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A young girl ponders why she is such a slut.
I can't remember when I became a total slut. Even before my first fuck I
was fascinated by group sex. I remember finding a stash of xxx rated
movies up in a cupboard in mum and dad's room when I was sixteen. I
slipped one into the video and the first thing I saw was a young blonde
girl being fucked in the pussy and arse whilst she sucked on another
cock. I slipped into a bit of a zone as I watched in amazement at what
I saw. I began fingering my cunt and arse and had my first orgasm as
they came all over her face. I watched all the movies several times and
masturbated to orgasm over and over again. Maybe its this sort of
conditioning that created the fuck monster that I am.

Or maybe it's genetic. You see, my mum and dad are swingers. For years I
used to be shipped off to the baby sitters or the baby sitter would
come to our house when the oldies went off partying. I only discovered
this quite recently when searching through the video collection and I
found a digital video cassette that I knew belonged in our new Canon
video camera. With a beating heart and a mad rush of adrenaline I
connected the camera to the TV.

What appeared was a party at a house that I didn't recognise. What I did
recognise however were some of the people in the background all in
various states of nudity. Nearly all had been to our house and I knew
some of them very well. The camera work was crap and after watching the
talking etc for about half an hour I thought that maybe this was all it
was. How wrong I was. The camera suddenly was filming a family friend
Sonya being fucked by my own dad. The camera swung around and mum was
watching him as she lazily pumped the cock of some man I had never
seen. In the background other people were madly sucking and fucking. I
took all of this in in about 15 seconds before I hit the stop button on
the camera.

My mind was in turmoil as I sat on the lounge room floor. My pussy was
wet and I was terribly excited but I was perturbed at what I had seen.
My conscience got the better of me and I put the tape away without
watching anymore. That was two years ago and now I am an insatiable
twenty year old. Mum and dad are now fairly careless about their sex
games. Take this morning for instance. I awoke with my normal urge to
masturbate but I heard a car pull into the drive. I had a look out the
window and saw Bill, another family friend, walking towards the house.
He didn't even knock on the door and used a key to get in. I snuck over
to my door and watched him walking down the hall to my mum and dad's
room, disrobing as he went. He opened the door and quite simply walked
in with little more than a hello. Carelessly he left the door open and
my curiosity got the better of me. I snuck down the hall and got down
on my hands and knees to listen in.

"Yeah suck his cock" I heard dad say. "Lick those balls". My pussy
nearly exploded. I edged even closer and in the dresser mirror I could
see my mum sucking on Bill's cock as dad fucked her pussy. My black
nightie had ridden up my back revealing my tiny little arse and trimmed
pussy and I slipped a hand under my belly and began rubbing my clit. I
had entered my own little zone when I felt two hands grab my arse. It
scared the shitter out of me and I spun around to find Mr Smith, our
butcher, kneeling behind me with his cock sticking out of his pants.
Before I could even say ‘fuck me' he had placed his index finger on his
lips to silence me. I was more than horny and although he was in his
forties, and I'd known him for years, I was in severe need for cock. I
smiled at him and sat on the floor and spread my legs wide. My cunt was
glistening in expectation of the pleasures to come and Smithy was as
hard as a rock. I undid the bow at the top of my nightie and let my
perky little breasts out. Smithy undid his shirt and stood up to pull
his pants off. I quickly got on my knees, grabbed his nicely sized
eight incher and slipped it into my mouth.

"Oh for fucks sake" he whispered as I flicked my tongue around his knob
tasting his precum. I jerked on his cock as I did so and then grabbed
his balls with my other hand. He reached down and pushed my nightie
down off my shoulders revealing my hardened nipples. My long black hair
was swept aside as he grabbed the side of my head and began fucking my
face. I rubbed my sopping cunt as he rammed his cock into my mouth. I
needed his cock in my pussy so I pushed him back and quickly stood up.
At only 5' 4" and 45kgs I was dwarfed by his 6' 2" frame. My nightie
slipped down onto the floor and I was totally naked. He reached down
behind my back and grabbing my arse he picked me up and slipped his
cock into my wet pussy.

