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(Episode 1: Origin)
Translated From The Memoirs Of Caterine DuMont:
(Marseille France, 1926-)

I always find myself thinking about the warm evenings here, how the sun

always coincides with everything that is city of light. It seems enigmatic to me (even

now) that I still sit and wonder about how transcendental night and day is here, and who or what is so

deserving of it all. The nativity of Marseille is so incomprehensible that it seems as if no real sense of

history or literature could ever touch upon how any of it came to be. Lakes, restaurants, mansions; all

of them encamped in an arrogant Mediterranea filled with cyclists and a lively domestic sputter.

It was the middle of May and my house was again enshrined in the comfort of

the season, my parents were both at work and it was just my sister Thierry and I. We had been

waltzing around the house for most of the day, enjoying the gorgeous sun-lit provinces of the narrow

rooms. It was now a little past noon and you could hear Reinhardt's music from halfway down the

street, my sister in her white summer dress was leaning back on a chair in the kitchen eyeing the

public. The funniest thing about it was that she loved staring at "Luc" most of the time. Luc was a

twenty-year-old boy who took precedent over the produce stand his father owned. Thierry and Luc

had shared glances in the past but nothing ever came of it, but it did seem like everyday she'd be

waiting there with that same dress which always made such a beautiful silhouette of her long and

ostensibly beautiful figure.

I had always imagined what the two of them would think about when they

shared those silent insinuations. Did he ever contemplate pressing her tender thirteen -year-old body

against some cruel alleyway ? Would he eternally be the one to take away that tender little spot

between her legs god had granted her ? I always imagined what their first touch would be

what time would he finally grab her with his veiny hands, already having loosened his thick penis in the

process ? Would it be daytime ? nighttime ? Luc could be the one to separate her from the natural

jurisdiction between her legs; enticing the accent of blood that would travel under his shaft and collect

like a tributary at it's fleshy base. Her breasts were so tender and delicate that I'd fear they would be

bruised just from the grasp of his fingertips.

Regardless of their intentions, I also wondered about the consequences-would our parents find

a droplet of spent blood ? Would Thierry come home tired and exhausted only to get a beating for

staying out too late ? All I had were honest questions that I kept only to myself . I thought about both of

them all the time, even at nine years old I was allot like my sister...sleek, slender, and almost too

well-developed for my age. I, like Thierry, had short wavy brown hair that was an honest style in '26

and milky white skin that was very delicate. The exception between us was that she was a little taller

than I was, and her eyes were this diluted shade of sea-green, while mine resembled a shady blue. I

never expressed my admiration for Thierry, but it occurred to me that even if I did, she would be really

nervous, but not disgusted by my audacity.

With some regret in the past, I've made attempts to make use of my attraction towards her, in

which some of my own creativity actually kept me from revealing my true feelings about Thierry. When

we ate at the dinner table, I would sometimes extend my hand out when she would leave the table,

ensuring that my hand would graze the velvety flesh of her outer thigh. I remember as early as last

year, we were staying at a hotel in Lyon and I was helping her with her with fitting her stockings

correctly. Our uncle Alain was getting married and she needed the stockings as part of her ensemble.

Just before I got them past her thin little panties, I noticed a small run almost exactly where her labia

would be-"What are you doing !" she shouted after I ran my finger up and down the tiny little nub

emanating from her stocking hole. "What ? I wanted to make sure that there wasn't a run there!" I

remember saying; regardless, she was angry .

Forbid people even have sex in the 20s ! Even If was suspected of doing anything with Thierry, I

would have been locked up in an asylum for the rest of my life, but at nine years old, It wasn't like my

sister was the only person I was attracted to. My friend Amandine was a pretty 12 year old girl who

had a mother from some Italian town in Cremona, while her father was a staunch French man. I

remember she had the darkest brown hair I'd ever was so long and sultry (like her) but

respectively left draping over her pale shoulders. She had golden-brown eyes that seemed to be

colored in such interesting swirls, and was still a little underdeveloped for her age. I remember

meeting her through my mom who was friends with her mother, and sometimes she would stay long

into the night before she had to return home. I always felt so nervous around Amandine because I

always understood my feelings for her. She never gave me a single hint that she liked girls, although I

would state longingly at her shapely little legs.

