moved her legs she felt a

warm tingle in her virgin cunt. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she told Tom not to go.

"Wait," she said, and walked over.

She stood beside the bench facing Tom, and both of them were hidden by the school all. Slowly she lifted her short skirt over her

hips, revealing tight tanned thighs, cute white panties, and a flat tanned stomach.

"I do that too. I touch myself all the time. It's fun isn't it," she said to him, rubbing her stomach seductively, working her fingers

down to her panties.

Tom stared at her, his cock springing back to life in his pants. "What are you doing that for?" he asked.

"I want you to touch me," Amber replied.

Tentatively, Tom reached out his hand. He couldn't believe his luck! Even though many of his girlfriends had been fit and tight,

none really could have passed for schoolgirls. He had never been this close to a horny 15 year old before. Without getting up

from the bench, he grabbed her panties and pulled her towards him. She stepped forward willingly, her hips not more than 6

inches from Tom's face. Amber, holding her skirt up with one hand, threw her head back and pinched her nipple through her

shirt with her other hand. She moaned slightly.

Tom hooked his finger into the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside. With his other hand, he started to rub Amber's hot

little clit. Seeing she was enjoying herself, Tom grew more confident and worked his fingers into her tight, wet cunt. Amber

yelped as his manly fingers worked their way into her. He started with one finger, then used two to fingerfuck her. He felt her

straining against his knuckles, wanting more.

As she began to breathe harder, the school bell rang. Amber hastily stepped back. "I have to go," she said.

"But you can't leave me like this," Tom said, already smitten by the redhead. He wanted to fuck her, he wanted to fuck a virgin.

"I have to go. They will look for me if I am not in class," she replied. "But I'll meet you here after school. 3:15 p.m.. See that cabin?

Go inside and wait for me, ok? Oh, my name is Amber," she added and she turned to walk away.

"Tom... is my name," replied Tom, unsure whether or not to believe her.

"Ok, Tom," she said, and slowly smirked. "I'm going to bring you a surprise. Bring some sex toys." And with that, she turned

and walked away.

Tom wondered what kind of surprise she meant. And why did she want sex toys? Tom seriously wanted to jerk off, but he held

back. Imagine how great it'll be if I don't cum now, he thought. Instead, he drove to the nearest adult fun shop and bought a

myriad of sex toys. Unsure what to buy, he bought cuffs, dildos and vibrators, a strap on and some beads.


"I have something to show you after school, Stevie," Amber told her annoying friend during class.

"Really? What?" Stevie asked, giggling.

Repressing an annoyed snort, Amber put on a huge grin and told her it was a surprise. Stevie said she loved surprises.

As Amber sat watching her teacher, but not really paying attention, she wondered what came over. She felt so sexual and... a

little violent. She squirmed in her chair with her legs tightly crossed, enjoying the throb of her clit against the pressure. Stevie

turned and gave her an inquisitive look. Amber grinned back. God, is that bitch ever annoying, Amber thought. Stevie and

Amber had been friends since childhood, but lately Amber had grown to hate her "friend". She was annoying and bitchy and

controlling. She never shut up about how many guys she blew in the parking lot even though she was too much of a fucking

prude to actually have sex. Oh well, I'll fix that after school, thought Amber.

A few hours later, Amber was excitedly dragging Stevie towards the bench in the back of the school.

"What the fuck are we doing here, Amber?" Stevie asked, fed up. "Why are we going to that fucking cabin?"

"Shut up and let's go," Amber said, and opened the door and pushed Stevie inside. Without turning on the overhead lightbulb,

Amber put the padlock on the door and the key in her pocket. She knew the inside of the cabin well, and she had locked the door

before Stevie's eyes could adjust to the darkness.

Amber yanked on the cord to turn on the light.

"Hello, Tom, this is Stevie. As I promised!" Amber said to a surprised Tom, she stood in a far corner of the cabin.

Was she serious? Did hot sexy Amber bring her hot sexy blonde friend for a threesome? Tom could hardly believe it. But as he

saw Stevie's look of surprise turn to one of anger, he realized that she was no there willingly. Amber motioned for Tom to stay


"Shut up, Stevie, I haven't shown you what's so cool yet. Seriously you won't believe it, let me go get it." Amber said vaguely and

walked over to Tom.

