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Megan was on her summer holidays, spending her time in a beachfront apartment. It was a warm morning as she awoke fully naked in her bed. Being in a place with such weather, Megan found little need for clothes and only wore them as a common courtesy. She enjoyed the beach. She went there every day to swim and to tan in the warm Miami sun. Megan was in holiday mode and therefore spent her time lazing around. The only thing she made a big effort to do was to keep her pretty pussy smooth, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Megan was bikini clad most of the time and so decided it was a good idea to keep her pussy neat and ‘presentable’. Like she would get any action. Like the boy scout motto goes, “Always be prepared.“ The day started like any other. She awoke snuggled in her bed totally naked as she liked to sleep whenever she was alone. She ran her hands up and down her body as far down her thin smooth legs and up to her shaven pussy, continuing up her toned flat stomach to rest a second on her beautiful perky C Cup breasts. Megan loved her breasts. Not too big, but not too small. They filled out every shirt and swimsuit she ever bought or borrowed and her supple pink nipples stood up most of the time because she found herself constantly aroused. Megan got out of bed and, as usual, was on her own so she went fully naked to the kitchen and made herself some breakfast. After breakfast she sat on the leather couch and let the feel of it indulge her smooth naked body. She lounged on it until her breakfast had gone down and she was ready for a swim. Megan stroked her bald pussy as she walked to her bedroom; she liked to make certain it was smooth enough to be presentable under a bikini bottom. Satisfied, Megan rubbed her silky smooth pussy as she stood naked at her wardrobe selecting what she would ware. She chose a red string bikini and dressed herself in it. Megan slipped on the red string bikini bottom and tied the knot tightly along her hip, giving the strings a tug to make sure it was on tight. Her tits bounced as she walked over to the bed and picked up the small bikini top. Megan put her head through the top string and slipped the top over her gorgeous breasts. She bent her arms around and tied the back in a knot behind her carefully brushing her long brown hair out of the way, before looking into the mirror to admire her breasts one last time before heading out to the beach. “Damn I have awesome tits!” Megan admired her body in the full length mirror, then walked out the door. The lock to her apartment was a coded one, so that eliminated the need to worry about keys and losing them on the crowded beach. She didn’t worry about wearing shoes, she didn’t mind a little discomfort of hot concrete under her bare feet as she made her way to the beach and its cool water. She liked not having anything to worry about and had decided that a brief moment of discomfort in bare feet was worth it.
Megan was soon on the beach and wading in the cool water, cooling off her bare feet and legs. The surf was up and the waves looked big and tempting. Megan swam out to meet the waves. She loved catching waves and riding them in. She found herself an area free of surfers and waited for a wave. She didn’t have to wait long when she saw the tell tale signs of a wave building. Bracing herself for it, Megan began swimming hard. The wave caught her and pushed her back into the beach. Megan was still smiling from the thrill ride when she felt herself collide with someone. She looked up to see an attractive looking girl, roughly 18 years old, her own age, looking at her. The girl had mesmerizing blue eyes that pulled Megan into her gaze. “You all right?” asked the girl. “Yeah I’m ok,” replied Megan “Sorry about that,” apologized Megan.
“That’s all right,” smiled the girl, “What’s your name?”
“I’m Megan and I’m here on holiday,” answered Megan.
“Ah ok so am I. My name’s Celeste,”
Celeste wore a tight black one-piece bathing suit that clearly outlined the amazing curves of her body. Megan, who never really saw another girl in a sexual way couldn’t help but notice Celeste for all her beauty. Celeste was not as big in the boob department as Megan, probably about a B. But her breasts were perky and her hard nipples were easily visible through her swimsuit. She had a slender waist that swelled slightly to her hips, then bounced back in for her thin, sleek legs. “Been here long?” asked Celeste as Megan was pulled out of her daze, “About four days now.”
