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Our life time relationship & sex
My Lady & Me ( A True Story)

My Lady and I struggled sexually the first 30 years of our married life. Probably not much different than all other marriages. We spent of our life together those years working very hard to establish our professional lives, raising a family, etc. Our sex life took a back seat to all other facets to our life. We obviously had some sex as we did manage to have three children, those all in the first 5.5 years of the 30 leaving 24.5 more years to be discussed.

Our sex life was interesting in that my lady put up with my sexual aggressiveness, she faking her orgasms, and me – I not sure just what. She would have intercourse because I demanded it but she never promoted any sexual activity herself. I even kept a calendar of our sexual activity – a major mistake. However, thru those years, I managed my own sexual needs by masturbating, using a dildo, reading adult literature and fantasizing.

Our life proceeded, putting up with the Minnesota winters until we could no longer tolerate those cold, snowy days. Therefore, I found a new job in the sunny southwest. Here we settled in, kids in new schools, and we establishing new friends. My lady too settled into a new job where she met another very pleasant and attractive women who just happened to be a social nudist. Unknowingly, we were about to make a major change in our life, all for the good.

For years, I had tried to get my lady to go to the local nudist resort but with no success. It wasn't until her friend and I concocted an afternoon ride for my lady and her friends new husband. It just so happened our ride ended at the nudist resort that her friend belonged to and that I had been trying to get my lady to visit for twenty years. The result of this ride was the beginning of 15+ years of fantastic social nudism and even more years of our sexual growth.

From this initial day at the nudist resort, my lady became the motivating force for our return visits, she becoming very attracted and active in the nudist lifestyle. I, of course, objected violently (no way) but finally went along with her desires. The resort at first was quite primitive but as time past, it came under new ownership, turning into a very fine resort.

In our early experiences at the resort, we had many nude pot lucks, dances, etc. Our Halloween Parties were some of our best gatherings. Everyone made up some nude Halloween costumes usually involving body paint. We had a lady friend that had us paint her so that she looked as if she had tan lines. We painter her white where a bathing suit would normally be in including her boobs and her entire pussy, inside and out. It sure was a lot of fun applying her body paint.

As time went on, we – especially my lady – became very involved in a number of the non-landed nudist club activities. She was elected vice-president in our nudist non-landed club, becoming very close to the president . Later in our nudist life, she admitted to me that she had tried to sexually seduce the president, he having a very, very large cock. He being gay, he refused her advances much to her dismay and frustration. I felt sorry for her as I know from her later sexual encounters that she would have totally enjoyed having his very large cock deep in her pussy. It would also have been good for our growing sexually active life.

As time went on, I had the opportunity to have sex with my lady's girlfriend ( I ate her pussy and she sucked me off) and the young lady that we had body painted (also very nice and I later found out that she loved to suck cock.) During this frame of time, one of our nudist friends husband died and she turned very, very sexually active.

She invited to her home where she immediately attacked me sexually. I not wanting my lady to feel left out, I went next door and invited a very nice single man (who also had a very nice large cock) to join us , hoping that my lady would also be entertained. This started a very nice and long relationship with this single man, we'll name SCD. More about this relationship later.

Having gotten very entrenched in the nudist movement, we started having nudist Halloween parties at our home where we has a very, very nice back yard which included a large in the ground hot tub. These parties soon evolved into some very nice swingers events where our inter-couple sexual activity began.

To add a little spice to our Halloween parties, I developed a spook house through which all our friends had to enter. Again, as these parties matured, I turned our entry spook house into a very sexually oriented display. I had a skeleton which I turned into a hermaphrodite one year, a female bringing herself off with a gigantic dildo another year , and another year, a man jacking off. I also added a “spare parts room” which contained pussies, cocks of all sizes plus real hearts, livers, kidneys, etc, all from our local butcher shop. Everyone loved our “spook” house.

