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i never thought one of my sex adventures would involve my husband's 18 year old niece
Louise and niece Diane ( Asian slut wife story , Philippines)

She was Diane , Roy’s ( my husband ) 18 year old niece , she and her family lives on the other town ( 30 km from Manila , mine is 50 km ), having her school much closer to my apartment , Roy and her family came to decide she can stay with me so at the same time as my house companion ( I live alone ) . Diane’s a great girl , I never find it difficult to get along with her.

Usually she would go to school in the morning and I would be left in the house , I was a little bored that morning that I decided to go a nearby provincial mall for a little shopping. It was a hot day and by 12 noon I was ready to go home , so I hailed a taxi for the ride , I got inside , sat and wipe off those perspiration while the taxi moves on . I began to notice that the cabbie was watching me thru his visor located on the front middle, he was in his middle 40’s , reminding me of Aaron ( Roy’s uncle, early adventures ) . he never took off his eyes of me , staring at my front , a little of my dress showing cleavage of my size 35 boobs . I didn’t mind his staring instead I smiled a little and thought giving this cabbie a little show he’s been asking for. “It’s a hot day outside, what’s the news on then temperarure?” I asked the cabbie to start of a conversation. “Er , I don’t know Miss but it’s sure is hot” he replied as he continues to stare. I positioned my self sideways and lift my skirt showing-off my legs in a relaxing position at the same time pulling my shirt sleeves lower for a more comforting feeling. I tried to hide my smile as I know the cabbie has all eyes on me. We talked a bit and he gave his name as Tony, I knew he’s having a hard-on as I notice most of the time he’s been fixing his crotch while driving. I thought of a wild idea, it would be 6 pm usually Diane arrives from school and this cabbie looks alike Aaron so I thought , why not? ( I had this thing on 40 year old males )

We arrive at my apartment after a 15 minutes travel , he parked the taxi and I told Tony if he could help me out to bring my bag filled with shopped items inside the house , so he got off the cab and went inside the house , probably he was thinking that the bag wasn’t that heavy that I need a help. Once inside I told he might as well bring the bag in my room as it was all clothes I told him. He nodded but the look in his eyes I knew he knows what I’m into. He watched as my ass swayed as he followed me into my room. Inside the room he placed the bag on the floor and stood facing me, I approached him and made my move, asking how much was the fare and how could I thank him for being such a gentleman.

He responded by pulling me closer , grabbing my waist , I dropped my purse due to his actions . “You’ve been asking for this one “ he told me. I didn’t resist , he placed his mouth on mine probably he notice I don’t go for the kissing action , he lowered his mouth to my boobs which he had already exposed and his hands been cupping ( he had already drop my dress to my waist ) I moaned as he licked and sucked at my boobs , his hand also been exploring my pussy by lifting my skirt. I felt his hard-on pressing on my legs so I reached down for it and felt it in my hand. “Let me have some” I whispered. He stopped and stood straight and by the look in his eyes I knew he’s about to explode in excitement. I knelt and undo his pants button and unzipped his fly, I pulled out his now swollen member and stroke it in my hands. I looked above to see his face staring at me waiting to put my mouth on his cock. I smiled , licked my lips around before putting around my red lips around that shiny purple head. He gave a moan and placed his hands on my head.” Deeper , suck it deeper” I heard him say. And so I did , I sucked while stroking his shaft , I manage to have it to the hilt which everytime I did I felt his body quiver and his moans loader. His fingers digging more and pulling me closer I stopped the handstrokes and had my hands on the sides of his buttocks as he pumps at the same time. He gave me a serious throat job

Unknown to us , Diane was off early that day from school , she arrive home 4 hours earlier as it was the school’s foundation day ( she forgot to inform me ). She told later that she thought Roy made a surprise homecoming as she saw the taxicab parked outside the apartment. Excited she got inside the apartment and heard noises on my room as the door is slightly open , thinking that she would find her Uncle Roy , she opened and had the surprise of her life. “ Uncl…! “ she stopped surprisingly on the scene she saw. I was there kneeling with a stranger’s cock in my mouth ! Surprised , I turned my head towards Diane with a cock still in my mouth , shock was in her face , so did Tony . Diane stepped backwards and ran away. I stood up and ran after her leaving Tony fixing his pants up.

