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(When we first meet the normal introduction would be in place. Sitting and talking getting the feel of everything around us. Seeing where the conversation takes us. If I have my way it will be on th
After settling in to where we decide to have our gathering. We lay a blanket down to sit and snuggle and tease each other a little. Picture me straddling you and taking my hand and gliding it across your cheek to draw you into me so I may kiss you tenderly on the lips as my other hand slides down around to the back of your neck as I press your body to mine. Slowly beginning to probe my tongue into your mouth anxiously awaiting my arrival. Our tongues are lightly touching one anothers. As I release a small moan of awwwwww. My hand moves from the back of your neck down your back as I press my fingernails into your skin and drawing them back up again. Once my hand as reached the top of your shoulder I move both my hands to the bottom of your shirt grazing your bare skin as I raise it up and over your head to expose your chest to me. Leaving a trial of tongue kisses down your body I begin to push you back against the ground. Once I have reached your pants I begin to unbottom them while still kissing around your stomach just above the belt line as I wait for you to be fully expose to me. In one motion your pants are slide off along with your underware. My tongue works it way down kissing you all around your groin area making sure not to hit the hot spots yet. Moving from one side of your thigh to the other not missing an ich of skin to where I finally glare up at you with a very devilish grin upon my face. I grip the shaft of your dick into my hands as I begin to rub the head of your cock along my lips as my tongue every so often catches a glimsp of it shooting electric sparks straight thru your body. Feeling it start to engorge I slip it into my mouth letting the tip linger on my tongue for just a moment before I wrap my soft lips around it and begin to massage it while I am gently pulling and pushing across the shaft til my nose has reaches to the base pausing and holding that position as I hummmmm and start back up again. Repeating that motion several times each time increasing the pace. I use my left hand to hold my balance as my right hand finds it's way under your scrodum caressing you at the sametime my head in starting to thrash in different directions still holding your cock gripped in my mouth and hummmming slightly with each turn. Feeling you start to fill up and release your special syrup deep into my throat and I milk you dry.
As you lay there to catch your breath I back up off you and stand up looking into your eyes the enitre time. Starting to take my clothes of piece by piece. Beginning with my shirt I grasped the bottom of my shirt and begin to raise it above my head exposing myself to you. Releasing the shirt off to the side of us. I then begin to reach around behind me to unclasp my bra and let it drop off of my breast. I stand there for a moment while looking deep into your eyes and fondle them lightly pushing and pulling them very gently in a circular motion. Taking my left hand I move it towards my pants letting my hand trickle down my stomach reaching my destination. I bring my right hand down to undue the button on my jeans and unzip my pants slipping my fingers into the waste and pushing them off my hips past my knees to my ankles where I kick them off now fully nude before you. I slide my hands back up my legs and up to my already moist kitten. I slip one finger across my lower lips and into my wet spot. Letting you see every move I make. I spread my legs a little further so that you may now get a better view. As I begin to push another finger into my self. Starting to enjoy the feeling I am getting from my fingers playing inside of my now very wet pussy. My head begins to go backwards as I start to moan softly. I can feel your hand start to move up my leg starting at my ankles and gliding up to my knee then I feel your hand now on top of mine as you start to help by inserting your fingers in beside mine. Realizing how good it feels I with draw my fingers and allow you full access to me. Your fingers making my pussy feel full. I can feel my legs wanting to give out, as I drop to my knees to lay back I then notice you are coming toward me. Your head is now between my legs where your finger are jabbing me repeatedly. With my juices flowing I then feel your tongue start to lick up and across my lips drenching your self with my fluids. It is glistening on your face. Having you indulge into me is leaving my body feeling like I am in heaven. To the point I can’t take much more of it! I must have it! Pulling you so that I can savor the flavor from your tongue and allowing me access to roll you to your back so that I have control. Still absorbing the flavor now on top of you I can slide your cock into my swollen mound. Clamping down on you as I push my body down making you go deep inside of me..Only to raise up again and plummet down once more. This time staying down with you filling my insides. I begin to rotate my hips forward and back then side to side grinding into you. Then raising up to plummet back down again, and again, and again getting harder and faster each time. I can feel you raising you hips to push against me as we begin to climax. With the feeling so intense and the passion so deep between us I begin to yell fuck me awwwwwwweeeee YYYEEEESSSSSS FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMMEEEEEE! Both of us tensing and finding it hard to breath as you release all of your potion deep into me thrust after thrust til I collapse on top of you. Not wanting to move we just lay there stuck together.


2008-04-20 22:57:29
I enjoyed your story very much. It's nice to hear the female side of things. Thank you. 8/10
You do need to put paragraphs into your story.


2008-01-11 05:07:07


2006-08-19 20:51:52
why do people keep correcting writers because they can't cum in time??? I personally don't want to hear about someone doing that to my story at all and I don't know who does. Having said that, paragraphs are good and other than that not bad at all for a first time. You get a high rating from me


2006-03-30 08:02:24
I am criticizing yes, but hopefully in a constructive manner, so please don't take offence.

Run through a word processor, they help find most spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes, (major ones at least)

Secondly use paragraphs most important, I can't stress this enough but when I am pulling my pud off to this story and I lose my place, my boner goes down, and its quite frustrating.

And make it a bit longer, not all of us cum in like 2 seconds, and even when we do you cum far faster and harder from a story that gets you worked up ;)

Nice perspective though in which you have written this piece, hopefully with this advice you will continue to write rather than be scared off like many other users of this site.


2006-03-25 22:53:31
fuck that was a kickass story! i bet whoever you're with right now is fucking lucky... 10/10

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