Megan and Celeste caught some more waves together, laughing and giggling as their bodies collided from time to time. Megan couldn‘t imagine a better way to spend the afternoon. They were treading water when Megan faced Celeste, when a wave pushed her into Celeste. Megan and Celeste met front on, embracing each other. They looked embarrassed at first but were soon giggling from it, enjoying the situation. Celeste ran her hands down Megan’s back. A puzzled look came over her face as she rubbed Megan’s back under the water. All Celeste could feel was bare smooth skin, not bikini top or bottom at all. “What is it?” asked Megan, seeing Celeste’s face. Celeste began to smile. “Nothing,” she said, “it’s just that apart from being a very sexy girl you’re also very brave.” “What do you mean?” asked Megan. “Swimming naked on a public beach with crowds of people and it’s not a nude beach,” giggled Celeste. “What!” demanded Megan suddenly feeling scared. “You’re naked,” said Celeste, “I like that,” she smiled. To prove her point, Celeste placed her hands on Megan’s bare ass. Megan tensed as she felt Celeste’s hands on her bare skin, her world began to turn as she began to panic. Celeste rubbed her hands on Megan’s bare ass before sliding them around to her bald pussy. “Mmm silky smooth pussy,” smiled Celeste warmly, “I love that too.” Celeste gently rubbed Megan’s bare silky smooth pussy before rubbing her bare abs and fondling her bare breasts. Megan panicked as Celeste rubbed her breasts. “Oh no, how did this happen?” questioned Megan, “I had on a bikini when I came in, how could I suddenly be naked?” “What kind of Bikini was it?” asked Celeste still fondling Megan’s breasts under the water. “A red string bikini,” answered Megan. Suddenly painfully aware of her nudity, Megan cuddled closer to Celeste, hoping to use her to hide her nakedness. “Well I guess the roughness of the water we were swimming in, took it away,” said Celeste, “you’d be surprised at how easily a string bikini is taken away by rough water,” continued Celeste, “I’ve seen it happen twice before.”
“Damn,” said Megan, “now I’m stranded naked?”
“Seems that way,” answered Celeste with a giggle. Celeste teasingly let go of Megan and swam away, laughing as Megan tried to catch her to cuddle up to her again. “How about we get out of these wet things?” teased Celeste, “Oh wait, you haven’t got any wet ‘things’ to get out of.”
Megan smiled as Celeste held her and pinched her bare ass. “You’re a very cuddly girl Megan,” grinned Celeste, “but I love that too.” “Say, I’ve got an idea on how we can get you out of here without showing anything that shouldn’t be showed to any perverts that hang out here on the beach.” “Yeah?” asked Megan becoming hopeful, “how?” “Well …” began Celeste.

“You’d have to cuddle up to me, pressing your front into my body, that’ll protect your cute bald pussy and beautiful breasts from being seen. You’d need to sit on my hip while you cuddle me so I can carry you in the hip carry style, like a mother carries a toddler child. I’d place my hands under your bare ass to support you and also hide it from view. That’s how we’ll do it.” Megan became excited and smiled, “Let‘s give it a try,” she said not even hesitating out of desperation to get out of this uncomfortable situation. The two girls stood where they could touch the bottom. Megan climbed onto Celeste and wrapped her arms and legs around her. Celeste placed her hands under Megan’s bare ass, pinched it and gripped her securely. Celeste emerged from the water carrying the naked Megan on her hip. Megan felt very secure being carried by Celeste, she was very gentle. She was also secure in the knowledge that everything that needed to be was covered. “You want to take me to my place and come in, no one’s home,” invited Megan. “Sure,” said Celeste. Celeste lightly rubbed Megan’s smooth bare ass as she carried her all the way to her door. Megan entered the code, still held in Celeste’s arms and they went inside. Celeste put the naked Megan down on the floor and rubbed her bald pussy. “There ya go,” Celeste spoke to Megan’s smooth pussy, “safe and sound” Megan smiled as Celeste rubbed her bald pussy, she tickled it with her fingertips, causing Megan to giggle. She was surprised at Celeste. She was surprised that she was so comfortable with touching another girl in that way. “Now then, do you want to get out of that wet thing? I have some towels and extra clothes in my room” asked Megan referring to Celeste’s bathing suit.
“Don’t mind if I do,” answered Celeste, “Although, if its all right with you, I’d like to go naked for now. I mean, what have we to hide, I’ve already seen you naked and I would rather be naked all the time if society would accept it.”
Megan obliged and followed Celeste into her bedroom which was adjoined by a bathroom. Inside the bathroom Celeste stripped out of her bathing suit and reached for a towel to dry her hair. Megan’s eyes wandered over to her naked friend and once again admired her body, this time without the restraint of her bathing suit. Celeste also had a bald pussy “I see you like it bald as well,” giggles Megan trying to mask her arousal. “Shaved about twelve hours ago, by my guess with perfection and attention to detail. Shaved with a razor blade and cream,” laughed Megan talking as though she were sampling fine wines. “Mmm, very good,” giggled Celeste.
The two girls lay down on the couch each laying their head at opposite ends with their feet entangled. Celeste started moving her foot up and down Megan’s leg stroking it gently. Megan instantly recognized Celeste’s hints and asked, “Celeste. Are you a lesbian?”
With a smile, “Hmm… how’d you guess that?”
Megan just smiled and asked, “So, what’s it like. Being with another girl?”
“It’s unbelievable. Another girl understands your body better than any guy can. Girls are patient and take their time to pleasure you till you cum or you pass out.” Celeste paused and sat up, “You know… I could talk about lesbians sex all day, but it would be much easier just to show you.”
