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Sorry for the long wait I ran out of ideas, Mor will cum shortly

When I was growing up, my sister and I didn't
really get along.

We did the usual things when we were younger.
Nothing unusual, just experimentation and trying
the things that we saw in some of my dad's old
porno magazines. As unbelievable as it may seem,
we were just experimenting, and didn't really know
what sex was all about.

We also had an "arrangement", if you could call it

It was a Saturday afternoon and Mom had chased us
upstairs since we couldn't seem to either keep it
quiet or stay out from under her feet, adding on
that she better not hear us fighting. We'd had
some really rough arguments since my sister had
made about 7. But lately, that hadn't been much of
a problem, except when I wanted something from her
and she didn't want to give it. But we usually
worked something out.


Anyway, we had been in her room playing some board
game or other for about an hour, when Mom shouted
upstairs for us to clean up our rooms before we
went out to dinner. Being the horny almost
teenager that I was, I got an idea.

"Hey sis, I'll clean up your room if you'll let me
touch your chest and slide it in between your
legs," I suggested with an evil grin.

"No, cuz last time you didn't make my bed, and I
got in trouble! It's not like I can TELL on you
for that, either... We'd both get in a LOT of
trouble for what we were doing that messed up the
bed, especially after you left ME to clean up all
that sticky stuff that came out of your thingy!"
she added with a sigh that sounded almost like
regret. That incident was something that I had
thought of, but had been quiet about so far. That
whole thing about "abuse" that they had been
preaching at our schools made it so where two kids
couldn't experiment with each other and not feel
like they were going to end up in some kind of
institution for the insane. I didn't want to sound
like some kind of a monster that had one of those
"dirty little secrets". We both knew that adults
shouldn't do those things to us, but was it wrong
to do those things to each other? We didn't know,
but it didn't really felt like it...

"I know, and I'm sorry. But don't you like it when
we touch each other? Doesn't it feel good?" I
asked, really anxious to know if she felt the same
way about me that I was starting to feel about

"Well, I know if I want to get you to do
something, I know how to do it!" she snickered.

"You think so, huh? Well, just for that comment,
I'm not going to clean anything for you! I don't
Care what you'll let me do to you." obviously, I
Was ticked off and had no clue what I was saying.
She had me pegged, and I guess I didn't want to
Think about that. I'd do anything for my little
Sister and she KNEW it. Keep in mind, we're
Talking about a 9 year old at this point, and I
Was nearly 14. Even at that age, my sister had a
mind with an edge that was sharper than any blade
I've yet to come across, and I had no idea yet,
but I was falling in love with her. At 9, she was
starting to blossom as well, and seeing this
REALLY got me going.

"Wait, I don't want us to fight," she said with a
thoughtful look. "You're my big brother and I love
you. Look, we both need to clean up our rooms
before Mom freaks. What if we just clean up our
rooms and play later tonight when we get back,
after all, Mom and Dad are going to let us stay
up. It's the weekend!" she said with a big smile
that could melt the hardest of hearts.

I didn't think of that, and which wasn't all that
surprising since I wasn't thinking with the right
head. All I knew was that I wanted to get off, and
she had what I needed. Yeah, I was the king of
sensitivity and romance, I know.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I guess I'll go," I
started to walk out, but she stopped me with a big
hug and an "I knew you'd understand!" which really
confused me, because the last time I thought about
it, I was figuring that she didn't want to do
anything me. The truth was, she did, but being the
wiser of us, she knew how we could still be
together AND still get our rooms cleaned up.

Dinner went without incident, as Dad was really
tired from working, we went straight home instead
of stopping for coffee like we usually did after
going out to eat. Once we got in the house, Mom
pulled the two of us aside.

"Now you kids are welcome to stay up and watch TV,
but I want the volume LOW, and I don't want to
hear any arguing once I go upstairs. Your father
is really tired, and there's a lot going on at
work for him that's on his mind."

I didn't have a problem with that mostly because I
was tired too from eating too much. I couldn't
help it. I LOVED the Chinese place that we went to
that night, and I always overdid it when we ate

"Sure, Mom," my sister responded in her oh-so-sexy
angel voice. "We'll keep it down. There's only one
or two shows that we want to watch, then I think
we're heading to bed, too."

