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When the last light was dimmed in the apartment across the courtyard, I knew that Cynthia would be heading to her bedroom and that was my signal to head for my special utility room at the very back of my apartment. From there, I had a distinct advantage, not to mention a direct and unobstructed view of her bedroom. The entire wall facing her upstairs bedroom was with out windows except one window which had been boarded up for many years. It was impossible for anyone to see in that window from the ground floor and believing that she had complete privacy, she rarely pulled the blinds. However, some months ago, when by accident, I discovered that a portion of the shutters of the boarded up window were broken, I looked out to see what was there. I noticed that I could see very clearly into Cynthia's bedroom and see, the bed and dressing table. Having made this discovery, I immediately thought of the possibilities of watching her undress, seeing her naked.. ..that would really be great to see her totally undressed, I thought to myself. I had seen her in bathing suits down at the pool and I knew that I wanted to see more. Cynthia was always very nice to me and she would always speak when we passed coming and going from the apartment complex. She couldn't help but know my feelings and yearnings for her.

#02 Cynthia was tall girl, slender, with a figure much like a fashion model. However her breasts were larger than most models I had seen, and that suited me just fine. I remember that it had excited me when I saw the outline of her erect nipples through her bikini when she came out of the water at the pool. Her long blonde hair glistened in the sunlight and draped to her shoulders. Her mouth was perfectly shaped with full lips and a gorgeous smile that would eventually break a million hearts. I also remember that day at the pool when I had been so aroused, that when she said that she had to go get ready for a dinner date, I mentioned that I too had to leave and we walked together until we split up to go to our respective apartments. I rush upstairs and back to the utility room and positioned my self on the chair that I had placed by the boarded up window. I also recall how anxious I was that day when I saw her walk into the bedroom and she started to remove her bikini. When the top was unfastened and pulled away, I saw for the first time, those magnificent breasts highlighted by the contrast of her milky white titties against the tan marks from her suntan. Oh!, the beauty, and I could feel my cock harden in my bathing suit, restricting any further movement. I immediately raised up and lowered my trunks to let me cock spring free.

#03 Grabbing my throbbing cock in my hand, I stroked it gently to savor the sensation and the pure lust I was experiencing at such a beautiful sight. I kept my eyes peeled to her window as she walked around the room and when her hands and fingers slipped between her hips and the bikini bottom, I knew that she was about to reveal the rest of her exquisite body to my hidden and lascivious gaze. The silky fine blonde hair did little to conceal the treasure between her legs. As she turned and sat on the edge of bed to remove the bottoms of her bikini, I could conclusively see the outline of her pussy and again, the pure whiteness of her untanned body. As she sat there, her hands massaged her breasts and she cupped them, raising them until she was able to reach out with her tongue and lick the pointed nipples of each breast. Her right hand had dropped to her crotch and she rubbed her pussy while still cupping her left breast. I watched, astonished at my good fortune, as she continued to play with herself and when her legs parted voluntarily, her middle finger slipped between the lips of her pussy and disappeared up to the knuckle and maybe a little beyond. Cynthia's head was tilted back and she was obviously enjoying the pleasure of her manipulations. Faster and faster her hand furiously worked between her legs when she suddenly stopped.

#04 Cynthia removed her finger and hand from her pussy and brought her hand to her mouth. I could see that her finger was wet as she slipped the middle finger between her lips and sucked the juices just as she would suck a lollipop, or better yet, my cock, I thought to myself. I was beside my self with excitement and realized that I had continued to stroke my prick and when she dipped her finger into her own mouth, I shot a stream of white sticky cum against the wall where I was sitting. Oh! how I wished that she could have seen me cum like that, to have it splash against her tummy and over her sweet pink pussy. I squirted several more, but smaller streamers of cum as I kept my eyes glued to her bedroom window. When she had finished cleaning her moist finger with her mouth, it again disappeared between her legs and past the swollen lips of her cunt. Cynthia was now on a mission and that was to have a climax. She fell back on the bed, her legs spread wide and knees bent to give me a wonderful view as she masturbated herself to a shuddering orgasm. As she lay there gently rubbing her clit, savoring the "after glow" of her climax, I wanted, more than anything, to slip between her outstretched legs and taste that beautiful pussy. I ran my tongue around my lips and stuck it out as far as possible.

#05 I was flicking my tongue as though I were doing just that, pretending that I was eating, what had to be, the sweetest pussy in town. When I looked over again, she had reached down with both hands and pulled the lips of her pussy apart and with her finger lightly touched the little hooded nubbin or clit. It was then that I knew I had to get a pair of binoculars. Even though our windows were only a few feet apart, I wanted to get closer and see the wet, juicy pussy before me. After a short while she got up and took a shower and returned to the bedroom to get dressed for the evening. It was fascinating to watch her get ready. To watch her put on her light blue panties, matching bra, garter belt and hose, she was as alluring in her lingerie as she was totally nude, maybe more so, I thought. She slipped into a slinky tight fitting royal blue dress that emphasized her lovely figure and those ample breasts. She was all that anyone could hope for and I had just seen her give herself a climax not more that thirty minutes ago. Just as I was about to leave myself, her roommate came into the room. She must have just gotten off work for she stretched out on the bed, kicked off her shoes and they talked for several minutes before Cynthia reached in her dresser drawer and flipped a large rubber artificial rubber cock on the bed and laughed.

