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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Hi reader here is a amazing announcement for you I opened my sexblog for you so you can read my new stories at this web page also there I will written a new story of series that named Cum with Mum read and write to me your comments.

Here is an Incest story for you. The hot story read and enjoy it my reader.

Hi, I am Kim I was 20(25 now)and my mom was 39(now 44)(5"9"" 120lbs brown hair and eyes, large and sexy ass and 39D cup) I never really thought nothing about my own mom till one day. It was a day I had off from and she was painting our office and it was like 100 degrees in there. I walked in to help her and she was wearing short white shorts and a white tank top with no bra and no undies. When I walked in she was bent over putting paint on her brush and her shorts rod up her beautiful sexy ass crack, I felt this tingle in my spine, and my dick jumped a little. at that time my turned around and seen me and said: ohhh.. hey Kim you gonna help me? I said yea I guess. So I grab a paint brush and started working on the wall behind her so I could turn around and look at her. She was reacting up high trying to get the trim around the window and she turned around and asked: Kim will u get this for me I can’t reaches it. So of course I walk over and stand behind her and reach over her and start to paint the trim and as I do so I start to get hard from rubbing up against her large butt and back. I stop painting because I know she felt my prick hit her beutiful ass. She ask me. Kim why did you stop painting? I said my arm-felt heavy I needed a rest for a minute, she said ok.

You she never moved from that spot till I started painting it again. I reached up behind her again and start painting this time I got hard because she was rubbing up against me and I started to get hard again and this time I was on tip toes and I tripped and I feel forward and my prick hit her hard and when it did I heard a little moan. (See my dad has 2 jobs and don’t have time to please her so it has been a while since she has had a cock inside her beautiful mature pussy.) We get our balance back and she turns around and asks if I did that on purpose. I embarrassed I said no and she didn’t believe me. She said Kim you know I am really horny and I have always wanted you to fuck me... I was shocked and stunned here my own mom wants to fuck me.! oh! god is it real or dream. it is really and then she started to pull me to her room.

she took her shirt off in the hall and her shorts in her room and she laid back on bed and her tits were so gorgeous and big when a young boy like me will see those big melons he will shoot his load in his boxer. She said Kim I want you to take me now.

I get naked with her and get in the bed next to her oh1 I can’t believe it I am fully naked herewith my own mom and she also we ignore our blood relation her we are loving couples. we start to kiss a slow passionate kiss like newly married young couples at first then she opens her mouth and invite my tongue in so we start to caress each others tongues.

I slowly kiss her neck and lick down to her white large tits where I start with the right and lick and kiss around the nipple and then as it get real hard I start to suck on it and nibble it and she moans as starts to rub her self, then I lick my way over to her right nipple and do the same to it as I did the left.

then I lick down her stomach and kiss it and lick and kiss her legs and go to her feet where I slowly kiss and lick each toe and nibble a little on them then work my way back up to her inner thigh where I slowly lick and kiss till I get to her dripping wet mature mommy cunt.

I slowly tease her pussy lips now ican see the forbidden area of my own mother and lick her slit as I lick my finger and stick it in her ass I am licking and sucking her clit as I finger fuck her ass hole...... she is moaning loudly and getting louder by the second and then she starts to tremble and shake and her hips thrust and her pussy wraps tight around my tongue and finger as I am still fingering her ass to and then she moans load and says ooooooooohhh god yes Kim im cummin lick mommys horny cunt lick it all up baby...........mmmmmmmmm lick mommy
as she cumms on my tounge and fingers I lick it all up as I shove my finger in her mouth and tell her to lick it and she loved her own juices.

Then she said you did that for me let me do something for you. I said ok. She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her head and started lick the head and teasing my hole and balls then she shoved all 7 inches in her mouth she moan as she loved having her own son in her mouth. I was enjoying it, it was the best I have ever had and I felt I was gonna come to soon, ohhh mom im gonna cummm, she said mmmmm do it all in my mouth baby I want to taste ur man jucies.....ohhhhhhhhh god here I cummmm mom ohhh yes momy suck my cockkkkk ohhhhhhhh... I cummed 5 big shots in her mouth and she didn’t let no get away from her.

Baby, she said I want my son inside me right now. So I got at the foot of the bed and stood there as I picked her feet up and placed her legs on my shoulders and I teased her clit a bit with my head as she moaned and said stop teasing fuck me baby I need my son deep inside me nowww, so I shoved my cock deep inside my moms hole as she rubbed her clit and I thrust harder and she moaned louder and louder she scream harder baby boy harder fuck your momma. I said ohh hhaaaa yes mom u like me inside u do you, u dirty whore take it all as I thrust all deep inside as she scream and moaned I fell her pussy start to grab my cock and convulse and she started screaming ohhhh baby fuck me in gonna cum, Kim cum inside me at the same time, as I fuck her faster to catch up she cums and as she does I do and I moan loudly ohhhhhh yes momma its all inside you.

As I pull out our juices inter mix and drip from my cock and she said give me that and she takes it and licks me clean.
she said mmm baby that was the best fuck I have ever had, I am glad you didn’t have to work today. I am glad I didn’t have to, to mom I love you so much, she said she loved me to and I said I wasn’t done and she was shocked I was still going.

I said mom I am gonna fuck youi big tight ass, she said ok but be careful I have never had a cock in there. So she is laying on her back and I start to tease her rim with my head as she moans in anticipation and then I slowly slide in her asshole as she screams and I rest there waiting for her to get used to it and she said don’t stop keep going it feels so great. so i started to fuck her hard and her legs were bent back to her head and i was kissing her and she had her fingers digging it in my back as i thrust in and out her asshole. she started to scream again and she cummed and it ran down to her ass and on to my dick and it feel so good it helped lubed her asshole. She started to moan and I told her I was gonna cum inside her again and when I said that she started to yell ohhhh yea baby fuck momma ass cumm deep inside me baby boy fuck ur dirty momma when she did that it blew me over the top I cummed deep inside her asshole. I pulled out as it dripped from her ass and on to the bed.
We laid there for a while in each others arms and kissed till it was time for dad to come home.

She told my father she wanted a divorce because he could make her feel good any more. And with that year they was getting divorced we fucked any where from 2 to 4 times day. We still do it to this day we are in love so much. We moved out of state and we started our life over. We go around acting like were married. We are a couple now I haven’t been with another women except for the 3 somes we have with her boss. And no one knows were mom and son. I love my mom so much and she loves me we will be together till the day one of us dies. We were meant for each other. my dad remarried and has 2 kids but he still don’t have a clue about my mom and me. But I don’t call her mom any more I call her my wife and I am her husband.

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2011-02-27 21:13:36
shame on you this sucks not even a first draft is this bad get a good editor and do a rewrite
remove the intro it is illegal to advertise other web sites here so remove it or go to jail for spamming

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-03 01:28:01
be goof if you write abit better and no codes in the story ect


2006-06-26 02:38:25

Guy, you really need to learn English before you try to write another story.

I couldn't get through the first paragraph because of the gross errors in English, both words and grammar.

And if that weren't bad enough you start off with a "Mum" deliberately causing a ridiculous situation which would NEVER happen, not at that age at least.

Okay, you imagination does work so you just need to learn to control it and learn enough English so that we in the USofA can read it without puking!


2006-06-16 19:19:03
kim is a girls name right


2006-03-05 12:45:14
2/10, english maybe the hardest language to learn, but i know toddlers that speak better than this. and guys named Kim? maybe in India, but not here! FuzzynutZ

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