At that instant, I was wide awake. I couldn't
believe my ears!. She had actually hinted at the
fact that we would be sleeping in the same bed
together! Mom didn't seem to notice or care.
Whatever. I knew what I wanted, and I was starting
to formulate a game plan. I had no clue at all
that it wasn't going to happen according to my

After our good night kisses to Mom, we both sat
down to watch TV. I sat in the recliner and my
sister sat over on the couch.

"I think I'm going to go up and change," she said
as she stood up stretched.

"You're not pooping out on me, are you, sis?" I
asked wondering if she was just going to go to

"No, I know you'd just crawl into bed with me
later if I did that," she said. And she was right!
I knew it, and she knew it. "But don't worry,
we'll still do our thing when I get back," she
added with a wink.

Man, was I turned on at that point. I went into
the kitchen and got two bottles of water for us.
It always seemed to get really hot when we got
together and did this, so I figured I'd save us a
trip to the fridge later on.

About that time I heard a voice say,"What are you
doing?" and I almost jumped out of my skin. My mom
had come downstairs for something to drink.

"Just getting some waters for me and sis. I
thought you went to bed," I said, trying not to
sound like I was busted in the middle of thinking
about nailing my baby sister.

"Okay, well I think she went upstairs. Are you two
going to be up much longer?" Mom asked, sounding

"No, I don't think so," I replied, finally getting
the nerve to shut the door to the fridge and look
at my Mom in the face.

At this point, my sister walked around the corner,
wearing only a long t-shirt, into the kitchen and
saw Mom and I talking.

"Hi, mom. Weren't you going to bed?" she asked in
her innocent little voice.

"Jeez, why are you kids trying so hard to get rid
of me?" Mom asked sarcasticly. "Stop worrying! I'm
going back to bed as soon as I drink my water! I
won't interfere with your 'no old people' party
much longer!"

Both me and my sister laughed our butts off at
Mom. She was the one in charge of the house, no
doubt, but she could really be funny when she
wanted to.

As the laughter faded, Mom walked back out of the
kitchen and upstairs. As I started back to the
recliner with my water, I heard Mom and Dad's
bedroom door shut, followed by the typical creak
of someone getting into bed. I sat down, and my
sister followed me back into the den.

"So," she said, looking at me matter of factly.

"What?" I asked, genuinely confused, yet somehow
turning red.

"What are we going to do now? I think Mom's
asleep. Did you want to still do something
together or are you too tired?" she asked. This
was one of the the few times when I could see her
age, because any woman knows that for a young male
teenager to be too tired for sex is like hell
freezing over.

"I'm a little tired, but I'm not dead to the world
or anything, sis. Why don't we go out back to the
fort and look at some of the magazines? I just got
some new ones from Jeff the other day, and I
haven't looked at them yet. I guess that's
something we could do."

"Isn't it a little cool to go outside tonight? I
was almost cold coming in from the restaurant
tonight," she said looking at me pleadingly.

"I still have that little catalytic heater out
there from when Jeff and Mike spent the night last
week. Remember Mom made us take it out there so we
wouldn't freeze?" I reminded her.

"Oh yeah. Well, I guess we can do that. Can I
bring my CD player?" she asked.

"Okay, but no Debbie Gibson. Find anything else,
and I don't care," I told her, dreading that CD
being played AGAIN. She looked a little defeated,
but soon had another idea to compromise with me.

"Well, can I bring the CD and just maybe play a
couple of songs? I promise I won't play too many,"
she asked again in that little angelic voice that
made me willing to do almost anything for her.

"Oh what the hell. Bring the damn CD, but it will
cost you. I get to choose what I want to do, and
you get to play a song, okay?" I offered to her.

"Okay, I'll go get my stuff right now!" she said,
bouncing up the stairs.

"SHHHH!!!!!" I hissed at her. "Mom and Dad are
sleeping! Don't wake them up!"

She made a look of surprise then shock as she
remembered, then proceeded to her room with the
silence of a cat stalking its prey. I suppose that
wasn't entirely wrong.