"Oh you little slut" he said as he pushed me against the wall and began
slamming his cock into me. I held myself up by wrapping my arms around
his neck. I'd never been fucked standing up before and I was thoroughly
enjoying the experience. I came when he slid a finger fully into my
arse hole. The experience was sweet and intense and I was wanting to
scream out.

"Into my bedroom" I said motioning towards the door. He effortlessly
carried me over to the room and kicked the door open. I reluctantly
slid off his cock and hopped onto my double bed. Smithy climbed on also
and lay on his back.

"Suck my cock some more" he said pulling on it "and let me lick your
pussy." I threw my leg over his face and dropped my pussy to his mouth.
He pulled my cuntlips apart and slipped his tongue well into my snatch.
I rubbed my hand along the underside of his cock and licked and sucked
the jizz that was oozing from the slit. He was a very able cunt licker
and I came again as soon as he slipped his finger back into my arse. I
took his cock as far as I could down my throat and pumped it with my

"Ah fuck" was all he could say as I deep throated his cock. I was
thoroughly enjoying the tongue lashing I was getting when I heard the
front door open again. My bedroom door was still open and I knew that
whoever had entered would head for mum and dad's room and therefore
walk right past my door. I heard the footsteps hurrying up the hall and
to my delight the person did not keep going but turned straight into my
room. It was Paul, one of my boyfriends. He stopped at the door and

"You little tart" he said as he pulled his shorts down, "You couldn't
wait for me to get here". I had forgotten that we were going to a
friends BBQ today and he was coming over to get me.

Smithy stopped licking and looked at Paul with a confused look on his
face. He returned to licking my juicy pussy as soon as Paul moved over
to me and I slipped his cock into my mouth. I had another orgasm as I
sucked on Paul and wanked Smithy. I alternated between each one for a
while but now that I had two cocks to play with I needed to have one in
my pussy and suck on another. I hopped off Smithy's face and moved down
to his cock. I grabbed his cock, which was bigger than Paul's, and
slipped it into my cunt. Paul stood on the bed and I took his cock into
my mouth. When Smithy reached around and rubbed my clit and Paul
tweaked my nipples I came in a shuddering roar.

"Oh fuck yeah" I cried "Fuck me like a slut, fuck your little slut"

Paul pulled his shirt off as I licked and sucked his meat. Paul's cock
was sensational and it was the perfect size for what I had planned
next. After a short while I had the feeling that Smithy wasn't going to
last much longer. I needed to complete the session by having both my
pussy and arse filled with cock.

"Lie down" I said to Paul "I want you to fuck my arse"

Needless to say but Paul was on his back in two seconds flat. I slipped
off Smithy's cock and moved over to Paul. With my back to Paul I stood
above him and slipped a few fingers into my juicy snatch. I rubbed some
of the jizz around and into my arse hole to lube it up.

"You want to fuck your little sluts arse?" I said to Paul as he stroked
his cock "Fuck me nice and hard"

I squatted down onto his cock and rubbed my clit as he filled my back
passage with his tool. I leant back, spread my legs and looked at

"Now fuck my little pussy, Mr Smith, Fuck my little pussy" I said.
Smithy's cock was nearly splitting as he took hold of it and rested it
against my swollen lips. He rubbed his knob all over my cunt smearing
the juices all around. His eight inches slid into my pussy and within 5
seconds I was cumming like a mad woman. Paul and Smithy were a good
team and alternated nicely with their cocks. I was delirious as the two
cocks filled my holes. Smithy was certainly close to cumming so I
looked him in the eye and said.

"Cum in my mouth"

It sure worked and before he could get his cock up to my mouth he had
already shot a stream of cum up onto my flat belly. He stumbled up and
hit me with another jet on my tits and finally got the rest of his cock
into my mouth. He had a full load and it was still so much that it
flowed out of my mouth. I pushed some more out of my mouth and swirled
it around his knob.

