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Chat Room, One Meeting...Hotel Room...Oil...
I see you walk through the doors and my pulse quickens instantly. You are wearing a warm coat, its cold outside, it might even snow. Aberdeen in January, dark, freezing and forlorn at the moment. Things have just looked up though as you Dawn, the woman I arranged to meet here in this Travel Inn, have just turned up. We kiss lightly and smile. It’s so good to see you again. We sit by the fire and talk about our day. I listen to your voice intently, watching your lips move, watching the way your hand holds the glass and the way you sip the wine. I look at your eyes flashing in the light from the fire. Your face turned golden by the flames. I could listen to you all night so long as I can look at you. There is something about you Dawn; I can’t quite put my finger on it. You are certainly an attractive woman; your makeup is light but perfect, your hair is soft and frames your face eloquently. Your clothes, the way you dress tells me you are confident and know what you want. The way you move, maybe I am swayed a little here as I am looking at the way you move differently tonight. I see a gorgeous woman who has obviously dressed sexily and spent considerable time on her appearance, to meet me.
We are swapping stories of our day, but all the time I am watching the way your lips move, seeing the way your body is facing mine, your hands and body movements mimicking the way mine are moving. I see this and it registers, we are both trained to see body language, but maybe not in this way. You are open to me Dawn, your body language tells me, subconsciously or not.
Do I ask you back to my room? Do I take the chance?

The door closes behind us and I turn to face you, our eyes meet and I see the desire in them. I kiss you Dawn, our lips meeting for the first time in passion. I hold you in my arms and feel my heart racing as our tongues flick against each others in this first kiss. I can taste the wine on your lips and I can taste you. Breathless we break and laugh lightly. The room is warm, a little too warm but familiar to us both. I help you take off your coat and you sit on the bed, I kneel before you and help take off your boots, rubbing your feet as I do so. I move next to you, kicking off my shoes as I take you in my arms and kiss you again, crushing my lips against yours. We lie back on the bed; your perfume is in my nostrils and I feel the soft skin of your face with my hands as I kiss you deeply. This time our tongues searching each others out as our desires become more apparent. My heart is racing Dawn, I want you, I want to take you and make love to you. I break the kiss and get off the bed, composing myself a little. It’s early; we have no need to rush. I pour us both some wine and hand you a glass. I put some music on low. I see you watching me. The smile on your face tells me you want me too. Your eyes flashing again as you take a sip from the glass.

I sit next to you and our eyes meet. The two of us looking at each other, we both know what we want and the embarrassing moment is here as we are now on the verge of removing our clothes. I put down the glass and take yours also. I motion for you to sit in the middle of the bed and I sit behind you. I kiss the back of your neck lightly, feather kisses around your neck and to your ears, gently nibbling on your lobes, the appreciative sounds you make tell me I am touching the right places. I move my hands to the buttons on your blouse as I continue kissing all round your neck to the other side, the smell of you filling me, exciting me, making me burn inside, its all I can do to stop myself tearing your clothes off. But I don’t, I unbutton the last one and your blouse falls open. I move my hands to your gorgeous breasts and hold them gently. Your breathing increasing as I hold you. Rubbing your breasts through the material of your bra, feeling your nipples stiffen under my touch. You push your self back against me as I continue to kiss your neck, occasionally biting your soft skin.
You help to remove your blouse and it falls to the floor, I can now feel your warmth against me as my hands still cup your breasts. I move my hands over your shoulders and rub your neck gently with my fingers as I then move my hands to the clasp on your bra. It snaps open and the bra falls away as you shake it off. This time my hands cup your lovely soft breasts and feel the stiff nipples between my fingers. Now my breathing increases and my excitement is apparent, I know you can feel me as I hold you close.
You turn to me as we both sit on the bed and you kiss me hard. Your tongue darting between my lips as your passion takes you. You move your hands to my shirt buttons and undo each one until my shirt is open. I feel your cool hands on my chest and I flinch at the touch. I pull away to remove my shirt and get my first look at your breasts, this sends blood hurtling to my loins and my face is flushed as I throw my shirt to join your blouse. My God Dawn, I am so aroused now. I take you in my arms and hold you, I can feel your hair on my shoulders and your lips on my neck as our naked tops press against each other. Our breathing becomes synchronised and I can feel your heart pumping in your chest, or is it mine? We move our lips together again, kissing deeper and longer, this time it’s slow but still passionate.
I feel your hands on my belt as you unbuckle it and move to the button on my trousers. My kissing becoming more urgent as you undo it and pull down the zip. My heart almost skips a beat as I bury my face into your neck and kiss up and down, licking and biting at your skin, your ears. Your cool hand moves inside my trousers and rubs my hardness. Your touch makes me jump and my stomach churns as your unfamiliar touch holds me through my boxers. My breathing is ragged and my pulse racing as you push me back on the bed and remove my trousers and socks. Now it’s me lying there in nothing but my black shorts and my state of arousal all too apparent. My chest is rising and falling with my increased breathing and I watch as you remove your trousers leaving you in only some small panties. You climb onto the bed and straddle me. Lowering your face to mine as we kiss once more; your lips part and a cool liquid cascades into my mouth. We both smile as I taste the wine you have taken a sip from. You drink again and once more you kiss me and the refreshing white wine passes between us, some dribbling down my neck, cold and making me tremble. You sit on me, only the thin fabric now between us. My hardness is pressed against you and I can feel the warmth coming from you Dawn, I can also feel that it’s becoming wet too. You begin to rub your self on me moving your crotch against mine. My God this is so erotic, I look at you above me, your gorgeous sexy face looking at me, your breasts moving in time with your movements, your eyes closed and your tongue licking your lips as you continue to gyrate. I hold your legs stroking them as you rub your self against me. I can feel the material between us getting wetter and wetter as your body prepares itself for sex. If this continues then I’m going to peak too early. I lift you from me and push you to the bed, your protests stopped as I kiss you hard. This time the kiss is hard and fast, my tongue searching for yours once more as I begin to move my hands over your body. The kiss is feverish and frantic as I caress your skin; it’s damp, damp from perspiration and our excitement.
I break the kiss and its now my turn to straddle you. I look down at your face, so sexy so flushed, needing, needing me. I kiss your chest my tongue leaving wet trails over your skin, licking and kissing every inch of your breasts, sucking the nipples hard into my mouth and nibbling gently. I hear your moans of approval as your hands hold my head. I feel your hands gently push my head urging me to move further down. I kiss the skin of your tummy flicking my tongue in your navel, tasting the saltiness of your skin and then feeling the cotton against my face. I feel the heat from you as my fingers move over your mound and then down into the valley between your legs. Dawn you are so wet, the material is darkened and I can feel your lips through the cotton. I move my fingers against the material moulding your love groove and feeling for your opening, the material gives and I push against it, the cotton straining as you emit a little groan.