Meanwhile, I made my way out into the yard to the
fort that Dad and I had built a few years back,
thinking that I couldn't believe I was going to
try it with my sister again. The thrill was
intoxicating, but I also felt incredibly guilty.
It felt like I was taking advantage of her
innocence and love for me as a brother to get her
to satisfy my sexual urges. She had never really
objected, but I still felt bad once the hormones
wore off. As I walked towards the fort, I began to
remember the other encounters that my sister and I
had while out here. It always seemed more relaxed
when we got together in the fort. Maybe it was
because we were both more comfortable in
surroundings that we both helped to create, but
more than likely it was the fact that we knew our
parents couldn't sneak up on us because we'd done
this so many times that we knew the sounds to
listen for if someone was coming outside.

I reached the fort and opened the door. It wasn't
too shabby as forts went. On the outside, it was
obviously made of scrap wood, but lately, my
sister and I had been decorating the inside with
some paint we found in the garage, and it was
starting to look kind of cool. It was just tall
enough inside for me to stand up, and since it was
built against the fence, we extended it almost the
entire length of the backyard. I had actually
built a wall or two inside, to make what I called
"meeting rooms" where my friends and I could
conspire together. Mostly though, they were rooms
where we slept when we camped out. I had some old
cushions from a couch we'd thrown out laid down in
the far corner of one room, and a couple of bean
bag chairs that were covered with sheets. I walked
into the room, found the small heater and turned
it on, setting it to high so that it would take
the chill out of the air.

I heard a door close gently and peeked out of one
of the many holes that I had strategically placed
(yeah right, accidentally poked would be a better
deion) along the corner wall and saw my
sister in her t-shirt and bare feet tiptoeing
through the grass heading to the door of the fort.

"Hey, can you let me in? I can never figure out
how to open this stupid door." My sister was
having her usual dilemma (no, the other one) about
how to get the door open. It's really not all that
complicated, but she had small hands, and couldn't
really work the latch just right.

"Sure, sis," I answered her. I worked my way back
to the other end of the fort, opening the door to
let her in. True to her word, she had brought that
damn CD I was hoping that she'd forget, along with
the radio. Also she had brought us another couple
of waters, smiling when I saw them.

"I figured we'd need these later." she remarked
with a stifled smile.

"Did you want to listen to the radio first or do I
get to listen to Debbie?" she asked hopefully.
Feeling generous, I told her she could pick out
and play two songs if she came over and sat on my

"Fine, I'm cold anyway," she responded, as she
turned on the CD then came over and plopped down
into my lap. With her in my lap in the bean bag
chair I got the shock of my life. I slid my hand
along her calf up to her knee, and then up the
inside of her thigh about halfway before moving my
hand back down to her knee and then up the outside
of her thigh to her butt. As my hand slid along
her firm small buttocks, I realized that I didn't
feel a panty line! I moved my hand a little more
to the inside, and found myself even more
suprised. My baby sister was wearing a thong!

As my hand moved across the thong, she looked up
into my eyes and smiled the most beautiful smile I
have ever seen, to this day, and spoke words to me
that made me think I was in a dream state.

"I love you. I think, no I know that tonight I
want to try it like we see them doing it in the
magazines. You told me that the reason people do
this is because they love each other or want to
feel good. Well, I love you. You're my brother,
and I know how good it makes you feel when you
touch me. I want you to feel good and I want to
feel good, too. Can we do it so that I can feel
what those ladies in the magazines feel? Look, I
even wore some of those underwear that they wear
in that small magazine that you like."

Boy was this a turn of events... No more
convincing my sister to let me molest her or have
her do things to me. I was in such a state of
shock that I wasn't sure what to do or say in
response to her. So I told her.

"Wow, sis... I didn't know you felt that way.
There's a lot we don't know about sex... I mean, I
know where it goes and stuff, but I don't really
know much else. I'm afraid I might hurt you. Then
how would we explain that to mom and dad? I don't
know. I love you too. You're my only sister and I
want this, too. Not only that, but what about
pregnancy? I know that I can make a girl pregnant.
Dad told me that if I ever wanted to have sex,
that I should use a condom, and I don't have any.
Hell sis, I don't even know how to put one on!"

