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Charles Faul continued to monitor the road for awhile after the delivery was made and the truck was long gone.Squinting into the relentless rain as he watched the road that ran through his vast estate.The road was quiet.His worst nightmare now would be to see a line of flashing police cruisers closing in on him.No chance of that though.Emile Carswell came highly regarded and certainly not cheap.This whole little operation had cost Charles Faul close on $10 000 000 over the last year.He was positive it would be worth every cent!His heart was pounding in his chest like a drum.Finally it was fruition time!As he thought of the goods that had just been brought to him his legs began to shake and his cock stirred.They were beautiful specimens!Emile Carswell had done a masterful job!

Six months ago he had opened the envelope holding the photos of five Russian candidates with shaking hands.He had choosen Ruzenka.Just fifteen she was awesome and exactly what he wanted.Her name meant little rose and she was.Pettite and exquisite just starting to bloom with doe like brown eyes.She had been abducted on her way home from school.She had been in Emile's possession for three months.Untouched.Charles had made it clear he wanted them both delivered at the same time.Tapes of Ruzenka's confinement had been sent to him weekly over the last three months.She was unaware of the cameras And Charles had enjoyed the voyerism immensley.He had seen the luscious little virgin eating,sleeping,naked,dressing,crying,pleading and even shiting.The thought of what he was going to do to her brought on a leak of precum.Then there was Vennie.Even the thought of her made his body shudder.She was the most beautiul thing he had ever seen.Indian with dark brown skin and a chocolate pink cunny.What a job Emile had done with her!From a very wealthy family the sixteen year old had been plucked from a mall in Calcutta.Her minder had been dispatched,his throat slit.She had been a difficult task.With her family connections the police search for her had been massive and tireless.The consumate professional Emile had evaded them and brought Vennie to him!This little well brought up,arrogant Indian beauty had carried a price tag of $7 000 000.Charles had paid happily.When he recieved a tape a fortnight ago with his instructions being carried out.Charles had masturbated thrice watching it.Vennie on a table dressed and unconscious from the drugs pumped into her.A blonde in a nurses uniform undressing her.Emile's camera work had been near award winning.The camera shifted from the shot of her entire body to her face.Zooming in on her beautiful young features.Long dark hair sprayed out around her.Eyes closed as she slept,long eyelashes and shaped eyebrows.Cute sharp little nose.A cleopatra look about the bitch.When the camera zoomed in on her still lipsticked lips Charles, had shot his first load.She was a gorgeous Godess and Charles was going to teach the little bitch a thing or two.He knew that she thought that she was the best thing since sliced bread and the thought of her now secure in his dungeon downstairs gave Charles a raging hard on!The camera had then taken in her whole face.She was perfect in her beauty!Blessed with the look that very few are handed out.Men would kill to have her and Charles although not with his own hand had.The nurse had then produced a scalpel,proceding to cut the little tank top from her.The blade sliced the cloth from her chest down to her bellyring sporting little navel.When the nurse flipped the top open Charles had become hard again.Dark inviting skin and a little black bra covering a mere handfull of tit.The bra was sliced in half and the breasts relieved of the cups.Watching, Charles had let out a moan from deep in his throat.Perfection!Just what he desired.Tiny brown tits with dark pointy rubber nipples.The camera had eaten her with its lens.Back to her face down to her chest.Lingering on her tits.Crawling slowly over her taut tummy.Then from her tummy to the waist of her jeans and down over her crotch,thighs and legs.Her glorious feet were dark in sandles.Her toenails pedicured.Her sandles were removed.The underneaths of her feet were a lighter tone to the darker tops.As per his instruction the nurse had washed her feet.At this stage,Charles had shot a heavy second load.Her jeans were cut away from her.The nurse started at the ankle of her right leg and worked up.Careful not to cut Vennie it took time and concentration as the camera followed the Blondes progress.By the time the jeans were removed revealing dark thighs and a little thong with Minnie Mouse on the mound of her cunny.Charles had to hold back from ejaculating for the third time.The thong was snipped on either side of her hips and eased forward revealing a tightlipped dark pussy.Clean shaven it was the perfect virgin pie!The nurse had then placed surgical gloves over her hands and with some manipulation of her fingers making it a visual delight opened Vennies young womenhood.Her entrance and cunt channel were an erotic pink.Charles had erupted at the sight.His cum taking off like a rocket.As he came he imagined the ecstacy of humping her!Oh what he was going to do to that pure,poor vagina!Him,his helpers,dogs,horses you name it!As he shot the feeling of power was so intense he got an instant headache.He was drained when the nurse turned Vennie on her tummy and the lens zoomed in on the black puckered asshole opened by the nurse for the world to see!Emiles voice had said "This is the final package Mr Faul,for your enjoyment!delivery will follow.Have the balance of the money ready.Pleasure doing business with you!''.Charles Faul was a retail king and a billionaire thrice over.Never in all his life did he believe he had ever made a better purchase and they were here waiting for him!

