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My father was with the State Department so my early and formative years were
spent in Great Britain where I attended school and grew up. In England there are
cottages in every town and village, it''s almost a secret national hobby! In the 1975,
when I was young, I discovered that holes in toilet walls were exciting to look
through. I don''t actually remember the details of my first encounter but I do
remember the feelings of the moment, the intense shortness of breath, legs shaking
and an erection that was pointing vertically and bouncing, slapping in fact, against
my belly and drooling a little clear bead for the first time. I felt as if I was on fire.

The first time that I remember clearly was one afternoon in a toilet in Birkenhead
Park (long demolished), by the Art School. I was in a cubicle reading the graffiti
on the walls and having a wank by myself. I heard someone go into the cubicle
next door and lock it behind them. In the wall there was a little hole just above
and in front of the seat so I got on my knees and looked through and could see a
hairy knee moving back and forth.

No matter how much I strained to see, all I could get was a glimpse of the man''s
arm moving and his knee shaking in time with his arm movements. I was not
stupid and had worked out what he was doing. I was desperately trying to get a
proper look when I looked straight across his cubicle and bingo! Another hole,
much bigger and a bit higher up the opposite wall. I quickly zipped up and did the
pretend routine with the paper, flushed the toilet and unlocked the door nosily
and left heading for the exit.

When I was sure I was alone, I doubled back and went into the cubicle on the
other side of the wanking guy. I was so excited that it took me a few moments to
unzip and pull my jeans and underpants down as if I was having a shit. I leaned
forwards and looked through the hole. This was brilliant!! Although his
movements had stopped I could see his hairy crotch and belly and his upper thighs
clearly, his hands were tucked down between his legs and moving slightly
back and forth.

We both sat quiet and still for a minute or so before I realized he was
waiting for a hint from me so I pulled my dick a few times and he leaned
forwards to see me better and pulled his dick harder.
This little ballet continued for a moment or two until I was sure he
wanted to play and so I stood up to give hin a good look. The light
blocked out as he put his eye close to the hole to look at me, I slide my
jeans and underpants down round my ankles and turned to face the hole so
he could see my balls clearly, the eye at the wall did not move so I
pulled back my foreskin and pumped at my dick a few times until a little
drop of clear goo appeared that I rubbed around my bell end until it was
glistening, I felt that I was about to come so I had to stop.

I sat down and bent forwards to look through the hole, the eye stayed
there and looked straight back at me for a moment and then moved away as
he stood up slowly.
This was when I realized what I was, and what I wanted.
My eyes traveled up his hairy hard looking legs and when I looked at his
balls and cock standing up at an angle from his flat belly my heart nearly

I was dry mouthed and breathless with excitement and was sure that if I
touched my dick it would explode so I kept my hand away and watched as the
man slowly rolled his long loose foreskin back and forwards sliding the
purple shiny bell end in and out of its sheath . It looked big and juicy
and my hand was itching to touch, I wanted to rub it and smell it and roll
the skin back and forwards and feel the juice at the eye and rub it round
the head .

Then I got a surprise, he turned to face me, took a step forwards and
pushed the whole length through the wall straight into my face, it bumped
against my cheek as I pulled back and when I focused on the end of this
bouncing stiff dick 2 inches from me, for a moment I just knelt there
quite still, open mouthed, I could see a big, clear bead of goo push out
of his eye opening a bit slightly. I slowly wrapped my hand around the shaft
and squeezed gently, he pushed into my hand a little so I squeezed again
and started a small wanking motion slowly sliding the skin back and forth,
catching the goo and pulling it in shiny strands across the bell end, as I
found the rhythm and pressure that he seemed to like he started to thrust
gently into my hand and I got confident and the idea of smelling him
occurred to me. I knew what a cheesy dick was like and found it unpleasant
but this guy smelled of soap and a faint whiff of crotch sweat.

I leaned forwards and took a big sniff and without considering what I was
doing stuck out my tongue and licked the slit, he must have been waiting
for that as he pushed forwards so that his balls hung through the hole and
his pubes bushed out around the base of his cock, he stiffened up even
more and there was a strong upwards curve to his dick and it pulsed in my

I rolled back the foreskin all the way and stretched it a bit , squeezed
to make the bell end grow a bit more, took a breath and swirled my tongue
around the bell end until I could feel him shaking against the wall.
I had no real idea of the consequences of what I was doing so I carried on
, opened my mouth and sucked him in as far as I could go .It was probably
only a couple of inches but I was pleased with myself !.

