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It all started when I was in college and my uncle Jim gave me a part time job working in his Security Installation Business.
After about 6 to 8 months I was out doing house calls on my own.

Now my uncle Jim is one of the best mentors I have ever had. He had a way with customers that had them keep coming back. “The first rule of business” He would say.

Not only was he good at dealing with them but most of the woman he dealt with seem to glow when he was a round.

It didn’t take me long to work out that some of them were getting more than their Installations work on!

One evening over a few cold ones, Jim ask me if I had been given any extra jobs out of my house calls. What sort of jobs I asked trying to pretend I don’t know what he meant.

“You know special favours with all them single woman.” He said as he nudged me in the side.
“I’m not exactly sure I know what you mean Jim, but has this got to do with having closer customer relations where I service the female clients as well as their installations” I said sounding surprised.

“You got it there Steve you hit the nail right on the head!” Jim said with a grin from ear to ear.

Jim went on to explain how he had been the ultimate service man for years screwing all sorts of women right to the point that they have even recommended him to their friends.

I was a little surprised, of course I knew he may have got one or two in his time, but for it to be a main part of his business, this was a shock.

A few more hours and a few more beers later I had the full story of what he had been doing, all of the lead in lines and how to respond when you get a reaction.
By this time I was so fascinated that I couldn’t wait to get to work on it right away.
Plenty of times while on the Job I have noticed some of the woman extra friendly with the cool drinks and constantly watching me work. (I usually hate been watched while I work)

The next couple of weeks all I could think about was what Jim had told me and how I could put it into action. Jim had offered to set me up but I didn’t want that, I wanted to do it for myself.

The following week I had to finish a job where I was installing some security devices for a woman in the wealthier part of town.
Last time I was their a few months before, I notice that she keep smiling bringing me drinks, asking if I was ok and I even saw her looking at my but a few times.
The night before, I though I better give Ms Barker a ring and let her know I would be there in the morning and would probably be there most of the day.
She said it was fine as she was going to be home all day herself and if I need her assistance she would be by my side. After listening to my uncle Jim’s advice I thanked her and suggested that if I need her help I won’t hesitate to ask.

The next morning when I arrived, Ms Barker met me at the door as usual with all smiles and compliments.
“Hi there Steve you’re so punctual, I like a man that’s on time its very professional”

“Why thank you Ms Barker that’s such a compliment” I said smiling back at her.

“Oh don’t be silly Steve call me Karen you make me sound like a School Teacher. You’re looking well these days”

“Thank you Karen you’re looking vibrant yourself.” I said and we proceeded inside.

She took me through to the work area which was the living room where I was to first do some wiring.
As I put my tools down I bent right over and pause for a minute to slowly unlock my toolbox. I notice that Karen was still behind me and hadn’t moved so I presumed she was having a good look at my butt.
I heard a deep sigh and then she said that she will make us coffee before I started, I said that would be great.

Karen was about mid 40ish with long red hair and still looked as attractive as most woman 10 years younger than her. She was married to an Insurance salesman that spent a lot of time on the road selling. Hence the reason Karen seemed a bit lonely.
This particular day she had dressed in a light floral summer dress that showed her knees and a little cleavage.

After coffee I got stuck into the work and had a lot of the main stuff out of the way. I still had some wiring to do in the ceiling and had to get up the man hole.
I called on Karen to help me by holding the ladder and talking to me while I was up there so I knew where to find the connections.
When I climbed back down the ladder, we brushed momentarily and I felt a faint stirring rise in my loins.
I continue over to get the last lot of connections done up with Karen following me still keen to chat.
The subject came up about her husband and how he was always on the road trying to make that extra sale (as she put it!) I replied by saying that he should balance his work and life more evenly.

I finished the last connections and packed up the tools when Karen asked me if it was ok if I could stay for a few drinks for doing such a good job. I agreed without hesitation.

I put the tools in the truck and went back inside and sat on the sofa where Karen had bought me out a beer. She mixed herself a drink and then sat beside me and began asking me more details about myself.

I was into my second beer and I could tell she was well relaxed with me now, so I decided to up the tempo.
I turned and looked at her for a moment and said to her that she had the most beautiful eyes, held my gaze for a split second longer then looked away.

