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Indy , 19 and fresh out of high school decided to take a year off to go on a trip that would take her to the moutains and be the ride of her life
19 fucking years old and it was about time she did something for herself. Finally out of high school Indy Bel figured she needed a year to unwind. Everyone called it the victory lap, something you do before committing to another bullshitting time wasted in a classroom or in the workplace. Her parents, both being principals dreamed of the youngest of 4 daughters to go on to university and become an administrator in the school board just like them. Like hell she would turn out just like them. For the most part she did what her parents expected of her. She came off with average grades and even got into the programs in university she applied to. Doing this trip was a last minute decision. The mountains had been calling her all her life. She had always planned on doing something like this but it wasn’t until now that she took the initiative and followed through with it. She needed to get away. Get away from the drama of living at home. Get away from the pressures of more school work. Get away from old faces she saw every day of her boring life in the city. Yes, she was getting away. 19 fucking years old and she was going to have the year of her life.

Indy had been her father’s daughter since birth. Being the youngest of four daughters her dad had his fingers crossed she would be a son but instead they were blessed by another baby girl. Her dad admitted defeat and chose the name Indy for the infant. Being the car fanatic he was he thought it fitting to name the child after the car race that visited the city annually that him and his father went to every year. For the first 14 years of her life, Indy was the tomboy type. Her father pushed her into about every tough or extreme sport he could. She went to auto shows, rugby matches, lacrosse games – you name it, she did it. As she got older it was then she realized she wasn’t a son, but a daughter and didn’t have a penis but a set of ovaries. On Sunday’s she would watch football to see the Packers massacre another team. It was during one particular game that her father realized he had a daughter and not a son when Indy commented that Brett Favre was quite good looking. From that moment on Indy couldn’t comment on good looking guys in sports for it haunted her father.

Despite her tomboyish appearance Indy was a knockout. Her blonde hair was always tied back in fun styles. She wore a lot of ride apparel such as Billabong, Fox Racing or some other brand logo along that market. She stood at just less than 5’8. Not too tall but not too short. She had the athlete’s body, firm and toned. Her sharp green eyes were more exuberant with her light blonde hair. From all the years playing rugby her legs were strong but not too muscular that it made her look butch. Her posture was always proper making her almost appear taller than she was. She could turn men’s heads as she walked into a place but would never seem to notice they even existed. It wasn’t that she was a snob; she just always seemed to be set on what her apparent objective was and didn’t seem to notice the room went quite as she came in. Her friends would tell her of course but she just didn’t think about it much. She always seemed to busy to have time for any kind of relationship. She operated on two seasons. Winter and summer and each one brought a new competitive sport she called her priority. Guys always wanted just a bit of her time but she just couldn’t offer it to them. It bothered all the guys in her school so much that those who did get a chance to go out with her for a night couldn’t brag to his buddies that he got any because she only gave them one night. The boys seemed to need her much more than she could ever need them.

So it all went down like this. After agreeing to go on to study Kinesiology, she changed her mind last minute and bought a plane ticket out west to live for a year in the mountain scene. She didn’t know a single person, had no idea where to get a job and had no place to stay. She was winging this one fully. One thing she did have was her skis. Something she had done all her life. That was the one sport her father pushed on her more than anything. At the local hills she established herself well as the top female skier cross rider in her area but there was only so much the hills had to offer. Her parents pleaded with her to change her mind and go on to school but her mind was made up. They drove her to the airport with little words exchanged. She got out of the truck, waved bye to her parents and that was about it.

She was fairly early for the flight and was allowed to board the small 30 or so passenger plane almost immediately. She was clever enough to purchase a window seat so she could see the Rockies as they flew over. She packed her carry on bag into the overhead compartment and took her seat. The plane was small. She went cheap in order to save her money and she was second guessing that decision. The seat a head of her had no magazines to read apart from the safety brochure that she chose to ignore. It was at that moment she started to think if this whole idea was all that smart after all. To get her mind off of things she just stared out the small window at the crew preparing the plane for take off. She didn’t even notice that some one had taken a seat next to her. It wasn’t until she felt and arm brush up against her own did she even look over.

The passenger beside her was a young man, maybe 21 at the most. His hair was partly hidden under a mesh Burton Snowboards hat but flipped out a little from the sides so she could see it was a very dark brown. His was good looking, strong chin and straight nose. His eyes were a dark brown matching his hair colour. He had been up early to make this 7 am flight and must not have had time to shave for he had evidence of hair on his chin and neck. She couldn’t tell how tall her was by the fact he was sitting but judging by the fact he was quite a bit taller than her sitting in the seat she guess maybe just over six feet. He immediately looked at her and smiled a warm white toothed grin then looked away instantly as if he found something in his carry on of more importance than the good looking female sitting in the seat next to him. She admired his taste in clothing. He wore a brown Burton Snowboards hoody with a pair of baggy jeans. He was the type of guy she liked but didn’t have the nerve to really talk to.