"Well, do you know where to get any?" she asked,
ever the optimist.

"I think that the store on the corner sells them.
But are they going to sell them to me? I mean,
it's not like I can say that they're for Dad or
She laughed at this, but I could see she was still
working on the idea in her head.

"Why not just tell them that you are learning how
to use them now so that when you DO have a
girlfriend you'll know how?" See what I mean about
her mind? How many other preteens are going to
think like that? It just blows my mind how smart
she was.

"Well, I can't just... Okay, what the hell? All
they can do is tell me no anyway, right? Okay,
I'll walk to the store and see what happens." I
said, sounding a lot surer of myself than I
actually was.

"Not NOW, silly. Can't we just sit here and be
together until the song is over? I like being
close to you," she said, and looked up into my
eyes with those beautiful brown doe eyes of hers.
Then she looked down, snuggled her head into my
chest, put her arms around my neck and wiggled her
crotch down into my lap.

"You better be careful sis... things like that
little wiggle will make me forget all about going
to the store," I gently whispered in her ear as I
felt that bulge in my lap start to grow harder
with each beat of my incestous heart.

"Maybe that's the idea," she said and looked up at
me with that evil little girl twinkle in her eyes.
"Maybe I want you to get me pregnant with your
baby. Maybe I want to feel your hot sticky sperm
in me. What if that's what I want?"

It took every inch of self control that I ever had
or ever will have to not just tear off both of our
clothing and get on top of her right there. I felt
emotions like I never had before. I felt my heart
pounding like I had just run a marathon. I felt my
cock swell in record time to a size that was
physically painful. And there were so many things
that I felt that I didn't know how I was going to
deal with them all. My head swam and I felt a
little sick.

"Are you ok? What's wrong?" my sister asked, more
than a little concerned. "You're as white as a
ghost! Are you sick?"

"No, I'm ok, sis. You didn't do anything." I
reassured her. That was a total lie. I was FAR
from ok, and it WAS because of her, or rather,
what she had told me. You can't tell a hormonal
teenager that you want him to get you pregnant as
you sit in his lap wearing next to nothing! Not
unless you WANT to get it on right then and there!

"Look, let me get up. I need some air so I'm going
to run to the store real quick and get the
condoms, is there anything else you want while I'm
there?" I asked her.

"Ummm... bring me some Spree's." she replied. Talk
about a spring back to reality. She was a child
again, at least for a few moments, until she
realized that I was staring at her crotch through
her t-shirt. Then she grinned at me again.

"Hurry back. I'll be here looking at that
magazine. Where's the new ones you said you got?"

I handed the new ones to her, realizing in the
process that these were different from the last
ones that I had. These were showing LOTS more than
the kind of thing I was used to seeing from my
Dad's collection. Oh well. Better not to look too
hard until I got back.

While walking down the block, I ran down the list
of reason to feel guilty about wanting, not
thinking about, not just a passing thought, but
straight up DESIRING to impregnate my baby sister.
Is it really ok to feel this way? Sure, I love
her. That's never been in question. Sure, I want
to have sex with her, but that's not an uncommon
feeling when looking at someone you find
attractive, is it? It is when she's your baby
sister! Well, if it's so wrong, why does it feel
so right when she's sitting in my lap looking up
at me with those baby brown eyes? Why does it feel
so right when we're naked together? Why is it that
when we DO sleep together in the same bed we
always wake up intertwined and smiling at each
other? We hadn't been fighting so much in the 4 or
so months that we had been experimenting, and I'm
sure that had something to do with it. When I was
with her, she ALWAYS reciprocated. She'd squeeze
me tighter when I'd move closer to her. She'd kiss
me back, with every bit of the passion, vitality
and apparent arousal that I had.

Well, I hadn't come to any answers except that all
these feelings were there and I'd have to deal
with them later when I reached the store. Much to
my surprise, it went off without a hitch. I
suppose I looked a little older than the almost 14
that I was, because the guy behind the counter
didn't say anything except to ask what brand I
wanted. I told him I didn't know, and just wanted
something that would do the job and not be in the
way to much. He picked out a small box, rang up
the condoms and the Spree's, and I paid him. I
don't remember a whole lot about the walk back
home, just that it seemed to go much faster than
the walk there. Before I knew it I was back home,
and trying to open the gate to the yard quietly. I
walked over the fort, opened the door, closed it
behind me, and locked it as best I could, figuring
that we were going to be there for a while.
Walking through the fort to the corner room seemed
to be difficult, as I kept tripping.