It was at one of these Halloween parties that my and I had her first inter-couple sexual encounter. My lady, a very good male friend G, his wife S and I were enjoying our hot tub. S went to the rest room and I got a couple of beers for G & S and I made more drinks for my lady and me. When I returned to our hot tub, I found G and my lady in a very interesting embrace. I reentered our hot tub and realized that my lady was sitting G's lap. I thought that this was very interesting so I reached under the water and slowly moved my hand up my lady's leg. I quickly realized that G's fairly large rock hard cock was totally embedded in my lady's pussy. I called for S and she replied that she didn't do that sort of thing, she obviously knowing what was going on. Well, this was the beginning of a very long and wonderful relationship with G & S. AND ….. S did end up doing “that sort of thing” with me, many times and at her insistence – she one evening taking me by the hand and leading me into a bedroom where she raped me, asking me to fuck and fuck her ….. I went almost limp, but she wanted more and more. She ended up satisfied, however, even though i wasn't able to cum in her - which she always loved - my warm cum filling her pussy.

From that time on, we were very sexually active with G & S, usually starting with an erotic massage that resulted in oral sex – eating pussy and sucking cock – and eventually sexual intercourse. During this period, our sexual encounters expanded into activity with a number of couples and singles. I, specially, started sucking off as many men as would let me and my lady developed sexual relationships with a few of our lady friends. This was a wonderful, exciting period of our lives.

Our lives further became involved with other couples and singles, both men and women. One such couple was from the eastern US, B & J. We met them at a nudist resort where we had a meeting of our nudist church group. We immediately related and established a long sexual/non-sexual relationship.

Our first adventure with B & J took place in Texas. J having a meeting there and my lady, B and I flying in to meet J. We had a very nice lunch and J headed her car to our nudist resort destination. We arrived at this old shack at the edge of a valley where the resort owner welcomed us. We were very concerned as to what we had gotten ourselves involved but followed the owner anyway. Down into this beautiful valley into a gorgeous nudist resort. We couldn't be happier until our next rude awakening, accommodations. All they had for us was two very small camping trailers each with single beds. What should we do? We took it, each couple to a single bed. Oh well !! We found the hot tub which was specular, sitting on the edge of the valley with a beautiful view. We soaked there, had a few drinks, ate in the old kitchen, had a lot more drinks and went back to our trailer quite drunk. So drunk, I do not remember B giving me a blow job, the first blow job he had ever given. I must have enjoyed as I shot a big load of cum down his throat - again the first cum he had ever tasted. Our very close relation began, it lasts even today, B has pasted but J is still a lovely sexual lady.

Our sex life with B & J continued and intensified. A trip to to the Swallow's in CA where J and I took a walk and I got my first fantastic blow job from J (many more to follow). Another trip thru the Smoky Mountains where we stop at another lovely nudist resort follow by a trip thru the mountains and up the eastern coast of the US. Along the coast, we stop and a very nice hotel which had a fantastic restaurant next door, both the hotel and restaurant looking out over the Atlantic Ocean . Here J gave me another blow job that night as she keeled in the sand, my dick deep in her throat. J obviously gave fantastic blow jobs. This wonderful trip was followed by more and more sex for all of us – in their basement sex room, J eating my lady's pussy, me fucking j with my own dick but also me fucking J with our gigantic dildo, etc. Sex in our new home's living room – also where I and G got a hand job from B. My lady was not left out of any of this sexual activity as she and J & S initiated our large corner tub – eating pussy, finger fucking each other and just enjoying what lady's do to each other. Our relationship with B & J was long and wonderful. J and my lady developed a deep and long female sexual relationship and our non-sexual relationship with her still prevails today, B having passed.

Our sexual and non-sexual relationships with other couples and singles continued to expand.

One relationship with another couple who got us started in the nudist church (some sexual but very little) and another couple whose husband's primary interest was to watch his wife have intercourse with me, she cumming over and over and over, he counting the number of times she would cum. Weird! He would play with my lady but all he was really interested in was what his wife did and how many times she had an orgasm.

About this time, we became quite involved in the development of a nudist resort, helping the male developer JH. I never sucked him off but he had sex with my lady many times – under our kitchen counter, in the middle of our motel room floor, in the bathtub in another motel with his girl friend watching, on our living room floor, anywhere where the two might find themselves.. JH didn't have an outstanding or unusual cock but it did give my lady much pleasure.