Megan hesitated not knowing what to say, but one look into Celeste’s sapphire eyes and any hesitation disappeared. “Come here.”
Celeste leaned in and crawled her way up Megan’s silky smooth still wet body, her fingers tracing every part of Megan’s smooth naked body, rubbing her bald pussy, indulging in its silky smoothness. She fondled her breasts delightfully and gently as she made her way up to meet her new endeavor face to face. Their lips met and Celeste breathed in Megan’s scent. The pair kissed passionately, Celeste parting Megan’s lips with her tongue inserting it into her mouth. She danced her tongue all around Megan’s mouth playing with her. Celeste let her hand wander down Megan’s body until it rested at her clit. Celeste massaged Megan's bald pussy rather hard making her moan. She traced the crack that was her clit with her hand causing Megan to shiver. "Did that tickle, love?"
"Yeah... do it again."
Celeste ran the length of her finger over her clit again causing her to shiver again. Celeste laughed at her new lover and moved down to caress Megan's pussy with her tongue. She kissed her way down to Megan’s love hole and planted a kiss on her wanting lips. Celeste took the length of her tongue and drove it into the crack and licked all the way up. From the bottom of it to the top. Megan once again quivered in pleasure. Celeste then took her licks and moved them to the lowest hole on Megan’s body: her ass. Celeste started her licking motion at the back of her asshole and slowly and sensually traced her way up her area licking over the ass hole and her pussy and ending up at the top of her clit, leaving a trail of her own saliva. "Mmm.. keep going Celeste."
Celeste only got encouraged by this and licked harder and harder until her tongue traced its way back to her pussy hole where she stuck it in and began moving it in and out slowly. "oh Celeste... oh god... harder."
She started moving her head faster to make her tongue pump into her faster. The more she pumped the closer she could feel herself to the juices that Megan held. She wanted it so bad. She wanted to taste it as it slid down her throat. Soon she got her wish. Megan’s pussy contracted and the juices flowed as if someone opened a gate that blocked her sex from flowing. "Ooooohhhh...." Megan managed to utter between her heavy breathing and panting motions.
Celeste barely noticed for she was entranced in her operation of sucking all of the juice from Megan’s shaven pussy.
Celeste could feel Megan’s legs shaking as she rode the last waves of her orgasm. “Oh that was amazing.” Megan moaned as she ran her fingers through Celeste’s hair as she kissed the last drops from her pussy and ass crack. Looking up Celeste answered. “oh it’s not over yet, unless you want to quit.”
“Quit?! Are you kidding that was fucking amazing… I want to keep doing this until I just can’t anymore.”
Celeste laughed, “Looks like I’ve created another lesbian.”
Megan smiled as she positioned Celeste onto her back and kissed her on the lips. “Sit back and let the rookie do her worst.”
Megan grabbed a hold of Celeste’s tits and massaged them into her hands. Celeste groaned as she took in the pleasure her new found lover was giving her. Megan worked her way down to Celeste’s shaven pussy and kissed her clit softly. Megan stuck out her tongue and made it hard as she ran her tongue up and down her clit causing Celeste to wriggle beneath her. Instead of fighting her movements, Megan allowed Celeste to move into her tongue and every time she did she moaned even louder. Megan continued to work on Celeste’s clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy and began pushing them in and out at a slow methodical pace. She had all day to do this and she was going to make it right. Celeste’s hips rocked as she felt the slender fingers of Megan slide in and out of her cunt. “Put another one in.”
Megan followed her teacher’s command and inserted another finger into her pussy. Megan felt the walls of Celeste’s pussy tighten around her fingers and was amazed at how tight it felt. She could feel the inner muscles twitch and rumble with every euphoric stroke. She now picked up the pace, pushing in her fingers faster now all the while licking hungrily at her clit. Celeste rocked her hips faster and faster, bucking wildly as she begged her orgasm to meet her. “Oh yes… yes.. I’m almost there… yes… ooh fuck I’m gonna cum…”
And just like that Celeste exploded her juices onto Megan’s chin and down onto the leather of the couch. Without any instruction, Megan went to work licking Celeste’s sopping pussy, licking it and sucking up all the juices left behind by her intense orgasm. She continued to lick and was surprised at how much cum she released. It was more than she ever had in her times of masturbating or being fucked by some guy. Megan had heard about some girls being able to squirt after an orgasm but never had herself done it or have ever seen anyone else do it. Until now. Celeste was shaking hard and continued to quiver as Megan’s lips and tongue kept on stimulating her sensitive areas. And without warning, a smaller gentler orgasm erupted through her body. Megan never thought Celeste’s cum was going to ever stop flowing, nor did she want to stop being between her legs taking in her beauty on the most intimate level. Megan finished lapping up all the juices and flopped down onto Celeste’s heaving chest. Megan propped herself up and said to Celeste. “wait right here, I’ll be right back.”