"Oh yes lick that cock, suck that cum you little slut." He said.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck" was all I heard Paul say as he pulled his cock from
my arse and shot a load of cum all over my open pussy and fucked arse.
Paul knows I love to feel cum all over me rather than in me and he
obliged quite nicely. Smithy collapsed onto the bed and I just lay back
on Paul fingering my snatch.

"So you stole Smithy from me did you dear" I jumped fair out of my skin
when I heard mum say that. I slipped off Paul and grabbed a sheet. Why
I was being so coy I had no idea. I looked at mum and she was stark
naked with cum running down her legs and matted globs of it in her

Paul made no effort to conceal himself and in fact his cock got larger
as he watched my mum.

"Well dear if you are going to go stealing my men I can only assume I
can steal yours" she said smiling. "I love a young cock, Paul come with
me" Paul leapt out of bed and followed my mum down the hall into the
bedroom. I was in shock and I lay down with my eyes closed trying to
take it all in. I heard the bed creak and I thought that Smithy was
getting up to leave. He wasn't though and he pulled the sheet away from

"Time to clean you up" he said as he roughly pulled my legs apart and
dived down into my pussy. I instinctively began kneading my tits as he
licked at the remains of Paul's jism. I heard footsteps down the hall
and I half hoped it would be Paul. Alas it wasn't, it was Bill.

"Your mother sent me" he said as he pulled on his cock. "Fuck you have a
sensational body"

I extended my hand to him and he came over to the bed. His cock was at
full strength and I knew that he had been fucking my mum not minutes
earlier. That didn't stop me though and I took him eagerly in my mouth.

"This is one fantastic slut" Smithy said to Bill

"Fucking oath" Bill replied "I've been wanting to fuck this little bitch
for years"

"Well here's your chance mate" Smithy said as he rolled me over into a
doggy position "Come and fuck this beautiful pussy and arse"

Smithy and Bill swapped places and I began to suck on Smithy's cock as
Bill ploughed into my snatch. His cock was a fair size and had a nice
upwards curl in it. He smacked my bum as he shoved in his cock to the
hilt. Smithy was back to his full strength and I decided to give these
two oldies a treat and let them DP me. After a while I turned to Bill
and said. "Do you want to fuck my arse"

He almost came in my pussy and I quickly moved away so that he wouldn't.
I slid up Smithy's body and said to him. "Sorry Smithy but your cock is
far too big for my arse". And with that I slipped his cock into my

I looked around to Bill who had a feverish look in his eye. He spat on
his hand and greased up his cock before placing it against my rose. As
he slipped it in I could feel another orgasm looming and I soon began
shaking as I fell into an orgasmic delight. They both fucked my holes
for an eternity and I came continuously. I really love having cum
splashed all over me so after a while I kind of pushed Bill off and
hopped off Smithy.

"Ok boys" I said as I squatted on the floor "both of you cum all over

I began rubbing my clit as the two men began wanking on their cocks. I
would suck each cock, not worrying where it had been, and wank it with
my free hand.

"You are such a little tart" Bill said as he unloaded his cock onto my

"Here suck this slut." Smithy said as he forced his cock in my mouth. I
let some of it ooze out of my mouth and directed the remainder down
onto my nice pert tits. I had cum on my face and my tits and I was
feeling fantastic. I sucked on both of the softening cocks and I could
feel Smithy's body shaking.

"Well men I hoped you have enjoyed yourself" I said

They were speechless and I stood up and grabbed my gown off the bed and
threw it around my shoulders. I went into the bathroom and had a long
shower. The door soon opened and Paul walked in.

"Hi" he said sheepishly "Um was that Ok what I did"

"Yeah sure" I said "As long as I can fuck your dad some day"

"Hey you already fuck all my friends" he said "can't you stop at that?"

"Well let's see about that shall we" I said as I grabbed his sticky cock
"I need all the lust I can get"

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