I quickly remove your panties leaving you totally naked Dawn. My face moves to your sex and I breathe in your musky aroma, the incredible smell of woman, pheromones fill my head and I become filled with lust for you. A red haze forms in my mind, before my eyes and I plunge my mouth to your sex and push my tongue as deep into you as I can. Your back arching, pushing your self against me. My tongue moves inside you licking, searching as far as I can, them moving up the moistness of your pussy, tasting you, teasing you with my tongue and lips, using my tongue to stimulate you.
I move my hand to you and push first one then two fingers inside you. Again I hear your moans, feel you push against me. I kiss up and down your gorgeous pussy and then with my tongue search out that little bud, not touching it yet but circling it with deliberate movements. Round and round with my tongue and in and out with my fingers, I hear your breathing increase and feel your hands on my head pushing me harder against you. I finally suck the little bud into my mouth and rasp my tongue against it, flicking it, lapping it as my fingers curl inside you searching for the spot that I know may push you over the edge. Your legs stiffen and your mouth opens, lips moving silently as the orgasm arrives. I push my tongue against your clit harder as the waves of pleasure crash over you your entire body, convulsing in this moment of ecstasy. I can taste the change in your sex, the juices from you becoming richer. You finally relax and push my head away. I look at you, your skin glistening, your breathing fast, breasts heaving. I move up to you and plant a kiss on your lips, this time its my turn to pass some wine to you, I take another sip and more wine is passed as we kiss gently. I know you can smell and taste your self on my lips, even through the taste of the wine. You open your eyes and smile at me, I smile back. Your eyes Dawn are so damn sexy that I want to take you; I want to take you all night and never stop. I want to spend more time between your legs and give you orgasms until you beg me to stop. But I promised you something didn’t I?

I hand you the wine and you take a large sip. I sit next to you and also drink a little. I like having you next to me, I like to feel your warm skin against mine, and I love to see your beautiful breasts moving in time with your breathing. I like to see your gorgeous eyes flashing at me and your lovely sexy smile sends shivers through my body.

I hold you close to me. Your head on my chest, I can feel your breasts crushed against me, you can hear my heart which must be pounding in my chest. I look at the window, its dark out and windy. I want this night to go on Dawn; I want to hold this sexy woman next to me, feel and smell her soft hair, hear her breathing and take her over and over again. This moment would be perfect if it could last forever. I smile to myself as I know this cant be, but however long we have I want to make sure that we enjoy our time together.