My sister's voice came drifting through the flimsy
door, "Is that you? What are you doing in there?
Are you okay?"

"I'm okay, sis. Just being a klutz." I answered
her while pulling open the panel to the corner

"Ok, just checking. It sounded like you tripped on
your way in."

"Nah, I'm okay."

"I've been looking through these new magazines
that you got and I want to know if you think that
if we do the same things that they are, will it
work? I see in the pics that this guy's thingy is
big, but this lady seems to like it. Do you think
I'll like it more since my cunny is a lot smaller
than your thingy?" she asked.

"I don't know, sis. Let me see that." I looked at
the magazine, and these were not just the naked
ladies I had been jerking off to while goofing
around with Dad's magazines. This particular
magazine was extremely hardcore. I knew EXACTLY
where my cock was supposed to fit after looking at
the pictures, and that it WAS supposed to go all
the way in her, settling a disagreement that I had
with a few friends.

"Wow... this is a lot different than the others I
have. I guess we can try a few of these, but I
think we should go really slow just to make sure
that no one gets hurt." I was genuinely shocked
that my sister was looking at this magazine and
not finding it gross or anything.

"Okay, I trust you. Come on and lay down," she
invited me over as she moved over to the couch
cushions. She began to take off her t-shirt and I
undid the button on my jeans. I kicked off my
shoes, slid out of my pants, and as I stood up to
take off my shirt, I damn near had an orgasm right
there. My sister had completely taken off her
shirt and was laying on her side with one knee up
and the other on its side, so that I had a clear
shot of her flowering virginity, obscured only by
the burgundy thong that she was wearing. Her
breasts were small, but puffy little mounds
sitting up begging for attention, and since it was
still a little cold, her tiny little nipples were
hard. Seeing all this made me stop and catch my
breath. She noticed me stopping, and got up to
walk over to me.

She walked right up to me, pushed herself against
me, and asked me, "Do you want to make love with
me, big brother? Because that's what I want. I
want to feel you inside me, like those ladies feel
the guys pushed way up inside them... I want that,
can you give it to me?"

At that moment, the world could have stopped and
everything exploded and I STILL would have been
the happiest guy in the world. Nothing could ever
make me feel better than knowing that my little
sister was that much in love with me, and wanted
to do those things with me. I looked down into her
eyes, curled my arms around her small waist and
pulled her to me. She squinched up even closer
against me and our lips met. Our kissing was slow,
intense and time just seemed to stop. Our tongues
met and caressed each other. She slid her hands
down to my hips and pulled me against her crotch.
My rock hard cock, restrained only by the boxers
that I was just barely still wearing, was begging
for attention. Seeming to read my mind, she pulled
away, smiled, and walked with me, hand in hand
over to the cushions.

"Lay down. I want to show you what I've seen the
women doing to the men in that magazine," she
purred in my ear as we moved into a reclining
position. I have to admit, not having looked at
the magazine all the way through made me just a
little nervous, but something made me just give in
and see what was going to happen. I lay back, and
just relaxed. My sister came over the top of me,
straddling my lap, and gently sat down. Her hands,
warm and soft despite the slight chill in the air,
slid up my chest under my shirt to my shoulders,
where she took of my shirt. Throwing it over to
the side on top of hers, she lay down, putting her
head on my chest.

"I love you, big brother. While you were gone, I
was thinking. I want this more than anything. I
want you to do whatever you want to me. If it
hurts, I'll tell you, and we can try something
else. But I want you to try everything you've ever
wanted to do with a woman. I want to be the woman
of your dreams."

"I could never love another woman like I love you,
my baby sister. You ARE the woman of my dreams,
and I'll make you queen of my universe." I
murmured into her hair.

