A true story of a sexy girl on exchange from Italy who was very naughty.
Valentina was from Italy and was on a one year exchange here in Sydney at my school. She had dark brown hair which was always vibrant and full of life. Cute ringlets twisted down almost sitting on her shoulders. Her face soft and pure, all her features finely shaped and placed. She wore no make up for it wasn’t needed, except mascara. It was if she were a porcelain doll come to life. Her body was petite and perfectly proportioned, like a model has been shrunk to a tinier size. On her tiny frame sat these glorious breasts, must have been about a 36 d or something – how a girl so tiny could develop such perfectly rounded tits beat me, God must have been feeling horny the day he made her.

Yes she was a vision of beauty, regularly wearing tight jeans, which would reveal her pert little butt cheeks and show off her wonderfully shaped legs. She obviously liked pokadots because she often wore fine-looking tight dotty garments, which extenuated her tits, though never quite revelling what would have been the most fantastic cleavage, but always leaving our horny minds and hard cocks gagging for more.

I can not make clear enough what a sight she was, a 15 year old who was so pure and doll like she looked about 12, but with the biggest more mature looking tits, she could tell you she was 18 and you’d have to believe it.

A few months into the year, I started to hear rumours that some of the older guys had fucked her, taking her into the bike sheds and giving her anal sex during lunch. I never believed these roumers of course, how could such a vision of perfection be so dirty like that? I don’t know, perhaps I preferred thinking of her as virginal, waiting for the right guy (me!) to sweep her off her feet and marry her.

She was in my geography class but used to sit with other girls so I never was able to speak to her. But I got the chance one day when the teacher randomly paired us up having to discuss landforms or some shit, I don’t know exactly and don’t care to remember, for what I do know is when she sat opposite me I had never felt so privileged and excited in my life.

Speaking to her was amazing, she had this pretty little voice and the cutest accent, the way she rolled her Rs and mixed her words up was gorgeous, we got on quite well and laughed a lot at the misunderstandings the language barrier created.

After school I walked her to the gate, one of the older guys called her over from his car,

“Can you wait one moment” she said


she walked over to speak to him, I admired her firm little ass in those well worn in denim jeans parade itself in front of me as she moseyed on over to him.

She spoke to him for a few minutes then returned to me, walking over she took her sweater off to reveal her little black and white pokadot V neck top which showed off her bosoms so well, my dick got hard just looking at them.

“What you do now?” she asked so sweetly

“Ummm, nothing..No nothing planned” I said nervously

“Can I stay with you?” she asked

“Umm. yeah sure. Sure!.. of course”

She turned around and waved to the guy who then sped off.

“I have to wait for my host mum to take me home, will you wait with me?”

“Yes of course, im not doing anything today” I said excitedly while trying to my cool

We walked down to the football green and up on to the bank which was nicely shaded by large trees. Sitting down together and speaking about all sorts of things, the conversation was natural and flowed well. We lay under the trees for what must have been about 4 hours just talking and laughing and were slowly edging closer and closer together.

My cock was as hard as I knew we were going to inevitably start kissing and I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful it would be, to kiss those sweet young well shaped Italian lips.

And at that moment as I was looking into her deep brown eyes, she moved her small hand over to my cock and started rubbing it backward and forward over my jeans.. My dick was going to ejaculate just from that and I had to think about Jesus nailed to the cross just to stop myself from cumming.

She continued massaging my prick as she stared deep into my eyes, her dark sexy heavily mascarared eyelashes accentuated her beauty and for the first time I saw her not as a cute young girl, but a satanic sex goddess, who thrived on getting fucked. She leaned closer and pecked me on the lips three of four times before rolling her wet tongue deep into my mouth. Kissing me with profound passion, so intensely and wet. I had never felt so excited and electric in my life.

As we shared our mouth juice, she undid my button and fly and took out my cock and balls, massaging them with both her hands. Running her fingers down past my sack to my anus and back up. A girl hadn’t touched my anus before, and I never thought about it, but I got shivers each time she glided her fingers over it.

I kissed her neck and licked up her face and kissed inside her ears and she let out a little gasp as I did so. She let go of my cock and got up on her knees once again kissing me but with more pace and fired up hornyness.
I also got up on my knees and press against her wrapping my hands around her ass – both ass checks fitted into each hand perfectly, she pulled her top and bra up and her big fat juicy gifts to man fell out presenting themselves in all their glory. I was surprised at how fantastically ripe and huge they were on her tiny body, but at also how they didn’t look ridiculous but were the perfect size and shape – she was a real life blow up doll.