The resort development continued and was on its way to being a very active and prosperous venture.

About this time we met a single man at a nudist club party in the southern part of our state. He was ( and still is) a very tall, well built man with the largest cock my lady and I had/have ever seen. We got to know this gentleman, met him a few times at various nudist functions and became good friends. This friendship led to some of our most interesting sexual experiences which still continue for my lady and me to this day (I still suck him off and my lady still enjoys his huge rock hard cock cumming at the maximum depth of her wet and hot pussy).

Our first sexual interaction was when we invited him to our house for the evening. We, of course, were all nude and after a few drinks, we all becoming very relaxed …. and very horny, we suggested to our friend that my lady and I give him a massage. Both my lady and I envied his unusually large cock even when flaccid but we were soon to get an even more pleasant surprise.

We always begin our massage with J on his stomach, laying on the floor, my lady beginning at the his head and me at his feet , working toward the his middle. (Why? I don't know. That's just the way it was. Today we each take a side of the person, working from head to feet together. Why? It's easier.)

Reaching J's buttocks, we have him flip over onto his back. We again notice a continuing change in the size of J's cock but continue our massage. My lady again beginning her massage at his head and me at his feet (I'm not a foot person but) again progressing toward his middle – I noting his now very prominent cock.

It didn't take me much longer to reach his middle as I kept eying his continuously growing cock. From the time I started massaging his feet and legs, his cock kept growing and growing and growing. I could not help but to take hold of this magnificent, gorgeous now very hard cock.

It was the most amazing cock I'd ever seen let alone touch. It was hot, hard and tremendously long. His cock was at least 8” long, straight as a arrow and at least 2 inches in diameter and uncircumcised. How magnificent !! I could not help running my hands up and down and over this enormous cock.

About this time, my lady looked up and saw his monster cock. She was totally mesmerized, never having seen a cock this gigantic. Not only gigantic but perfectly shaped, tremendously long, perfectly proportioned, and huge in diameter. She/we were totally amazed.

She being totally enamored, immediately moved to J's middle, took hold of his huge cock and began running her hands up and down, up and down his cock. It was so large that she was unable to get her fingers completely it. It felt so soft and so hard all at the same time, it pulsing as she continued to stroke it up and down.

Not being unable to resist, J still on the floor, she moved her leg over J, straddling his middle and his cock which was how laying flat against his belly. She positioned her pussy directly over his huge cock and slide her pussy back and forth over its entire length, her pussy getting wetter and hotter. She could resist no longer. My lady grasped his enormous cock, positioned its huge head at her vaginal opening and began to ease this monster into her pussy.

It being so large, she had to very slowly ease his huge cock head into her pussy, it stretching her opening little by little. It felt so wonderful that my lady continued to very slowly engulf J's entire gigantic cock, all 8 inches. Slowly, ever so slowly our friends cock totally disappeared into her now very hot, very wet and totally stretched pussy. (Having no uterus, her vagina is very, very deep.) It wasn't very long before that huge cock was entirely snugly in place, it's entire 8 inches. She sat there for a long time, allowing her pussy to get accustom to our J's gigantic cock. Slowly, however, she began to raise, his cock coming into view and again slowly sliding back down, his now pussy wet cock disappearing again. Up and down, up and down, each time more and more of his slippery pussy juice coated cock would appear and then disappear, a soft glaze in her eyes. She had in her pussy the biggest cock she had ever had before, it reaching depths in her pussy never reached by any cock before. Her pussy was stretched to denominations never stretched before by my cock or any other cock previously in her now nice hot, juicy pussy.

My lady's pussy was so hot, so wet and so stretched that J's enormous cock now slid smoothly in and out, in and out. Both my lady and J moaned softly, their climax approaching. Suddenly my lady fell downward with her full weight and our friend lunged upward, both reaching a magnificent climax, our friend pumping load after load of warm, creamy cum deep within my lady's pussy, her pussy filling with his lubricating cum. My lady impaled, rested with J's monstrous cock still totally imbedded in her , his cum and her pussy juices flowing out around his huge cock from onto his balls and onto our massage towel.