#06 Cynthia left the room and I could see her going out the front door of the apartment toward her car. I returned my gaze to the window again and did not see Rose. She must have gone to her room but the artificial cock was still lying on the bed spread. I saw shadows moving and knew that she was still close by when she walked back into the room naked and stood by the edge of the bed. She was looking down at the rubber cock and finally sat down and with her right hand, reached out and picked it up. Looking at it intently she ran her hand all around it lovingly, as though it was the real thing. Raising it to her lips, she opened her mouth and the life like cock slipped between her wet lips and into her warm mouth. Rose had a fabulous technique and either some fellows had experienced a great thrill from her expertise or "would" experience it, if she had not given a man a blow job previously. I was inclined to believe she had had experiences before and because of that feeling, my cock was again, hard and enjoying the show next door. Rose was a black haired beauty with flashing eyes and shorter and heavier that Cynthia, maybe about 135 lbs and 5'4" tall. Her titties were full and very firm and stood proudly, and at the very tip, hard, erect nipples surrounded by light pink aureoles. The neatly trimmed patch of silky black hair, located at the juncture of her legs, pointed like an arrow, to her enchanting pussy.

#07 Rose reached over to the end table next to the bed and removed a magazine and started to leaf through the pages. It was a glossy covered magazine and I could just make out the name, "PRIVATE" and knew it to be one of those European Porno Publications, that have such great quality of photographs and "very" graphic scenes. The publications that I had seen usually were of a couple or couples meeting and getting to know each other intimately. Each photograph was more revealing than the last, until toward the end, the photos were nothing but close ups of cum soaked pussies and mouths stuffed with large wet cocks and overflowing with cum. Cum dripping from hard cocks and pointed at very pretty and beautiful faces. I knew from past experiences, these were "hot" porno magazines and Rose was getting with it as she continued to look at the pictures and suck on that rubber cock. She fell backwards on the bed, just as Cynthia had done an hour earlier, and brought the spurious cock to the entrance of her pussy. I watched as she moved the manmade penis around her vulva and I could see her pressing harder and harder until gradually, it slipped between the outer lips and disappeared into her wet tunnel. It took only moments for her to ram that rubber cock completely into her wet slit and she was thrashing around on the bed in a wild frenzy.

#08 Faster and faster, she worked the skin colored dick in and out of her gaping pussy until her legs straightened and she became rigid as her climax consumed her. Ever so gently, she removed the fake cock from her pussy and again brought it to her mouth to taste her own juices which now covered the joy tool. Cleaning away the slippery juices was a nice finishing touch, I thought. My own cock was about to burst and I grabbed it just in time to let another blast of semen coat the wall by the window. Two cums in the last hour, not bad, I thought, I just wish I could have been with Cynthia or Rose when I came, that way, those lovely girls could make good use and not waste my precious love cream. Later that day, I purchased a fine set of binoculars and when testing them out, I noticed how much more detail I could see in Cynthia's bedroom. I couldn't wait for her to get home from her date that night. I knew I wanted to see more fun and games. I was watching TV when I heard a car pull up out front. I looked at the clock and it was 1AM in the morning. Just as I looked out the window, another car pulled in behind Cynthia's car and a man got out and they embraced each other and kissed. I saw his hands slide down her back and grab her buttocks as he held her tightly to him. When the kiss broke, they walked hand in hand to her apartment. I ran to my utility room and positioned myself for what was to follow.

#09 When light came on in her bedroom, you can imagine my excitement. This had the potential of really getting good and I knew that. Cynthia came into the room and I knew that she was talking to him in the living room while she was changing her clothes, probably into something more comfortable. She was down to her bra, panties and garter belt, the light blue ones that I had seen earlier in the evening. Just then the door opened and she yelled. The man had come into the room and again pulled her to him and kissed her again, very roughly. Cynthia struggled with him and tried to turn away but he held her tightly and embraced her sliding his hand between her panties and the cheeks of her ass. She resisted, but as he continued running his hands around her tight ass, her arms loosened and began to respond to his advances. She reached down and unzipped his trousers and her had disappeared. When she removed her hand, she held his semi-hard cock which looked to be 7 or 8 inches long at that point. She fell to her knees and hungrily gobbled his love muscle fully into her wet mouth. He unbuckled his parts and kicked them to one side all the while he was unhooking her bra. They were completely naked except for her hose and garter belt. His cock had grown to full hardness and looked to be at least 9 inches and quite large around.