A week ago she had come over and was acting as if she had the vibrancy of

childhood locked away in her little Italian heart. She was happy about something, but I didn't understand

what exactly. She and I had started talking about our teachers at school, and had engaged in a tirade

of discussions about my sister and Luc until I saw Thierry herself look out from her slightly opened

bedroom door. Immediately after, Amandine has excused herself and told me she was going to the

bathroom. I walked over to the kitchen wanting to add to the conversation going on between my mom

and hers. After about a half-an-hour I noticed that Amandine hadn't come back to play, and I was

curious as to what she may have been doing. As I got closer to Thierry's room I kept hearing these odd

sounds coming from behind the door. I pressed my eager ear against the cold lacquered plane of wood

separating me from whatever splendor lay behind it.. As I listened- short, but increasingly loud bursts of

diluted moans came vibrating through the cedar door, my psyche trembling with fear as the noises

became more audible. It sounded as if Amandine was becoming short of air, and was gasping

dangerously in small quivering bouts.

At one of the highest peaks I concentrated the focus of my eye

on the large keyhole of the door. All I could see was my sister kneeling completely nude between

Amandine's legs, inserting, her fingers deeply into her fragile little folds. I watched as my panties

became so moist that I could feel little droplets scurry past my inner thigh, and land quietly on the

wooden floor. I wanted to be in there-I wanted reprieve from the horror of having to press my

tender adolescent knees together in order to stop the beat of my young, hairless, pulsating clit. I

needed to stop the translucent little juices from running betwixt my weak legs; I needed something!,,

lord above ! something to prevent my own collective puddles from expanding on the floor.

I went to my room and cleaned myself off, and came back only to find my sister and Amandine

completely dressed and standing in the kitchen. But, Amandine looked like she was ready to explode

with tears. She was quivering as if she didn't know what had happened, but Thierry was content as

ever. However, before Amandine and her mom left I remember not getting even a wave of goodbye

from my best and only friend at the time. What had my ignorant sister done !!!!??? Despite my anger, I

went to bed that night without thoughts too insurmountable to keep my mind in some function

of sleep. I wondered if Amandine was upset, as well as my sister ! who might have regretted what she

had done that night. I wondered what the hell I was going through when I was dripping through my

panties. After allot of contemplation, I left my room sometime around midnight to grab a glass of milk so I

could rest easier. The kitchen was engulfed in the indigo moonlight as my bare little feet were sticking

to the wooden floor with every step. However, I made the mistake of dropping the lid from the milk bottle

onto the floor, which created such a profoundly awkward sound. I feared I would have woken up

somebody. As I bent down to retrieve the topper, I felt something whisk under my long nightgown. All of

a sudden I felt someone's hand come quickly under the back of my cotton panties, and shift the larger

untit of cloth there nearly all the way past the right side of the cold skin of my tender ass. Before I could

turn around , another hand forced my head down on the table and held it there. All of a sudden I felt

two of the most delicate fingers I've had come in contact with me had slipped past the delicately tight

porcelain colored folds between my legs. All of a sudden I heard a low sultry voice say:"Listen to me

Caterine ! and listen good! you don't tell mother or father about what happened earlier got it?" I heard

Thierry's voice dictate. Without warning, she then plunged her fingers further into my tender

little trap with a stinging force that made my eyes tear. "Understand?" she latter added. "Ok, ok, just let

me go please ! you're hurting me!" I replied as she took her fingers out of me. "Oh and don't tell mother or

father about this either, or I'll take from you what I took away from Amandine!" she later added. My

sister then took her hand off my neck, and all I could see was the indigo light encasing her long naked

body as she walked back to her room.

Now it's been weeks and since then... I haven't been upset about any of it for some

strange reason. However I spend all night wondering if my sister would attack me like that again, if

she would even think of granting me the chance to finally take hold of her perfect breasts, her

impeccably round, but curvaceously pointed breasts. I wanted her go farther as well, I want the

stability of knowing that I could feel her pouty French lips on my burning clit. It was coming down to the

time where I would have to tell her how I felt, and literally demand that Thierry show some backbone

and just....."fuck me" for once.