She whispered in his ear, "Do you want to fuck her, Tom? And me?"

"Yea..." he whispered back. What was going on?

"Then hold her down, and don't be gentle. She's a virgin slut," Amber whispered back, as though that would make total sense.

Stevie watched them, chewing her gum loudly and waiting for whatever the fuck Amber needed her to see. She was about to

ditch. Fuck Amber and her weird friend. Who was her, anyway, her uncle or something? A drug dealer? Jesus. As she watched

them whispering to each other, Tom suddenly turned towards Stevie.

Although he was confused and not a particularly bad guy, Tom desperately wanted to fuck both of these girls. He'd wanted to

for so long, and with Amber here so willingly (and controllingly) he wasn't about to worry about the blonde slut Stevie putting

up a fight. He bent and subtly took the cuffs out of his bag, showing them to Amber but hiding them Stevie. Amber nodded.

"This is what Amber wanted to show you, Stevie," Tom said, and quickly grabbed Stevie's arms. Stevie barely had time to yelp a

surprised "HEY!" before she was cuffed to one of the pipes on the wall of the cabin.

"What the fuck, bitch, let me go! I'll fucking scream!" Stevie shouted, panicking.

"Shut up Stevie. Who the fuck is going to hear us? Everyone is gone, and even if there was someone here, we're in an insulated

cabin at the back of the school! Scream all you want, bitch," Amber snapped, and Stevie quieted. For all her bravado, Stevie was a

weak girl.

Tom stood back, not sure what to do. He wasn't mentally prepared for this! But he took his cues from Amber.

Amber slowly advanced upon Stevie, ignoring her questions. As Amber started to unbutton Stevie's shirt, Stevie tried to kick her.

Amber stopped, stepped back, and smile cruely. Amber was slim and tight because she was athletic and flexible. Stevie was thin

because she was fucking anorexic. Stevie was NOT stronger than her. Amber hauled out and backhanded Stevie across the face.

"SHUT UP STEVIE. I'm not going to tell you again. All we want to do is play a little. Just shut up and you'll be home by supper.

If you bitch and whine, Tom is just going to gag you," Amber snapped. Stevie wimpered assent.

Amber resumed unbuttoning Stevie's shirt. As Amber tore away the last few buttons, she stood back and smirked at Stevies

pretty tits in their pink C-cups. Stevie was shaking in frustration and fear and pain, and her tits heaved up and down as she

breathed. Amber tore away her bra and slapped her tits.

"Not so bad, is it, Stevie?"

Amber bent her head and licked Stevie nipples gently. And then, more forcefully, she bit and sucked them, she hands rubbing

her down clit. Amber stepped back and store off Stevie's skimpy shorts, revealing a pink thong. Which Amber promptly tore off.

At this, Stevie started to struggle again.

"Tom, can you tie her legs apart? Tie her feet to those pipes," Amber told Tom.

Tom, who was thoroughly enjoying the show, quickly tied Stevie's feet. He stood in front of Stevie, as Amber stepped back to

unbutton her shirt. He ignored Stevie's threats and snarls and began to pincher her nipples, and then moves his fingers down to

her hot cunt. It was already hot and wet from Amber's attentions to Stevie's nipples, and Stevie's yelped in protest and Tom

shoved his fingers in her cunt. She wasn't as tight as Stevie; this girl had been fingerfucked before, he could tell. He stood back

and started to take off his pants.

"Wait, she's mine!" said Amber.

"Huh?" replied Tom, not sure what she meant.

"I'm going to play with Stevie first. You can have her after, and me too. Or you can leave now," Amber said coldly, and Tom stood

back. He brought Amber the bag of toys he bought. Amber lit up at the sight of them, and took out the strap-on. She slipped out

of her skirt and panties, and bent over to pick up the strapon. She stayed bent over, with her ass facing Tom, knowing he was

looking at her shaved pink cunt poking out between her tight thighs. Slowly she rose and put on the strap-on. It was a great

contraption, with a long cock-like dildo, and a little vibrator rubbing against Amber's cunt everytime she moved.