#10 Cynthia's mouth was fully open and then she could only get about a third of it into her hot, sucking mouth. She would let his cock slip from her lips and lick the shaft down one side and back up the other. Sometimes she would cup his balls and with the binoculars, I could even see her take one of his balls into her wet mouth. Cynthia was a virtual sucking machine and she knew what she was doing to him. She wanted that first cum to be quick and over with in a hurry so they could settle down for a full night of fucking and slow sucking. She pushed him down on the bed so that he was sideways to my view of the bed and she turned around so that she was straddling his face while continuing to siphon the warm sticky semen from his reservoir. All the while she was grinding her wet pussy into his face and although I couldn't see his tongue in that position, I just knew he was lapping her sweet pussy as fast as he could. I saw his legs stiffen as Cynthia held his cock just inches from her open mouth and she was jacking him off, faster and faster. His cock twitched and spurt after spurt of milky white cum splashed against her cheek, nose and most of the musky liquid went directly into her wanting mouth. She pursed her lips and the white, sticky cream leaked from the corners of her mouth and ran down the length of his large beautiful prick.

#11 She dove after the warm precious liquid cream and rubbed his cock head all around her face, cheeks and lips, spreading the gob semen as if it were a cream facial into her skin. At that very moment, she looked directly toward my window and with lust in her eyes, she let more of the semen trickle from the corners of her mouth and sighed, She smiled and began humping her hips into his face again as she neared her own climax. She sat up giving me a full view of her lovely titties and I could then see the mans tongue slipping in and out of the extended outer lips of her dripping pussy. He was no amateur at eating pussy and Cynthia was feeding him the best prime pussy in town. When she looked directly at my window, while sucking his cock, did she know I was watching? How could she possibly know I could see in her bedroom window? In a few minutes, he must have touched her clit just right, for Cynthia rolled her head back and it was obvious she was cumming too. After a few minutes of rest he was ready again and they fucked in several different positions and in one particular way, it gave me full view of his magnificent cock sliding full length and deep into her wet pussy. The bright pink color of her moist clit was prevalent and his finger was rubbing that clit as he fucked her. What a view!

#12 Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move, and when I returned my gaze, I saw that Rose, Cynthia's roommate had returned and was talking to them as they both continued fucking. No modesty here, I thought to myself, and I don't think the man lost a half a stroke during the whole process. I could see Rose making gestures and talking to them when she pointed to their genitalia and then, getting down on her knees, she started licking Cynthia's clit and the man's cock in alternate passes. I had never seen three people together like that except in a video and I was about to explode. I don't ever remember my cock being so hard and it was about to burst without any manual provocation at all on my part. Rose pulled the man's slippery cock from Cynthia's pussy suck it and cleaned it thoroughly. She then dipped her tongue in Cynthia's wet pussy and lick and cleaned it too before placing the cock back into her love tunnel. This scene was repeated many times and rose was getting them both very excited with her special oral talents. The last time she pulled his cock from Cynthia's slit, it was spewing thick streams warm semen everywhere. On her pussy, on Rose's cheeks, In her mouth, even puddles of cum in her black hair.

#13 Rose sucked the dribble into her mouth until he was finished cumming and by the way her cheeks looked, she had a load of cum in her mouth and she was looking for someone to share it with. She stood up and kissed Cynthia allowing the sweet juice to trickle from her mouth into Cynthia's mouth. They all rested for about an hour and moved to the living room and I was finished for the night. I was also drained from watching the most fantastic show I had ever seen in my life. I really wanted to fuck Cynthia , and Rose too for that matter. Those two had me at fever pitch when I went to be about 3AM. At nine, the doorbell rang and when I staggered to the front door, half asleep, and opened the door, there stood Cynthia, with a big smile on her face. "I just wanted to talk, what did you do last night, anything special?" "Yea," I said truthfully, "I watched a great show. How about you?" "Shows can be lots of fun," Cynthia said, "Especially the one you saw last night. Would you like to be in the show instead of just watching?" "I thought you knew, just when he erupted last night, you looked directly at me and smiled, semen all over your face, That was wild! Hell yes!, I want to be in the show when is the next performance?" "Right now!" and she came into my apartment.

-=] THE END ]=-


2008-08-14 13:11:35
Very good sex story.Pl. go for the next part.


2006-03-24 16:17:15
its was very good but lose the numbered paragraphs


2006-01-29 16:25:02
the end let it down a bit but got me wet so cant be too bad


2006-01-29 05:40:16
Very good. Excellent deion, and no pesky dialogue to screw up. I didn't really understand the thing with the numbered paragraphs, and the word "titties" was out of place compared with the rest of your excellent diction, but I enjoyed this thoroughly.


2006-01-26 23:40:59
Great story keep up the good work

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