Charles had a staff of six on hand.Steven his butler had been with him for years and his loyalty was unquestioned.The others were expendable and had been hired for this specific little extravaganza.When the fun and games were over and Charles had sated his appetite all would be dispatched barring him and Steven.This was the second part of the deal with Emile and would cost him $5 000 000.Harry was a convicted paedophile..He and the four black refugees were just there for entertainment value.His permanent staff of sixteen had been given a handsome bonus and two weeks paid leave so he could enjoy this orgy of rape and degradation at his leisure.

He took the lift down to the basement.Steven was standing at the monitor studying their captives.Charles looked at the monitor.Caught on a hidden camera the two girls looked apprehensive and nervous.They had been delivered buck naked and the sight of them made Charles break out in a sweat.They sat side by side on the bed in the holding cell looking about the room.Eyes wide wondering what fate was about to bestow on them next.

Charles said "They obviously can't communicate,what they been up to Steven?
"The brunette bubbled out some Russian.Thats the only tongue she speaks.The Indian delight tried some Hindi and English.Nothing going.The Russians a peasant!''

"Aren't they fine specimens,Steven?"

"Yes Mr Faul, Truly magnificent!''

"Get everything prepared Steven and buzz me when the party's about to get underway!''

"Without delay, Mr Faul!"

The Russian bitch was yelling for mercy.Charles watched from his easy chair and sipped his martini.He was spent.They had been rapeing,humiliating and beating the Russian girl Ruzenka for the last eight hours.Right now ,as he watched two of the black bucks were doing a DP on her drenched pussy and ass.He had had them all tested for hiv.Condoms would have made it boring.The poor wench's ass had been torn and was gaping.Her bowels had loosened earlier from the pressure and fucking her ass had been messy.As Charles took in the scene of the buck rooted in her ass shooting his load and the man in her pussy chewing on her nipples and about to climax.He thought back to how he had deflowered this Russian piece of ass some hours ago.Charles,Harry and two of the bucks had average size dongs.The other two blackmen had big cocks but all were put to shame by Steven.The butler was a freak of nature.His manhood was like a long engorged truncheon.He had done the majority of damage to Ruzenka's virgin asshole.Charles had been on his back and the bucks had picked up the struggling Russian whore.Charles had held his cock firmly,aiming it skyward.A buck held her firmly on either side by the thigh.Legs bent under her they had lowered the juicy virgin's cunt onto his dickhead.His knob had felt the wet [they had rubbed ky jelly all over her package] opening swallowing him.His surging member had broken cleanly through her hymen.She had opened her mouth crying out as her virginty was ripped from her.They pressed her down on him till he was firmly mounted to the hilt inside her.He had pushed her head down onto his chest and got to work enjoying the feeling of being the first man to fuck her.Steven with his pole sticking out like a mast before him got to work on her ass.The head of his gigantic cock shined with a heavy
smear of lube.Charles felt the mans body moving into position behind her.Charles lifted Ruzenka's head.He did not want to miss her facial expressions when Steven stuck that monster into her anus.Her face was level with his.She was crying and her eyes tightly shut.Steven moaned and Ruzenka's eyes flew open.Her eyeballs seemed to bulge.She tried to move her head so she could see what was happening behind her.Charles held her head firmly.Steven said "My word this ass is tight''.Her eyes suddenly shot up to the ceiling,holding her breath then letting it out with a gasp.Her mouth twisted into the strangest shape and she yelled from the top of her lungs....!Spittle erupted from her mouth onto Charle's face!Her face became bright red and she looked like she was having a fit.OWWWW...She babbled in Russian.Charles felt Steven starting to pick up a rhythm, slow as he eased his thick girth into her."Never before Mr Faul have I stretched an ass like this one.''he said beginning to pant from the effort...It looks like its about to split asunder!''Ruzenka was wimpering.."''

