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I didn't write this story! It's best story I ever read so I thought I would post on here for you veiwers! (Chapter 2 of My Sister the Bitch is being slowly made... I'm a busy lazy guy lol)
Chapter 1

As I am sitting here writing this, I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. It all started when my wife was about to deliver our child. Rita and I had been married about three years when she got pregnant. I'm an architect, still trying to establish myself in a big firm. We do all right, not great and we own a nice two-bedroom condo in a small town outside Boston.

Due to some complications, Rita was bedridden for the last three months of her pregnancy and had to be watched carefully. When it came time for the baby to be born the doctor checked her in early so they could try to control her delivery.

Around the time she was about to go to the hospital, my folks offered to drive up from their home in Connecticut and stay with us to help out until Rita felt up to taking care of herself. We jumped at the offer since Rita's parents were both dead and she really doesn't have any other family. My folks have always been great to us and were a pleasure to have around. They were always there for their kids when they needed them. I was the third of four, two boys and two girls, and so my folks just figured that it was my turn.

My Dad is semi retired as a contractor, though he keeps busy consulting and such and Mom is a nurse, but only part time. So getting away for a while wouldn't be a problem for them. In fact my Dad had a friend of his that wanted him to consult on a development he was building, so he could make it a business trip as well. They originally lived up here, but had moved to Connecticut shortly after I got married. They are both in their mid-late fifty's and look like every body else's parents. Dad is a little over weight with graying black hair and Mom is tall and thin and has deep red hair with whispers of gray around her face.

The cause of all that happened started when Rita first developed these complications and had to be confined to our bedroom. Along with this came the orders of no sex for the duration. We had not had a very active sex life lately and not to brag, I have a very high sex drive and I need to get some every day. We weren't getting along too well, fighting and bickering, but not willing to part so we thought having a baby might help. We started going together in high school and got married about 5 years after college. While Rita isn't a great looking girl with brown eyes and long, curly brown hair that she wears in a ponytail down to the base of her back, she has some attributes you can't ignore. She has huge, round tits and a soft round ass and killer legs all wrapped around a full figure that made her very sexy to me. When we first started going together the sex was great, but what I really fell in love with was just how sweet she is.

Then as time went on, things went a bit sour, so when she got pregnant we thought it might force us to work on our marriage. So being shut off like this was killing me and, not wanting to cheat on Rita, I was left with old rosy palmer to reduce the tension. I haven't beat off this much since I was a kid and to be honest, it wasn't getting the job done. From the time I hit high school, I never had a problem getting laid, mostly due to my personality. Not that my equipment was inadequate, about 7" and thicker than most, but girls just seemed to like me. And once they got to know me they wouldn't leave me alone. But now here I was, three months without any real sex and climbing the walls!

My folks arrived the night before Rita was going to the hospital and it was real nice having them here. They helped get Rita ready for the next day and Mom cooked a great meal for everyone. I took Rita in the next morning and spent the day with her, getting her settled. The doctor explained that they were going to induce her slowly to try and control her delivery. He told us that she would probably deliver in 48 hours, but they would be monitoring her progress the whole time, and I could go home and they would call me if she got close when I wasn't there. I left to go home for supper and told Rita I would be back in the morning, since I worked for a very progressive company that gave you three weeks off when your wife has a baby. I had a nice dinner with the folks, watched some t.v. and headed off to bed.

Once I stretched out and felt the cool sheets caress my dick I began to get hard and realized I needed relief. I grabbed one of the playboys I keep in the nightstand and started thumbing through it while I yanked on my johnson. In a little bit I felt my cream rise up my dick and explode all over my hand and down my leg. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and then flopped into bed, feeling as frustrated as ever. I needed a hot twat to satisfy this urge and I needed it soon!

Chapter 2

I woke the next morning about as horny as ever and it seemed my beating off was only making matters worse. I put on a pair of long shorts and the way the fabric inside brushed against my dick only inflamed me even further! I was in a deep, lustful fog as I threw on a T-shirt and made my way out to the kitchen and made some coffee. I was sitting at the table reading the paper when my mom walked in.

“Oh honey, I didn't know you were up already. I would have gotten up earlier and made you some breakfast.” she said.

“It's ok mom, don't worry about it. Where's dad?” I asked.

“He went to buy a paper, he'll be back soon. Can I make you some breakfast?” she asked.

“Sure, that would be great.” I said and watched her move around the kitchen.

I noticed for the first time that my mom had a nice figure that her thin robe couldn't disguise. She had full, round, tits that seemed to just sag a bit under there own weight, a small waistline with just a hint of a slight bulge at her stomach, a nice, round, ass and long, tapered legs. It must have been due to my lack of sex, but I became mesmerized watching her move about the room, retrieving things from the refrigerator, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying under her robe.

I had never in my life thought of my mother as any kind of sexual object, but in a blink of an eye it all changed! At one point she bent down to get a pan out of the cabinet and her robe parted across her leg, her nightie riding up her legs, exposing her creamy white thigh. My dick lurched in my pants and began to swell as she remained in that position, trying to find the right pan, with me being unable to tear my eyes away from her bare leg! She got frustrated in her search and stood for a moment and then bent over to continue her hunt, causing her robe to ride up the back of her legs and stretch tightly across her round ass! This sight caused my aroused dick to go into overdrive and quickly rise to its full length, hard as a steel bar.

I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings of recognizing this woman as my mom, the woman I had known all my life and had never considered as anything but that. She was my loving parent who tended my childhood scrapes, soothed my fears over nightmares and drove me back and forth to various practices. But now I was confronted with this sudden, irresistible, reaction I was having to her as a desirable woman! I had seen her prepare breakfast in this exact same way, dressed in this exact same way and never felt an inkling of what I felt at this moment!

I thought I must be losing my mind, but I couldn't stop watching her as my pulse began to race and my body heat started to rise. I found my breath shorten as my hormones went into overdrive and I was overcome with lust for my own mother!

I was reeling in a sexual intoxication as I watched her move to the stove, taking in every little jiggle beneath her robe. My heart was racing and the hair on my arms was standing up as I started to imagine the feel of her soft skin against mine. I couldn't sit there any more and got up to take my cup to the sink, quickly realizing my dick was fully erect and pushing out the front of my shorts. I reached inside and readjusted it as best I could so it would lie back against my stomach, the wide elastic waistband helping to hold it in place. My intention was to get out of that room and get to my bedroom where I could get some self-relief. The kitchen is a galley style with a square at the end for a table and chairs. As I made my way by my Mom there is not a lot of space since there are cabinets and counters on either side.

In the process of going by her she suddenly seemed to have a problem setting the burner, said something under her breath and then leaned over the stove to get a better look. In bending over she sent her round ass right into my inflamed crotch and I could feel my hard dick briefly become enveloped into the crevice of her ass cheeks! This had the same effect on me as when a dentist hits a nerve as a shiver went up my spine and my dick lurched in my pants. I didn't get a chance to savor the feeling as she quickly straightened out and half turned to face me. She showed no signs of realizing that she had accidentally bumped into my raging hard-on with her pillowy ass!

“Oh, sorry hon! I didn't see you back there!” she said.

“Its o.k. Mom.” I lied. “You got a problem?” I tried to compose myself and seem interested in helping her.

"It's your stove. I can't seem to get the setting right on the burner" she complained.

“Yea, we have the same problem, let me show you.” I said as we both turned toward the stove.

I leaned in from behind her, my chest lying on her back and my engorged dick lightly caressing her ass. We were practically cheek to cheek as I showed her how to adjust the stove to any temperature she wanted. As I did this I took in the heady, musty scent of my mom's body, obviously she hadn't showered yet and her aroma was driving me wild!

As she watched my hands on the control dial closely I let my eyes wander down my mom's neck and chest until I caught an eyeful of cleavage from her billowing nightgown and robe. Her tits were round and succulent, covered in freckles and they rose and fell with her breathing. I could almost see the beginning of her areolas and nipples, but they remained hidden against the material of her nightie. My libido was in overdrive now, as I couldn't fight off the overwhelming rush of lust I felt for her! My eyes retraced their trail up her chest and came to rest on her exposed neck. It was long and graceful even though it showed her age. I wanted to bury my nose up against it and ram my dick between the crease of her round ass!

Somewhere deep within my stupor I heard her say "Thanks, hon" and look at me. I quickly refocused on her face.

“You know mom, you smell really good, what are you wearing'?” I asked.

“Why nothing, I haven't even showered yet.” she replied with a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

“Really?” I asked. “I could have sworn I could detect something really nice.” I said as I let my face drop to the area of her neck just below her ear.

I took a deep breath and filled my senses with her odor, lost in a world of wantonness. I pressed my nose against her sloping neck, nuzzling it up and down.

“Tom, what are you doing???” she asked, with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

I didn't answer, but kept on nuzzling her neck as I brought my hands up and rested them on her hips. I felt all reason leave me as I began to follow my nose with small kisses up and down her neck

“Tom, stop it right now, this isn't funny!!” she yelled pulling her neck away from my face.

“Oh…Uhh..sure…” I said and broke away reluctantly. “I… ah… better get ready to go see Rita.”

I struggled to leave the room without exposing my raging hard on to my Mom and made my way to my room. Once inside I stripped quickly, my rock-hard dick twitching and swaying. I made my way into the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower. Once under the spray I soaped up my dick and jerked it urgently to the thoughts of my mother’s warm, pliant body pressed against mine. As my thoughts turned to the feel of her thick, soft lips on mine I came violently, my knees buckling as my cum flew out of the head of my dick.

I recovered in a short while and got out, drying off and getting dressed. I made my way out of the house and to the hospital. I spent the entire morning and early afternoon with Rita, mostly watching t.v. until I couldn’t feel my ass in the chair. I told Rita at this point I needed to go and said goodbye.

I left the hospital and went to the mall where I did a lot of girl watching, which did nothing for my condition. I couldn’t believe I had tried to put a move on my own mother! Just thinking about it gave me the shivers.

I spent as much time as I could at the mall before I made my way home.

Mom was making supper in the kitchen as Dad watched the tube.

She looked at me with a quizzical face and moved away. I watched her move about the kitchen, dying to get back next to her and press myself up against her.

She stopped at the counter and continued with breakfast. I slowly moved towards her and settled in front of her.

“Uh, Mom…I’m sorry…I just miss you…” I lied.

She looked at me for a moment and seemed to melt right before me.

“Oh honey! I’m sorry! C’mere!” she said, opening her arms in a request for a hug.

I stepped into her arms and wrapped my arms around her waist, intoxicated by the feel of her soft frame meshing against mine in a tight embrace. I turned my hips away from her to avoid her feeling my ram-hard dick.

“I miss you too!” she murmured as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I buried my face into the crook of her neck again, taking in her scent.

“My poor baby, a father now.” she sighed. “I do wish we lived closer.”

“I love you Mom, I love you so much.” I breathed and then planted a soft, lingering kiss on the base of her neck.

“Oh, Tom! I love you too!” she responded, pulling me closer to her as she continued to stroke my head.

I planted a series of kisses along her neck, caressing it with my nose.

“Uhmmm, its been so long since I’ve had the chance to hold one of my babies like this” Mom said dreamingly as she subconsciously tilted her head, exposing more of her neck to my kisses.

I became a bit more ardent with my kisses, parting my mouth and lightly sucking at her neck as I moved up and down.

“Ohh, Tom, It feels so nice to hold you like I used to when you were little.” she sighed as she planted a few fleeting kisses of her own on my cheek and ear.

I was consumed with lust as my mother’s light kisses stoked the fire in my loins and I continued to plant open mouth kisses along her neck and jaw line. I reached the tip of her chin and glanced up at her, seeing that she had closed her eyes and had a contented smile on her lips. I moved in slowly and pressed my lips against hers in a soft, lingering kiss.

“Mmmmm!” Mom moaned in a pleasant way as our lips met and pressed gently together.

I had forgotten how soft and supple my Moms lips were and the feel of them pressed to mine nearly caused me to cum in my pants! She allowed the kiss to linger a few moments before she peeled them apart and pulled my head back into the crook of her neck.

“Eehhmmmm, your rather affectionate this evening.” Mom giggled as she rubbed the back of my neck with one hand.

“I, uh, just like being held again.” I said as I went back to planting small kisses at the base of her neck.

“Ohhhh!” Mom moaned in a sympathetic tone. “Well anytime you need it, I’m right here.”

I was determined to get as much out of this moment as possible, so I resumed my assault on her neck with open- mouthed kisses, sucking a bit more ardently.

“Uhmmmm!” Mom moaned as I wandered up her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

As I hit a spot halfway up her neck, I felt her tense up, realizing I had hit a nerve. I pressed in a bit harder, opening my mouth wider and flicking my tongue against this spot.

“Ohhhh…Tom…I..think we had better..stop…..” Mom moaned and gently struggled against my embrace.

I ignored her and continued to kiss and suck at this area with even more urgency.

“UHHHHhhhhhhh!” Mom moaned, still fidgeting against me, yet at the same time resting her chin on the top of my head, opening more of her neck to my kiss.

I moved up on her neck, lingering at each spot long enough to emit a moan from her as I kissed and sucked at it.

“Uhhhhh….T…..Tom…..uh…I…. think….we….we…should…..ohhhhhh!” she moaned, half fighting me and at the same time entangling her hand in my hair, pulling my mouth tighter into her neck.

I reached her jaw line and planted wet, open-mouthed kisses along it, aided by my mothers unintentional reaction of lifting her head. As I came to her chin, I kissed it gently, flicking my tongue against the cute cleft that is a family trait.

Mom’s eyes were mostly closed and her body was in a battle between pushing me away and pulling me closer.

Her lips were parted, struggling to bring air into her lungs, as she emitted a constant, low moan. I moved my lips towards hers, watching for a reaction that never came. I touched her lips with mine, barely making contact, feeling her breath brush against them. I slowly pressed my lips gently against hers, holding them there and then slowly pulling them apart. Mom had no reaction, as her parted lips hovered close to mine. I moved back in and pressed my lips against hers again, sealing them in a soft, illicit kiss.

“Mmmmm,” Mom moaned as I gently pressed my lips against hers, slowly applying a bit more pressure.