They rested a few minutes when suddenly J sat up, his cock still embedded in my lady's pussy, picked her up, turned her over and laid her on her back and again he began sliding his huge, still hard cock in and out, in and out of her very well cum lubricated pussy. My lady threw her legs back toward her shoulders, giving our friend total access to her swollen but still wanting pussy. All 8” of his cock would appear out of her pussy and just as fast, his cock would disappear back into her pussy. My lady lifted her hips giving J's gorgeous cock even more access to her still wanting, cum filled pussy.

They both again moaned loudly. Our friend again pushed his huge cock as deep into my lady's pussy as far as it would go, both my lady and our friend reaching another climax. Our friend pumped more warm creamy cum deep, deep in my lady's pulsating pussy, her pussy muscles milking as much of our J's cum as she possibly could. He collapsed, rolling on to his back, my lady rolling with him so as to keep his magnificent cock still embedded in her cum filled pussy. Now sitting on his imbedded still rock hard cock, my lady turned around so that she is now facing J's feet, they both turned onto their sides, his gorgeous cock still embedded in her cum soaked pussy. Now on their sides, my lady presses her pussy backward making sure that she would not lose her precious prize. They lay this way for some time, enjoying the after glow of fantastic sex. This was my lady's and J's first sexual experience but definitely not their last !!! They enjoyed each other many times thereafter and even many after he married.

Another of our acquaintances was another man R who also had a very large cock, not as long as J's but bigger in diameter. Another real pussy stretcher.

My lady was not really enamored with this man but I liked him and she like his big cock. If my lady had enough to drink, she would put up with his weird personality and enjoy his nice big cock.

One thing my lady liked was to set in our sex swing, her legs up in the swings stirrup, her legs spread wide apart. Her pussy spread wide open ready for a nice big cock to slide in and out. This she enjoyed with my weird friend R, more to please me than herself. However, she still enjoyed swinging back and forth while R slipped his big cock in and out of her wet pussy. He would cum, filling her pussy making it easy for his large cock to slide easily in and out. I don't believe she ever had a climax but she did participate and obviously enjoyed.

R would also lay my lady on our patio floor, lift her hips in the air allowing weight of his large cock to dangle down just enough to reach her pussy and if there was still plenty of cum in her pussy, he'd bend his knees driving his hard cock in and out of her cum filled pussy. She didn't complain at the time but would let me later that she wasn't really enamored . It was exciting for me and she enjoyed it more than she let me know. I got to suck R's cock a number of times and he would reciprocate by sucking me off. That was very enjoyable, both the sucking and being sucked.

We also had a very, very nice relationship with another nudist resort friend, T. He was tall, slender and single. He had lived with his parents most of his life and experienced a very troublesome period of time when his parents died six months apart. He lived on the east coast and when his parents died, he decide to travel west. He ended up in our developing nudist resort and it was during his visit there in his motor home that I met him.

I first introduced myself to him as he was setting in our pool area in his lawn chair listening to his radio. I decide that as long as he was alone that I would introduce myself and see if we could get acquainted. He was friendly and we sat and talked for a long time. I found out where he was from and a little about him and so the afternoon went. He was very pleasant and friendly not terribly attractive but not unattractive either. The afternoon progressed and we found ourselves enjoying our new friendship. We being nude, I noticed that he had a very nice, normal sized flaccid cock. He being very content and relaxed and there being no one around, I reached over and started stroking his nice cock. I asked him this bothered him and immediately said “no”, therefore I continued to stroking his blooming cock bring him to a very, very nice erection. He was very content and so our relationship continued to grew, it lasting a very long time, actually until his death of lung cancer many years later.

Our relationship grew quickly and was not long before I learned what a very, very nice, receptive, perfect cock he had. It was about 6” ling and about 1.5 “ in diameter. It was indeed an unusual cock in that it stayed hard forever and that he could cum 2 – 3 times in succession, staying rock hard continuously. Actually, his cock was perfect especially for sucking (and my lady learned later for fucking) and I sucked him off 2-3 times a week for quite some time - until his sickness and death.