She then kissed me softly on the lips, with me
caressing her angelic face, and then she started
to kiss my nipples. I could feel every inch of her
against me, and it was pure heaven. She was
running her tongue in small circles around my
nipples and that was REALLY getting me going. I
reached down and slid my hand into her thong. I
felt her soft pubic hair against my fingertips and
her tiny lips, which were soaking with desire for
her big brother. I slid my middle finger down in
between her lips and across her tiny erect
clitoris. I didn't know it at the time, but I
think that's when she really gave in to me
completely. She moaned softly when I finally
touched it, and said,"Ohhhhhhhhh....." while
grinding her hips against me to give me more
access to her little love button. I started to
circle her clit with the tip of my finger and she
started to really get worked up. There was a
slight sheen of perspiration on her forehead, and
she was moving her hips back and forth against my
hand while her breathing got more and more ragged.
"Mmmmmm.... that feels soooooooooo good, big
brother. Don't stop...mmmm."

All of a sudden, her hips bucked several times,
she grabbed my shoulders forcefully, and moaned
loudly. "Wow.... what was that?" she asked while
trying to catch her breath.

"I think you came, baby." I said to her while
stroking her face with one hand and her little
breast with the other. "Was it good?"

"I've never felt anything like that before. Does
that happen all the time?"

"Well, from what I've read and seen, if you're
lucky it does!" I said with a grin.

"Oh, if this happens every time, I don't think
I'll ever want to with my cunny some
more, okay, big brother? I want to feel that
again." she pleaded with me while grinding her
sloppy wet crotch against me. She planted a hard
kiss right on my lips and proceeded to nibble on
my neck and ear, as I slid my hand back into her
underwear. I reached her clit again, but this time
moved past it down into the depths of her flower,
and slid my index finger inside her pussy. It was
sooooo tight and I felt her hymen inside, pulling
back slightly, still not sure if I REALLY wanted
to take my sister's virginity. As I was sliding my
finger in and out of my sisters tight sex, I
realized that this was the farthest I had ever
been with a girl. And it was with my sister. The
more I thought about that, the more right it
seemed. Finally, in a state I had never seen her
before, my sister stood up, took off her thong and
lay down on her back.

"Remember when I said that I wanted you to do
whatever you wanted? I mean that, big brother. Do
anything you want to me." she cooed as I was lying
down next to her. I kissed her again. God, kissing
my sister was more exciting than anything I'd
experienced before. It sent shivers all up and
down my spine like I don't know what. While we
were kissing, my sister put her hand on my
stomach, sliding her fingers down to my achingly
hard cock. She wrapped her tiny little fingers
around my shaft and asked me,"Am I doing this

"God, yes, sis... " I moaned. I really couldn't
have done it better myself, and I had plenty of
practice thinking about this moment. She was
moving her hand up and down the shaft,
occasionally letting go to scratch the head
lightly with her nails, probably because I jumped
every time she touched it. She really was all
about making me feel good. Feeling obligated to
return the favor, I turned around and pulled her
on top of me, with her hips just below my
shoulders, and her head and shoulders conveniently
close to my cock. I pulled her hips down closer to
me, and she moved like she knew exactly what I was
doing. She maneuvered her body so she could sit
her tiny tight little slit right on my face.
Putting my hands on her hips, I placed her
squarely in my mouth, and she moaned something
that I couldn't understand... until I realized
that she had her mouth right over the head of my

"Should I put you in my mouth like that woman did
in the magazine?" she queried.

"Please, baby. Please put your sweet lips around
my cock." I begged her. She slowly slid the head
against her lips, and with all the grace and
talent of a pro, slid the head of my cock past her
lips into her mouth. It was soooooo intense. I
KNEW she hadn't done this before and it was really
taking every ounce of control not to shoot in her
mouth. I'd always heard that was a really awesome
feeling, but I didn't want to do that to my sister
on her first experience with me. Again, I had no
clue that things were not going to happen
according to my desires.