She stopped struggling as her hands slid down from my neck and quietly landed on my arms. I slowly swiveled my head, sliding my lips across hers and deepening the kiss. I began to notice a change in Mom’s reaction, her body, which had been tense, relaxed a little under my embrace as her lips seemed to soften under my kiss.

Her breathing steadied and her eyelids gave up their fight and closed, while all tension in her frame eased off and her head seemed to relent to the movement of my kiss!

Under her breath came quiet, soft moaning and I could feel her start to ever so lightly kiss me back! Her body was gently pressed to mine and I could feel her hardened nipples brush against me as her round tits snuggled slightly against my chest. I wanted her as badly as I've wanted any woman in my life and I knew now there was no doubt I was going to fuck her, my own mom!! The kiss went on for several more moments, soft yet firm, our heads bobbing gently in unison, our parted lips sealed.

Suddenly a car door slammed shut followed by the sound of someone climbing the short staircase leading to the door in my kitchen. It shook us both from this dream-like state and caused us both to quickly break off our kiss and move away from each other just as my Dad opened the door.

Mom shook the cobwebs from her head and rapidly turned to face the sink as Dad greeted us both. I made a hasty retreat, leaving them both in the kitchen.

I made it to my room and into the bathroom as I removed my pants and took hold of my swollen member. I rapidly began to jerk myself off, my eyes closed remembering the taste of that kiss I had just shared with my Mom. As if we were still pressed together, the feel of her tits resting into my chest, her mouth on mine, I began to cum!

It came running out of me in spoonfuls, so strong I felt my knees buckle and I needed to grab on to the vanity to hold myself up. As soon as it subsided I cleaned up and showered, quickly dressed and headed out to the hospital, yelling to my folks in the kitchen as I sped out the door.

All the way there I was wracked with guilt over what I had done to my mother, and yet, I couldn't help getting a bit aroused when I thought about how she gave in and started kissing me back!

Chapter 3

By the time I got to the hospital I found out that they had called me because Rita was getting close to delivering. The rest of the day was a blur as the baby arrived and we were so wrapped up in our happiness that I hadn't given my Mom another thought until she and Dad walked into Rita's room toward the end of the day.

Mom refused to make eye contact with me and spent the whole visit making a fuss over Rita and the baby. Dad seemed quite normal, so I could only surmise that Mom didn't tell him, not that I expected her to. They left about an hour later and I hung around until Rita convinced me to go home for supper. When I got home supper was just being placed on the table and Dad got up to get me a plate.

Mom on the other hand did her best to be pleasant, but very standoffish. We got through dinner mostly talking about the baby and as soon as we were done Dad grabbed his paper and excused himself to the "library", if you know what I mean. Mom quickly got up and started clearing the table and bringing things into the kitchen. I hadn't noticed what she was wearing up until now and took a moment to drink it in.

It was a flowered, short sleeve dress with an open collar that fit rather snug from her shoulders to her hips before ending just above her knees. Watching her move about got me the same reaction as this morning because the dress did little to hide her obvious curves, including her full breasts and round ass! The bounce in her chest and the sway of her hips and ass as she made her way around soon had me in a state of arousal and the feeling of drowning in forbidden lust!

I decided I had to pursue this, but perhaps with a different approach. I stood, grabbing a couple of plates and made my way into the kitchen. Mom was busy filling the sink with water as I placed the dishes on the counter and stood behind her for a moment.

“Uh, mom we need to...uh..tal....” I started.

“NO WE DON"T!” she cut me off.

“But Mom , we can't just ignore what happened this morning.” I said.

“NOTHING HAPPENED!” she admonished.

“Give me a break!” I said. “We both know that's not true and we need to talk about it!”.


“Well that's adult.” I said. “Just forget it ever happened and things will go on as normal?”

“I told you, I don't want to talk about it!”. she said, in a somewhat softer tone.

“But just let me explain...please??” I asked.

My mom said nothing as she started washing the dishes.

“You know how Rita has had a tough time with the pregnancy and all?” I started.

“Well it's been hard on me, you know, going without sex and all and I've been real frustrated and all. And, uhm, I can't really explain it, but this morning when you came in dressed in your robe, moving around making breakfast, I...I got excited. I know how nuts this sounds, but when I got close to you I just lost it and...and you know the rest...”

She didn't move for a few moments, but then finally turned around, tears in her eyes.

“And how do you think I feel? she asked. “My own son! And then if that wasn't bad enough...I....I..didn’t even….!”

She couldn't finish the sentence, but we both knew what she was talking about, her letting me kiss her. She quickly turned back around and stood there.

“Mom, I just so sorry, it was all my fault.” I said. “Can you forgive me?” I asked.

“I...I...don't know...if I can forgive either one of us.” she cried.

“Oh c'mon Mom, we can put it behind us.” I said as I moved up behind her.

Just at that moment, as I looked at her from behind, taking in the curve of her neck, the points of her shoulders, her rigid back, ample hips and her soft, full ass, I felt awash in desire again! It was then that I realized that it wasn't just that she was a woman that was making me behave this way, but the fact that she was MY MOM, and that this was so forbidden! The very fact that I was trying to fuck my own mother was what was turning me on so much!

I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around. She refused to look up at me, keeping her eyes on the ground. I studied her face and came to rest on her full, sensual lips, the lips that tasted so wonderful! My desire flamed within me and I knew I was going to try to kiss her again! This was so weird! I was in lust with my own mother! I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up.

“Look at me, Mom?” I asked.

She raised her head and looked me in the eye, hers filled with tears and her lips trembling slightly.

“I can't say I'm sorry about what I did.” I kept my hands resting on her shoulders. “I just acted on impulse”

My hands slid up her neck and came to rest under her jaw line. She kept her eyes on my mouth as I spoke, as if I would come up with some explanation that would absolve us both.

“That’s no excuse!” she said softly. “It was a lovely moment that turned into something….else!”

“I know and I’m sorry if I hurt you. It’s just that…you’re a truly beautiful woman Mom and for a moment I forgot you were my Mom.” I said.

“Oh please!” she protested.

“No, its true!” I admonished. “I guess I never really noticed before, but you are a very sexy, beautiful woman.”

She just looked at me, her face telling me she was having a hard time buying this.

“Tom, when I think of what could have happened if your father hadn’t come in when he did.” she cried.

“It was just a kiss!” I argued, hoping it meant more to her too.

“It was more than that and you know it! It was where it might have headed!” she said.

“I…I guess in the state I was in……” I admitted. “But then why didn’t you do something?”

“I….I guess it’s because its been some time since I felt desirable. You father hasn’t shown much interest in quite some time and when….you…..started……you know..….I sort of zoned out! I got swept away by feelings I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I guess…I…also forgot for a moment who I was with…"”she explained, casting her eyes to the floor.

“Can we get past this?” I asked

“I….I…don’t….” she started. “We….have to! I can’t go through my life being afraid to come near you…”

I leaned into her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She stiffly stood there, quite undecided about how to react.

“Mom?” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“Oh, Tom!!” she cried and wrapped her arms around me.

I buried my head into the crook of her neck and pulled her tightly against me.

“I never want to hurt you. I love you too much.” I said as I caressed her back.

“Oh, honey! I love you so!” she cried and rested her head on my shoulder.

We stood there hugging and caressing one another for a while. It got me really turned on and I had to maneuver my hips to keep my rapidly expanding dick from coming into contact with her.

“Mom. If it makes you feel better, I think Dad is a fool!” I said.

“Oh!” Mom replied and squeezed me.

She then pulled back and grabbed my head in both of her hands, looking me in the eye. She smiled sweetly at me and then drew my head in and planted a firm, but motherly kiss on my mouth. I felt my dick lurch at the feeling of her lips on mine, even if it was brief. She quickly returned her head onto my shoulder and I buried my face back into her neck.

We again stood there hugging and caressing one another and I planted several fleeting kisses across her neck.

“Uhhmmmm!" she moaned in reaction to my kisses and continued to caress my back.

This encouraged me to start pressing my kisses a bit harder against her neck, parting my lips. I began gently sucking on her neck, flicking my tongue against her skin. I felt her tense up and begin to struggle a bit.

“Uh…Tom…don’t. I told…you what that…feels like..” she said, her hand fluttering up to my head.

I ignored her and began pressing my mouth against her neck, firmly kissing it and lapping at with my tongue.

“Uhggghh! Tom…please..we…shouldn’t….” she protested, but moved her head to expose more of her neck to my kisses.

She continued to struggle as I maintained my mouth action on her neck, sucking on her soft skin and bathing it with my tongue. I was now pressing my engorged dick up against her crotch, slightly rubbing it up and down as my hands kneaded her back and sides and my mouth made its way up her neck towards her chin line.

“God...Tom....we need to....stop......” my mom begged in a breathless voice as she tried in vein to move her neck out from under my sucking mouth.

I continued to kiss her neck and felt the tension in her body relax and her breathing become ragged as I made my way under her chin. She moved her head to the side, almost in a gesture of surrender, and moaned in a low tone as I set my sights for her lips. As I reached the point of her chin, I pulled back for a moment, looked into her glassy eyes and saw that she had partially closed them.

I leaned in and gently pressed my parted lips to hers in a slow, firm kiss. She didn’t move, she just stood there as I kissed her. I slowly pulled back, peeling our lips apart, looking into her partially closed eyes.

“Ohhh, Tom…..stop…we can’t….” she moaned while staring at my lips.

I moved back in, capturing her lips between mine for moment before releasing them. I moved back in again as just as I reached her lips, she parted them, clinging to mine for a moment, before parting again.

“Oh Mom!” I moaned, kissing her cheek.

I kissed my way back to her lips and paused, looking into her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her again, firmly pressing my mouth on hers.

“UUHHMMMMMMMMHH!” she moaned, but kept her eyes closed as I pressed my mouth onto hers.

She was limp in my arms for a few moments, but then, very slightly, began to respond to the kiss. Slowly her lips softened and she began to kiss me back while her arms snaked their way up my shoulders and around my neck. She pressed her lips firmly against mine, our heads bobbing gently as our lips slowly parted and the kiss grew to a deep, soulful embrace. It went on for some time, our lips sliding against one another’s in a building fire of passion, pressing more and more firmly together until, in an explosion of lust, she tightened her grip on me and we dove into a frenzy of desire.

In a burst we were kissing up a storm, ravishing one another's mouth, moaning in pent-up hunger, grasping onto one another in unbridled lust!! Our mouths opened and were filled with the force of our searching tongues, fencing in an illicit duel, as our hands clutched and grabbed in a fervor filled dance. All time stood still as our incestual kiss went on and on, neither one of us having the will or the inclination to break free. Abruptly, out of the fog, I heard the sound of flushing coming from the bathroom and knew my Dad was on his way out!

I broke free of our kiss, pushing her slightly away.

“Dad's coming to...move..!” I wheezed.

Mom, still in a haze, looked at me under groggy eyes, her body unsteady.

“Oh...ok...” she mumbled and then grabbed my head, pulling me towards her and smashing her mouth back onto mine.

I immediately forgot the danger and wound my arms back around her and resumed our demanding kiss, both of us moaning in wild abandonment!!! A few moments later we both heard the door to the bathroom open and quickly broke free, with Mom heading out to the garage and me leaning over the sink, trying to catch my breath!

I got control of myself and joined my Dad in the living room, where he was watching t.v..

“Where's your mom?” he asked.

“Taking out some garbage” I lied.

We were soon joined by Mom who announced she was going to read in bed for a while and left. She was on very shaky legs as she made her way to the guestroom, although I doubt my Dad noticed. He and I stayed up for a while, until I couldn't take it anymore and went to bed where I jerked off thinking of my Mom and our latest kiss!

The next morning I got up and found both of my folks already up and eating. The moment I got to the table Mom announced she was off to take a shower, ignoring me altogether. Dad and I sat around shooting the breeze when it occurred to me that if I played it right I might learn a little about Mom's sex drive from Dad.

“Uh, Dad”, I started, “Can I ask you for some advice?”

“Sure.” he replied

“Well, when Mom was pregnant with one of us did you ever, you know, get shut off?” I asked.

“Well, yes and no” he said.

“What's that mean?” I asked

“Well, if you must know, my, uh, sex drive has never been too, uh, strong, if you catch my drift.” he said.

“How so?” I asked.

“I, um, never had a great interest in it. I know that sounds weird, but, to tell you the truth once a month was about all I ever needed.” he said.

“Huh.” I replied.

“And that was ok with Mom?” I inquired.

“Well, not exactly. She was always after me for more. Your Mother always had a very healthy sex drive. She just married the wrong guy.” he explained.

“So how did you...” I started.

“Stay together?” he finished for me.

I shook my head.

“Well, we love one another, and most times that's enough, at least it was for her.” he said.

“So do you ever....?” I left the question hanging.

“Oh sure, every once in a while. In fact, between you and I, something got into her last night and I didn't have the heart to turn her down, since it had been a while.” he said.

I felt myself blush as I realized I was what got to her last night, to the point that she seduced Dad! I began to put it all together and realized that the reason my Mom relinquished to my advances is she isn't getting any from the old man and probably has a lot of pent-up urges. They probably got the best of her.

I got up to go shower and get ready to go to the hospital when I passed Mom in the hall and she put her head down and went right past me. Well, so much for that!

I left and was soon sitting in Rita's room, enjoying the baby and talking with my wife. My folks joined us after a couple of hours and said they had some news. Dad had been offered a consulting gig on this job he had been monitoring and it would last a couple of more weeks. He said he had talked it over with Mom and they would be getting a hotel suite for the rest of their visit. I could tell this was Mom's idea by the way she enthusiastically was shaking her head, probably as a way to get away from me. But Rita would have none of it and after a lengthy argument the folks agreed to stay.

They left shortly after and I caught up with them back home. Mom almost seemed to be her old self and at one point Dad sidled up to me and said he thinks last night might have been a mistake and that Mom had made several references to a second honeymoon. Sure enough, Mom seemed to be very content, probably thinking she could now brush me aside in lieu of her husband's new found sexual vigor. After supper they announced that since they were staying they needed to do some clothes shopping and would be heading to the local mall.

Chapter 4.

The rest of the night was uneventful and I ended up going to bed before the folks got home. The next morning I got up and headed towards the kitchen to find my Dad sitting, reading the paper over a cup of coffee.