"No more can possibly fit in Mr Faul, I'm afraid''.Charles felt his semen on the rise.He knew he could'nt last much longer.The pressure Steven had put this bitch under was making his cock cry for release.He could feel Steven's massive sausage pressing down on his cock inside her.Steven his voice thick with lust said.."I'm about to unload,sir!''"'Yes'' Charles cried out hoarsly and unleashed his volley inside her.Steven followed moments later ejaculating an enormous salvo in her ass.Charles demanded "Get her off.Let me see!!!!!''Steven withdrew his dong from her with a wet plop sound.The bucks held her up turning her behind and pussy to Charles.Her asshole was gaping,stretched and an angry red.A torrent of semen ran from her ass and fell to the floor barely missing landing on Charles.His own seed began to dislodge from deep inside her.Harry the paedophile was beside himself as he caught it all on videocam."Oh fuck,oh fuck look at her!!!!'' he repeated over and over.

In the hours that had followed her first rape.She had been taken over and over.Harry when he had got his shot at her had mounted her savagely on all fours at the same time one of the bucks had forced his cock down her throat.Harry had begun to slap the sides of her face hard as he rode her.She had squawked and screamed hysterically.Her throat hoarse from the salty semen let off by the buck.Harry withdrew and shoved her onto her back.Slipping his cock into her sodden cunt.He grabbed her by each ankle lifting her legs high and drove his cock furiously into her.His excitement and arousal was to much for him and he came quickly.This obviously infuriated him.He punched her hard about the body and her screams intensifed.Harry dug his fingers into her tits so hard it looked like he would puncture her flesh.Charles let him hurt her untill he saw Harry losing control.Fearing he may permanently damage the whore he called the asshole off.

Ruzenka endured such brutal use of her cunt and ass for a total of twelve and a half hours untill the men were done for the moment.She was plonked on the bed bruised and sore.Her pussy and poopshoot inundated with drying semen.Charles had her sedated and after showering.Fell into a deep slumber.The new night would be Vennies turn and for such a startling beauty he had something special planned....

Vennie was brought to his large bedroom by Steven.Her arrogance and self importance burnt in her eyes.She had a collar around her neck.Leather with large metal studs.She had been made to put on high heels.They were black with just a srip of leather around the ankle and toes.Thats all she wore her body like an oil painting in its perfection.Steven lead her to the bed and sat her down.

Charles rose from his chair."Hello Vennie!''.He knew that her English was excellent.She attended a very expensive private school.The stuck up little thing did'nt respond."Vennie we going to give you something to relax''Steven took two tablets from his pocket and forced them into her mouth.Charles handed him a glass of water and Steven got her to swallow them down.She suddenly blurted out demandingly..."Who the fuck are you people and what do you think you doing?Do you have any idea who I am?You are in serious trouble!My family is very powerful and you will pay for what you have done.I demand you let me go now!!!''

Charles laughed and so did Steven.Their reaction brought on a momentary look of doubt in her eyes that was gone quickly.She was fiesty!

The drugs had their desired effect.After fifteen minutes her eyes glazed over and her body relaxed.As she carried on her tirade of threats and demands her speech became slurred.

''Put the bitch on the floor,Steven and bring the dogs.''

Steven left hastily his excitement of what was to come apparent by the huge bulge visible in his pants.Vennie was on all fours.Her hands heavy as she crawled around aimlessly.The sound of the dogs approaching gave Charles the stiffest erection he had ever managed.

The three Great Danes knew the game.They were vetrans of beastiality movies and had numerous services of human cunny behind them.They stormed into the room with a flourish.Their front legs heavily socked.In her trance like state,Vennie took in the appearance of the canines and uttered "huuuh?''