She sucked on my rod like it was the sweetest
candy she'd ever had. Naturally, she couldn't take
it all in her mouth, but she was damn sure trying.
All the while I had been licking on her clit,
eliciting several moans, squeeks, and squeals. At
one point I made her come again, and she actually
squirted. I did my best to catch it all in my
mouth, sweet as it was. This wasn't very
difficult, considering that she had her pussy
smashed against my mouth when it happened. She
moved down to kneel between my legs and continue
working me, and maybe 3 minutes after that, I told
her,"Sis, I'm going to come. Move!" She didn't. In
fact, she sucked even harder, and begin pumping my
shaft hard and fast. That was all it took. I shot
a HUGE load in her mouth. I saw her throat move as
she swallowed my incestous seed, and quite a bit
more came from the sides of her mouth as I
continued to shoot faster than she could swallow.
My come was running from the sides of my sister's
mouth, down her chin to in between her lovely
young breasts. My body convulsed violently, as
this was the first orgasm I'd had that wasn't self
produced. Even after I emptied my prostate in her
mouth and down her chin, I could still feel the
gland pulsating... I hadn't stopped coming yet!
Oh, the fluid had stopped, but I wasn't done! When
I finally finished spasming in my post orgasmic
glory, I looked up and saw my sister. What a
sight... My come had burst forth from the corners
of her mouth, and what she hadn't licked up was
slowly moving down her chest. Just when I thought
I couldn't handle seeing anymore, she took a
finger, wiped up my come from her chest, and put
it in her mouth.

"Mmmmm... I love the way your sperm tastes, big
brother." she cooed at me. "Can we try something
else now?"

I nodded at her dumbly and waited to see what she
had in mind. She reached over for the magazine,
looked into it and folded over one corner of the
page, marking it for future reference. Then,
without missing a beat, rolled onto her back, and
crooked a finger at me.

"I am REALLY excited and it's all wet down there.
Do you want to put it in me? It's so wet, I think
it'll just slide right in." she remarked. Burning
up with incestous desire and 13 and 1/2 years of
pent up sexual frustration, I lay on top of her,
while she spread her legs. She reached for the
book again, glancing quickly at the page before
wrapping her legs around me. She then reached
down, took hold of my cock again with those tiny
silky fingers, and fitted the head of my come
dribbling cock up to her soaking wet opening. I
could feel the warmth of her pussy right at the
head, and it was almost like she was sucking my
cock into her.

It went in a little ways, but then we both
realized that I was much wider than her hole was.
I don't know how to describe the look on her
face... She was flushed, but continued to urge me
into her pussy. It took about 4 minutes of muffled
grunts, squeals, and "Ooooooooh's" from the two of
us before my cock finally sprang into her pussy,
and my balls came to rest against her rectum. I
could feel her hymen right against the head of my
cock. To distract her, I kissed her eyelids, her
eyebrows and finally her lips. As our tongues
intertwined, I pushed hard and took my sister's
virginity. She cried out and squeezed her eyes
shut, and more than a few tears spilled.

"Do you want me to take it out?" I asked her. She
shook her head violently from side to side,
tightening her legs around me even more, forcing
my cock deeper into her pussy. I gave in to her
desire, and lay my head on the side of her
shoulder, where she placed one hand behind my
head, and the other on my lower back, where I was
thrusting in and out of my sister.

"Is this what you wanted?" she grunted at me
between thrusts. "Because it's what *I* wanted,
big brother. I want to do this with you all the
time... I don't ever want it to be over!"

"Don't worry, my precious baby. I will never turn
you away... I will make love with you as often as
I can, and as much as you want it from me, my baby
sister." I grunted back at her.

Suddenly, a realization hit me like a bucket of
ice water. In all the heat and excitement of the
moment, I hadn't put the condom on! OH SHIT!! I
thought to myself. Do I stop and tell her or do I
keep going and just pull it out of her when I
come? I decided on the former, being that I love
my sister and didn't want to do *anything* to
destroy the relationship and trust that we had

"Baby?" I asked her, stopping for a moment.

"What?" she replied. "Do you want to do something

"No, it's just that I don't have the condom on,
and I wanted to tell you and put one on before we
go any farther."

"NO!!!" she practically yelled at me. "DON'T STOP.
I *WANT* your sperm in my pussy... I want to feel
you squirt inside me like you squirted in my
mouth... I want us to come together and I don't
want *ANYTHING* between us! This is our moment,
and I don't want anything to spoil it!" She was
raving. I had never seen my sister like this. But
then again, I had never been this far sexually

"Are you sure?" I asked her. "You might get
pregnant. Baby, you're almost 10, but that's not
old enough for me to get you pregnant. I just
wouldn't feel right about it, sis."