It was tragic but this 40 year old man had never had sex with a woman. He had a girl friend at one time but they never had any sexual activity even just petting, etc. My lady grew very fond of T and after some time decided that it was time for him to learn now nice it felt to have his rock hard very straight cock in a very wet, warm pussy.

As usual, we started by giving him a pleasant massage in the usual manner, T nude laying on his stomach, my lady at his head and me at is feet. We proceed slowly, both of applying a lite coat of massage oil over every part of his body, rubbing the oil into his skin, both meeting at his buttocks. We ask him to roll over onto his back and again continue to apply more massage oil over the entire front of his body again both meeting at his midsection – as usual, the mans cock. As is almost always the case with a man, T already had a beautiful erection, straight, hard as a rock with a little pre-cum present on the his cocks eye. It is a cock any lady would enjoy having lodged deep in her pussy. In this case, it has never found itself in a nice warm, wet wanting pussy.
However, my experienced lady immediately took over. Dipping her head to lick the sweet warm pre-cum away from the tip of his cock and to continue sucking the head of his nicely sized cock in her mouth. While sucking his cock, she played with his balls until his cock reached its maximum length and width. Realizing that T was primed and ready, she throw her leg over his hips, taking hold of his rock hard cock, placed it to her vaginal opening and immediately imbedded his entire cock to the hilt in her wet, hot pussy. T was in heaven, his cock embedded in a very nice hot, wet pussy. He immediately began sliding his cock in and out of my lady's very receptive pussy, she lifting her pussy to meet each of T penetrations. My lady reached around our friends hips, placing her hands on his hips, keeping pace with his movements, in and out, in and out. This was the beginning of T's first time sex with my lady, it didn't take long for his cock to harden and lengthen to the max, the head of his cock getting enormously large as usual when he was near ejaculating. I knew it was time for him to cum. He lunged the last time, going as deep into my lady's pussy as possible, his cock erupting, pumping load after load of his wonderfully warm creamy cum into her receptive pussy, more cum filling her pussy than she had ever experienced before. This made my lady move her pussy around and around and back and forth, totally coating the insides of her pussy with T's huge load of warm creamy cum. T lay there on top of my lady, both totally satisfied, his still totally rock hard cock embedded to the hilt in her still very hot and now totally cum coated wet pussy.

My lady and T rolled to their sides and relaxed, enjoying the after glow of their sexual encounter. It didn't take long, however, for my lady to reach over and take hold of T's still rock hard cock. She slowly began moving her hand up and down T's still cum covered rock hard cock. It was obvious that T's introduction to a wet pussy was not over. My lady tenderly pushed our friend on to his back and straddled his still rock hard fully erect cock. She carefully now placed his still extremely huge cock head of his gorgeous cock again into her vaginal opening, her pussy still full of his cum and lowered her pussy until had totally engulfed T's perfect cock. I knew he was ready and that he would again pump another huge load of warm creamy cum into her already cum filled pussy. This time his cum and her pussy juices oozed out around his still rock hard cock, his cock ready for another pussy dipping.

This was the only time that T and my lady had sexual intercourse. I'm sure why as my lady would have enjoyed T's very nice cock in her pussy again and again but T was too timid and too shay and therefore unable to initiate sexual activity himself. If he had, my lady would have been more than receptive.
At least I got to suck T off 2 to 3 times a week for a few years. I really loved sucking his fine, fine cock. Maybe T preferred my mouth over my lady's pussy. Hard to believe but possible.

Another male friend, SCD, that we got to know quite well was also a nudist whose wife had died and he stayed at our nudist resort most the time. He is the gentleman that I retrieved for a companion for my lady as I was being entertained by another lady friend. He was very pleasant, medium height and also possessed a very nice large cock. My lady was especially attracted to him and had a number of pleasant times with him.