“Morning Dad. Did you and Mom have a good night?” I asked

“Oh yea!” answered Dad in a somewhat sarcastic manner.

“Why, what's up?” I asked.

“Oh, your Mom picked up a few new bedroom items last night, if you know what I mean, in an attempt to light a fire under me" he explained

“And?” I inquired.

“Well, like I told you, I'm not exactly driven.” he replied.

“Uh oh!” I chuckled.

“Exactly! She comes at me wearing one of these new nighties and I'm just not interested. Next thing you know she's pissed and not speaking to me. She stayed in bed after I got up and I get the feeling she's gonna stay there until I leave. I'm gonna pay for this!” he cried.

I nodded my head in agreement.

Dad finished with his coffee and announced he was getting out to the job site.

“Tell your Mom I should be back by noon, not that she'll care.” he said as he went out the door.

I turned my attention toward the closed guest room door and my mother beyond it. Now was my chance to get her alone and see where it might lead, especially with her coming off a rejection last night! I thought she might try to avoid me as well so I went to my room to plan this out. I was dressed in my usual attire of a T-shirt and shorts. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I got up and took the T-shirt off, leaving me naked with just my shorts, no underwear.

I stepped out of my room and shut the door loudly and waited. Standing there in anticipation got me a little excited and my dick started to rise, creating a bulge in my shorts.

I heard some rustling going on in the guestroom and then the door swung open and my mother came out, dressed in her robe carrying a towel. She was obviously on her way to the bathroom for her morning shower.

“Uh, Mom!” I called out.

She stopped and turned, startled at my presence.

“Oh, I didn't see you standing there.” she said.

I could see her taking in my semi naked form, her eyes traveling across my frame.

“Dad said to tell you he'd be back around noon.” I said.

“Oh, all right.” she mumbled.

“I….uhm...need to….talk to you.” I said.

“Uh...I..really..don't think this is a good time..” she replied in a somewhat nervous tone, her eyes getting wide and her face taking on a worried expression.

“But, I...I think we need to Mom.” I protested as I took a step towards her.

She immediately took a step back, looking down on the floor. I figured this was probably my last chance to get something going and I needed to lay it all out to her.

“Tom...please...just...just...drop it.” she begged.

“I can't Mom. You have no idea what you do to me.” I told her.

“What I do to you?? What.….what… you mean????!!” she asked incredulously.

“It's just that ever since that morning in the kitchen I...I...can't stop thinking about you and how you feel and smell and....taste.” I admitted as I felt my dick continue to lurch in my shorts.

“Tom, please.” she beseeched.

“I...I...can't help myself Mom!! You turn me on so much!!!! You're driving me crazy!!!” I told her, my dick now reaching maximum proportions, as I slowly made my way towards her.

She was backing up at the same pace and shaking her head to what I was telling her.

“Just....just stop it!! This is so wrong. You can't have these feelings about me! I'm your mother, for god's sake!!” she yelled.

I stopped about three feet from her and grabbed the snap on the front of my shorts.

“I know I shouldn't Mom, but I can't control it! Look at the effect you have on me!” I cried.

With that I pulled on the snap on my shorts, pulling it apart, and quickly pulling down the zipper. My shorts hung there for a moment and then fell from my waist, past my hips and down my legs, leaving me completely naked with my ragging hard-on jutting straight out from my body.

“TOM, MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!” mom cried out as her wide eyes locked on to my steel hard dick.

“I have to show you. It's the only way I can tell you how much I need you!” I said.

She stopped in her tracks, looking up at my face and then down at my dick with a look of disbelief on her face.


“I can't do that Mom.” I answered in a low, wanton tone as I continued towards her. "I need you to see how I ache for you, how badly I want you!”

“Don't talk that way to me. It's not right!” she said in almost a hushed tone, her eyes still taking me all in.

“Mom, you have no idea how hard I've tried to fight this.” I told her as I got just close enough to reach out and grab the belt on her robe.

“NO, DON"T!!!” she cried as she moved back and, in doing so, causing the belt to come undone.

As her back hit the wall outside her room, the robe fell away, revealing part of her naked form. I could feast my eyes on the inside contours of her round tits and the deep red hair on her full bush! She looked down and realized what had happened and quickly grasped the lapels of her robe and pulled them around her.

I told her as I got just close enough to reach out and grab the belt on her robe.

“NO, DON"T!!!” she cried as she moved back and, in doing so, causing the belt to come undone.

As her back hit the wall outside her room, the robe fell away, revealing part of her naked form. I could feast my eyes on the inside contours of her round tits and the deep red hair on her full bush! She looked down and realized what had happened and quickly grasped the lapels of her robe and pulled them around her.

“STOP THAT!!” she implored.

“Mom, don't you see how desirable you are to me? How incredibly sexy you are?” I asked as I continued to close the distance between us.

“NO, DON"T TOM!!" "YOU MUS'NT TALK THAT WAY!!” she cried, her breathing becoming somewhat ragged and labored.

“I'm only talking the truth, Mom.” I replied.

As I stood right in front of her I took her clenched hands in mine and pulled them from the lapels of her robe, causing her robe to part wide open!

I looked down at the body I had been lusting for and it took my breath away! Her tits were shaped like large teardrops, with a bit of sag, topped by large areola's that covered half the area and punctuated by two large nipples! Her waist was thin with a slight bulge at the stomach and she had just a little fat around her hips. Her legs had some signs of stretch marks, but for the most part they were long and slender and gracefully tapered to her feet. And being a redhead, her entire body was covered in sexy looking freckles!

“LET ME GO!!” she demanded as she tried to gain release from my grip, causing her tits to jiggle in a very enticing way.

One thing I knew for sure was that there was no way I was going to rape my own mother. Either I got her to go along or I just give up and go beat off. I took another step toward her causing the head of my dick to press into her bush before sliding up and grazing her lower torso!

We both let out a loud moan, “OOOOHHHHH!!”, as sparks flew between us at the touch of my engorged dick across her abdomen.

“Oh, Mom.” I gasped and quickly lowered my head, pressing my mouth against her parted lips.

“UUUHHHMMMMMMMM!!!!” she groaned in response of my lips against hers, meekly trying to escape my grasp.

I knew then that she wasn't really trying to get away and was probably getting just as turned on as I was!

I let go of her hands and quickly slid my hands inside her parted robe, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards me and then wrapping my arms around her waist. Her tits flattened against my chest as my dick crammed into her midsection with my balls nestled into her bush!

Again she let out a groan, “UUUUHHHHMMMM”, as I pulled her against me, my mouth sealed against hers.

Her arms seemed to hang in mid air for a moment before they floated down to my shoulders.

She continued to moan under my unyielding kiss and I could feel her concede as her body relaxed. Her breathing began to take on a gasping rhythm as she started to respond to my kiss and I could feel her slightly rubbing her torso against my rock hard cock!

I needed her naked, I WANTED HER NAKED!, so I slid my hands up her back, grabbed her robe around her neck from the inside and pulled. It met with resistance for a moment as she had her hands resting on my shoulders, but finally she allowed her arms to slide down and the robe drifted off her shoulders and down to the floor.

I immediately wrapped my arms back around her, my passion taken to a new level just knowing I had my own mother completely naked in my arms! I renewed my vigorous kiss, my hands roaming up and down her back in a frenzy filled embrace!

“MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” she moaned, finally giving in.

She wound her arms tightly around my neck and returned my kiss with unbridled passion, opening her mouth and jamming her tongue into mine where they dueled in a lustful fencing match! We stood there in this crushing embrace, our mouths ravishing each other's, rubbing our groins together in a maddening caress. I swept my hands down her sides, grasping a full ass cheek in each hand, and pulling her up and tightly towards me, flattening her twat against my throbbing dick. This swept her right off her feet with only her toes still in contact with the floor as I clutched her by her ass.

This only served to heighten our passion as our heads bobbed wildly in the throes of an all consuming kiss while our groins mimicked our mouths in a crushing kiss of their own!!

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and, keeping my grip on her butt, I completely lifted her off the ground just enough so I could walk us both towards her room. She quickly wrapped her feet around my ankles to steady herself as I slowly moved us into her room, neither of us missing a beat in our illicit kiss!! I finally felt the back of her legs come into contact with the edge of the bed and stopped for a moment before slowly lowering us both onto it.

We came to rest with my body covering hers, her arms still tightly wrapped around my neck, kissing wildly as I lay between her widely splayed legs. The heat in our systems was reaching unbearable levels as we continued to rub our groins together, me bearing down, while she lifted her ass off the bed to meet mine. I knew then that this was going to be the fuck of my life!

We continued at each other like two love starved animals, moaning and groaning loudly, mouths devouring each other, our hands running wildly over each other's body and dry humping each other in pure desperation. As we were lost in the throws of passion, another jolt of excitement tore into my overloaded brain. In the mist of thrashing around my dick managed to wedge itself between the puffy lips of Mom's undulating twat and I felt the underside suddenly become soaked in hot, runny juice!

My Mom's slit was completely soaked and the feel of her hot emission on my prick was sending me headlong toward a huge orgasm! I broke our kiss and dove headfirst between my mothers cushiony tits, rubbing my face against them before turning my head to her left one and capturing the entire end in my mouth, sucking wildly on it!

“OH BABY!!!” my mother groaned as I ravaged her titty with my sucking, pulling mouth.

I sucked hungrily at her breast as she ran her hands through my hair, mashing my face down against it. I released her left tit to quickly capture her right and proceeded to ravish that one in the same manner, my mother pulling at my hair, smashing my face into it as if she was trying to fit her entire tit into my mouth!

I pulled free of her breast as we continued the excruciatingly pleasurable motion of cleaving my hard dick between the swollen, wet lips of her cunt! I was drowning in emotions I had never felt before as I kissed her succulent tit all over before working my way up her tit onto her neck.

“Tom, honey...we shouldn't....this isn't stop before we go too far...” she moaned.

But there was no way I could stop. I had come too far and had realized how desperately I wanted her, how badly I needed to fuck her! I had never been this turned on in my life! I attacked her neck with hot, frantic kisses, like a man possessed as I quickened the pace of my humping cock slicing between her wet, extended pussy lips!

“OH, BABY” she groaned, arching her neck against my insistent lips.

I kissed my way up her neck, stopping for a moment as I voraciously sucked on her earlobe and then made my way across her chin.

“OH, CHRIST!!” she groaned, pulling my face down and mashing her lips against mine!

With our lips once again pasted together, our bodies were franticly rubbing together, desperate for the only release that would satisfy us! In our squirming passion, I suddenly found the head of my bloated dick resting against the soft, hot, fleshy opening of my mother's cunt!

As I paused for just a second, taking in the heat of exuding from her weeping love hole, I felt her swiftly tilt her hips and roughly press herself against me. Savoring this moment for as long as I could, I continued to grind my mouth against hers, our tongues sliding along each other’s.

Suddenly I felt my mother's hands on my tightly clenched ass. As she grabbed hold of my ass, I felt her dig her long, painted fingernails into me. Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into the burning, cleaving opening of my mother's drooling pussy!

“AAAHHHHRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” we both gasped as our lips broke apart.

Gasping for breath, I felt beads of perspiration pop out on my forehead. I felt feverish and light headed as a wave of scintillating wickedness washed over me. Finding her lips once again, I hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As we kissed, I slowly eased my cock down into her flaming core. I couldn't believe this was happening as my cock slowly slipped deeper and deeper into the scalding depths of her forbidden, clutching canal. I was fucking my own mother!!! Surely I will go to hell for what I was doing, but it would be worth it, because nothing could compare to this illicit feeling of fucking my own mother!!!

It was an indescribable feeling, like thrusting your cock into a wet, burning sheath of silky softness that furiously clenched and squeezed at my lurching dick! Unbelievably, it was hotter and wetter as I went deeper and deeper inside the prohibited intimacy of her very soul! It was nothing like any of the women I had fucked before, no doubt due to the very taboo of who I was doing it with!

While the physical pleasure was incomparable, the fact that my mother was my willing partner in the wickedness drove my passion over the edge!

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD, MOM!!” I gasped, finally breaking our lip lock.

“OH, TOM, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!” she cried out, thrusting herself up against me.

My cock slid effortlessly into my mothers steaming canal, my origin, my source! The fiery oven of my own birthplace! It felt like heaven. Even though I was reveling in the immoral delight of fucking my own mother, I was slightly surprised. It should have felt dirty and perverted. I should have had some guilt at cheating on Rita and betraying my Dad but I was only overwhelmed by how electrifying it felt!

Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring from my dick, I tentatively pulled my swollen, throbbing, cock out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around my aching cock sent fire coursing up my shaft and into my reeling mind. The exquisite pleasure spewing from my loins was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate.

I realized my Mom must be feeling the same way as she arched her hips, wrapped her legs around my ass and pulling me even deeper inside her scorching cunt.

As I entered her, I could feel her bare tits scrapping up against my chest. Thrusting myself into her, I finally felt the head of my cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant my belly touched hers. We were made for each other and fit together perfectly. Holding myself deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt, I bent down and quickly kissed her again. My Mom returned my kiss, opening her mouth in mine and snaking her tongue into my mouth. We embraced tightly, and kissed deeply with our hips flattened against each other. The passion that was pouring out through my body rapidly blossomed into a white-hot spasm of ecstasy as the tension in my loins was reaching the boiling point. I broke off the kiss and buried my face into her neck, concentrating on pistoning my engorged dick in and out of her burning channel

“OH, GOD TOM!!” my mother gurgled, wrapping her legs around my hips and pushing her hips up against me. “OOOHH TOM, HONEY!!!” she cried as her body started to spasm and writhe.

Over and over I thrust my swollen cock deep into her hungry, sucking cunt as our bodies were moving in a heated rhythm.

“OH, TOM....I LOVE IT” she groaned as I fucked her, her hands clutching at me.

“MOM...MOM...MOM!!” I heard myself moan involuntarily as our hips clashed together over and over.

Our pent-up passion overcame us and suddenly we were going at each other like two clawing, biting animals!! We were unable to get enough of each other as we fought for release from the burning, festering desire!

“OH, GOD!! OH, GOD!!!!” I heard my Mother grunt every time I slammed my hard cock into her.