"Listen. There's no guarantee that I'll get
pregnant. If I do, then fine, I'm pregnant. All I
know is, I want you to come in me. If you don't
want to get me pregnant, I know there's a way
where we can watch my cycles, and avoid it that
way." I'll hand it to her, even in this state, she
was the logical one. "Just come in me this one
time, big brother, and we'll start watching after
this. You can take it out when you come next time
we do it."

I couldn't argue with her. My sister's mind was
made up, and I know from past experiences, there's
no room for compromise when she gets an idea in
her head.

So we continued, with my sister moaning in my ear
how much she loved me and wanted me to get her
pregnant, and me grunting and pushing deep into my
little sister. Suddenly, I felt the orgasm coming
on... it was building deep in me, and I knew that
I was going to shoot a monstrous load. I toyed
with the idea of shooting just a little in her,
but she'd know I pulled out, and would be hurt
that I wouldn't do what she wanted. So I figured,
okay, you want my hot come in your pussy? HERE IT

And then it happened. Wave after glorious wave of
orgasmic energy pulsed through both of our beings,
as I felt her pussy get even tighter and go into
squeezing cramps around my cock as I squirted deep
into my sister. She wrapped her legs around me so
tight, I actually had trouble breathing, but I
wasn't really worried about breathing at that
point anyway.

"MMMFFF.... Oh GOD!" she was screaming. She was
loud and full of passion and incestous love for
her brother, shooting and squirting bucket loads
of big brother come into her welcoming womb. "FUCK
idea where she'd heard all that before, until
later when I realized that she had actually been
READING the stories in the magazines, which up to
that point, I didn't know existed. I was too
worried about the pictures. Go figure.

Finally, spent after having the most
*in-fucking-credible* orgasm I had (to this day,
too), we collapsed into a post coital snuggle, my
come slowly oozing out of her grasping little
hole, we looked into each others' eyes and shared
a moment so intense that words can't describe it.
It was like the world HAD stopped and it was just
her and me. Nothing else mattered. There was no
before, there was no after, just RIGHT NOW. I
gently kissed my sister, and with her responding
in turn, I actually started to get hard again.
That was new. Usually after a good session of
jerking off I needed to sleep. For the moment,
sleep was quite far from both of our minds.

"That was really fun, big brother. Now, let's try
some of the other things I saw in the pictures."
She had ideas that I had no clue about, not having
seen the magazine in its entirety yet. My luscious
baby sister rolled onto her knees, and then leaned
forward onto her elbows. I could see her pussy
lying invitingly right between her thighs, and her
little brown ass hole just peeping out at me.
"Wanna try it like this?" she asked. Not entirely
sure of what I was doing, I asked if I could see
the picture she was talking about. She handed me
the magazine and I made sure I was doing it right.
I scooted up behind her, with the head of my cock
just barely in the folds of her tight little
pussy. She moaned a little, then pushed back
against me. I stayed where I was, watching my cock
disappear up to the hilt into my sister. Her
little ass was firm and soft at the same time, and
I grabbed her by the hips. This seemed to excite
her even more, because she started moaning really

"OhhhhhhhhAaaaaaaaaa..... mmmmmmm, baby. I
loooooooooooove the way this feels. We should do
it like this all the time. I can feel every inch
of you stretching me open, big
brother....Oooooooooo!" There was no stopping at
that point. Once again my baby sister had me so
worked up that all conscious thought had stopped,
and it was all I could do to just keep pounding my
cock into her pussy. Our bodies were making this
luscious slapping sound from where my hips were
smacking against her little ass, and that was what
did it. This orgasm snuck up on me. I didn't feel
any warning this time, only that I was coming
again, and it was just as intense as the first
time I had come in her mouth. I came shot after
incestous shot into her tight little slit, until
she slipped forward and then I shot all over her
back. She moaned as I released rope after rope of
sticky white gold down her back, into her hair,
and all over her beautiful little ass.

This was the first of many many adventures that my
sister and I had together, after crossing that

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