It was awesome!!The dogs had'nt had a mounting for six months.Charles had starved them sexually in preparation for Vennie.The doggys were clever and took in the situation.They began yelping and jumping.Their doggy cocks became unsheathed.The one with the pitch black coat,Shaka was rock hard and his large bright red member bounced from side to side as he moved up to Vennie.He smelt her side with his snout.She said ''No!Stop it!''.He dug his wet snout into her flesh.The other two moved forward taking in her scent.Morris wasted no time.He poked his head behind her ass to get a good look and inhale her secret smells.She raised an arm halfheartedly and tried to push his head away.Curly the other Dane with immense vigour was pawing at the carpet.Morris without a moments hesitation pulled his head back from her as yet unused delights and got to mounting her.He sprang up on her.His paws landed on her upper back.His weight on her lithe body threatened to collapse her.Steven knelt down and steadied her body.His one hand firmly on her lower tummy keeping her on all fours,ass poised in the air.Morris was yelping and panting as he began humping away.Curley gnawed at his paws as he thrashed the carpet.Shaka began licking her face.Vennie said ''aaaaggh'' as Shaka's spit made her face wet and shiny.His large tongue flashed over her lips.Charles fearing a heartattack with all the feelings rushing through him got down on the floor.He positioned himself at just the right angle beneath Vennie's raised buttocks and the dog.The smell made him even harder.Vennies body odour,sweet and musky,doggy smells and the subtle hint of pussy in the mix.Morris's red shaft was grazing Vennies inner thigh as he pumped.Charles began to pant with delight.The hound found his target slolwly.Morris humped his hindquarter looking for her elusive core.His red cock pounded against her vagina and then his banging and searching cock head parted her lips.Charles could see the dogs dick pulsating.Charles reached for his own cock and started jerking it for all his worth.All Morris the Dane knew was that he was being served a piece of ass on a platter and he showed his thanks by spearing Vennie with his bulging cock.She sobbed in pain and horror.A doggy cock robbed her of her virginity.A large red beast rammed through her hymen and forced its way ever further up her vaginal channel.Her body writhed and was held in that sacrificial position by Steven.Charles nearly passed out with sheer bliss as Morris,keen to claim his bitch forced his entire length into her.His bulbous knot rammed against and then forced its way into Vennies entrance.The size of it made her scream blue murder.From his vantage point Charles could see the dog was completely entrenched in that luscious bud!Just a sliver of red penis visible leading up to the dogs dark swinging balls.Steven was moving Vennie back and forth in time with the dogs thrusts.He freed his cock from his pants and still holding their victim took one of her hands and wrapped it around his oversized shaft.The pressure she was under from the fucking made her hold on to it tightly for support.Eliciting a moan of pleasure from Steven.Morris used Vennies cunt for an age.His sudden wild bucking and spasms a sign of his bursting forth.His red cock freed a pent up load inside his lovely bitch.As he continued to fuck away.Charles saw strands of his doggy cum oozing out of where he was connected to Vennie.When the sated and drained Morris unceremoniously pulled his knot and shaft out of his bitches used and bloody pussy a large flow of doggy cum followed.Rushing out like an open faucet.

Charles reckoned this was going to go on for days!

"Why me!!!Please don't!I'm sore!Its burning and itchy!''She placed her hand under her and scratched frantically at her swelling cock chute!Shaka was having none of it.He knew nothing of mercy.The dog sprung on the unwilling object of his desire!He grabbed her hips with his covered forelegs.Still in his position his chest heaving from what he had witnessed.Charles grabbed the dogs hot,pulsating and growing organ.The feeling of being handled brought a thick flurry of spunk from Shaka's cockhead.It splattered against Vennie's shaven pubis!With his other hand Charles opened her wet labia!Her pickness glistened wetly and the head of Shaka eased into her.The dog held onto her strongly and took her.In he went,thrashing searching out her warm depths!Vennie begged.."Ohhh..No!..No!..No!...His fucking hurting me!!!!''She began crying loudly.Charles could see by her spasming body she was in real pain!Her feet beat down on the carpet.One of the high heels feel off.The sight of her naked foot twisting violently increased Charle's arousal which by now threatened to overcome him and drive him insane.He moved his body up grabbed her foot tightly by the ankle and bit and sucked on it.She tried unsucessfully to break free from his grasp.He tasted her foot his teeth nibbling.Charles moved back to his earlier position.Shaka was still.Panting frantically his knot squashed against her outer labia.The dogs eyes were glazed over.Charles took the knot and manhandled it into Vennies now stretched Cunt.He was careful not to hurt the dogs sensitive knot but he pulled and pushed the tart's cunny angrily.The knot popped inside her with the help of the dogs secretions.Shaka came to life working ever harder on his powerful thrusts."Pleeeasee..okay,!!!OUCH!!!'' the bitch blabbered as Shaka rode her.He came grandily in his doggy bitch.A spurting of sweet release.When he was done he twisted and pulled his knot out of the girl hurting her further.His knot pushing at the inside of her opening,stretched her dangerously wide and tore her.She shouted as the mixture of sperm and vaginal excretment burnt her wound.Charles and Steven held her for the last dog.Charles shoved her face into the fluffy carpet.He held a tit in the other twisting it menacingly.So hard that it felt like he may twist the plum fruit right off her tiny brown boob.Steven was holding her ass up with both hands.Curly,having watched his fellow canines getting their rocks off on this humans sex organ.Was hard and fast in his fucking.Her pussy was so drenched it felt like somebody had thrown a bucket of sticky goo on her.His knot easily entered her and he ejaculated heavily deep inside.