I get up from the bed and go to the shelf removing my oil. I spread a fluffy white towel on the bed and beckon you to lie on it. You move across and lie back on the towel. Your nakedness making you blush. I smile as after what we have so far done, you still feel conscious of your self. I look at you lying on my bed. You are beautiful Dawn, from your toes to your ankles, your calves, thighs hips, tummy breasts and finally your face, everything about you sends the hormones once more racing round my body. My boxers, the only item of clothing between us, not hiding my arousal very well. I move onto the bed sitting at the bottom, and take your foot in my hand. I rub the oil into your toes, gently squeezing each one and in between making sure that the lightly scented oil does not miss a spot. Your skin will be so soft tomorrow Dawn. I move my fingers along the sole tracing the arch and rubbing your heel as my other hand rubs the top of your foot and moving up to your ankle. I am so gentle; you told me that you had hurt your foot so I carefully massage you. I take the other foot and do the same rubbing each and every part of you, you are so incredibly sexy Dawn, I don’t want there to be one single part of your body that I have not explored.
I move my hands to your lower legs, both being massaged at the same time. I pick up the bottle and pour more of the oil onto your legs up to your hips. It starts to drip down the sides of your legs you laugh as it tickles you; your charming laugh makes me smile. I move my hands to your legs and catch the oil before it touches the towel. My strong hands rubbing your firm leg muscles. I am good at this Dawn; I can tell it feels good as your eyes close as my hands move up and down your legs getting closer to your sex. I massage the inside of your thighs, deliberately getting as close to your sex as possible. I can see it Dawn and it sends about a pint of blood hurtling to my loins. Its pink and the lips are swollen showing your heightened state of arousal. Small beads are glistening on the lips and I long to taste you again. But no.....I want to finish this. We can wait.

I move to sit on your legs, and continue to move my hands over your skin. Your soft warm skin that moves under my touch, sometimes flinching, sometimes stiffening as the touch of this man you have met only once before continues to give you so much pleasure.
I continue to move my hands over your tummy and my excitement builds as I get to your breasts. I take the bottle and drizzle more oil onto the mounds all over and around the nipples, the cool liquid making you jump and laugh again. I smile and feel myself becoming harder as I watch this. Your breathing becoming faster and your eyes looking at me with desire once more. I move my hands all over them, gently rubbing every single square millimetre and finally spiralling up to your nipples. I rub them and squeeze them ever so gently, trying to pull them as they become even harder. I lean down and flick my tongue on each bud, tasting the oil but I don’t care...sucking each one into my mouth and nibbling on it. I feel your hands on my head and almost lose myself. I push your arms back and pour more oil onto your arms. There is plenty of time Dawn, let me finish. I massage your arms from your shoulders to your finger tips. Delicate fingers which I now hold in mine, the erotic feelings course through us as we hold hands whilst coated in this oil.
Your front is now finished Dawn and I help you turn over onto your front. You lie down and I now start to pour more of the scented oil onto the backs of your legs. The oil rubs into your body, then disappears after a while, moisturising and softening your skin. I rub the back of your calves, starting at the bottom and working up to the back of your knees. I can feel your muscles becoming more relaxed as I massage them with my firm hands. Your thighs stiffen as I work on them, your skin is so soft Dawn and your legs feel like heaven as my hands work towards your buttocks. I pour more oil onto you smiling to myself as I watch you flinch. The air is heavy with the perfume of the oil and it fills my head. I take a sip of wine and swallow it, it won’t be long now, soon I will take this gorgeous woman. Soon I will take her so hard....

I rub your buttocks with my hands the muscles feel so soft and my hands glide all over you. I once again get a glimpse of what is between your legs and cant help just straying ever so lightly brushing against your lips. You moan and arch your back to me hoping for more contact, but not yet. I move up the bed and sit on your buttocks, slipping somewhat on the oil and move my hands to your lower back. I now trace your spine with my fingertips, sliding close to each side as I move my hands all the way to your neck. I slide them down again and you emit a groan as this feels so good. I press a little harder and slide my hands up your back again, tracing the outline of your spine and reaching your neck, before sliding down once again. I reach for the bottle and pour a generous amount all over your back. I quickly rub in the oil to stop it escaping. Then spread my hands and press firmly as I slowly move my hands up your back; you groan loudly as my hands pass over your back almost crying out as they rub over your shoulders. "Ooooh! God Rob not too hard," you say. I gently rub your shoulders and neck muscles, before moving down your sides making you flinch and squirm as I get to the bit on the side of your tummy. You know the bit where you twitch? Making me laugh as you squirm away.
I remove my boxers now as they are becoming sticky with the oil; I fling them away and position myself on you again. I can feel your warm, soft, oily skin against me. I move further up on you and I feel my erection rubbing against the inside your thighs. You feel it too and a stifled groan comes from you. I slide my buttocks against yours as I move my hands all over your back, still concentrating on your shoulder and neck muscles, yet also beginning to move my erection further down the cleft between your legs. I slide up once more my hardness now slides down towards your pussy and you groan quietly as I feel the heat of your pussy touch the end of my member. I shiver at this wonderful sensation, hot, wet, oily, sliding on you.
Once more my hands slide down your back. I rub the base of your spine for a few seconds before slowly sliding up your back, once more my hands pressing harder into your skin, I know this will cause a little discomfort when I reach your shoulders and your groan increases as my fingers move over your shoulders and to your neck, at the same time I move my cock down to your entrance and quickly push my hips down. You cry out loud and throw back your head, ignoring the feelings on your back as my cock enters you with force. Your breath escapes from you and I feel the walls of your pussy grip me tightly, as I force as much of myself into you as I can. Oh My God, it’s so hot, it’s so wet, I can feel you pulsing, throbbing as finally we are joined.