I turned to her again and kept my gaze and she was gazing back. I reach out and put my hand gently on her neck and ran my thumb across her cheek. She tilted her head slightly then it fell towards mine where our lips met. I slowly nibbled at her bottom lip as she responded and then it rolled into a full kiss where our tongues started to entwine.

I slide my hand down to her side and in to her breast and heard her moan. My cock was aching bad and was starting to swell vigorously. I felt her hand gliding slowly up my leg towards it as I slowly flicked my thumb over her nipple.

Our tongues were lashing hard and I was kneading her now hard nipples through her cloths as she found my cock and was squeezing it through my pants. I had to release it or it was going to explode so I broke the kiss and stood to remove my pants. As I did this she rose to do the same unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the ground.

I was amazed at how gorgeous she looked naked and took just a split second to admire her before we came together again. I started to kiss my way down her neck nipping as I went. She sighed as I did and placed her hand back on my now throbbing member and started to stroke it. I kissed my way to her nipple that were hard and pointy and teased them with a flick of my tongue, then encircling them and occasionally I nipped them between my teethe.

She uttered the first words as she struggled to speak them out
“I want to taste you” with that she rolled me over on my back in one motion and her lips went down to my ache. They felt warm and soft and a jolt went down my legs as Karen slowly slide her lips over the tip and encircled it with her tongue. She started to slide it deeper and back up again this was driving me crazy and it wasn’t long before I felt my climax about to erupt.

I started to moan to give here notice but it only made her suck it harder and deeper. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I felt it hit the back of her throat and she didn’t move an inch but kept on going. Finally she pulled it out of her mouth sensing that I was spent and rolled her tongue around her lips to make sure she got every last drop.

I was amazed I didn’t see even one drop she swallowed the lot and it was best I ever had.
She smiled seeing my expression and spoke again
“It’s your turn now honey” at that Karen spread her legs and I could see how wet her panties were and began to peel them down.

I wanted to taste her so bad but at the same time I want to give her as good as I got. I hadn’t even got her panties off all the way when I smelt her sweetness. It was driving me crazy. I start kissing my way up her inner thighs as she laid back and closed her eyes. Her left hand was on her tits as she rolled her nipple between her fingers and her right hand had found my head and was eagerly helping me to my destination.

I found her moist nest and flicked my tongue a couple of times to taste her sexy juice. It was sweet and hot and I wasted no time lapping it up flicking across her clit as she moaned deeper and squeezed her nipples harder. I started to tease her swelling clit flicking it rapidly and I felt the tremor in her thighs and knew she was close to her own orgasm. I took her lead and began to lap it harder and sucked it between my lips a few times. Karen started to moan louder and I felt her tremble as a stream of hot liquid hit my tongue as I kept up the pace. She started to hump my face and more and more she came. I was lost in her smell and taste and felt my softness gaining its strength again. Finally she squirts one last big shot all over my face and pulls my out from between her thighs. I wanted to stay there I was in heaven but she had other ideas.

Her hand was already on my cock and it wasn’t long before it was hard again. I moved up and placed the tip at the entrance and I knew she was well lubed so I pushed it in and kept going until it was all the way in. Now I am not that small a good 8 inches with a decent girth. She felt nice like a neat fit I pulled it out and then started to move with slow but deep strokes. I then lifted up her legs and pushed her knees up for better penetration and quicken up my pace she began to moan again and I leant forward to kiss her deeply and then trailed of to her wanting tits lapping at her nipples. I felt the tingle again and quicken up my pace. She started to ride with me grinding with my every stroke then I felt her orgasm hit and was able to release mine straight after Karen’s.

We both were exhausted and just laid there for a good while catching our breaths.
We had a few more refreshment and on my way out I ended up screwing her against the wall in the hall way.

I have had to make a few more house calls back there since and have scored a few others along the way.

I will be writing about the others at a latter date.

Hope you enjoy this one.


2006-10-28 18:09:20
makes me want to become an electrician. I really think older women are theticket.


2006-04-12 09:10:55


2006-02-03 01:33:33
good story I love to fuck a new pussy.


2006-01-27 23:41:28
Hey a working man has got to have some fun on the job or else his day is a big boor. Great story,lets hear some more

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