I swirled my tongue around the bell end and slid the loose skin up and
down the shaft . he pushed forwards again and there was a small squirt of
juice into my mouth, not unpleasant just salt/sweet and the shaft grew and
tensed in my hand ,

His knob swelled in my mouth and the vein pulsed on my tongue.
The first big spurt took me by surprise as I had not considered that you
could or would come in someone else''s mouth!.
It shot into the back of my throat and around my teeth .I swallowed some
and then the second squirt arrived and choked me a bit so I pulled away
just in time to get the remaining hot spurts of spunk in my eye.
I dropped his dick to rub my eye and face and heard the noise of pants
being pulled up and the toilet flushing and with a slam of the door he was
gone. When I looked up, he was gone.

Looking back I think he was in his 20s and his dick was about 5-6 inches
long with a large head and a long loose foreskin,
I sat there and considered what I had just done, decided that I really
liked it and that the taste was not so bad, it did not make me feel sick
but my mouth felt sort of dry afterwards, and spent a moment to clean my
self of his spunk with toilet paper.

I was about to wank myself off and leave when the cubicle door next to me
banged and locked and I could see another man in a suit through the
hole, I thought perhaps he would put my dick in his mouth if I did it for
him so I stayed and waited a bit to see what happened.
It was clear that he knew that there was an audience but he probably never
guessed quite how attentive his audience was!.

He took of his jacket and hung it up and then undid his belt and dropped
his pants. He had very smooth legs and hands and must have been in his
late teens/early 20s, he turned towards the hole and lifted his shirt high
to show his smooth belly and bulging y-fronts to me, he stroked the lump
in his underpants a few times and then slid them down. His dick was
different, longer and slimmer, very pale and his foreskin was tight and
just pulled back enough to show his piss eye, he had large balls hanging
down low in a smooth sac and black crispy pubes with the cute little hair
line that goes up to the belly button.

This guy liked to put on a show as he turned around and bent down to show
me a neat pink ass hole with just a few little hairs surrounding it.
After the show he sat down and waited for me to oblige so I did exactly as
he did, a little wank and rotation and then showed him my ring.
He put a finger to the hole and crooked it to signal me to put my dick
through so I did, this was the first time another guy had ever touched me
and I was not disappointed!.

I felt first the touch of his fingers lightly holding the shaft of my dick
and rubbing the skin back and forth then I felt the touch of hot breath on
my bell end and the rough touch of his tongue across the tip, he pulled
back my skin and when he sucked the tip right into his mouth; I nearly

The sensation was just the best thing I had ever felt (nothing is quite
like the first time, that''s why if you get the honor of giving someone
there first BJ, do your best as they will remember you forever!).
After about five seconds with no warning I burst into his mouth, I had no
control over this and I pumped out what felt like a pint of spunk, I heard
him choke a little but he kept going for me, I was sweaty and exhausted by
time I pulled away and I slid out of his mouth with a pop!

He stood up straight away and shoved his straining dick through the hole,
so I took a deep breath and a firm grasp of the shaft, put as much as
possible into my mouth and then slide back his foreskin and started to
suck, pump the shaft, move my head back and forth and roll my tongue
around his knob, all at the same time! I could see his balls through the
hole and as he got more excited they started to rise up into his groin and
I could see them pull back into their sockets I was expecting him to come
in my mouth this time so when he started to shake and push into my mouth I
put my free hand underneath his balls and squeezed and rubbed them gently
and he squirted two or three big hot blobs of lumpy spunk across my tongue
and lips. I kept sucking and squeezing until he stopped cumming and quietly
spat out his spunk. That day was a big intro for me, I found out later that
some men are not so clean or considerate I was pretty lucky for a first timer!

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2013-11-10 10:09:17
Add the gay tag, thanks. For people looking for it and those wishing to steer clear.

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2010-12-26 22:27:15
very nice- good deions- wish i was there


2006-07-10 10:38:15
u need to put gay in the first part, not what i was expecting, or wanted. but more power to ya!


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2006-01-26 19:47:37
Good story, well written, more please!
Brings back memories of Charing Cross Station where I first had views of gorgeous cocks. Later on I found places where the wall had holes large enough for mutual pleasures. Leslie

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