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She shouldn never open the door for matter how horny she is
You are relaxing today nothing bout your tank and pj pants on. You remember the new white ankle socks you bought with baby pink toes and heels. You run and get them and put them on wiggling your toes feeling the puffy new cotton on your feet. You stroll around the house doing lose odds and ends breaking in your new socks.
About 10 you decide it is Stacia time. The apartment is clean and you are very tired. You turn on the computer and go to your favorite private time site. It’s bookmarked and easy for you to get to. Today’s top daily category is BDSM not something you’ve been into in the pass, but today you want to look. You click the header “sweet blonde tied up”. The images load and you look at the hottest blonde you’ve seen in forever. She is hog tied lying on her stomach. A man and woman take turns spanking her defenseless ass until is red and sore. The still images don’t do it for you. You want and need more this form of erotica is intriguing you.
You find the short video clips section. The first clip you watch is a girl laid across an older man’s lap getting spanked. She calls the older man “Daddy” as her little bare feet kick and struggle. You don’t really like it so you click the next clip. The next video is 2 girls, so far much better. The blonde is naked on her knees at the feet of the red head. The red head pushes her feet to the blonde’s mouth and she sucks her toes. You watch so hot and wet watching a blonde submit. The clip ends with the girl dragging her tongue between each toe. You hand has casually started to play with your hunni pot. You are just teasing your clit as the next show loads. The blonde is now across the lap of the red head being whipped hard. The blonde kicks and fights but can’t or won’t get away. She trashes her legs and body in pain. The red head gets angry so she brings the leather strap across her pussy from behind hard as possible. It sends the submissive girl into a full body spasm. She kicks and yelps like a wounded dog. The camera zooms on the girl’s lips sore you can see the holes of where the strap wasn’t running over her pussy lips. You are dripping wet watching but not horny. You decide to give it up and let alone. You close the boxes and clean yourself up just wiping yourself with baby wipes and washing your hands wasting all that sweet hunni. You feel all worked up but not wanting to cum. You patter around the house wondering what to do bored you check the mail
As you walk down the steps you notice how deathly silent it is at this time of day. Getting to the lobby you see no one there but me standing in the hallway. You don’t find it odd there are always people in the hallway other tenants or their guest.
Waving I say, “Hi”
You pause almost shocked this is very unusual but you want to be nice smiling back and saying, “Hi”.
As your walk to your mail box you get that feeling of being watched. You look over your left shoulder but find me reading the news board. You turn back around thinking that you are just paranoid. Open your mailbox and grabbing the letters and you walk back upstairs looking down when you get to the 3rd floor looking down still seeing me with my back turned like you were never there.
Opening your door you put the mail on the coffee table and take your seat back at the computer. You watch in aw as the blonde gets tied to a four post bed naked. Her arms together above her head but legs pried open. The blonde bucks her hips wildly like an animal as the red head fights with her feet to bind them. The blonde is bound to the bed as the video stops. You click the next one in a hurry to see what is going to happen next.
The red head comes back with a huge foot and a half long double head dildo that is flexible. The blonde’s eyes go wide as she sees the pink phallic object. She struggles with her ropes. The red head smirks at her helpless victim relishing lubing the head up while she is being watched it terror.
The blond screams “NOOOOOOO” as the red head rams the thick head in her asshole.
“OWWWW STOP,” the blonde weeps as she feels violated.
The red head seems to enjoy the pain as she rams the fake dick in the vulnerable blonde. Moaning the blonde goes “O GOD NOOOOOO”.
That is where the video cuts off leaving you hung out to dry…so to speak since you are sopping wet through your pj pants. There is a knock at the door and you are hornier then you have ever been in your life. You don’t want to go embarrassed by the hunni coating on the crotch of your pants. You look at the peep hole; it’s me the man from downstairs. You look at the door funny wondering what the fuck I am doing here. You open the door stepping to the side using the door as a shield.
Poking your head out you ask, “Can I help you?”
“Yes,” I say, “Can I borrow your phone?”
Looking me over odd. Six foot four clean shaven and decent clothing you feel no threat other then the fact of your pussy dripping like a water fall. You roll your eyes slightly trying to be a good soul you let me in despite your best judgment. You open the door wide and say “Come in, just make it quick.”
I make one large step inside looking around. “Nice place…I didn’t catch your name?”
“Stacia…most call me Stac,” you try to be polite but want to get back to what you were doing before.
“Hi Stacia I’m Matt,” I answer looking to you to point out the phone.