Several minutes of awkward silence passed when he turned to her and spoke, “You like flying?” he asked crossing one leg over the other uncomfortably in the small space between him and the chair in front. Indy seemed slightly started by the sudden question.

“I haven’t been in a plane since I was six to be honest” she replied in a rather soft tone only looking at him briefly as she responded to his question. She was hoping that he wouldn’t just think she was dull and stop talking to her. He apparently didn’t feel that way for he turned to face her more and tried to spark up conversation.

“Where abouts you headed?” he asked. He had seen a pair of Velvet goggles sticking out of her pack when he put his own jacket into the overhead compartment. He didn’t want to come off to strong but he didn’t want to have this girl beside him just ignore him all the way because he said nothing. She was stunning and he couldn’t help but want to get some from her right there on the plane. Of course one doesn’t just say ‘Hey, your hot, want to go screw?’ It just wasn’t something you do. Still he found himself undressing her with his eyes. Imagining her without the red Fox Racing zip up sweater and the tight jeans. He wondered if she was wearing some white virginal panties and bra or whether she was a closet sex goddess and had the black lace thong. As he thought harder and harder he was quickly getting more and more aroused.

“Vancouver, than Whistler Village” Indy said seeing that his face seemed a little out of it and his eyes appeared glazed over a little. Hearing her words however, he seemed to snap back to it.

“You and me both than. It’s gonna be a sick year of riding. They already have gotten over 40 inches of snow in the passed 3 days. Nothing better than hitting fresh pow first thing in the morning” he told her leaning back in his chair reaching his arms back and resting the back of his head in his hands. His eyes shut a little as if he was getting off the idea of fresh snow in the morning. Indy couldn’t help but laugh a little. She had to agree with him though. She looked back out the window only for a second when she felt his hand tough her on the arm rest.

“I am sorry, you can have it if you like” she said trying to be polite. He smiled at her and shook his head. “No no, you claimed it first” he paused for a second and it was clear he had something else to say. “Maybe you can offer me something else though?” he asked but before she could even process what he had said the plane jerked and begun to be taxied to the run way. The seatbelt light came on and he quickly got his together. Indy however couldn’t seem to find the other strap. “Let me help” he said reaching across her lap and grabbing the other strap and fastening it for her. As he withdrew his hand he let it gracefully slide across her thigh moving from the inner outwards. He put his hand back on his lap and watched as she turned slightly red and smiled “Thanks” was all she could mutter. They didn’t exchange another word until the plane was about 5 minutes in flight and the seatbelt lights went off. Once again it was him who broke the silence.

“I didn’t catch your name by the way” he said.

“It’s Indy” she replied hoping to learn a little more about him. After all they were bound for the same destination.

“Unusual name, but I like it” he said with a smile. “How did you get a name like that?” he asked.

“Long story but it was my dad. He loves the Molson Indy so much that he saw it fitting to name his youngest daughter after it” he told him with a slight laugh afterwards because it was a weird way to get a name.

He did laugh at her little story. “I am Chase. You and I both have the uncommon name. I however had the blessing of my mother naming me” he said not taking his eyes off of her. He couldn’t help but glance down at her rack a couple times. She wasn’t blessed in that area with a pair of DDs, not even C’s but he always liked to think that where a woman lacked in bust, she made up for in other things.

“It’s nice to meet you Chase” she said politely. “If you will excuse me however, I am just going to use the washroom. I think I need to splash some cold water on my face to wake me up a little more” she said standing up. He moved out of her way so that she could snake by. She walked to the back of the small jet and walked into the small cramped bathroom. She looked in the dirty mirror at her reflection and turned on the cold water. She let it run for a second before cupping her hands to collect the cold liquid and splashing it upon her face. She did this twice. On the third she lowered herself more towards the sink taking her gaze away from the mirror and let the water drip of her face. She took a deep breath and raised her head seeing Chase had entered the washroom with her. She hadn’t even heard him come in or felt him against her but there he was. She tried to turn around to face him but it was so cramped that it was virtually impossible.