Amber walked towards Stevie, and Stevie wimpered. Amber told her to shut up, and slapped her across the face. She stood right

in front of Stevie and grabbed her hips and pulled them towards her. She took the large fake cock in her hand, enjoying how it

vibrated against her clit, and jiggled it. Amber wriggled and moaned as she rubbed Stevie's clit with her fingers, alternately

putting her fingers in Stevie's dripping cunt. Amber paused and kneeled, lifting her head up and slowly flicking Stevie's clit

with her tongue. Despite herself, Stevie yelped and moaned quietly. Amber smiled to herself and poked her tongue into Stevie's

cunt. She went back to her clit and worked it with her tongue, then sucked it and nibbled at her cunt.

"Are you ready for this cock now, bitch?" Amber whispered into Stevie's ear, and licked Stevie's cheek. Stevie shook her head No,

but did not say anything. She didn't want to get slapped again.

Amber stood against Stevie, grabbing Stevie's long blonde hair for leverage, and worked the fake cock into Stevie's wet pussy.

Stevie yelped and cried, but Amber pressed one, desperate to push in as hard as she good, gringing her own clit against the

vibrating strapon. She yanked Stevie's hair harder and fucked her faster, ignoring Stevie's squeals. Amber fucked Stevie hard

and fast, feeling her own wet cunt dripping her legs.

From his vantage point, Tom watched this all. He could barely contain himself anymore and was quickly stroking his cock to the

rythm that Amber had with Stevie. He couldn't take his eyes off them. Stevie, sweaty and damp and yelping with each hard

stroke. Tom could tell she was fighting against the pleasure Amber was inflicting upon her. And Amber, oh, Amber. She was

Beautiful. Her teeth clenched, she pulled back hard on Stevie's hair and fucked her with the strapon, yelling and squealing and

moaning with each vibrating thrust.

Suddenly Amber pulled out the strapon and turned to Tom.

"Do you want to fuck her, Tom?" she asked him.

"Fuck, do I ever!" Tom replied enthusiastically.

"Good! Take her and lie her, face down, on that counter. Gag her with something if she bitches, slap her around. I don't care.

Cuff her hands to the rails on the underside of the counter," Amber commanded.

Tom did as he was told. As he tied Stevie to the counter, being none-to-gentle - he slapped her several times - Amber took off the

strapon and climbed onto the counter, sitting, straddling the counter in front of Stevie's crying face.

"Stevie, shut up, stop crying, don't be a fucking baby or I'll gag you," Amber said. "I want you to get off your stomach, get on all

fours. I think Tom is hungry for you. That's a girl, spread your legs for him and arch your back. Stick your cute little ass into the


Tom took off his pants and walked up behind Stevie, as Amber murmured instructions to her. Without warning Stevie, he

grabbed her hips and thrust his hard cock into her dripping cunt. Stevie threw her head back and yelped. Undettered, Tom

thrust again, slowly this time, enjoying how her tight cunt clung to his hard cock. He plunged in yet again, harder and faster,

panting. Stevie's struggled against him, but her movements increased her pussy's contractions and Tom threw his head back

and moaned in delight. He was the first man, the first real cock to enter this girl's sweet cunt.

As Tom fucked Stevie, Amber grabbed Stevie's hair and pulled her head up. "Lick my pussy," she commanded. Stevie

whimpered and did not do as she was told. Tom thrust her harder than he had before, and told Stevie "Lick Amber's pussy, you

stupid bitch, or I'll fuck right through you!" He plunged into her cunt as hard as he could, and Stevie obediently lifted her face

and began to lick Amber's pussy.

Amber threw her head back, tits poking high into the air, and pushed her clit into Stevie's frantic mouth. Stevie, despite her

panic, did a good job. She licked Amber's clit like a pro, working circles around it with her tongue, sucking on her clit and

nibbling it. Amber squealed and moaned in delight, pushing Stevie's head into her cunt until Stevie could barely breathe. Amber

rotated and grinded her cunt into Stevie's warm mouth. Unable to control herself in ecstasy, Amber pissed into Stevie's mouth.