Charles his face swollen and almost purple with lust ordered Steven to get out with the dogs and close the door.Steven could have his release later!Charles grabbed the bitch roughly by the hair.Pulling her to her feet.He had pulled painfully at her roots and it had really hurt.She was crying crocodile tears and mouthing the word ''please!''.Her eyes were beseeching him.He slapped her soundly through the face.Cutting her lip with his ring and drawing blood.The force of the blow threw her beautiful brown body on the bed.Charles handled her shoving her on her stomach.He looked down at her tight dark buns.The bitch was still leaking cum.Did she have a gallon of sperm in her? he wonderd as he shoved her ass cheeks apart.Her anus was wrinkled and black.Pathetically small and fragile.She was lying with her head in her arms.Her perfect back rising and falling with the effort of her sobs.Charles wet his cock head with his own spit and shoved at her rear opening.He got the head in.She lifted her face and her neck grew taut.Charles rammed into her.He placed his hands on her lower back with all his force and sodomised her.She cried through it all.His cock was caked with her shit.His white testicals drummed against her dark ass.He concentrated on her cries and body movements as he enjoyed her .She sreamed for her parents as he abused her and scratched at her back with his nails.He pulled out of her tight ass making a sound like a champagne cork exiting.He pushed it down and entered her creampie.His shit greased cock slid into her easily. The bitch was sodden.He fucked her cunt and then her ass.He had taken something to prolong his orgasm earlier and it was working!He used both her holes over and over.She seemed to be in a state of abject terror at her sodomy and rape and was almost comalike.He turned her on her back so he could watch his animalistic savageing of her orifices.He watched her little tits wobble as he banged her young body.Her head bounced as she looked to the side blankly.As he picked up the pace he reached down and found the little boat of her pink clit.He worked it clockwise and then anticlockwise with his thumb.He lifted a foot and placed the outer heel in his mouth holding and biteing down with his teeth.He chewed on her flesh and tasted her blood in his mouth.Although staring unfocused, tears flowed freely down her cheeks.Charles fucked his young victim to his hearts content.Taking her roughly and hard.After what felt like an eternity of bliss.Charles withdrew from her and moved himself up her body.
He sat on her chest.Her tits small and hard under his buttocks.He took a handful of her hair and pulled her head so that she was facing him.Her chin twitched as she sobbed..." me!Let me gooooooo!''He slapped her again across her already swollen lip.It hurt and her eyes teared."Open you mouth bitch or I will cut you open from your cunt right up to your chest!!''She began opening her mouth she was scared and she opened it wide.Her teeth were pearly white and perfect."Now you little bitch!Take my cock in your mouth and suck it real nicely or I will carve you up slowly!''His tone frightened her and was freaky.She obliged.Vennie had never sucked a cock before.She infact had never even touched one.This man pettrified her.Her lip was sore and throbing.Her head hurt where he had yanked it.Her pussy felt swollen and tender and she thought she had an infection.As for her ass it felt gaping and open.Her innards were cramping.She placed her lips around his penis and sucked on it.It tasted foul!She knew she was sucking her own shit and the terrible dogs stuff!"Oh you two bit whore!That's it!Yeah take more in your mouth!Lash out at the knob with your tongue..Ahhhh...yeah,baby!''She hated him and wanted him dead!She had no choice but to do it.Vennies eyes were wide and she looked so good blowing him.Charles started humping his hips.Forceing more of his shaft into her mouth.Vennie gaged,she wanted to throw up.He tasted salty and thick in her mouth.She could'nt believe the dogs!They had used her.She had felt their things cumming inside her.How was it possible!She had never heard of it!She had been drugged the tablets had only affected her body.Her mind had been as sharp as normal her body though would'nt take orders from her brain.She had wanted to fight them with all her might.Charles got off her and lay back."Come here bitch and hold my cock and suck!''She dare not disobey.She knew this man was capable of really hurting her!She moved forward till she was upsides him.He took her petite hand and wrapped it around his dick."Hold it tight!'' he said.She held it firmly."Now Fucking suck!''She moved her jet black hair to the side,closed her eyes and took him in her mouth.Again she thought of home and her parents and she felt her tears flow.She heard the door open''Ah Steven", Charles uttered enjoying the young girls naive first blow."Get undressed Steven and feel free to mount her!''