I found Diane standing on the last steps of the stairs , she was facing away with the palm of hands covering her mouth , her face still in shock, I slowly approached her , afraid and thinking twice on what I must do and tell her. I calm myself and thought I must find away to get thru the situation, tell her lies probably I thought. I placed my hands on her shoulders , she did not react so I thought it’s okay to say something then. I told her how difficult it was for me being alone and all other lies I can think off. I manage to get some tears in my eyes to make it more real as I told her excuses, then I felt her hand touching mine on her shoulders as she turn-around to face me . I felt a little relief when I saw her face smiling as she says “It’s okay, I understand , I know how difficult it is and how you felt.” But I was shocked more on the next lines she told me “ The thing that you’re doing , I want to learn , can you teach me?” Shocked I wasn’t able to respond , I have all eyes on her , she was calm and still holding my hand as she smiled. Then I heard a man’s voice from behind , it’s the cabbie Tony “ Er , I think I need to go now , no need to pay for the fare, it’s ok “ Tony said. I turned to him and said “ I think it’s gonna be your lucky day today “ . Confused , Tony scratches his head as I introduced Diane to him,

Next thing we found ourselves back in my room , Diane still in her school uniform kneeling in front of Tony sucking his cock while I also kneel beside watching. “ You little whore , suck ! deeper ! “ I heard Tony said as I watch his face expressions loving every moment. He manage to get all his pants and underwear off and had me by the hair and pulled me in while Diane had his cock in her mouth. “ Suck at my balls bitch “ he instructed me. And so I did join em , as mine and Diane’s mouth engulfed Tony’s cock and balls , Tony was so thrilled as he watched his cock and balls disappeared inside our mouths” Uhhh, I can’t believe this is happening , you bitches are heaven sent ! “. He told us to swapped locations and so I was back sucking on Tony’s cock at times while Diane licked and sucked his balls. I find some time looking at Diane , she’s so horny and aggressive and it excites me more, then I touch her her cheeks she responded by turning her face on mine and we kissed while holding and taking turns to stroke Tony’s cock and squeezing his balls.

The three of us got into the bed and Tony licks Diane’s pussy while sucked on her nipples, Tony pulled me into him and guided me to suck his cock , which then Diane found a position between my legs and I felt her tongue licking my pussy. Tony would then pull-out his cock out of my mouth , kneel on the side of Diane’s head and had her suck his cock. I would go behind Tony spread and licked his ass. “Ooh shit! , that’s it baby ,yeah !” he moaned loudly . He was to mount Diane when I halt him for a while, I turned to Diane and asked if she was still a virgin , she replied in disagreement and just giggle and pulled Tony closer to mount her, Tony fucked her spread-eagle, both moaned. “ So tight , ahhh , “ I watch and heard Tony as he fucks Diane, after 2 minutes or so of that pumping action Tony turned to me and fuck me doggy-style as Diane knelt and sucked Tony’s nipples. At times he would stop , pull-out his cock from my pussy and shoved it into Diane’s mouth , he would do that vice-versa on both Diane and me. He then laid on his back , had me mount his cock and direct Diane to sit on his face , I humped him wildly as Diane and I kissed , he would then asked Diane to mount him as I take her place. After almost an hour of hot action , we found ourselves ( Diane and I ) sharing Tony’s cock on our mouths as he lays flat on his back on the bed , stroking and licking that shaft , deepthroating his cock and sucking his balls , then we felt and heard Tony couldn’t take it anymore , we positioned our tongues on prick’s tip as we both help stroking. Tony gave a deep and long moan , hot come came streaming out as we tried to catch it with our tongue and mouths . I put it in my mouth and sucked as I don’t want to waste any precious come as Diane watches. “ Uhhhh, had some for her , put your little mouth in there ! “ I pulled it out from my mouth with some dripping off my chin , Diane took her turn and manage to sucked what is left and we felt Tony’s body quiver as Diane held her mouth grip more tightly . We giggled and played with the semen in our tongues kissing , the sight made Tony’s cock grow again and he fucked us for another 3 hours and manage to get-off two more.

Tony left that night bade us goodbye and told us he would be back very soon in the coming days and asked for Diane’s school address. That night Diane slept in my room , we embrace each other as we slept , and I felt confident that my secret would be safe , I looked into Diane’s sleeping face, gave her a kiss and smiled….

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2013-06-27 13:56:34
Someone comments here that the author is "going to hell". Well that commenter, by his judgment is in hell already. Hell depends on attitude and his attitude sucks. We are free to make earth into heaven or heaven into hell, and this author is pursuing the former.


2008-02-12 09:03:50
Not good


2007-02-16 04:10:33
The only one goimg to ell is the zelot, who jacks off with a bible in one hand jerking with the other. WHO are you to judge, you don't jave to come in here and throw your southern baptist crap at peoplre enjoying themselves, You probley get off holding a bag of dog shit in the other.


2006-05-06 16:28:07
"""Good story and should be made into a series where the aunt uses the neice to bring home lovers for her 'the younger the better and they go to malls and stores hunting for young females 'for the neice to seduce into threeways and they look at young boys crotches to see if they are hung and the aunt has an idea of letting the neice have a sleep-over ' where the girls play spin-the bottle and the loser has to go into the aunt's room ' where she pretends to be asleep and the neice tells the young girl you have to go into my aunt's bedroom where she's sleeping and play with her huge tits while the rest of us girls watch"""
Write your own story, bitch


2006-05-04 01:51:15
great action i love it, if u want some just call 09063434697

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