I cupped her breasts in my hands, feeling and playing with them then sucking on her erect nipples, licking them and tasting her skin, running my tongue all over her savouring the taste of her beauty.

I started to undo her buttons, one by one her tight pants loosened and I pulled them down to her knees revelling child like panties, yellow with black pokadots and a white bow at the top. I put my hand between her legs and she let a cute little high pitched moan. I rubbed her panties back and forth, the juice from her pussy seeping through onto my hands.

I could tell she had a thick Italian bush of hair down there as I saw a few strands out the sides of her panties. this turned me on so much thinking about how something so cute could be so hairy down there, I slipped my hand under her panties and felt the wet mound of hair, her hand tightened its grip around my cock as I partied her pussy lips and put a finger inside her tight little hole, she squirmed and moved my hand away, then licked my ear putting her tongue inside as she breathed heavily

“Play with my asshole” she whispered

She let go of my cock and turned around and took her jeans off. She looked incredibly sexy wearing nothing but her little red shoes and her black and yellow undies. She parted her knees wide and stuck her ass out waiting for me to pleasure her.

I started to rub up and down on her pussy and asshole thru her soaked panties, she moaned with pleasure as I put my face to her private parts and pressed it in hard, tasting her sweet Italian pussy juice thru the cotton.

She took my hand and sucked on three fingers, then led my hand to her ass; I pulled her underwear down slowly, exposing her nakedness.

I stared at this sight, revelling in the moment, a few hours ago I could only dream of what her holes looked like, and now I was staring right at them, her ass high in the air.

As I already knew, her pussy was covered in thick black curly pubic hair which by now around the opening was dripping in all its pussy moistness. However I was surprised to see at the end of her pussy, the hair begins to stop. Her asshole stood open wide bare naked. The little slut shaves her asshole! I thought. Her hole was very brown and spoilt looking, damaged by all the cocks that had fucked it, I realised the rumours were true about the lunch time anal sessions.

I was so hard and horny thinking about how such a beautiful little thing could be hiding such a hairy vagina with a shaved brown fucked up asshole. I pushed two fingers inside and she sighed with pleasure

“ohhh si, si.. oh si” she said in excitement as I motioned my fingers in and out rhythmically with her ass movements… she rambled some other horny sounding stuff in Italian which I didn’t understand but it turned me on even more.

I continually put my fingers in her mouth and even more in her ass, after a few minutes I had four up there pumping her ass hard.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me fuck my hole” she moaned

“But you don’t fuck my pussy” she exclaimed

I withdrew my fingers from her now gaping brown shithole. I leaned in and started to lick inside it and around it, it tasted of poop and cum mixed together and I figured she fucked someone earlier on.

I spread her ass cheeks even wider as she pushed it out and lay on the ground in a very submissive doggy style.

I took my cock and sat it at her opening, putting some saliva on it. I then pushed the rock hard rod slowly into her fuckhole, which swallowed every inch with its tight wet grip.

“oh si, si. Fuck me fuck me” she said over and over

Her ass was like a locomotive pumping my cock with increasing rhythmical force.
She moved her hips with seasoned precision working cum up from deep inside my balls.

“Yes, fuck your little bitch” she yelled

I continued to stretch her asshole by fucking it as hard as I could, I reached over and grabbed her tits and squeezed them as I worked my way to a climax

I banged her over and over and took my cock out quickly wanking all my raging climatic seamen over her little butt and inside her gaping hole.

We both collapsed and lay there for sometime, before I asked her why she wouldn’t let me fuck her pussy

“I am a catholic. I am saving myself for someone special” she said, returning to her innocent self.

I sniggered to myself at the stupidity of what she just said.

I ended up walking her home shortly after, completely satisfied.

After that occasion we fucked many times, the more we fucked the more disgusting I found out she was.. but that’s another story.

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2011-05-13 17:52:04
I loved the pubic hair part

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2010-09-18 17:29:30
Poop & cum? I can honestly say I vomited when I heard that. I was horny until you said that. & foreign exchange students can get kicked out of the country if they are caught having sex. Just a fun fact..

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2009-08-30 10:21:55
man that aint funny u british prick that aint funny shes saving her self for someone and u took advantage of her wow ur an asshole

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2009-08-30 10:20:40
ok the writer u can go to hell es italia for life nigga im gonna find u and murder u talkin shit about my italian cousin white boy ill fuck u up good story until ur british faggot ass talked shit about her behind her back u dumb cracka


2008-03-19 14:52:50
i agree, a mediocre story with a few disgusting things thrown in. 5/10. And for all you idiots out there, Italians do say "si".

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