Our hips slammed together loudly as we fucked, the loud slurping of her cunt as it sucked on my dick filling the room. At last, after less than a minute of fierce, ball busting fucking, I could feel my scrotum begin to tighten. I could feel myself nearing the point of eruption as my mom writhed and groveled below me, urging me to fuck her harder and harder!

“OH, HARDER TOM.... HARDER HONEY....HARDER.......I FEEL IT...FEEL IT CUMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!” she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became hard as boards.

I felt her cunt lock down around my cock, squeezing it so hard I couldn't stop it from exploding!

“FUCKMOMCUUMMMNNNN!!!!!!!!” I bellowed.

As I felt like the head of my dick had been blown off inside my mother! I couldn't stop cumming inside her. Over and over again, my cock gathered itself and spewed out load after load of my thick, hot, creamy cum into her clinging cunt!

“OOOHHHH TOOOOMMMM!!!!” my mother cried out, gripping me desperately as her cunt continued to spasm uncontrollably, milking my dick for every drop of cream I had.

I quickly filled her contracting twat to overflowing and could feel my cum oozing out around my convulsing dick and run down the crack of my mother's upturned ass! Time seemed to stop as we groaned and fucked and fucked and groaned, franticly clutching onto each other, drowning in a pleasure that boarded on pain. At last there was no more and we collapsed in each other's arms, consumed by our sinful act, we immediately fell asleep.

I awoke dazed and dead tired. For a brief moment I didn't know where I was, but then I realized that I had been awakened by the movement of my mother rolling out of bed. It all came back to me! I had fucked my mother and god what a fuck it was! I had had the greatest cum of my life and I knew I was hooked.

I focused my attention on Mom who was sitting on the edge of the bed, her back to me, with her head in her hands. I took in her form as she sat there. The long neck, the way her spinal column was visible along the graceful slope of her back, the slight love handles at her waist and the expansion of her hips until it ended in the round, twin globes of her ass. Just looking at her I could feel my loins begin to stir and my dick come to life. I could tell she was troubled by the way she sat there and yet all I could feel was that familiar lust rising in my blood.

I reached out and let my finger tip touch her back as I spoke her name.

“Mom” I whispered.

She immediately stiffened at my touch, straightening up to escape my touch.

“Please Tom.” she said in a tone just above a whisper.

She began to get up and I quickly reached out and grabbed her arm lightly pulling her back to a sitting position.

“PLEASE TOM!” she asked more insistently. “I think we've done enough damage for one day.” she said

“I'm sorry Mom, but I just don't feel that way. That was, without a doubt, the most amazing sex I've ever had.” I announced.

“And at what cost??!!” she asked with a hint of disgust in her tone.

“Why does it have to cost us anything?” I asked “We both have strong needs that had to be satisfied and I don't see how it has to cost us a thing.”

“Because it can destroy everything we cherish and….” she started.

“Why? Why does it have to?” I interrupted. “Who does this hurt? No one has to know!”

“And our relationship? This doesn't tear that apart??” she asked almost incredulously.

“How Mom, how does it do that?” I implored.

I began to run my fingertips up and down her back. She stiffened at first, but then seemed to relax under my touch.

“You’re still my Mom. Only now I see you as someone else as well. One of the sexiest, most desirable women I have ever known” I said, as I continued running my fingers up and down her back.

“But.…..” she started.

“No buts, Mom. What we just experienced was so intense, so fierce, that I can't see it as wrong!” I said, my hand now running around her back to her sides, coming close to the edge of her tits.

“I...I......" she tried.”

“Just tell me one thing” I asked “Was this enjoyable to you?”

“Oh, don't ask me that” she begged.

“Answer me. Was it good for you?” I asked again.

There was a long silence as if she were holding on to the answer, afraid to let it out.

“ most intense orgasm I have ever had. I..I.. have had small ones with your father on occasions, but this...this was like nothing I had ever experienced..” she admitted.

“I thought so!” I said, running my hand up and down her sides.

On an upstroke my hand went up and over her left tit, pulling it up and coming to rest on her nipple, which was rock hard!

“Tom...don't...” she groaned.

I ignored her request and continued to caress her breast, capturing the nipple between my fingers and tugging and pulling on it.

“OH!!” she sighed, taking in a sharp breath.

This was having a profound effect on me as well as my dick was growing at a rapid rate, about to extend to its maximum length.

I played with her tit for a moment longer and then I had had all I could stand. I leaned forward, wrapping my arm around her waist so that my hand was gripping her right hip. I massaged her side for a moment, playing with the small roll where her torso meets her hip. Then I pulled, both turning her towards me, as well as down to me.

She resisted for just a second before giving in. As she turned on the bed to face me her eyes locked on mine and then traveled down to gaze at my near full erection. Her body started traveling down to mine and just as she got within a few inches of me her eyes traveled back up to mine, her lips parted and she fell against me.

We stared into one another’s eyes for several moments until our heads slowly came together, our mouths locking on to one another! The second our lips meshed together a spark went off between us and we embraced and kissed as if we were old lovers apart for years!

“MMMMMMMMM!!!!” my mother moaned, wrapping her arms around my neck.

She pressed her body up against mine, sealing her open mouth onto mine and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We lay side by side, our hands running over each other, lips bound together in a hot, incestual kiss!

Our passion knew no boundaries as we ravished one another on the bed, desperately searching for a way to get closer to one another. My hands roamed down her side to her plump, round ass, grabbing it and pulling her closer to me. I kneaded her ass causing her slit to rub up against my swollen cock sending more sparks flying between us. I worked my hand around to her front and then dove it between her legs. My two fingers sliced between her swollen labia, entering her steaming, wet canal.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGggg!!” Mom groaned, breaking our kiss as my fingers entered her sloppy, hot canal.

I worked two fingers in deep, marveling at how hot and horny she was, not at all like I knew her, even just days ago! She began humping against my fingers, moving them in and out of her juicy love hole and moaning continuously.

After a few minuets of this foreplay, all plans I had of making this a long, exploring session went out the window.

I couldn't wait to get back inside that boiling cunt and spray down her walls with more of my hot cream! It was apparent Mom was feeling the same way as her humping took on a frenzied pace.

“OH, TOM...STOP TEASING ME..... GET INSIDE!!!!” she groaned.

She quickly lay back and attempted to pull me down on top of her. I wasn't about to resist and went along with her, lifting myself up so I could land in between her spread legs and come down nestled groin to groin.

I removed my two fingers and started slicing my steel hard cock between her juicy slit, driving our anticipation to almost painful levels!

Mom became inpatient at this and lifted her but off the bed in an attempt to capture my dick in her weeping hole. I decided enough was enough and on her last attempt I pulled my hips back, lining my cock at just the right angle and drove my cock into her all the way to the hilt!

“OH, YESSSS!!!” Mom sighed as my dick quickly hit the bottom depth of her hot, clinging wetness and came to rest against her cervix!

It was all I could do to keep from cummimg immediately as Mom raised her ass of the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist and slapping our bellies together in a breath taking moment of ecstasy! I began grinding myself into her, holding my cock inside the clutching, squeezing heat of her cunt as I bent down and began to suck on her tits.

“UUUHHHHH, YES, OOHHH, YESSSS, HONEY, GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!!!” Mom groaned as I rapidly withdrew myself and in rapid succession impaled her six or seven times!

She began to meet each of my strokes by lifting her ass off the bed and driving her twat onto my swollen member!

I was out of my mind with passion, never having felt like this! I had to posses her totally. Conquer her and make her my willing sex slave for all eternity! I had to have all of her for my own. How could I possibly share her with anyone? I had to have all of her! Her tits, her pussy, her mouth, her ass, her body, her love! I had to have it all!

I continued my maddening pace, driving my dick in and out of her drooling wetness.

“OHHH,YESSSS, SWEATHEART, DO ME, DO ME, DO MEEEEE!!!!!” Mom cried out, continuing to meet my thrusts with her own in an illicit rhythm!

I became a mad man as I fucked her with brutal, deep strokes! My clenched ass was bouncing up and down like a car with bad springs on a bad road! My essence, my spirit, my total consciousness flowed down to my extended, driving cock! I became the thick, heavy cylinder of rock hard muscle and blood. I could feel every sensation as my heavily veined body plowed in and out of my mother's hot, clinging cunt!

In and out, in and out, I drove myself into her again and again! Time stopped as Mom and I fucked and fucked! I became a mindless cock whose only purpose in life was to bring pleasure to my mother and her hot, sucking cunt! As I hammered myself into her with boundless energy, I was rewarded when I felt her body jerking under me as she started to climax!

“OH GOD, OHGOD, OH, GOD, OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!!!!!!!!!”I heard her wail as her whole body began to shake and writhe!

Not slowing a beat, I continued to attack her with my cock without pause! I didn't know how much longer I was going to last, but I was determined to drive Mom into a level of bliss that she wouldn't be able to live without. Suddenly I felt her quake and jerk and her whole body stiffened as her second orgasm was upon her!

“OOOOHHHH, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! “she screamed as her as her body shook and her legs clamped around my hips in a death grip as the orgasm washed over her!

I had never felt such energy and endurance. I had never felt such power, such total domination, such lust! On and on I went, untiringly driving my cock into her battered, bruised cunt. Finally, after my Mom's second orgasm I felt the pool of liquid fire in my balls begin to churn heavily. I wanted to fill my mother's burning, hot, clutching depths with my flaming cum! I needed to fill her with my seed! Make her pregnant with my child! Possess her in every way possible. Possess her mind, her body, her soul! Invade her body and leave it possessed by my defiant seed.

My mother could sense my impeding cum as my dick extended and my cock head lurched deep in her canal.

“OHH, TOM, DO IT HONEY, DO IT!! CUM IN ME!! CUM IN MY CUNT!!! CUM HONEY, CUM IN MEEE!!!!” I heard my Mom urging me on.

Suddenly I felt my cock explode inside my mother's clenching, squeezing, milking cunt! Pleasure so pure and intense it hurt, bursting upon my brain filling me with agony and ecstasy at the same time!

“OOHHFUCKMOMCUMMINGFUCKMOMCUM!!!!!” I blabbered out unintelligibly as my cock spurted and spewed out it's potent load of seaman into my mother.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven as I lay atop my Mom filling her to overflowing again and again! My whole body was jerking and convulsing as I deposited load after load of thick, viscid into her absorbing, sucking cunt!

“OH GOD, OHHH CHRIST ALL MIGHTY!!!!!” Mom wailed, as her body was once again consumed by the unholy fires of yet another mind-numbing orgasm!

Our bodies fought and clashed together as our minds shot off into a world of hot, sharp pleasure so completely consuming, it felt like dying! We clenched tightly together, ridding our orgasms in wave after wave of unrelenting bliss! At last there was nothing left and we collapsed, exhausted. I rolled off of her and we lay there like the dead, trying to capture our breath. We drifted off to sleep for a short while and I was suddenly awakened my mother crying out.

“Oh, damn!” she cried and bounded out of bed.

“What?” I asked, somewhat in a daze.

“Your father will be home any minute!” she cried and ran out of the room to the bathroom, where I heard the shower start up.

I got up and went into my room and took a shower and got dressed, all the time reliving the incredible sex that just occurred between my mother and I. By the time I came out my Dad was in the living room waiting for my Mom to get dressed. He was taking her out for the rest of the day to try to make up to her.

I left to go to the hospital to visit Rita and the baby, feeling a bit of guilt. When I got there Rita told me she and the baby would be going home the day after tomorrow. I didn't know whether to jump for joy or cry in depression.

Chapter 5

When I got home the place was empty, so I got something to eat and watched t.v. for a while. I finally went to bed,

figuring that tomorrow I'd get another crack at Mom!

The next morning I found Dad up as usual with a cup of coffee and the paper in the living room.

“How did it go yesterday?” I asked.

“Good. We had a nice time.” he said.

“Any extra curricular activity?” I asked, trying to sound light about it, but I was actually hot with a pain of jealousy as I waited for his answer.

“Well, she tried.” my Dad smiled. “But I held her off with the excuse of it being a long day. I think she bought it, since we are going out again today.”

“Oh.” I said, somewhat relieved.

I told him about Rita coming home tomorrow and he was very excited. At that moment my Mom came out and made her way to the kitchen, ignoring me. She had on a new robe she must have bought on one of her trips with Dad. It was thin green silk, about mid thigh length, though the last two inches were see through lace, with a lace shawl. She looked really hot in it with the way it showed off her legs and her nipples poking through the material.

I waited for as long as I could before getting up and going into the kitchen. When I got there Mom was bending over the table, cleaning it, and her robe was riding high on her legs, barely concealing her ass! I walked up behind her and ran my hands up her legs to the edge of her robe.

“UUUHHH!’ she yelped in a whispered tone. “Are you crazy? Your father is in the next room!!” she exclaimed in a hushed voice.

“I know, I just couldn't resist, you look so hot!’ I exclaimed

“Stop it right now!” she insisted. “What happened yesterday was a terrible mistake and it won't be repeated. As soon as I can convince your father, we will be getting a hotel room!”

“But..” I started.

“Don't!” she said and grabbed her coffee and headed out of the room and into the bathroom.

“Well that went worse than I expected.” I thought.

Somewhat down, I got dressed and went out. I drove around for a while trying to think of a way to get my Mom back in bed, but didn't come up with much, considering she was spending all her time with my father.

I spent the rest of the day at the hospital and then running errands for tomorrow when Rita and the baby come home.

I ate out and by the time I got home the folks were in bed.

Not feeling very tired I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and settled onto the couch to watch t.v. I was really into a movie when I was suddenly startled by the sound of the guestroom's door opening and my mother marching out. She seemed pretty upset as she filed right by and into the kitchen. From what little I could see, she had on some kind of form fitting nightgown with long slits on either side.

I could hear her rattling around the kitchen getting a glass and opening the refrigerator and slamming it shut. I desperately wanted to go in there and see what was up, but I didn't dare. I could guess though by the way she was dressed that another planned seduction had gone for naught.

A short while later she was suddenly standing at the back of the couch. I didn't move as I could hear the ice in her glass crash together as she stood there.

“What are you watching?” she asked in a low voice.

“Uh, a uh, movie.” I replied.

I waited to see if she was going to join me or go back to bed.

“Any good?” she asked in the same dead tone.