.Vennie began to shake she was really scared.She was going to be raped by another one!Her deflowering had been painful.She had thought of what it would be like one day when she was married.She imagined it would be nice and romantic and gentle.They had been vicious and cruel the dogs and the man.And her vagina was really hurting right now."Put more life into it bitch!Work it.Come on!!!''His voice sounded aggravated.Vennie knew it wouldn't do her any good upsetting this man.So she started moving her hand up and down his penis.She closed her lips around his head and moved it in and out of her mouth.One day when her parents were out she had scratched in her father's cuboard.Finding two untitled videtapes.she had locked herself in her room and watched them.The women in the movies had pleased the men with their mouths the way she was doing now.She felt the other man's weight as he got on the bed.He put his hands on her body.And placed her in position.The man she was sucking was saying ''aaah..nice....mmm...good girl!''.Although she would like to see him killed she was aware that her pleasuring him may stop them from doing bad things to her.Being slapped by the man had been a nightmare.She had wanted to pee!She was scared of dying!The man behind her was rubbing her bare back.His hands moving in circles.She wanted to look back and see him but was scared of stoping her manipulations of the other man's cock.Charles watched the young beauty.For a novice she was'nt doing badly at all.Her hand was working his shaft.Her lips around his dick were vacuuming nicely.He noticed Steven moving his hands all over her.Despite her situation the mans hands tickling her back,sides,arms,stomach and breasts gave Vennie goosebumps!She felt him put his hand on her ass. He trailed it down and placed it on her privates.She moved her bum to try and dislodge his hand but he kept it in place firmly.His hand was flat against her twat.She felt his finger snake out and enter her.
He opened her gently.One finger then another.Then he started to finger fuck her.Her vagina was sensitive from the pounding it had gotten earlier and she moaned.The man extracted his fingers.She heard him opening a jar.When he placed his hands against her again they felt very greasy.This time his fingers slid into her without the friction she had felt earlier.Venie felt his t umb slip into her ass.She had done this to herself before a few times, late at night under the covers.It had felt good and given her a warm feeling in her tummy.Charles...."Grease her down real good Steven.We gonna be slow and gentle with our babe this time.No angel!Keep on sucking!''She had taken her mouth away and looked at the man behind her.He was horrible and old!She started sucking the man's thing again."Help yourself Steven we can take turns.DP later..''She wondered what was DP?Were they going to beat her?The man still with his fingers in her placed a hand on her shoulder and positioned her.He slapped a hand against her inner thigh.She knew what he wanted and bent down on all fours for him parting her legs.He leaned forward and placed his lips on her ear the side of his face against her hair.''Now be a nice girl,darling go with the flow.If you behave I will make it slow and pleasurable!Okay?.....I said Okay??''She nodded her head."Good, now lift that dark little ass!Fuck have you got a gorgeous butt!''She pushed her bum up.The other man was laying next to her jerking his penis.He was ugly and flabby!She felt the man's thing pushing her open.It felt wide!He was stretching her.She thought for a moment of pulling away from him but what would happen to her then?He was moving against her.Inside her his cock was stretching her vaginal walls ever wider.He was bigger than all the others and more kept comming!Charles watched as he jerked his member.The bitch was taking strain it was wtitten all over her face!

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