All Celeste could do was nod. Megan got up from the couch and scampered off to the bedroom. Celeste just admired watching Megan’s perfect ass run away from her. Megan emerged in the door way holding a few different types of dildos and a ten inch strap on. “I thought you weren’t a lesbian Megan, what’s with the strap on?” Celeste inquired.
“I like to strap it to a chair or something and fuck myself silly on it. You know, when I can’t get someone to do it for me.”
“Well come here and let me show you the true purpose of that thing.”
Megan walked over to Celeste and handed her the giant blue strap on. She stood up and stepped into the strap on until the blue rubber cock hung at the appropriate level. “Lets go into the bedroom, I think we’ll be more comfortable in there.”
The two girls walked into the bedroom and Celeste had Megan bend across the bed with her ass facing Celeste at the edge of the bed. Megan’s pussy was still pretty wet, so no lubrication was needed as Celeste put the head of the rubber cock at the entry of her pussy. “You ready for this baby?”
“Bring it on you nasty slut!”
Encouraged by her name calling, Celeste grabbed the base of the cock and rammed about six inches of it into Megan’s pussy. Megan grunted in pure lust as the dildo invaded her cunt tunnel. Slowly Celeste eased the remaining inches into Megan’s pussy while Megan pushed back to take the whole thing into her pussy. “Oh God that feels good.”
Celeste slowly rocked her hips back and forth taking an inch out at first before putting it back in. She would back out and push back in, adding and inch every time until only the head was in. Then she rammed all of it back in. Megan was writhing in ecstasy. She was pushing back hard to meet every one of Celeste’s thrusts. Celeste kept up her motions of pushing in and pulling out until only the head was in and then thrusting the whole ten inches back in while steadily increasing her pace until she was fucking her as fast as she could. She fucked her hard now grabbing a hold of her hips for leverage. “Oh yes, fuck my pussy bitch. Put it all the way in. Oh fuck me… fuck me harder!” Megan was an animal by now, running only on carnal lusts and stimulation. Megan tensed up and came all over the rubber cock, but neither of them stopped their motions. Megan came again before adding breathlessly, “I want to ride you Celeste. Celeste grabbed a hold of Megan and lifted her to her feet the cock still inside of her. Celeste lay down flat on her back on the bed with Megan sitting atop her crotch. Megan spun around on the dildo until she once again faced Celeste. Celeste admired Megan’s heaving breasts as she began to glide up and down on the rubber cock. Megan was a little shaky and wobbly from her previous orgasms so Celeste steadied her by grabbing onto her hips. Megan rocked harder atop the strap on until she was full on jumping up and down on it screaming like a banshee. Celeste almost came at the beautiful sight of Megan’s breasts bouncing freely in the air. Celeste removed one of her hands to search the bed for another dildo. She came across a small red dildo that was a little thicker than the others. She wetted the dildo from Megan’s juices which were puddled up between Megan’s pussy and Celeste’s crotch. The small dildo was now drenched and Celeste decided to enact her newly hatched plan. As Megan rose up in her fucking of Celeste’s dildo, Celeste positioned the small dildo just below her own pussy, and when Megan came back down, it found its way to the entry way of Megan’s tight asshole. “Ow! What was that?”
“I put a dildo up your ass, just keep fucking the strap on, it will feel good in a moment I promise.”
Megan went back to bouncing up and down on the rubber cock while Celeste began working the red dildo into her tight asshole. It was not easy, but soon she had the red dildo most of the way in and she began working it in and out of her ass as Megan continued to fuck the rubber cock. “Oh my God that is fucking amazing. It feels like they are touching inside me!”
Celeste was more encouraged now and quickened her pace as she was successfully double-penetrating her lesbian lover.
Megan was riding the most intense orgasm of her life. The feeling of the two dildos moving in unison within her body was incredible. All she could do was fuck them both as hard as she could. She didn’t know what she had become anymore. She didn’t care. She was experiencing the most intense pleasure of her young life. She could feel that familiar tingle build in her. It grew and grew until it fought to escape her. With one more thrust, her orgasm splashed all over Celeste. Megan closed her eyes and rode wave after wave of intense pleasure. She didn’t want to move. Her toes were numb and she could barely keep herself upright. She collapsed onto Celeste kissing her passionately. “That was amazing. Later we should do some more, but I think that is all I can take for now.”
“You are so beautiful Megan.” Celeste responded kissing her lover on the lips. “I am so glad you lost your bikini.”

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