“Yea, not bad.” I returned.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her walk around from the back of the couch to stand to my right. I hesitated for a bit and then casually looked her way. What I saw took my breath away!

She was dressed in a dark blue, satin, floor length nightgown that hugged every curve on her! This thing was so tight it fit her like a second skin! It swept across her chest, revealing a nice shot of cleavage and was held in place by two thin straps that tied behind her neck. The back was low cut, almost to the base of her spine, leaving her entire sides, shoulders and arms revealed! It continued over her hips and to her feet and would have been too tight to walk in except it was slit on both sides from her hipbone to the floor. It really clung to her ass and torso, even making her little bulges look sexy and it was so tight across her chest that her nipples looked like they might burst through at any time! I mean she was HOT and getting to me big time!

She looked like she was pretending to be interested in the movie, but I wasn't sure. She stood there for a few moments and then sat on the very edge of the couch, about three feet away from me. We have one of those oversized, pillowy couches that make it impossible to sit all the way back and still have your feet on the floor. She was sitting in a kind of forward leaning way, resting the glass on her lap. In that position her tits kind of pushed the material of her gown out a bit further, increasing the cleavage shot by quite a bit. My dick lurched in my shorts as I eyed her up and down and wondered if this was all an act on her part.

She seemed to become more involved in the movie as she placed her glass down on the end table and scooted her but back on the couch. She sat in the corner of the couch and crossed her legs, causing the material to fall completely away leaving her leg bare from her hip to her toes! She was driving me wild now, with all this bare skin showing. I lifted up to readjust my growing dick and managed to sit back down about a foot closer to her. I looked over to see if there was going to be any protest on her part, but she acted as if nothing happened.

“Uh, Mom?” I said.

“Uh huh” she replied.

“Everything o.k?” I asked.

“Fine!” she snapped.

“I, uh, didn't think you'd be speaking to me.” I admitted.

“Things change!” she snapped again, never taking her eyes off the t.v.

I decided to let that statement linger for a bit, realizing that she may be opening the door for me.

“Uh, Mom.” I started.

“Yea?” she replied.

“You look really nice in that gown.” I said.

I could see the corners of her mouth kind of twitch as if she was repressing a smile.

“Oh?” she said, eyes straight ahead.

“Yea. In fact you look sexy as all hell!” I told her.

"Well, it's nice to know someone thinks so, I suppose" she replied.

“I, uh, don't see how Dad can stand it, to tell you the truth.” I said as I lifted my but and slid a bit closer to her.

I smell some kind of tantalizing perfume on her, which just put my dick into overdrive.

“Well…” she said, her eyes glancing down, measuring how close I was.

She seemed to rustle a bit in place, almost repositioning herself.

“You know, Mom, looking at you dressed like this just gets me all worked up.” I said, putting my arm on the back of the couch, turning to face her and sliding a bit closer.

“Tom, I already told you what a mistake yesterday was.” she said as she shifted in her place, but actually managed to slide a bit toward me!

“I know, Mom, but I can't stop thinking about it. How incredible it felt.” I said, closing the gap a bit more until we were almost touching.

“Well, that doesn't make it right.” she said, fidgeting some more until her thigh came in contact with my leg, raising goose bumps on my arms!

We were sitting fairly close now, maybe six inches separating our upper bodies while my knee cap brushed against her creamy thigh. I took her all in with my eyes. The long neck, slender shoulders, dainty arms and that magnificent cleavage overflowing from the top of her gown! I was intoxicated by lust for her and the overwhelming desire to possess her!

“Maybe not, but I can't hide these desires for you.” I proclaimed, leaning in a bit.

She turned her torso toward me and looked me in the eye for the fist time since coming in.

“And those desires are wrong.” she replied, looking deep in my eyes.

“Why is that?” I asked, leaning a bit more and focusing on her thick, supple lips.

“Because I am your Mother.” she answered, lowering her gaze to my mouth and listing a little closer towards me.

“And because you are, we shouldn't.......” I whisper, leaning until our noses nearly touch.

“We can"t....” she whispers, as we both slowly close the gap between us and our parted lips meet and then merge in a steamy, illicit kiss!!

“MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” we both groan as our mouths press together, part, and then seal once again.

My arms wrap around her, pulling her closer as she snakes her arms around my shoulders, nudging her tits against my chest. My hands roam all over her, feeling all that exposed flesh on her back, her sides and down her thighs and legs! She leans back against the couch pulling me with her until I am half laying on her, my tortured cock pressed tightly against her leg through my shorts. The kiss goes on and on, our tongues caressing and our lips rolling over one another's.

I couldn’t control myself as we continued to writhe on the couch, locked in a fiery kiss. Mom's hands travel down my back and grabbed the tail of my T-shirt and brought it up under my arms. Her passion mounting, she runs her hands all over my chest, scrapping her nails across my nipples and then plunges them down inside my shorts, grabbing my ass!

I break off the kiss and immediately lock my mouth onto her exposed neck while my hand roved down and plunged between her legs.

“OH, GOD TOM!!!!” mom cries out in a pained whisper as she opened her thighs, allowing me to grope her steaming crotch.

My fingers sink into her open pussy and her hot juices pour out onto my hand. She lifts her hips up, sending them deeper still as she wriggled, groaning as I clutched at her saturated pussy, driving my fingers in and out of her hot snatch while rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb.

“OH TOMMM!!! OH GOD!!!” Mom gasped as she humped at my hand.

I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. I lifted my mouth off her neck and breathed in her ear.


“OOHHHHhhhh!!” Mom moaned and pulled my face to hers, meshing her open mouth onto mine in another lustful, illicit kiss.

We clung to each other, heads bobbing madly, as we couldn't get our mouths close enough together.

Finally I broke the kiss and removed my fingers from Mom's drooling, burning hole. I stood up and grabbed Mom by the hands, hoisting her on her feet. Her eyes are wild with lust as I roughly pull her to me and capture her parted mouth with mine. Her arms fly around my shoulders as mine squeeze around her waist, and we are once again kissing franticly! My hands travel down her waist and inside the slits of her gown. I shoved my hands down her sides and across her ass and scraped my fingers on her hot flesh on the way back up.

The moment I had my hands on her ass, Mom reached down with one hand and unsnapped my shorts, shoving them down, over my hips. She then ran her fingers up my thigh, around my balls and took hold of my swollen dick, pulling it gently.

“UUUHHHMMM”!!!!!!! Mom moaned into my mouth as she stroked my hard cock in her hand.

It was the first time she had touched me like this since I was very young and it shook me to my very core.

I plunged my hands back into her gown and grabbed two handfuls of her soft, round ass, kneading it ruggedly.

I pulled my hands off her ass and brought them up to the back of her neck, where I untied the straps holding her nightgown up. The straps fell forward and landed between us, the tight space between our bodies not allowing the gown to move. I grabbed her hips and pushed her slightly away from me, allowing the gown to spill down her front, licking her erect nipples and stopping at her hips. I pushed the material down as it hung on her hips before falling to the ground in a heap. The moment the gown hit the floor our bodies slammed back together, coiled once again like two snakes.

I maneuvered us back to the edge of the couch and, breaking off our kiss, lay mom down across it. I practically ripped the T-shirt off my torso before kneeling onto the couch.

I was lost in desire as I reached for my Mother's legs and started to prey them apart. She quickly went along, opening herself up to me, laying one leg against the backrest of the couch and the other splayed across the massive cushion. I leaned forward, my lurching cock in one hand, my other supporting my weight near Mom's waist, and lined it up with the opening of her gapping slit. I moved forward and pushed my bloated cock-head against her dripping pussy-hole. I leaned into her, wiggling my loins as my dick forced her pussy lips wide. My cock slid inside with a smooth, gliding motion, as every inch disappeared inside her steaming canal. I shivered all over as I buried my dick deep into her cunt, like I had plugged my dick into an electrical socket.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!” we both moaned, as I hit bottom in her sweltering, wet tunnel.

Mom squirmed under me, moaning and groaning. She wrapped her arms around me, clawing at my willowy back. As I began to thrust she wrapped her legs around my hips and shoved her crotch up at me, like she wanted to suck my entire body inside hers.

I lay on Mom with my full weight, rubbing my chest against her satiny, spongy tits as my ass bounced up and down, sending my cock in and out of her clutching twat.

Mom writhed, twisting her head from side to side, running her hands up and down my back while lifting her ass up off the couch, matching my thrusts with her own!

“OH GOD, YESSS!!!” she groaned. “OH, TOM, YESSSS, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My cock felt so hard, so hot as it flexed and vibrated inside her milking, drenching cunt.

She churned her ass, screwing her sucking pussy around and around on my pistoning dick.

“OH MOM!! OH YOU HOT PIECE OF ASS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” I whimpered, humping and fucking faster and harder!

I shook more and more violently as I vented my lust between her legs. My dick felt like a steel branding iron inside her slobbering, scorching cunt. I knew I was going to explode at any moment and Mom sensed it too. Rotating her ass, squeezing my prick with her cunt, she fucked her pussy up and down my plunging shaft, driving herself to orgasm!

I clung to her, crushing her in a fierce embrace as I buried my face between her breasts, moaning deliriously.

I could tell Mom felt the first flickers of her oncoming orgasm as she clawed her toenails into my contracting ass cheeks, her cunt clutching at my dick.

“NOW HONEY, NOW!!!!” she groaned “CUM INSIDE ME NOWWWW!!!!!!!!”

Her cunt began spasming like crazy all over my bloated dick as she clung to me grunting and jerking!

My prick flexed hard as I felt my hot cream shoot up the length of my dick. It lurched deep inside the walls of her cunt and fired, my jism hosing down the walls of her steamy, contracting pussy! I shook in her arms, moaning, firing again and again!

“OH CHRIST TOM, YESSSS, CREAM ME!!!! OH YES, OH GOD YESSS!!!!!” Mom groaned, her hands roving all over my back as her spasming pussy milked the cum right out of me!


My dick lurched and vibrated with spasms, spurting my jism and filling her pussy to overflowing.

“OH, DARLING, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!” Mom gurgled, runting under me, coaxing me to pump everything I had into her famished twat!

We kept grinding our groins together, determined to deposit every last drop inside her as we kept thrusting long after I had stopped cumming.

Finally it was over and we collapsed against one another, caressing one another in the afterglow of another incredible fuck! My cock deflated and discharged from her flooded fuck-hole with a loud "plop" as we lay there trying to catch our breath

My mom looked at me with bewilderment in her eyes and a just fucked look on her face.

“God Tom, how do you do that to me?” she asked, laboring in her breathing.

“What?” I asked.

“You take me to a place I didn't know existed.” she answered.

“Really?” I asked, smiling at my own virility.

“Oh God yes!” she said, still trying to catch her breath. “Let me up, I need to get back to your father before he wakes up.”

I got off her and watched as she slowly sat up, her whole body was on big red blotch. She finally stood and then reached down for her nightgown. She stepped into it, coaxing it over her hips, adjusting the front across her luscious tits and tied the straps behind her neck. The gown once again clung to her every curve and I felt a flicker of desire run through my loins just looking at her.

“I'll talk to you in the morning, hon.” she said and turned to leave.

Then, at the last moment, her gaze fell to my deflated cock, which had come back to a little life as I watched her get dressed. She looked at it for a moment or two and then let her eyes sweep up my groin, across my chest and onto my face.

Without a word spoken, we stepped toward each other, my arms going around her waist and hers snaking around my neck as we brought our parted lips together in a heated, soulful kiss!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Mom moaned into my mouth as the kiss continued.

It lacked the overwhelming hunger of our past kisses, but it was full of illicit lust! We stood there for a good three or four minutes, heads bobbing in a slow deliberate pattern as our mouth’s ground together. If we hadn't just fucked I would have been on fire from this kiss. It was so erotic standing there, making out with my mother!

Finally we came up for air, still tight in an embrace, her tits crushed against my chest and our groins meshed together. Mom looked at me with droopy eyes and glistening lips.

“You do that really nice too.” she said in a breathy tone “But I've got to go”

“One more for the road?” I asked

She looked at me and in a very sultry voice said “If you insist.”

Our heads moved back together, mouths parted until they sealed together once again.

“UUHHMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” Mom moaned as we kissed hotly again, our mouths locked together, straining against each other.

This kiss lasted another three minutes or so, our heads swaying back and forth. Finally we broke apart and went to our own rooms, exhausted from our sexual workout.

Chapter 6

I awoke the next morning somewhat in a haze and as my head cleared I remembered the hot fuck my Mom and I had on the couch. My dick instantly lurched to attention as I replayed the session in my head. My thoughts were filled about her as I pulled my shorts on, corralling my stiffening member inside, then zipping and snapping them shut. I pulled on a tank top and left the room.

I went out to the living room where I found dad in the familiar spot, paper and coffee in hand. We chatted for a bit, mostly about Rita and the baby coming home today, but then the conversation turned to Mom. Dad was saying how he thought he was in hot water last night after he turned Mom down again, but was surprised at her mood this morning.

“Yea, she gets up in a great mood, like nothing happened.” he said.

“Where is she now.” I asked.

“She's calling the hospital to check in.” he answered.

At that moment I heard the door to the guestroom open and Mom came out. She passed by the living room, giving us a quick smile as she made her way to the kitchen. She had on that green silk robe from yesterday and it was having the same effect on me, as my dick began to harden again.

I shot the breeze with Dad for a few more minutes so it wouldn't look too obvious that I wanted to rush into the kitchen. As I got up I heard my Dad rustle the paper and saw that he had gone back to reading it. I made my way into the kitchen, finding my Mom at the counter with her back to me. I eyed her up and down and felt my dick lurch again as I scanned over her body and the way that robe ended about mid thigh, really showing off a lot of leg! Hurrying across the room, I slipped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her soft, plump breasts in my hands

“Oh, you scared me.” she whispered. “You know he's right in the next room!”

“I know, but I can't keep my hands off you.” I said as I tweaked her nipples.

“Ooohhhhh!” she groaned as I kneaded her tits, pressing her butt back against my swollen cock.

“What's for breakfast?” I whispered in her ear, pushing my dick back against her ass.

“Well, it feels like we won't be having any sausage.” she whispered, grinding her ass against my dick. “Yours feels like it's frozen solid.”