“What are –“ she started but he grabbed her from behind wrapping his arms across her waist and began sucking hard on her neck taking little nips with his teeth gently here and there. He held her tightly pulling her into his arms. She didn’t resist at all. She tilted her head back into his shoulder opening her mouth and closing her eyes. She reached down with one hand to ensure the washroom door was locked. She still was unable to turn around and face him but it really didn’t seem to bother him all that much. His right hand began to slide down her stomach and reached the point at which her jeans met. Very slowly his fingers slipped down but stopped once his thumb hung out. She let out the slightest moan of wanting but he pressed a finger to her mouth and whispered “Shhh” in her ear. She turned her head allowing herself to kiss him along the ridge of his jaw and going down his neck before he pressed her mouth to his own. His tongue slipped into her mouth almost violently. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. With his free hand he was able to unzip her sweater from behind to expose the fiery red bra with black trim. So he had been wrong about the bra colour but this was better than he had pictured. He took one in his hand cupping it softly and squeezing it as he kissed her more deeply. She began to shake a little, her knees getting slightly weak. He knew he couldn’t resist her for much longer. She reached back with her own hand feeling the bulge in his pants. She was impressed by the size of it and wanted to see it with her own eyes. Upon her touch he couldn’t hold back anymore. He instantly switched to being much more aggrieve and dove for the zipper of her jeans. As he did that to her, he fiddled with his own and slid down his boxers just enough that his large throbbing cock was exposed. He felt for her panties which felt of silk and could feel that they were soaked through. She was so wet and wanting. “Get inside me” she pleaded but that was posing more of a challenge. The washroom was so small manoeuvring was difficult. He let her jeans fall to her ankles and slide his hands across her inner thighs. She was breathing hard, harder than him. The heat was causing the small mirror to form a small layer of condensation. She spread her legs as much as she could form him and leaned forward slightly allowing him to get inside her. He slowly rubbed his begging cock around her pussy as much as it killed him to hold back so much. “Screw me” she ordered. This caused him to laugh a little as he looked down slowly thrusting his member into her. She was so tight getting in posed just as hard a task as moving around. “Holy sh-it” he let out as he shut his eyes firmly pushing into her a little more. She let out a slight yelp as he moved inside her more and more. His hand reached around and held her stomach tightly while the other held her leg and pushed her back onto him more. He paused once he got his entire cock into her before sliding out. He could see a small tear form in the corner of her eye as she looked back at him. “Don’t stop” she asked pushing herself back so he was moving in her again. He couldn’t go this slowly anymore. He began thrusting harder and faster in her. Indy’s B cup breasts moved up and down with every push he made to get inside her. She groaned with mass amounts of pleasure as he got harder and harder with her. With every thrust she clenched just about every muscle. Doing this just made him moan more and more. “I knew I had to have you when I saw you in the seat next to me” he said over the noise she made. He couldn’t silence her for he was doing the same thing. He watched as she took her right hand and began to play with herself as he humped her. “You are so hot” he told her watching her through the mirror as she helped herself come that much closer. Watching him enter her over and over and her rub her clit with her fingers made him unable to hold it any longer. “I am cuming” he gasped as he held onto her tightly. He figured she would move so he would cum on her but instead she slowed down her rhythm and took him deep inside her. At that moment he released inside her tightening every muscle in his body as he shot his load. At the same time Indy brought herself to cum with him as she titled her head back and shut her eyes once more and held her breath as the sensation rushed through her body. She quivered with pleasure as he slowly withdrew out of her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck. The mirror was now covered by condensation from the sweat of their bodies. He held her tightly still and sucked on the side of her neck. “That was amazing” she whispered in a shaky voice. He smiled at her and handed her toilet paper to clean herself off. She pulled up her pants as he did the same and zipped her sweater up. She let her hair loose from the messy bun she had and fixed it up putting it back up in the same way. “Let me go out first” she said as she opened the door and stepped out. She was relieved to see that no one had heard them and things seem to be just fine. No one seemed to even notice they were gone. She returned to her seat and took out the safety pamphlet and began flipping through it though she never had interest in reading it. She looked over as he took his seat once more next to her and placed a hand on her lap along her inner thigh.

They were pretty much quiet for the remainder of the flight. She fell asleep with her head on his lap for a couple hours. He woke her once the pilot came on to say that they would be making their descent in 5 minutes. She rose up and looked out the window. She had missed the view of the Rockies but she didn’t care at all. “You have a place to stay?” Chase asked looking over at her. It dawned on her that she really didn’t have anything set up. “No, I was going to see what I could do once I got there” she said knowing that must have sounded pathetic. “Well you’re in luck. My buddies have a small place in the staff housing. It will be cramped but why don’t you come with me. I don’t want to lose the first friend I have made on this trip” he said with a cocky smirk. She returned with an innocent smile and nodded her head. “That would be great” she said.

The plane landed and Indy followed Chase off the plane hand in hand. He went on and on about how his buddies would take care of her and show her how things went. He even assured her she would have no problems finding work out here. They got their packs and made their way out of the airport. She had to admit, so far the trip was going great. It had only been a few hours; she could only wonder how the rest of the year would go.


2007-11-14 02:16:28
Pretty good. Maybe if it was a bit longer and more happened? But loved it anyway. Next time, just check it through before posting it :D


2007-11-13 11:59:27
Mile High Club first, then a gang bang?


2007-11-02 19:32:03
I loved it :) who cares about the spelling as long as you can read it.


2006-02-07 13:00:02
the mile high club, what a place. Good story, but I knocked off a point for spelling. She was a virgin eh?


2006-02-06 09:43:09
Learn to spell and punctuate better.

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