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How I busted my hymen, and naother makeout story
I wanted to have sex, but not just with some random guy off the street. A few guys managed to get so far as kinda rubbing my pussy a little and play a little tonsil hockey. I wanted more, but I also didn’t want to be branded a slut for just having sex with a guy. My first two boyfriends were ugly, and we didn’t go any farther then making out on the couch. It was actually their friend who was the first to rub my pussy (what a mistake that was).

I busted my hymen with my mother’s vibrator long before I had had sex with a guy. It was one afternoon when I came home from school. It was a cloudy day outside. Mom was gone, so I went into her room to use her toys. Well I convinced myself to shove one of her vibes deep inside my pussy. I remember grabbing a magazine and flipping it open to these pictures of these two women sucking on a big dick. I turned on the vibrator and began to play.

Then I saw a picture where the guy was spearing the one chick with his massive cock. He looked like he was ripping her apart. I wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a cok inside me. I took my mom’s vibrator and tried to stick it in my pussy.

It hurt so bad at first… but I made myself shove it in. In and out. I bled just a tiny amount. I kept this up for quite some time and gradually the pain decreased a little. I decided I had enough of that though and proceeded to using the vibrator on my clit before I came in a shuddering orgasm. This was prolly the first time I actually ever remember cumming, but it was only a very small amount.

All of a sudden, I heard thunder and got scared. I put all the stuff away and went and looked outside. Some nasty looking storm clouds had moved into the area. I was freaked out, so I ran over to my Grandma’s house. Thankfully she was home.

Looking back, I recall the pain mixed with pleasure so well. I wanted then to find out what the real thing felt like.

I broke up with my second boyfriend just before summer. It was the night after my friend’s grad party. I was mad at my boyfriend because we hardly saw each other, and so I got really drunk. Next thing I remember, I’m trying to kiss my one hot friend. Then it kinda goes blank.

I woke up in the morning and cried about what had happened. Then I called my boyfriend up, told him what happened and we broke up over the phone. Pity it had to end that way, as I guess I scarred the guy’s heart. However, it was for the best we both moved on.

I moved on quickly, as the night that me and my ex broke up I already was scoping out other guys. I was only 17, what do you expect. That guy and I had only been dating a month so it wasn’t a big deal.

Anyways that weekend was a 3 day bender. I developed a crush on this one hot older guy who was in his late 20’s. Of course, he thought not much more of me then a hot but really young chick.

I was disappointed, until my parents said we were going camping again. Yes! And better yet, we were going back to the same place where I had my first kiss at. I was excited!

There were few guys my age there the first few days. This one guy took a real shine to me, but ugh… I have standards. I did talk to him still, as he was a ncie guy and I didn’t wanna hurt his feelings.

Then the weekend hits. And I’m left thinking, where were you guys when I was boed earlier in the week. Tons of hot guys were around. Some older, some a bit younger.

I remember how these hot older guys were hitting on me. I was lying on the beach. They were in the lake, swimming, and they told me to come in. I did, and the one guy swam up to me and started talking. I got cold so I got out to sit on a bench with a towel draped around me. The guy followed me and we kept on chatting. He was 23 and was so hot. He invited me to his campsite that nite.

Awhile later, I was riding my bike and these guys who actually lived at the lake said hi to me. I stopped to talk for a few minutes but then realized I had to go back to the campsite.

After supper that day (we ate really early for some reason) I went back down to the beach on my bike. Some people my age were playing on the beach and swimming in the lake. They invited me to join them, so I quickly went back to ym campsite to change.

By the time I got back, most of the people got out of the lake. The one guy saw me though, and volunteered to swim with me. His friend also remained in the lake. I thought his friend was hot, but I ended up talking to the one guy more. His name was Travis. Anyways we all went our separate ways for awhile.

I was riding my bike around (It was about 10 pm), when some guys who I couldn’t see too well said hi. Turns out it was Travis and two of his friends. Funny thing was, I remember his one friend’s name, but not his. He was kinda sad about that but I cheered him up by walking beside him (I was walking my bike). He invited me to their campsite, which was just down the road from mine. I agreed to come, but told him I had to drop off my bike first. He came with me to my campsite and I told my parents what I was doing. They just warned me to be careful and to not be out too late.

Well Travis and I started talking about ourselves as we walked down the road. He was 19, first year Pre Med at the University in the city. Mmm he was yummy looking, and smart too.

We got to his campsite, where everyone was drinking. He offered me a beer but I declined (you don’t take booze from someone you don’t know… who knows what could be in there). He got himself one and then he drank a bit and asked me if I wanted a sip. I took a few swigs of it (Bud) and then he finished it off. Then he walked me to this dark corner of their campsite. He leaned over and started kissing me…

He pushed me up against his friend’s car and really started to kiss me hard. Then he pulled down my tube top so he could grab onto my nice tits. His friend kinda saw us and was about to saw something, then he realized what we were doing so he left us alone.

The craziest thing was were were within viewing distance of the road. If my parents or brother went to the bathroom, they would have to walk by the site, likely spotting me with this guy.

We kept making out on his friend’s car until his friends started to wonder what was happening. I realized I had to go back to my site, and was sad because I knew we were leaving the next day.

Well I never saw that guy again.

My next story is where I get into the good stuff... like my first time. I got so many stories, and so little time that it may take me awhile to get it posted. Anywyas, Any comments on my story would be greatly appreciated


2007-04-07 20:39:50
Stiner/crissy -- you can make this story a lot better by telling us about the boys that got to rub your pussy ... how did that happen? did you enjoy that? did you moan or make any sound? and the guy that made out with you against the car: did he get his hands inside your panties? remember, we're interested in your real sensations, real emotions, because they make your real experiences come alive for us. i agree with this i want the real shit that turns me on. yes your stories are good cause they are real and believable but i want to her bout some guy fucking you up the ass and how you loved it and moaned and groaned until you came. your stories are great though


2006-07-06 18:42:36
i think it is a good searies, make the stories longer, in stead of haivng the four stories make it two, i want more of them


2006-02-27 10:05:05
Stiner/Crissy -- You can make this story a lot better by telling us about the boys that got to rub your pussy ... How did that happen? Did you enjoy that? Did you moan or make any sound? And the guy that made out with you against the car: did he get his hands inside your panties? Remember, we're interested in your real sensations, real emotions, because they make your real experiences come alive for us.

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