“I'd love to put it in your oven and cook it all day long.” I groaned, squeezing and pawing at her breasts through the thin material.

Just then we heard the paper rustle and we flew apart.

“Why don't you peel some potatoes.” she said loudly, pointing to the potato bin, “And I'll start the bacon.”

Stepping across the kitchen, I glanced around the doorway and saw that Dad was still sitting there reading the paper. I turned back to the kitchen to see mom busy getting the bacon ready for frying. I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her thighs and slowly caressed my way up to where they meet her ass, taking the hem of her robe with me. At the same time I lowered my head to her neck, placing my open mouth right where her neck meets her shoulders.

“Ooooohhhhhh!” she moaned, tilting her head to the side to give my hungry mouth more to feast on.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I moaned as I sucked on her neck, my hands making their way up to her ass, where I kneaded them vigorously.

My hands made their way around to her front, reaching down between her thighs and spreading them, while pulling her ass back against my rock hard dick. I felt my dick become entrenched between the crack in her ass as my fingers spread her robe apart and nudged their way through her pubic hair to her heated snatch

“Oh TOM, NO, NOT HERE!” she whispered, as she rubbed her ass up and down my shaft and spread her legs to give me greater access to her twat.

“OH, MOM, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!!” I breathed into her ear, taking her lobe into my mouth and sucking on it.

I looked down her body and saw that her robe was now mostly open, the sash barely hanging on, and her tits were exposed with only her nipples covered.

We continued to hump against each other as my fingers were up to the knuckles in her swampy bush, her juices running out to her thighs.

I removed my fingers, sliding my hands up her pelvis and grabbing onto her hips. Lifting my mouth off her neck, I turned her to face me, our lips meeting in a fiery, open-mouthed kiss. Our arms wrapped around each other as our tongues fought in our mouths and our bodies plastered against one another. Her robe was totally disheveled, exposing large areas of her tits and thighs as we ground against each other, our mouths sealed together.

Suddenly Dad called out “How's breakfast coming?” and we quickly broke apart, Mom fixing her robe.

We hastened around the kitchen, putting breakfast together and Mom and I was soon making our way to the table.

“Breakfast is ready.” Mom called out to Dad as she and I sat down at the table.

I sat at the head with Mom at my right and Dad's place set at my left. I could feel Mom's knee brush against mine and realized that with very little effort I could reach over and touch her. As I heard the paper rustle and Dad get up out of his chair, I quickly ran my hand up Mom's leg, pulling her robe open in the process.

“Stop that!” she mouthed at me as I pulled my hand back out from under the table.

“Looks good.” Dad said, strolling over to the table.

The rest of breakfast went along as usual, as we talked about everything and nothing.

Dad mentioned that some of the flowers around the house needed some weeding and he thought it would be a nice break, since he didn't need to go to the site today.

“Well, time to clean up.” Mom announced as she stood up and started clearing off the table.

I followed Mom's lead and started to pitch in.

“I guess that's my queue to go start my weeding.” Dad said, getting up from the table.

He walked through the kitchen and left out through the door leading to the garage and around to the side yard.

Mom strolled over near the bay window in the kitchen and looked out, waving at my Dad out at a flower bed about 20 feet from the window. Seeing my opportunity I reached down and unsnapped my shorts and they slithered to the floor as my throbbing, bobbing dick sprang into the open, already pointing up at the ceiling.

Seeing that mom was still looking out the window, I crept up behind her and, using her as a shield between me and my Dad, I reached down and hurriedly lifted her robe.

“OH!” she blurted out as she felt me jerk up her robe.

“God Mom, you have such a nice ass!” I exclaimed as I stared down at her round but.

I was shivering with excitement, but Mom hid her reaction to my presumptuous act as she continued to wave at my Dad. She acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. Finally, she slowly shuffled her legs outward, opening herself for me.

“It's planting time!” I groaned, reaching down and grabbing my cock.

Jerking with excitement, I bent my knees and quickly hobbled up between her legs. She straddled me, her pussy hovering above my steel hard dick. Holding my cock, I quickly drug the head of my cock up and down the dripping furrow of her cunt several times to anoint my bloated mushroom tipped shaft with her slippery wetness. Then wheezing with passion, I searched for her waiting womanhood. Finally I felt the head of my cock slowly slither into the juice-slickened opening of her cunt. I couldn't hold back and heard myself groan as I thrust up at her, shoving my cock into her!

“JESSUSSFUCKKKINGCRSSSSTTT!!” I gasped as I felt my throbbing, tingling dick pierce the burning, clutching core of my mother's pussy!

“UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” she groaned back at me through clenched teeth, gripping the back of a chair as she grunted and thrust herself down onto my cock!

I was turned on to beat the band as my dick sunk to the depths of my Mom's steamy canal, just twenty feet from my unsuspecting dad.

“OH GOD, THIS FEELS GOOD!” I cried out, grabbing her hips as I quickly began to grunt and groan, thrusting my swollen shaft in and out of her hungry hole!

“OH....UNH....UNH....OHH.....UHH...” Mom panted at each thrust, driving her ass back at me each time I drove toward her!

“OH MOM, YOU ARE SOOO HOT!!” I cried as I continued to work my bloated tool in and out of her snapping twat.

“OH...UNNH...NO...UHHH...HE'S.....COMING..... UHHH....BACK...IN!!” I heard my Mom gasp in between thrusts.

“STOP...UHH....COMING...OHH....BACK....UHH... HOUSE...UUH....STOP...OHH...NOW!!!” Mom wheezed at me.

“SHIT!” I exclaimed as I looked over her shoulder at my Dad making his way over to the garage.

“HURRY!” Mom urged me. “He's almost back to the garage!”

Groaning with frustration and disappointment, I pulled my distended cock quickly out of her drooling cunt.

“OOOWWW!!” she yelped as my inflated pole popped out of her tight, sucking twat. “Easy, there!”

“Sorry.” I growled, retrieving my shorts and pulling them back up and fastening them.

“It's okay.” she mumbled, shaking the back of her robe back down to cover herself. “You couldn't help it. No time.”

“Damn!” I cursed. “Just a little more time.”

“I know.” she told me. “Maybe later....”

“God, if I don't get off soon.” I muttered, stumbling back over to the table. “I'm gonna go right out of my mind.”

“Me too!!” she moaned, glaring at me with lust in her eyes!

I picked up the paper my father had left and pretended to read it as mom fussed around the sink.

“I'm back.” Dad announced as he came through the garage door. “Nature calls.” he laughed as he grabbed the paper out of my hands and made his way to the bathroom.

The moment the bathroom door closed I looked over at my Mom at the sink. She turned and looked at me as we just stared at one another for a moment.

I ran my eyes all over her, focusing on the way her short robe made her legs look and her hard nipples trying to break through the material. In no time my cock was straining against my shorts and I reached down to adjust it and then rub it up and down, never taking my eyes off of Mom.

She was watching what I was doing with a wanton look in her eyes when suddenly she jerked on the sash of her robe and it fell open revealing the front of her naked body. I immediately unsnapped my shorts and stripped them off to the floor, sitting back down

“OH God.’ I mumbled as I watched her succulent tits bobble up and down as she slowly made her way over to me.

She stopped right in front of me, looking at me with lustful intent, and then straddled herself above my lap, her drooling pussy hanging just above my lurching rod!

I grabbed my cock and lined it up with the entrance of her steamy pit, and then watched as she lowered her seething twat down over my jerking dick! I arched my back as I felt the hot, fleshy, lips of her cunt slowly part as I slid up into her burning, wet canal. As my cock eased its way up into the hot, clutching softness of her cunt, I felt it collapse down around my tingling shaft, pulling me deeper and deeper into the depths of her boiling channel! Sucking and clutching on my bloated cock, her cunt sucked more and more of me inside her!

“OH, GOD!!!” Mom gasped as her ass came to rest in my lap, her belly touching mine, as my dick was completely buried up into the fuming core of her cunt!

She rested there for a moment, her hands clutching at my shoulders and mine wrapped around her waist.

Then, as she ground her twat down around the base of my dick, ours mouths met in a fiery kiss! Grunting and groaning, we pressed our bodies together as our mouths hungrily devoured each other!

Finally we came up for air, and as I sat there reveling in the feeling, Mom began to slowly lifting her ass up and down, sawing my prick in and out of her wondrous, glorious sex-hole! I wanted to pound my cock into her as hard as I could, but I knew it would make too much noise.

“OOHHHH, CHHRRRIISSSTT, TOM!!!!! OOOHHHH GOD, IT FEELS SOO GOOOOD!!!!” Mom groaned above me, sliding her clutching cunt up and down my shaft!

It took all my willpower to keep from throwing her on the table and slamming my cock into her weeping hole, but somehow I was able to control the urge as I lifted my ass up and down, meeting her with long, deep, thrusting strokes.

“OOHH, HONEY, WE DON'T....UUHHH...DON'T...HAVE....OOHHH...MUCH TIME....UUHHH...” Mom moaned between thrusts.

“YEA,...UUHH...I...UUHH....KNOW...” I answered, shoving my face into her chest and capturing one of her tits in my mouth, sucking it feverishly.

“OOOHHHHH!!” she groaned, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me tighter against her tit.

Panting like dogs, we continued to slide my drenched cock in and out of her torrid cunt as she slowly lifted her legs and bent them back down, letting me impale her to the limit every time my cock slid back in. It was both maddening and delirious keeping this quiet pace so as to not let my father hear us.

Suddenly I could feel that familiar tingling start at the base of my balls and I knew the end was in sight. I grabbed her ass tightly and started furiously lifting my hips up and down, my cock wildly plowing in and out of her sopping hole. Mom seemed to be on the verge as well, because she started rising and lowering herself on me in a frantic pace!

“OHH, MOM, GONNA CUM, I'M GONNA CUM!!!” I whispered passionately to her, my hips rocking up and down rapidly.

“YESSSSSS, YESSSSS, ME TOO!!!!!” she hissed, thrusting herself down at me every time I drove my cock up into her.

“OOHH GOD TOM, DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!! CUM IN ME!!!CUM IN ME!!!!” she wheezed as her hips flashed up and down maniacally.

Then all at once I felt my balls erupt into a fiery upheaval, spewing and spurting my molten cum. The floodgates inside my balls were blown apart and a spewing gusher of white-hot seaman violently spurted out into my Mother's hungry, sucking cunt.

“OOHHH, YESSSSSSS!!!!!” she hissed again as her arms and legs began to flail out wildly.

“OOHH CHRSSSTTT!!!” she wheezed as her cunt started spasming like crazy around my shaft, sucking and pulling on me as her orgasm washed over her!

Over and over again, my dick fired off inside of her, quickly filling her clutching hole as I emptied my load deep into Mom's hot, milking cunt!

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as her cunt felt like a giant sucking hole, pulling me deeper and deeper and sucking every last drop of my hot, thick cum until I thought I was completely drained! Then, suddenly, I felt my prick gathering itself for one last ball twisting ejaculation!

“AAYYYHHHHHHNNN!!!!” I grunted, as my dick lurched and spewed out one final, burning gusher of cum into her!

“OOHHH, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!” Mom groaned, hunching herself down at me, locking her pussy muscles down around my empty pole as it spasmed one last time!

Exhausted, she grunted as her weight fell down on me, her head on my shoulder. We sat there in a collapsed heap for several moments, trying to collect the strength to move.

Suddenly we heard the toilet flush and we quickly sat up, Mom lifting herself up and off my deflating cock, as it discharged from her hole with a soft "plop". We knew we only had the time it takes for him to wash his hands for us to get out of there.

We quickly ran for our rooms and closing the doors, waiting to hear my father come out.

Finally I heard the bathroom door swing open and my Dad yell to Mom that he was heading back outside. I heard her muffled reply from behind the door followed by stone cold silence.

Chapter 7

I needed to leave soon to go get Rita, so I quickly showered and shaved and put on some clean shorts and a T-shirt. I walked out of my room when I caught sight of my Mom in the kitchen, her back facing me. She had changed into a beach cover up, which looked like a long T-shirt. It was sleeveless, pale green with an ocean motif on it, very tight and mid hip in length. She had a sun hat on and was waving at my Dad through the window.

I stopped for a moment and took in the vision in front of me. The cover up clung to her, stretched across her round ass and riding high on her hips as she continued waving. The way it fell across her freckled thighs and framed her ass sent sparks through my crotch. Amazingly, having just fucked her moments ago, I wanted her badly again!!

As I made my way closer towards her I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her plump tits jiggled and her nipples protruded against the soft fabric. The cover-up had a v shaped neck line, exposing her freckle covered chest and a bit of cleavage, causing my stiffening dick to lunge again under my shorts. Just before I got to her I unsnapped my shorts and pulled them and my underwear down, over my hips, leaving them in a puddle on the floor. With my rock hard cock leading the way I made my way to just behind my Mom. I glanced over her shoulder and saw my Dad turning his back to us, getting back to the flowerbed he was working on. I wrapped my arms around my mom's waist, muzzling her neck and shoving my dick against her ass.



“Sorry, I saw you standing here and I couldn't help myself!” I said, kissing her neck and grinding my dick against her ass.

“Tom, we can't, he's liable to come in at any time.” Mom moaned as she pushed her ass back against my throbbing dick.

“I have to have you Mom, I just have to!!!” I begged.

“No, don't, we could get caught!” Mom groaned, tilting her head to expose more of her neck to my kisses and rubbing her ass against my dick franticly.

My hands came up and grabbed her tits through the shirt, massaging them and tweaking the nipples.

“Stop it! I need to go!” she groaned, reaching up with one hand and pulling my head closer into her neck and wildly humping her ass across my iron hard dick.


“You have such nice, soft tits” I whispered.

“Well, I am afraid I can't say the same about your friend there!!” she complained back at me, grinding her ass into my dick.

“It's all your fault.” I laughed, squeezing and pawing her tits through the thin material. “If you didn't look so god damned sexy all the time, we wouldn't have this problem!!”

“Don't blame me.” she fussed. “You've had a couple of opportunities to wear him down.”

“I don't think he's ever going to wear down as long as you’re around.” I hissed, kissing her neck and pressing my cock into her ass.

