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The Best Ass I Ever Tapped
D E S C R I P T I O N :

My name is Jason and this is what happened last year.
Me, a sophomore at 15, and her a junior, 16.
She is the most beautiful girl in the world.
She is like the girls in your dreams and fantasies- the perfect one.
She is about 5 foot 6 with beautiful shoulder length blonde hair.
She had green eyes and a very slim but sexy physique.
She had a really nice and firm ass and would always wear sexy thongs
She had exceptional tits, i'm guessing a 34B or 32C range.
Anyways, she is fine. And very popular, too.
She has many friends and just recently broke up with her boyfriend, Kenny, because he was catholic and wouldnt have sex untill marriage.
She was still a virgin then, and she desperately wanted sex.

M Y W O N D E R F U L P L A N :

By about February that year, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed my sister Lauren bad.
I fantasized about her day and night, and often stole her panties and pictures and sniffed and jacked off.
I was crazy for her. I know it may seem wrong, but I had to tap that ass.
So, One day, I asked Lauren if she ever had sexual thoughts about me, and she responded, "yea, but it was in a wierd dream, so not really- i would never do something like incest Jase". Well i had to figure out a way to change that.
So, the rest of that week all I did was come up with ways to get her into bed with me.
Seeing as we're both virgin teenagers and have never had beer, I finally came up with a killer plan.
I would give her lots of beer mixed with her drink when i served her on the coming Saturday for a celebratio of no school for a week.
Then, when she got drunk enough, I would take her to my room which has already been prepared by having ropes and a ruler just in case things went bad.

H O W I D I D M Y S I S T E R :

So, as time passed, it became Saturday, and our parents were at work till 9 that night. I started out my plan and waited till she got drunker.
She started talking about how big my 10 and a half cock was when she saw it in the bathroom the other day by accident, and said it made her really wet.
Obviousally, i got a huge hard-on by picturing that in my head.
Another hour passed, and i could tell she was drunk.
I carried her to my room, even though she protested, and layed her down on my bed. I waited a while just thinking of things to do with this hot ass on my bed.
She started gaining conciousness a little bit after a while, and was well aware she was about to be raped and their was nothing she could do.
I took off my pants and shirt, and let my dick hang loose to tease Lauren a little.
Then, I went over to her and straddled her and said, "Suck it, bitch".
And there right in front of me my beautiful siter was giving me head.
aftera whileof this, i was definately ready to pound her little virgin pussy.
I unzipped her jeans and saw her pretty little pink thong and removed it with ease.
First, I started eating her cunt, but then after she started to moan more and more, I straddled her once again and inserted my prick into her wet pussy and started to fuck her.
I didn't use a condom and probably could've gotten her pregnant, but I didn't care- I was fuckinmg the hottest piece of ass at our school.
I repeatedly throbbed my dick in and out untill i came inside her many times.
She screamed in pain and in pleasure, so then i took it out of her vagina and began sucking on her beautiful now hard tits.
They were so perfect and just the way I had imagined them, hard and firm, but squishy and soft and fun.
I did this for a while and then again fucked her silly.
After I came again and then had her blow me again and cum all over her body and in her mouth, I looked at the clock and it read 10:42 P.M., mom and dad would be there any minute.
Without panic, I simply just turned her over and spread open her legs again and fucked her doggystyle until i came yet again. By then, she was screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs, and mom and dad had arrived.

C O N C L U S I O N :

I knew I was in some deep shit, but it was all worth it...
I now had a sex sister in Lauren, and i felt as i if i could do her whenever i wanted...

P L E A S E R E A D P A R T II , o r j u s t e n j o y t h i s P A R T I a n d h a v e a g o o d t i m e r e a d i n g p o r n s t o r i e s ...

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2010-11-09 20:25:38
geez u guys r mean y not make stories up for us to read it then
n i thought the story was good

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2010-11-09 20:25:21
geez u guys r mean y not make stories up for us to read it then
n i thought the story was good

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2009-05-25 12:25:36
pritty shit

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2009-02-23 00:54:00
don't usually give neg rating, but this one got one. Pretty bad.

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2008-12-18 10:34:03
its all fake

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