You find it odd I choose to call you Stacia but you just want me out of your apartment and life. You snap out your arm to the kitchen where the phone is resting. I take a long step over to it picking it up and dialing. You watch for a moment as I talk before going to your room to make sure your excitement isn’t noticed. You see me smelling you can tell I know as I talk. You run back in the bedroom.
You don’t hear it see it nothing only a few feet from the door but you are immobilized. I’m on you hand wrapping your throat you struggle but to no help. You kick and fight but you are too weak. I’ve over powered you and choking you as I force your chest to the wall hard pinning you up there.
Your muffled screams you try and yell but my choking you stops that. “You are just a fucking horny slut,” I say in your ear.
You shake your head no. I pull your hair and drag you down on the floor you claw at me but I grab your wrists and throat. You are throwing your hips up as I straddle you trying to throw me off you. Your eyes are wide and staring you are feeling so violated and nothing has happened. I stare down in you saying, “Don’t lie Stacia I can smell your wetness from the moment I walked in the door. You are a slut. You are just hot horny fucking little slut.”
“I’m not a slut Matt,” you whimper in that innocent and helpless small girl voice.
I tear your tank top off. You cringe as your big tits are freed. I yank a nipple causing you to snap your head back and moan involuntarily. You try and move your arms but I grip them tight. “Noooooooo,” is all you can say as I drag you by the hair to the bedroom.
Kicking your feet I toss you on the bed rough, you try and get away, but again foiled as I grab your hair and smack your ass hard turning it red even through your pants. You keep squirming so I grab your feet noticing your socks, “What are you 12?” I ask.
You shake your head more giving in you start to cry a low soft whimper. You want this to be over and not be hurt you give up your fight. I take off your pants you don’t help me but you don’t fight it or try to get away. “O shit you are bald as a baby down there…sure you are not like 10?”
Biting your bottom lip you feel used a degraded. I grope your little pussy making you squirm not wanting my touch. I don’t care you shove a finger in you. You wince like you are in pain. “STTTTTTOP PLEASE,” you make it know you don’t like but don’t resist.
I take out my finger showing you the hunni that coats it. You slam your eyes shut ashamed that you can’t control yourself you can’t make not make hunni for this unknown man. You think maybe you are a slut. You think about me and how you did think that I was cute when I came to the door maybe that you wanted this when you came down stairs or even watched the videos. You think you are not stuggling, maybe you are in shock of these events, or wanting to not anger me, maybe you want this to happen. You hear my zipper being undone you peek. You see it my raw cock heading towards your pussy head on you slam your thighs shut as a last ditch effort. I grab your ankles above the socks and throw them open pounding my cock deep in you. The tears pour out as you feel the first cock take you unwilling.
I hold your hips and you grab the rungs in the headboard trying not to enjoy the rough fucking I give you. Filling your pussy with my thick hard manhood just wanting to pound you with all I have. You eyes stay shut tight not wanting the tears to come. “OWWWW STOP GOD NOOOO,” you moan and beg repeatedly.
“Shut up you fucking cum slut and take it,” I answer each time.
My hips pounding as you squirm but I hold you tight working your pussy throbbing on your walls. You grunt and groan wanting it to end so bad. You feel my thick cock being slammed in you with no mercy like you really are a slut. You still are making hunni like crazy your body won’t stop. You feel it something you thought would be impossible in this situation. You can tell by your stomach you are going to cum. You fight to bottle it up clawing the sheets with your hands and feet. I don’t stop I just keeping fucking your tight hole. You whine, “Maaaaaaatt”.
“You do like it you slut,” I say with a chuckle.
You bite you lip down hard it almost bleeds. You jerk digging your nails in the bedding. You give it a last ditch effort as you explode in an orgasm. You don’t know what to do you are cumming during your own rape. “OOOOOOGOD MATT,” you scream it like a little girl having her first. I cum in your bare raw pussy with no warning you feel the thick globs of seed stick inside you. You are still whimpering as you feel each wad of man seed put inside of you raw fertile pussy. It hurts you’ve been fucked and hated it your lips are sore and your insides are raw and traumatized. I pull out letting you take this all in looking at my cum flood from your pussy with your hunni. I zip up my pants and leave you curled in a ball sobbing and dripping wet. You are too raw to get clothes on. Before I close the bedroom door you hear, “Bye Slut.”


2013-09-28 13:04:02
Just the right age to have fun with only wish he took time to do more to her.


2013-09-28 13:04:00
Just the right age to have fun with only wish he took time to do more to her.


2009-04-18 04:25:22
11, 12, 13 ... seems that is the age most writers like their girls. Again, the English grammar critque. Jeez you people.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-22 20:30:26
OMG I loved it!!!! I agree with some of the spelling things but I didn't find it too confusing and it was a great story!!! You should write more!


2008-02-13 19:03:39
I loved it it made my pussy soaking wet we should do that sometime. 10/10

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