We were really getting turned on as I continued jamming my swollen dick up against Mom's ass and sucking on her neck. She ground her ass back against my bloated cock, her breathing becoming labored as she groaned at me between thrusts.

“Well...OH! long as you put it...UHH!...that way...EHMM!'s a girl to resist?” she said as she brought her head down, covering my mouth with hers in a searing kiss!!

I continued to message and fondle her soft, drooping tits as our tongues fought each other in a hot, wet french kiss.

I couldn't wait any longer and reached down and lifted the hem of her shirt up around her waist. My hands slid down to her hips and I could feel that she had on some very respectable cotton undies. I didn't have the patience to try and work them over her hips and down her legs, so I grabbed a hand full at each hip and ripped them off her. This move must have turned Mom on because she moaned into my mouth as I let go of the panties and let them fall to the floor. I broke off our kiss to look down at her now naked ass.

“You have such a pretty ass.” I moaned as I shoved my rigid dick against her cool, silky butt, quivering at the feeling as she shoved it back against me.


She slowly shuffled her legs outward, opening herself for me as I leaned back, my dick slithering down the crack of her ass and coming to rest in her wiry bush. Reaching down I grabbed her right leg and lifted it up and towards me, causing her heated pussy lips to part and open up for me. I reached down and took hold of my dick and bent at my knees, quickly hobbling up between her legs. Now she was straddling me, her pussy hovering above my steel hard prick. Holding my cock, I quickly dragged the head of my dick up and down the dripping furrow of her cunt several times to anoint my mushroom tipped shaft with her slippery wetness.

“OH GOD TOM!!” Mom cried as my dick slid across her swampy slit.

Then wheezing with passion, I searched for her waiting womanhood. Suddenly, I felt the bulbous head of my cock find the juice-slickened opening of her vagina and push its way in!

“OOOHHHHH!!!!!” Mom wheezed as she felt my engorged dick slither up into her steaming cunt!

I lunged up into her, driving my cock into her all the way to the hilt.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” she gasped as my throbbing dick pierced the burning, clutching core of my mother's pussy!!!

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” she whinnied back at me through clenched teeth, grunting and thrusting herself down onto me.

“You hot bitch, you!!!” I growled as I quickly began to grunt and groan, impaling my mother on my rock hard shaft.

“OH YES TOM, DO ME...... DOOO MEEEE!!!!!” Mom moaned as she ground herself down onto my embedded lance.

“OH FUCK MOM!!!” I cried as I began to slide my prick in and out of the mouth of her boiling cunt faster and faster.

“OH MY BABY!!!” she drooled, grinding herself down onto my pistoning prick.

“OH SHHIIITTTT!!!” I whimpered, driving my cock up into her hot cunt as hard as I could.

“SSOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!” she panted, jerking her hips up and down in rhythm with my pistoning hips.

By now I was humping up into her so hard, I was actually lifting her off her feet every time I drove my swollen dick into her.

“OH, (UHH), MOM, (UHH), I'M, (UHH), NEVER, (UHH), GONNA, (UHH), GET, (UHH), ENOUGH, (UHH), OF, (UHH), YOU!!!!"” I growled, pounding my cock into her for all I was worth.

“I, (UGH), CAN'T, (UGH), EITHER,(UHG), BABY,(UGH)!!!!” Mom blathered between blows.

“OHHHHH, (UGH), GOD, (UGH), GONNA, (UGH), MAKE, (UGH), ME, (UGH), COME!!!!” she cried.

As I drove my cock into her, I could feel the seaman in my balls gathering momentum as her cunt was growing tighter and tighter around my pounding prick.


At the same moment the boiling pool of cum in my balls reached the flash point.

“OH MOM, CAN"T STOP. GONNA COME. COME INSIDE YOU!!!!” I bellowed, spearing my dick into her as far as it would go.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OOOHHHMMMYYYYGGGOOODDDDD!!!!!” Mom groaned out as she began to twitch and jerk. Her hips jerked and bounced like a broken car spring as she was consumed by her oncoming orgasm. Her pussy franticly sucking around my shaft as her pussy let loose a torrent of searing juice, pulling the cum out of my cock.

“UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” she cried, as her orgasm washed over her, causing her twat to maddeningly twitch and quiver around my pole!

“OH MOM, HERE IT COOOMMMEEESSS!!!!!!!!!” I shouted as I felt my cum race up my shaft.

“OHHH, YEESS, BABY, FILL ME , FFIILLL MMEEEE!!!!!” she cried out, writhing uncontrollably.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” I yelled as I felt my dick explode inside her, my hot cum spewing out of my dick like a great geyser of molten cream, spewing and jetting into her in great, burning gobs.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Mom screamed as her hips jerked and jumped, on and on in wild gyrations.

We continued to thrash about as our orgasms shook us down to our toes and we continued to let loose with a torrent of love juice.

Finally it subsided as we clutched to one another, trying to catch our breaths. I could feel my hot juice trickle down my dick as Mom slumped back against me.

“How do you do that?” she asked in amazement.

I glanced up and out the window and was relieved to see my Dad hadn't moved from his place.

“Oh god Mom, what you do to me”. I sighed, giving my dick one last lurch deep inside her overflowing canal.

“Eeeeeehhhmmm!” she moaned at my thrust, clutching her pussy around my dick.

My dick quickly deflated and slid out of her sopping trench with a soft "plop"

“I should get out there, before he begins to wonder.” Mom said, slowly turning around to face me.

“Yea.” I agreed, looking down at her, her cover up wrapped high around her hips, her sexy bush soaked with fluids.

We looked into one another's eyes for several moments and then slowly began to bring our heads together. Suddenly Mom stopped, putting her hands on my chest and turning her head in the direction of the window. My Dad remained with his back to us, slaving away at his planting. She looked back at me with a grin on her face and then once again started moving her head towards mine.

Her arms slid up and around my shoulders and mine wrapped around her waist as our parted lips came together in an illicit kiss! I pulled her firmly to me as she tightened her arms around my neck, our open mouths grinding against one another in a slow, lustful kiss. Our heads bobbing slowly as our lips slid across each others, our moaning, “mmmmmmmmm”, the only sound in the room. The kiss went on for several moments, neither one of us in any hurry to break it off.

Finally we came up for air, looked at one another, kissed one more short, open-mouthed kiss and parted. She went into her room and I went looking for my clothes. I needed to leave right now to go get Rita and the baby.

Chapter 8

Everything went as planned as far as getting Rita and the baby home. Mom and Dad made a big fuss and we had a big dinner and everything. As I was lying in bed that night I realized that the opportunity to get at Mom would be non-existent now that Rita was back. I tried to rationalize about it, you know, my wife and baby here, she is my mother for god's sake, maybe it would be best if we just put an end to it. I rolled over to look at Rita who was fast asleep. She was quick to point out that there could be no sex for at least 6-8 weeks and I was on my own. Nothing changed there! I eventually drifted off to sleep.

Over the next couple of days I noticed a change in my Mom's attitude toward Rita. She seemed to be short with her or ignored her all together. It dawned on me that it was a reaction to my fusing over her and the baby all the time. My Mom was jealous!!

It had been three days since that last episode in the kitchen and she was probably climbing the walls.

That night my Mom got a phone call from Dad asking her to come pick him up, he got hurt on the job site. We were all panicky about the call and Rita and I waited anxiously for her to come home with him. I no sooner heard the car pull into the garage then I heard my mom call me for help. It seemed Dad had hurt his back and couldn't get out of the car without some help.

Mom and I managed to get him out and in the house. Dad said he twisted his back trying to help the guys get a framed wall in place. We walked him over to the couch where Rita had placed some oversized pillows, and gingerly laid him down.

We all had dinner while Dad just lied there immobile and in a bit of pain. Mom had got him a preion for some painkillers and they had pretty much knocked him out.

That night Mom, Rita and I watched t.v. while Dad slept. Mom was back to her old robe and slippers now that Rita was home. At one point Dad awoke and as we talked we realized that he wouldn't be able to get up to go to bed. In fact that couch was going to be his home for at least a few days. Mom offered to go and get him a pair of pajamas and Rita left the room while Mom and I struggled to help him get changed.

After that ordeal was over we all sat back down to watch some more t.v. It was getting a little late so Mom excused herself saying it was time to hit the sack. We all said good night to her as she paddled off to her room. The way the living room is situated the couch faces the t.v. and has its back to the dinning room and hall and the loveseat creates an "L" with the couch. Rita was lying on the loveseat with her back to the dinning room and hall while I sat at the end with her feet in my lap. I could simply turn my head to the left and view the hall.

I became aware of something in my peripheral vision and turned to my left and saw my mom coming out of her room and making her way to the bathroom on the edge of the dinning room. But what I saw took my breath away! She stopped at the door to the bathroom and turned and smiled at me, since I was the only one who could see her. She had on a flimsy little nightie that was the hottest thing I had ever seen!! It started out with spaghetti straps at her back and went up and over her shoulders and then the material sort of fanned out so that it covered just the center portion of each breast and attached at the skirt. It left both sides of each breast exposed and her nipples protruded through the thin silk. The skirt was very short, ending at just below her crotch with wide slits at both sides, sort of like a loincloth, with her hips full exposed. I felt my dick lurch in my pants as she winked at me and then slowly closed the door to the bathroom.

“I got to get something to drink.” I announced and got up.

I watched to make sure no one saw as I took a quick turn toward the bathroom door, opened it quietly and let myself in, closing the door silently behind me.

Mom was standing at the sink, having just brushed her teeth, was rinsing her mouth and inspecting her teeth. My eyes traveled up and down her body and my breath caught in my throat as I took in the way her teddie draped across her frame, covering her here and there, but exposing so much! The way she was leaning toward the mirror, causing her ass to be pointed up at me was too much. The skirt was parted over her hip, fully exposing her thigh and riding very high on her ass, revealing that Mom had no panties on! The top seemed to flow down across her tits, like a waterfall just over her nipples, leaving both freckled sides totally revealed and then continuing in thin strips up and over her back.

I never wanted her more as I slipped my hands around her waist and caressed her back up and down.

“Do have any idea how sexy you look, Mom?” I asked.

“Well I hope so!” she said, smiling back at me in the mirror.

I continued to run my hands up and down her bare back, allowing my fingertips to graze the sides of her soft tits.

“Oh Tom, you keep that up and I'm going to rape you right here in the bathroom!” Mom moaned in a lustful tone, her eyes smoldering at me.

“You can't rape the willing.” I groaned, my hands sliding in behind her top and grabbing handfuls of her lush breasts, pulling them up and then allowing them to fall back down through my open hands.

“Ohhhh!” mom moaned.

She quickly turned to face me, throwing her arms around my neck, while I wrapped mine tightly around her waist, crushing our open mouths together in a blistering, lustful kiss!!

“MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” We both moaned, devouring one another's mouths, tongues battling, like two love starved mates struggling to find a way to into each other's souls.

We wound ourselves so tightly together it was a wonder we could even breath as our mouths continued to grind away against each other, our hands wildly running over each other.

I glanced up at the mirror and felt my body tingle at the reflection I saw! As if someone had taken a picture, here I was in a tightly embraced, famished french kiss with MY OWN MOTHER!!! Seeing it in the mirror caused the illicitness of the whole thing into the forefront of my mind and spurned my passion even higher. Glancing down the mirror I took in the sight of my Mom in this skimpy teddy, all that exposed, freckled, thigh and breast flesh, desperately clinging to me as we ravishly pressed our mouths together, heads bobbing wildly, in a wanton, insatiable kiss!!

I finally broke the kiss, diving my head into her neck, sucking at it voraciously.

“Oh Tom! I've got to have you tonight! Your Father will be on the couch all night and...and you have to get away Tom! Feel me!! Feel how wet I am for you!!!” she cried.

She grabbed my hand and brought it down to her crotch, shoving it into her drenched bush. My fingers parted the wiry bush and sank into a steaming, drenched canal. She was absolutely on fire and my fingers were quickly soaked in her quim!

“Mom, I will, I promise!!!” I groaned, bringing my face up and latching my open mouth back onto hers, renewing our passionfull kiss!

“UUHHHMMM” Mom moaned into my mouth, returning my kiss with a vigor of her own and then broke the kiss off.

“We should get out of here before we get caught.” she breathed “You first”

I let her go, pausing at the door to compose myself, before silently leaving. I made my way back to the living room, careful to conceal my aching hard on from Rita and Dad. They acted like they didn't even realize I was gone. I glanced over to the hall and saw Mom quietly exit the bathroom and quickly scuttle to her room, the short skirt of her teddy floating up as she walked, revealing the cheeks of her round ass and her creamy thighs!

I couldn't wait until later!

Chapter 9

The show we were watching ended and Rita announced she was going to bed and I said I would join her. Dad said he got too much sleep and he was a little wired, so he'd watch a little more t.v.. I handed him the remote and marched off to bed. I must have drifted off for a while, because I woke with a start, realizing I may have missed my date with Mom. I looked over at the clock and saw it was only 12:15pm and realized I had only slept for an hour. I glanced over at Rita who was out cold and quietly got out of bed.

I took a quick peek at the baby and saw that he was sleeping soundly as well and hoped he would stay that way. I didn't need him waking Rita and having her come look for me. I opened the door and slid out only to be hit with the glare of the t.v. washing over the hall. My Dad was still up watching t.v.! I looked over at the guestroom and saw the door was open a crack, probably my invitation. I silently slid across the hall and slithered into the guestroom. I was about to shut the door when Mom's voice came from behind me.

“Leave it open a bit, in case the baby cries and you need to get back.” she said.

I turned and saw her sitting up against the headboard, a soft light on the nightstand illuminating her frame. She got up and came over to me, taking my hand and leading me over to the bed.

We embraced, pressing tightly together, as I buried my face in the soft, lushness of her hair. I recognized the perfume she had on as one that she used to wear when I was young.

I was intoxicated by the exotic fragrance of her perfume and the heat of her body. The fragrance dredged up old memories of my childhood when she would hold me and comfort me. Breathing deeply, I inhaled her scent and felt myself reliving a time long, long ago. I could remember how good it felt to bury my face in my Mom's soft, pillowy, breasts when I needed solace from the world's woes.

Now I became aware of the Mom's hot, hard nipples pressing into my chest and my pounding cock flattened against her groin, close to eruption! Something different was happening here and I couldn't put my finger on it, but it felt like this was the first time we had been together.