Stevie gagged a little at first but recovered quickly, piss dribbling down her neck and between her jiggling breasts. Despite her

fear of being fucked so hard it was agonising again, Stevie let loose and squirted her warm piss onto Tom's thrusting cock and


Tom felt the hot juice flow onto his cock and fucked Stevie with renewed vigour. He watched as Amber, back arched, moaned

and yelled and pushed Stevie's head into her dripping hot cunt. Tom couldn't take it anymore, he thrust one last time, hard, into

Stevie's cunt and held her firmly against him with his hands on her hips.

Stevie in her fear and pain and ecstacy felt Tom's hot load shoot high into her cunt. Thankfully, she felt his cock soften and he

thrust a few more times, emptying himself in her.

Tom pulled out and cum gushed out of Stevie's cunt as she continued to lick Amber.

Amber gasped, "Tom, bring one of those dildos. Give it to Stevie."

Faithfully, he found a long red floppy dildo. Stevie took it without being asked to.

"Good girl, Stevie," Amber said. "I'd hate for you to stop licking my cunt long enough for me to slap you."

Stevie, frantically licking and slurping, wordlessly slipped the head of the dildo into Amber's quivering cunt.

"Don't put it in any further, bitch," Amber gasped, "I want Tom to take me." Amber looked at Tom, smiling at him. He smiled

back and watched as Stevie jiggled the head of the dildo in Amber's cunt. He thought of fucking beautiful sexy Amber and his

cock hardened again.

"Come here, Tom," Amber said, and grasped Tom's cock with her hand. She wrapped her lips around his hard cock, still wet

from his cum and Stevie's juices. Tom felt her mouth slide up and down his cock, her tongue circling the head. He felt her lips

spasm as Stevie licked her cunt. He knew that her pussy was contracting. Tom wanted her really fucking badly. He let her suck

his cock for a few moments longer.

"Okay, Amber, fuck, I have to fuck you. Now," Tom said, assuming control. He grabbed Stevie's hair and yanked her away.

Tom uncuffed Stevie, and Amber lied down on her back on the counter, pulling Stevie on top of her. Amber wrapper her arms

around Stevie and grabbed her tits. Tom looked at them for a woman, Stevie out of herself now, on her back on top of Amber, and

no longer thinking of struggling, just going with it, enoying everything that was done to her. Amber, on her back under Stevie,

her hips thrusting into the air against Stevie's, her eyes closed and moans escaping her lips as she desired Tom's hard cock deep

into her pussy. And Tom wanted to give her what she wanted.

He stood between Amber's legs, and Stevie's. He teased Amber, putting his cock's head in her cunt and pulling out, then

plunging deep into Stevie's who moaned loudly. Then he could wait no longer, and he pushed gently into Amber's tight cunt.

Amber felt him push into her, not caring that it hurt. She wanted a hard cock in her. Tom's hard cock. And he did not let her

down. He pulled back and plunged into her again, thrilled at her utterly tight and soaking wet Amber's cunt was. Amber

spasmatically grasped Stevie's tits and pinched her nipples. She pushed her hips down onto Tom's cock, taking him as deep as

he could thrust. She moaned and yelled and quivered.

Tom increased his thrusts. He plunged and pulled out quickly and hard, fucking the breath out of Amber. She was tight, and he

could feel her contracting against his cock as it withdrew and thrust in again. Amber started to screech and thrash and and

squealed as she climaxed, her juices flowly freely and her cunt squeezing around Tom's cock.

As Amber came, Tom pulled out his cock and jerked his hot cum onto Stevie's pussy. His load dripped down Stevie's slit and

into Amber's.

All three lay back, catching their breaths, for some time.

Tom uncuffed Stevie and all three put their clothes back on. When Amber unlocked the door, all were surprised to see it was


Stevie hurried away, but Amber knew she would not reveal what had happened. She was hurrying away so her parents would

not coming looking for her; not in fear of Amber and Tom.

Amber turns to Tom and pushed against him, rubbing her wet crotch against his.

"Shall we do this again, sometime?" she asked.

"Yes, Amber. Just the two of us? Or with a third?" he replied.

"It is up to you, Tom. You may choose this time," she said benevolently. Her mind went over dozens of scenarios; they could find

and rape a college girl, a milf, or a stripper.... anything they wanted.

"As you wish, my love."

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