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No warnings other than I'm new to posting online. Be honest!
I hear a female moaning in exctasy and she says, “I love the way you do that, can you teach my husband. If only he knew how to use his tongue like that!” I look up and seeing my wife naked on our bed making love with another man. I was furious, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Apparently I was tied butt naked to a chair in the corner of our bedroom. The basterd that was enjoying my wife succelent desires stopped what he was doing and stood up. He appearred taller than I, a slim yet muscular toned body, clean shaved. And a tool that looked about 9” long 2 maybe 3 times the thickness of mine. She positioned herself at the end of the bed laying belly down and grabs his huge cock in her hand getting ready to take it in her mouth and right then they both looked over at me. And I woke up to find this same guy tool at the edge of my mouth and he saying, “Clean your beautiful wife juices off my cock, cause she really wet.” And she say,” You better do it or I’ll leave with him.” Reluctant to except another man’s cock in my mouth. I mean fantasy is fantasy, but this is reality. And me still being tied to the chair. And my cock was so hard from watching him make her squirm and moan. They said things like look how turned on you are; now you know you want it. Now clean, lick it and suck it until I say stop! He places his hands on my head, gripping my head of hair. And she caressing his ass, back and rubbing his balls as if to feed his load in my mouth. I proceed after a few minutes he pull’s out goes over the edge of the bed, she gets on all fours ass in the air and her hands spreading her pussy lips apart for him, making way to except his man size cock in her sweet pussy. One side of me wanting to scream and stop it the other side secretly enjoying so much that I feel I could cum without trying.
All of sudden I hear this female voice say,”Michael wake up, hey it time to pay attention.” I look up to see that I’m still tied to the chair and what I thought was a dream twice was really happening. But they were just starting to undress each other and they were kissing and feeling each other up and once they were underdressed. Both of them still standing, he start to lick and kiss all over her body. He ever so softly is caressing her sweet soft skin with his big, rough hands. She could tell that he worked for a living, but the only thing that mattered to her was how incredible he was making her feel. The sensation he was sending thru her body with just his hands, lips, and occassional tongue. It was hot in the room with no ac, sometimes after licking a certain area on her lucious body he would blow on it gently and it sent a little delightful tingle thru your veins. Now he gently kneels in front of her and takes a deep inhale of her sweet aroma. While she still standing he reaches and cups and massage her big breasts going for the already erect nipples, her hands are pulling her pussy lips apart as he starts licking and flicking her clit and pussy. After a moment he stop and guides her around on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees, he kneels at the edge and puts his face right smack in her wet pussy and smears her love juices all over his face. He runs his tongue along the outer edge of her sweet, wet pussy. He places his mouth over her lips and sucks on her whole pussy at once and at the sametime he thrust his tongue in and out of her entrance of desire. Flicking left then right, up then down and all around the inner entrance, then flicking it in and out really fast, then nice and slow. Humming the wholetime causes a vibrating in her pussy that helps to intensify things even more. She is moaning quiet a bit and suddenly he stands up and takes his 9” really thick cock puts it to the edge of her desire and places his hands on her hips. She is moaning in anticipation of feeling that huge love tool inside of her. He enters just the mushroom shaped head; she takes a deep breath and sign at the sametime. Without warning he pushes it all the way in. She had big cocks before she thought to herself, but never one this thick. He pulls out then again he pushes it all the way in, this time he pushes and holds it there. She actually cum so so hard and so intense. She must be special he was thinking to himself, cause he never made a woman cum as she did. He pulls it back out tease the entrance to her……………….

Pussy he does a few times then rams it all the way back in. She moaning and screaming so loud that I thought she was having an orgasim everytime he went in. After an hour of entering her this way. While his 9”er is still in her he pushes her down on her belly, His cock stay in and he repositions his legs on top of her and while he goes in and out and starts to massage her back. It sooo intense for her. I ask when he was going to cum. And he said he was an all nighter. I could see her face it was buried in the bed, I bet if she heard that her eyes would pop out!

First time posting, there more tell what what you think and where it rate so far?? Please!
Thank You!

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2012-12-23 03:27:27
I thought it was well done, it's over too soon for m taste though I would work on building the characters and their situation batter maybe.


2006-02-01 05:42:28
look on the bright side.... you can only get better.

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