One especially pleasant times with SCD was at a very nice nudist resort in California. We had arrive to meet him there, renting a nice trailer and being able to use all the resorts facilities – two swimming pools, a lively club house and access to a very nice restaurant. We had lunch and rested in and around one of the swimming pools but finally decide to return to our rented trailer to lay in the sun and relax. As the day progressed and it got hotter in the sun, we decided to take comfort in the AC cooled trailer. We all relaxed, had a drink or two and than played.

The first thing we did was to take a few pictures. I especially wanted a pictures of SCD's very nice large cock slowly entering my ladies pussy. She helped him get erect and than I had him sit on a chair, lean back with his cock straight in the air and had my lady stand over his up turned cock. I than asked my lady to sit down on his big hard cock just enough so that the head of his cock disappeared in her pussy. She did so. I took a picture. With her still sitting on the head of his cock, I than asked her to lower herself so that half of his cock was in her pussy. I took an other very nice picture. I than her asked to lower herself such that his entire cock was totally in her now very wet pussy and she again did so. Another gorgeous picture with wonderful smiles on both of their faces. This was of course fun but now I had started something that only SCD and my lady could finish.

They immediately laid on the floor and to feverishly begin to play with each other. He laid on his back and she sat over him, his cock at her open, stretched pussy and she again shank down onto his big cock, his cock totally disappearing. She moved up and down , up and down. I took another picture. They than changed positions, she laying on her back on the floor, her legs stretched wide open, her pussy dripping in anticipation. SCD again drove his cock deep into my lady's pussy, she lifting her pussy to meet each of his lunges. They fucked for awhile. I took another fine picture. They than changed position again. She again on her back, he striding her head, his cock poise directly over her mouth. She opened her mouth and he immediately shoves his cock most of its length into her mouth, she grasping hold of his cock to keep it from going too deep in her throat. She sucked on him until he was just about to cum. I took another picture.They again changed positions again both getting very excited. I had her position herself on her hands and knees, our friend poised behind her, his cock position to enter her pussy from behind. He/they could no longer wait. He drove his very large hard cock up to its hilt into her now hot, wet pussy. She leaning slightly backward as her he drove his cock forward, his cock sinking deep into her pussy. He continued, pulling his hard cock almost completely out of her inflamed pussy and than immediately driving it to its hilt as deep as it would go into her pussy. They being so excited from all their other positions, very quickly reached a point of no return, she having one orgasm after another and he lunging forward, pumping load after load of warm sweet cum into the depths of her pussy. They collapsed an their sides, he still embedded totally in her cum filled pussy. They rested briefly, she reaching back to feel his cock with her hand and instantly made sure that his was ready to fill her pussy again. AND it did, cum seeping out of her overflowing pussy onto the carpet. Another picture. They lay there, totally relaxed and fell sound asleep. I watch, played with myself and also immediately also an overwhelming orgasm, cum also gushing and splashing onto the carpet.

It was now time for dinner, so I woke our lovers, we all shower – together – played cock in pussy some more in the shower and finally went to dinner.

After we attended the resort dance, had a few more drinks, we decide to retreat to our trailer. On arrival back at our trailer, it was obvious that we were tired but not that tired. We all crawl into the large bed but did not go to sleep. It was time for both SCD and me played with my lady and each other. Being that both SCD and I are bi, it was also time to suck a little cock. Not a little cock but a big cock including my lady as she also enjoyed a nice hard cock in her mouth. But it was really now time for us guys to enjoy sucking each other and ultimately end up eating a very nice pussy. Her pussy was already wet, its labia swollen and its vaginal opening wanting for more cock. We positioned my lady between us, SCD in front of my lady and me behind her. I helped her left her leg and placed it over SCD's hip, her pussy now totally open for access from both sides and that is exactly what happen. SCD slid his cock into my lady's pussy from the front and I slid my cock into my lady's pussy from behind, both our cocks rubbing against each other and both cocks stretching my lady's pussy to the max. She obviously enjoyed both of our cocks in her at one time, as she held tightly onto SCD keeping him deep in her pussy and I held tight onto my lady, keeping my cock also deep in her eager, cock hungry pussy. We fucked like this the entire night, one of us cumming and than the other, resting and each of us cumming again. My lady's pussy was very happy and overflowing with cum. This was an experience that we never had again experience but will obviously never forget.