“Oh, Mom, I need you.” I moaned

“OH, I need you too!” she groaned, hugging me tighter, and turning her head to kiss my cheek and neck.

Feeling her hot, wet lips on my cheek and neck, I turned my head, bringing my parted lips down on hers. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion suddenly enveloped us and I crushed my mouth down onto hers as my tongue snaked into her mouth. With a whimper, she mashed her mouth back against mine as her tongue fought its way into my mouth. Our arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling us together as we kissed long and deeply! Crushed against each other, we sought to become one as our mouths slavered against each other. I felt her hot, digging tongue probing my mouth hungrily as her fingernails dug into my back. We were possessed by an all consuming passion, our bodies coiled around each other, mouths slobbering across one another frustrated in our attempts to bring us any closer together!

The room was filled with the sounds of our moaning, our heads boring at one another, our mouths wetly sliding against each another. Finally, we had to break for air.

“Oh, GOD” I gasped as our lips broke apart and our bodies momentarily parted.

Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother's hand find my hot, jutting dick!

“OOHHHHMMMMMMM!!” she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again.

My heart was pounding so hard It felt it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously. Whining with desire, I fought against cumming as my inflated, pulsing dick humped against her caressing hand.

I felt my Mom's hot, soft hand squeeze my pulsating, jerking cock, causing me to feel light headed as I fought the urge to shoot my wad into her hand. My dick felt ten feet long and as big around as a telephone pole as the anticipation overcame me. I realized at that moment what was so different, so erotic about being with her this time. I was in love with her! Not like I love her as her son, but IN LOVE WITH HER, as her lover, her mate, her partner in life! This realization caused me a surge in passion as I gripped her tightly, mashing my mouth tighter against hers and jabbing my tongue deeply down her throat. My Mom's hand ran wildly through my hair as she returned my kiss forcefully. Her other hand, which had been gripping my aching cock, moved up and grasped the snap on my shorts, pulling them apart and shoving them down my legs. I felt another surge of lust as my heated, throbbing cock came into contact with her soft, searching hand as we finally had to break for air again.

“Oh GOD!” I heard my Mom groan as her hand continued to explore the thick, swollen hardness of my penis.

“It's huge tonight!!” she whispered, running her hand up and down the length of my manhood.

Excitement ran through me as my mother touched and fondled the very tool she had a part in creating. Clutching me in her hot, griping hand, she seemed to be measuring its size.

“UUHHmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” she groaned as I once again covered her slick, pouting mouth with my lips, kissing her ravenously.

I couldn't wait another moment, I had to have her now. As we continued kissing deeply I reached up and pulled both straps of her teddy down across her shoulders and then pulled back just enough to cause it to sweep down her chest and around her hips, falling in a heap at her feet. I crushed her back to me, trembling at the feeling of her totally naked body pressed tightly against mine. I was overwhelmed by the flooding of emotions towards her. God I loved her so much it hurt!!

She broke our kiss, gasping for air and pushing her body away from mine.

“Now Tom, please don't make me wait any longer!” she groaned and scooted onto the bed, lying down on her back, spreading her legs wantonly!

Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed at the sight of her lying there. Wider and wider, her soft firm thighs opened, revealing her wet, gapping slit as she looked at me with a painfully lustful look!

She reached out for me and I quickly crawled onto the bed. My knees moved up between my Mom's outstretched legs as I hovered above her. I felt her hand grasp my throbbing cock and roughly pull it towards her, aiming it down to her weeping, hot gash! I felt the painfully sensitive head of my cock touch the soft, hot wetness of her twat as I locked my elbows in place, supporting my weight from above.

“Oh God!!” I wheezed, using all my willpower to keep from slamming my cock into her.

Delighting in the wicked sensation of my Mom's cunt slowly enveloping my cock, I threw my head back and we both moaned, “OOHHhhhhhh!!”, as I continued to slide my manhood deeper and deeper into the hot, clutching depths of my mothers cunt.

Mom reached up and grabbed my ass, coaxing me to fill her hungry, clutching canal with my cock as she sucked me deeper and deeper into the churning heat of her flaming chasm. I slithered farther and farther into her wet, drooling pit, as her hole devoured my aching cock inch by inch.

“Oh my God!!!” she groaned. “It feels so good!!!!”

I bent down to kiss her, feeling her lift her legs and wrap them around my waist. Holding myself poised above her, I felt her gently dig her heals into my ass, goading me on, pushing me down into her. Grunting I tightened the muscles in my ass and pushed down feeling the rest of my cock slither inside of her until my entire dick was buried inside my mothers cunt and my hairy belly ground up against hers.

“OH God honey, your so big tonight!” she mumbled as I lifted my lips from hers.

“Oh God Mom!!” I groaned as I held myself thrust down inside her steaming, sucking hole.

“OH, My Baby!!!” she whispered, pressing her belly up against mine and wiggling her hips suggestively.

“God, This Feels Like Heaven!!” I gushed, thrilled to be back inside her, as I felt her milking my cock with her cunt.

“OH Tom, Screw Me Baby” she blubbered as she gave my cock a hard squeeze. “Screw Your Mom With Your Big Dick!!”

I slipped over the edge as I remembered that I was fucking my mother a few feet away from my father in the other room! I was insane with desire as I jerked my cock back and drove it back inside her like a mad man. I didn't care if we woke the whole house as I viciously began to hammer my cock in and out of her!

“OH YES! OH YES! OHH GOD YES, BABY YES!!!!!!!!!!!” Mom cried out as she threw herself up against my every pounding thrust “SCREW YOUR MOM, HONEY, SCREW ME!!!!!!!”

I was a raging lunatic, crazed with desire and compulsion to please my Mom, my love!

I had never felt such a need to satisfy her, fulfill her wants, her needs. I realized all of the other times it was just raw sex. This was love and desire and my need to possess her as I furiously reamed her tight, clutching gash!

“OH GOD, MOM I LOVE YOU!!” I growled out as I fucked her.

“I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” she panted.

As I pounded my dick into her, I suddenly felt the strong, firm muscles in her legs tighten around my waist.

“OH YESSSS, OH CHRIST, YEESSSSS, I FEEL IT COMMMIINNNGGG!!!!” she wailed as her body began to shake and quiver!

The hot, clasping chasm of my mom's cunt suddenly collapsed down around my slithering cock. It seemed to be trying to draw my whole body into her as it pulled and sucked on my pulsating dick!

As my Mom thrashed about under me, I felt the great pool of boiling, churning seaman in my balls finally burst forth out and erupt. The burning spew of my thick, rich sperm-laden cum exploded down my shaft and shot into my Mom's cunt like an erupting geyser.

“AAAHHWWWWWWW FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!” I cried as my cock jerked and spewed out my hot, potent seaman into her, wave after wave of perverse, wicked delight washing over me.

I had never known such boundless pleasure!

“OHH MY GOD, HONEY, SO HOT, SOOOO HOTTTT!!!!” Mom whimpered as jerked and quivered beneath me, her seizing, milking pussy being filled to overflowing with my wildly spurting, exploding cock.

I couldn't stop! I just kept on thrusting myself down into the hot, slurping depths of her cunt as my dick gushed more and more of my hot man-sap into her! Again and again I fired my great cannon down into the waiting abyss of her womanhood as she ground her quivering, clutching twat down onto my spewing member. I was overwhelmed with an urge that suddenly came over me. I had an overpowering desire to plant my seed inside her and re-seed the garden that I had been sprouted from! To show her my love, no matter how sick and twisted it was. It was so deviant and wrong, but I wanted to make a child inside of her! Make my own mother pregnant with my own seed!

Like a severed artery, my swollen cock kept spewing my thick, creamy potency into her in an almost continuous stream. Within moments I had shot so much cum inside her, I could feel it's hot, thickness seeping out around my pulsating cock. Her burning, clenching cunt was filled to overflowing. The massive amount of cum I had injected into her was too much for the scalding, tightness of her vagina as it locked down around me. The thick, milky sap oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed, but still my dick jerked and spurted out more and more.

Finally, when I was wondering if something inside of me had broken and it would never stop, my cock gave one last, feeble lurch and stopped firing.

I had never felt such passion, such need, such love. It had forced me to drain myself completely. It felt like my big, dangling balls had been sucked dry by my mother's fiery hole. Lying on top of my mother, I was exhausted and unable to move.

“Oh Tom, honey, that was incredible.” mom gurgled as she kissed me tenderly.

“I've never felt anything so good.” I told her.

“OH, neither have I!” she groaned and hugged me to her even more tightly.

We lay intertwined as we caught our breath and basked in the warm afterglow of sex. I slowly rose above my Mom and looked at her deeply.

“What?” she asked softly

“I meant what I said, you know. I love you!” I said.

“And I love you.” she replied, smiling at me.

“No Mom, I mean I'm in love with you! I want us to be together always.” I proclaimed.

“Oh, really?” she asked “Your serious?”

“Yes, very!” I said. “I want to be the man in your life!”

“Oh god Tom! You have no idea how that makes me feel. I've been feeling the same way too these last few days. I've fallen in love with you, not as my son, but as a man! Oh, God forgive me, Tom, I Love YOU!!!” she cried, pulling my face down to hers, her open mouth sealing against mine in a deep, soulful kiss!

I clutched at her, returning her kiss, not with the hunger of before, but with strong, deep emotion. We lied there kissing slowly, basking in our newly declared love for each other.

Suddenly I was hard again and slowly began to slide my dick in and out of my mother's satiny sheath. This moment had aroused me tremendously.

“Oh TOM!” she sighed as I slowly fucked her.

“Oh, Mom, I Love You So!” I cried.

“My Lover!” she breathed, covering my mouth with her soft, swollen lips again while she thrust herself up at me, taking me inside of her deeply.

Our mouths slowly slid across one another, our tongues lightly caressing as we languished in a slow, luscious kiss!

As we continued to kiss deeply Mom slowly raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

She moaned into my mouth as I slowly ground my hard, throbbing cock in and out of her wet, clutching cunt.

All concerns or worries about our future were pushed into the background as our thoughts and attention were focused on each other as we kissed and made slow, mind numbing love!

As I slowly sawed my twitching dick in and out of Moms drooling, heated snatch, she matched me stroke for stroke, raising her ass of the bed and shoving her twat up at my pulsating shaft. You could hear the bedsprings groan in rhythm to our strokes as we ground against each other in a methodical, sensuous tempo. Our hands caressed each other as we tried to prolong this incredible feeling of love that filled our senses.

Suddenly I felt Mom's cunt start to twitch, sending sparks along the underside of my dick. Her pussy began to suck more vigorously at my extended cock, letting me know Mom's oncoming orgasm was building steam.

She quickened her pace, and softly pressed her heels into my ass, urging me to do the same. As our tempo increased, mom began to moan into my mouth in the same rhythm as our thrusts, “UHMMMM! UHMMMM! UHMMM! UHMMM! UHMMMM!”

I felt her cunt begin to suck and clutch zealously at my cock, pulling at it as if demanding to be fed!

Mom broke of our kiss and threw her head back, franticly shoving her sloshing twat up at my cock again and again and again.


Suddenly she was writhing beneath me, bucking up at me, pulling at my hair as her pussy went into convulsions, madly clenching and milking around my dick. This set me off as I felt the cum rush up my shaft, about to burst from the end of my love hose.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I cried as my orgasm over came me and my dick fired my hot load deep into Mom's twat over and over again, spraying the walls of her searing cunt with my thick, creamy spunk.

We clung to each other, riding a wave of indescribable pleasure as my dick lurched and spewed deep inside her as her twat clutched and sucked the cream right out of my balls.

Eventually my dick shot it last little dribble and Mom's cunt gave one last, slight squeeze on my dick as our breathtaking orgasms subsided.

Mom's arms and legs slid off me as I collapsed on top of her, both to tired to even speak or think. We simply lied there waiting for our breathing to return to normal so we could speak. Finally I was able to roll off of her and lie beside her as she turned and looked at me.

“Oh God, Tom that was the best yet!” she said in a labored, breathless tone.

“You’re telling me.” I replied.

“I guess we should have confessed our love much sooner.” she smiled

“If this is the results, I agree.” I laughed.

I raised myself up a bit, looking down at Mom.

“God, I Love You Mom!” I gushed.

“OH, Tom I Love You!” she replied.

I slowly sank down to her, my open mouth covering those full, pouting lips of hers in another deep, soulful kiss. Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her close as we slowly slid our open mouths across each other's. We seemed to hold this position for hours as the kiss went on and on and on.

We eventually broke it off and came up for air. We noted the time and realized I needed to get back to my own bed. Before I got up we shared one more lush, open-mouthed kiss that lasted another two minutes, before I finally stumbled to my own room.

Chapter 10.

The next day I could barley walk, feeling the effects of my intense sessions with Mom. I made my way to the kitchen, passing Dad, on the couch, watching television on the way.

When I got to the kitchen, Rita and Mom were there chatting as Rita fed the baby.

“So there you are. I didn't think you'd ever get up.” Rita said, sarcastically.

“He looks all tuckered out.” my Mom added, giving me a wink.

“Well there's a lot to do today, so we need to get started as soon as you've had breakfast.” Rita chided and got up and left to put the baby down.

As soon as she left I got up and got myself some coffee, sitting back down next to Mom

“Morning darling.” Mom whispered lustfully.

‘Morning to you.” I replied

We both leaned forward until our parted lips touched and then sealed in a quick kiss.

“I'm afraid that's not going to get it done today.” Mom smirked, leaning forward again. I leaned toward her again, our parted lips meeting once more and then fusing together as we pressed them together in a lustful, illicit kiss. Our mouths parted, sinking together as our good morning buss quickly turned into an open mouthed, french kiss.

“EEUUHHMMM!” Mom moaned into my mouth as our heads bobbed and our lips caressed each other's.

We broke apart before we get caught.

“Have you thought about what we said last night?”

“Of course darling” Mom replied.

“Well how can we do it, you know, be together all the time?” I asked.

“I don't know yet.” Mom replied. “On the one hand I really don't want to hurt your father. But, on the other hand I want you in my bed every night.”

“Well, what do we do?” I asked.

“Let me think.” she said.

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