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fact or fiction?
It started with a care package in the mail...
I was going to be gone for about 6 weeks and he sent me a few thinks I needed and a few extra things to include a webcam.

He always loved watching me... playing with myself or even with other people. He would send me stories, pictures and movies of us or other

people. I would get home from school and find these in my mail box and go thru them, I guess a sort of warm up. We would get online later at night

and switch on the webcams. I would tell him what I liked and what got me turned on. We would watch each other as we talked back and forth. I

loved watching him touch himself as we talked. Things would get hotter and we would end up cumming on cam for each other. I loved watching

the cum flow out of his cock as he watched me.

One night he sent me a new yahoo name (______) and password and told me to log on with that, I did as he told me. He sent me a message

from a new account (_______) that said it is me. We talked for a while then he sent me some pictures of a guy jerking off to a computer screen

which my boyfriend had pasted pictures of me on it. He asked what I thought of it. I told him that I liked the guy's big, hard cock and liked the idea

of the man jerking off to me. He told me to spread my legs and touch myself. He started talking about me giving a webcam show for a man, my

boyfriend telling me what to do as the man watches. I was wet instantly and came a few times in a matter of minutes. He said you liked that didn't

you... yes I replied. You you like to try it for real? My pussy said yes but I don't know came from my lips. Yes or No he said...

Yes came from my lips this time... he started talking about men watching me and jerking off. He asked me questions that I had to answer... my hand and vibrator were on my pussy and I started cumming again.

Are you ready he asked...
For what? I replied
To give your show...
Now? To WHO?
Are you ready he said...
Yes came from my mouth again...
Good, point the camera down your body. You are going to get an IM from some one... add the name to your list and allow them to view your

BUT... I stammered
Yes or No...
I pointed the camera down to hide my face.
We talked for a bit and he said he was going to ask if I was sure and ready for this but my hand rubbing my pussy answered those questions.
I let out a nervous laugh and said my pussy is ready.
A moment later a request to chat popped up on the screen... I couldn't believe this was happening, it was from "_____"

I click ok a couple times for chat and cam but nothing came from him.
I don't know if this is working...
It is... he says, he can see you... and that you are very hot, just as I had told him.
He can really see me?
Yes, we are watching you right now.
My pussy flooded from the thought...

Does he have a webcam? Can I see him?
Yes he has one but depending on how well you do depends on if I let you watch him. Now spread your legs and show us your pussy.

I did as I was told... I so wanted to see who was at the other end, to watch him stroking his cock.

You little slut, look how wet your pussy is.
Are you a little slut? YES!
Whose little slut are you? Your's Sir!
What will you do for me... for us? Anything you want me to Sir!

Good girl...
Cum for me... cum for us.. tell us when you cum
and I did... the thought of being watched sent me over the edge... I pressed the vibrator hard against my clit... my body tightened and I came hard

leaving a wet sticky puddle on the chair.

He wants to see your pussy getting fucked, get some thing and fuck your pussy for us.
With what?
Your hair brush...
I did as I was told. I went and found my hair brush and then settled back into the chair.

Good girl... now spread your legs wide for us. Slide the handle deep inside baby.
It slided into my sloppy wet pussy with easy. I pushed it as far as it would go, right to the bristles. I pushed my hips down towards my hand to try to

take more and push it as deep as it would go. I could feel it hitting me deep inside, I could feel the bristles rubbing against my clit and pussy lips.

A grunt came from my throat and I started to wiggle my hair brush against my cervix. The coarse bristles poking my lips and clit.
Fuck yourself hard for us baby as we stroke ourselves watching you I heard from the computer speakers.
That is when the handle hit my gspot, I started thrusting in short, hard strokes against the little raised bump just inside my pussy.
My ass raised off the chair, my body stiffened...
We wish we were there to jerk off all over you baby.... we are ready to cum right now.
He knew this would push me over the edge, I love it when a man cums, love to watch it... love to feel it hit my body.
I pushed hard against my clit as I peaked the pulled it out quickly, my squirting orgasm landed on the brush, my hand and down my thighs.
I'm so proud of my little slut, such a good girl.
Thank You Sir...

That almost made us cum baby, very hot.... now show him a little of what your pussy can take.. show him how many fingers you can put inside...

Yes Sir, I was so wet and aroused that three fingers glided inside me without effort.
That's a girl, fist your pussy for us. I slide the fourth finger then my thumb inside... he talked me thru it, telling me to push, harder and deeper... he

told me that they were stroking their hard cocks watching me... my hand slide in to my wrist... you like your pussy being full don't you baby?

Yes I loved having my pussy full...
What do you want baby?
I want it full of cock.. I want to be full of cock and cum... I want cum all over me...
You just made him cum baby!.
The fullness, him telling me that and the idea of being watched gave me an orgasm like never before... I thought I was going to blackout... I tried to

pull my hand from my pussy but my pussy was clamping down on my hand.
Pull your hand out now slut! Again, I did as I was told... I thought it was going to turn me inside out.... I squirted all over the chair, the desk and floor...
I heard him cumming as I slumped into the chair....

_______ is now offline...
Damn it... where did he go?

You OK baby? he asked
Yes, exhausted.. woreout...
I could tell you enjoyed that... I want you to take some pictures for me and then send them... you know how I like that...
I will, I promise....What happened to the guy?
Never mind that for now... take some pictures and send them to me ...
Yes Sir..
I did as I was told...

We talked after and he told me how hot and sexy I looked and how much he loved me. I asked about the other guy but he told me in due time... I went to bed thinking about what had just happened...

Do you want to add to this?... where does this lead?... I have a few ideas but would like your input...

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