Another gentleman to enter our lives was D. He is a man of Mexican descent, good looking, very nice and very pleasant to visit with. He like so many married men, no longer has sex with his wife. Why? We have no real idea but we do have a number of possible explanations. That discussion is for another thesis.

We originally met D at our nudist community. Yes, a community where many lived who just wanted a nice, quite place to live where one could walk out into the community nude.

D would visit the community, park his vehicle and emerge with a very presentable erection, not extremely large but quite nice. We later found out that he was unable to get an erection with out the help of a special chemical, prostaglandin, which he injected into the large muscle of his cock. A substance used by many men including me. D's erection bothered a few people, primarily women. Why? If any place should allow a man to have an erection in public it should be in a nudist environment, here, where all nudists feel that the human body is beautiful in all of its states. It is interesting that no one is offended when a women walks around nude with the string of her tampon showing. Another unsolved issue. Anyhow, D would emerge from his vehicle, pumping his cock which is required to keep the solution circulating. Again, it is a very nice cock which I enjoy immensely and my lady acknowledges and accepts.

Any way, what is more beautiful than a very nice rock hard cock, regardless of its size or state of flaccidity or rigidity. Again, the double standard. We have no idea as to what is the state of a woman's pussy, wet or dry or ???. I personally like the very large cocks (mine is so small), especially cocks that are longer than most, cocks that are straight as an arrow and cocks that very large in diameter. I and my lady especially like huge cocks that J and others possess.

Anyway back to D. He enjoys all sexual activity like most men but like most men, he prefers a woman with a nice friendly, wet and hot pussy. This presents a problem for my lady which we'll get to presently.

D's is very nice but relatively small when flaccid. Therefore, he must used our favorite chemical to get a very nice but not real long (about 5.5 “), rock hard cock that stays hard for 2-3 hours. A cock long enough and one that stays hard a long time that would please any lady especially mine. However, as much as my lady likes D, she will not allow him to fuck her. Why? She can not give me any reason. However, D does make regular visits to our home where he gets nude, injects his sometimes pumped up cock but generally his limp 3” uncircumcised beauty. It is a very nice cock which I thoroughly enjoy sucking.
He and I usually relax in our living room and watch a typical “suck and fuck” adult movie (my lady quite often joins us) while he pumps his hardening, lengthening cock. During this time, I have a great deal of trouble not playing or sucking on this beauty. It is small but so nicely proportioned. It fits so nicely in my mouth. Again, his primary interest is to slide his perfect enlarged cock into my lady's pussy but only once has she allowed him to sink only half of his fine cock into her pussy. He of course is frustrated here as he is at home, his wife no longer filling her wifely duties. Why? He does not know, however he does have children so one time or another, she has had sex with him. The story of most man’s lives.

My lady as I have indicated in the previous pages, has loved sex and she still loves sex when the right circumstances prevail, what ever they are ???? She still loves to have her pussy trimmed (and so do I), has become a fairly good cock sucker and wants to have 69 sex, she obviously likes me to eat her pussy, and definitely enjoys an erotic massage including playing with her vulva, clit and pussy. She has also enjoys sex with our very. very large cocked friend J. She says that a huge cock does not make a difference but …... his gigantic cock sure does. His obviously does make a difference.

Life continues and as we age, my lady's sex interest changes. It doesn't disappear totally but it is greatly modified back and forth. We are trying to keep it alive but at times it is a struggle. Since my prostatectomy, I of course can not have an erection nor can I ejaculate. Therefore, I must find unique ways to keep our sex lives alive and active. Thus, I try to inventing new ways to have sex or try to find a man/men who can perform to join in. An acceptable man of course must meet my lady's specifications. In our earlier days, such invitations were met with enthusiasm but with time that has changed also. I have also always wanted involve a black man in our lives but that has happened as of yet.

I'm thinking of writing a addendum/update to this story. Time will tell.
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