I lie on top of you. Our skin sliding, slippery. I feel for your breasts as I push harder into you. Nothing is said; only frantic breaths escape our lips as I try to push into you. We are so slippery it is almost impossible to move. I get up quickly and you turn over, I see your eyes almost on fire, burning with lust. Our eyes meet and there can only be one outcome here Dawn. I grab you and lie on top of you, positioning my cock at your pouting pussy, I see the lips swollen and angry, parting, waiting to be entered, I see the juices glistening before I once again slide myself into you as deep as I can, we both groan at this sensation. Your pussy engulfing me so completely, so hot, so wet, so right!!! I hold you so tight, my face in your neck, kissing, licking, nibbling your skin. I never want to let go of you Dawn, I just want to lie here forever.
I feel your lips kissing my neck licking up and down. I begin to move my hips against yours, rhythmically sliding my cock in and out of you. Each time I push into you, you emit a little groan; I try to push harder, the erotic sounds you are making bringing out the ferocious sexual lust in me. I rise up on my arms and thrust into you harder and harder. You open your legs as wide as they will go trying to get more of me into you. I increase the pace, thrusting, thrusting. Again and again my cock spears into you, our lips meet in a frenzied kiss, our tongues lashing each other, wet lustful and so dirty. I lift my head breathing hard as I try to up the pace even more, I go faster and pound into you again and again our hips crashing together as you lift off the bed to meet my thrusts, I begin to grunt with every push I make, the sweat forming on my back as I give all I’ve got into this fantastic sex, you are the hottest woman I have ever met Dawn, and if I could, I would do this to you all night.
I feel your hands on my back pulling me harder into you, I feel you writhing on the bed, I feel your legs around me, hear your breaths, groans, and gasps, I feel my heart pounding in my chest. On and on I thrust, violently pushing into you harder than I’ve ever done before. I don’t know how much longer I can do this; the passion is so high that I feel my self becoming faint with the effort and the lust within me. The sweat is pouring from me and as I look into your eyes and our eyes meet, I can see your hair stuck to your face as you too become covered in your own perspiration, at last I feel the sensation within me and this drives me on even more. I thrust so hard now that I am scared I will hurt you but cry out “Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Come on!!!" I pound into you almost crying with the effort and passion. Suddenly I cry out as the orgasm hits me, "Oh God" I shout as I give one last almighty thrust pushing so far into you, It hurts us both, and we both cry out again, the sound in-coherable as I explode inside you, again and again I feel the sperm rush from me, spurting deep inside you, We are both racked with orgasm and I collapse at last, breathing so hard, so hot, so sweaty from the best sex I have ever had. I feel my heart pounding in my chest; I feel your hands on my back holding me. My chest hurts with my lungs bursting trying to drag more air into them. I feel your hair wet against my face. I hear you breathing. Holding me, holding me.
I kiss your neck lightly; my body drained completely, not a single ounce of energy left. I lie back on the bed, my chest rising and falling with my breathing. My eyes closed. I feel your lips against mine and suddenly a cool liquid fills my mouth as you pass some cold wine into me as we kiss. I gulp and swallow the wine again and again as you kiss me. I look at you, your eyes again the most wonderful colour, your hair stuck to your face, your body shining with perspiration and the remains of the oil, you are beautiful Dawn. Your smile.....your smile Dawn.


2007-11-05 17:23:50
Hey, if your woman takes a nice daily bath she won't hagve a "musky aroma' in her "sex" as you called it. We here in the U.S. call it a pussy and our girls' pussies smell like rose petals --- certainly not "musky."
Lord, help me. You guys in the U.K. are something to behold.

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