I had waited for the perfect moment to ambush her and find the right time. Luckily for

me, mother and father were on business in Alsace, and the mood was perfect. My city of light, my own

city had been lit up just as I had expected... it was June now, and the environment around me was

drenched in the same murmur of weekday noises, and trickling sunlight. The air was cool as I expected,

and there would only be thirty more minutes of my illuminated afternoon .

I walked over the bathroom where Thierry was about to take a shower, as I came to the door I

wondered if the moment was really right, and if I was wearing the nicest panties I could for her.

After all, I wanted it be my night with her, and still show her that I took the time to look nice for her. I

stole some of mother's beauty crème and put just enough perfume on to entice her. I noticed the door

was ajar and I slowly opened it by sliding a flat hand through the opening. I stood there in my summer

dress that hugged my tight little ass and accentuated my decently sized breasts. I saw Thierry there in

a towel, her hair still in that classic 20s style. "Do you like looking at me when I'm nearly naked ? " she

said, after I surprised her with my presence. "No, not exactly, I think about what you look like under that

towel nearly everyday since the time since you had your fingers in me." I replied. " Oh really ?" she

said, "So you're saying you want them back in there, is that it? You want me... to fuck my little sister???

" Thierry added. "No I don't want you to fuck me, I want to see if you have the decency to finish what

you started and make your little sister cum." I said.

Thierry looked stunned, she nearly lost her bearings before grabbing my shoulders,

slamming them against the wall of the tub. She then pulled my dress just above my waist and turned my

body completely around and pulled my panties down past my knees. I was quivering like a scared

animal as I kept wondering what the feeling of my beautiful sister's lips, fingers and breasts were like

when they'd be confiscating every aspect of my virginity. Thierry then pressed her naked body against

mine, so hard that It felt like a permanent impression in my body. She shoved her tongue deep

into my mouth while she violently rubbed my tight soaking mound. The muscles of my very clitoris had

tightened so much that my sister could barely get her fingers past my folds.

"What the fuck is this ? do you think I'd be able to get my fingers into you if that

quivering little thing was too tight ?" Thierry said, breaking the mood. "What ?! " I said. Apparently my

sister disagreed with me, but why? I thought It was going to be perfect! I was with my sister ! and now

this? "You're going to regret this..." she later said.

Before I knew it my sister had gotten me to put all my clothes on and we were both out

the door. She had dressed rather quickly and we walked out to the other side of the street opposite

from our house. I was disoriented from all the noise out on the road and the fact that Thierry was

dragging me by my arm...I had no Idea where we were going, and I was getting scared. All I knew

was that I was going somewhere I didn't want to be. We finally arrived at this little brown apt just at

the end of he block. It looked familiar and the fact even scared me more than I already was.

Thierry knocked on- and- on, and after a minute or two, someone opened the was

Luc ! but why? "I thought you could do a little something for me" my sister said looking directly

at Luc, He smiled, "You're kidding right? I don't do that sort of thing anymore" Needless to say, their

conversation began to worry me more, but ultimately, I had been clenching my knees together from the

moist feeling I was getting all over again. I was a teary-eyed collection of skin, bones, and only a pouty

pair of lips and budding breasts. I think that Luc had found some hot fantasy about fucking some

quivering little nine-year-old in a virgin-white dress. My sister talked something over with Luc, and

finally he seemed to agree to us coming in. "Bring her in here" Luc said as he walked over to what

seemed to be a quiet den with a large red couch.

My sister pulled up a small chair and sat down in

front of the couch after leading me to sit down. Luc sat, took off his shirt, but left on his pair of wool

pants that kept upright by only a couple of wool ties. I looked at my sister

with a watery gaze, as if to say "Do I really have to do this for you ? please, all I want is you! why must

he have me first ? Luc then spun me, I lay down on my back and he sat me up on the arm of the

couch. Luc grabbed my ankles which were now as soft and fragile as faberge' in his veiny hands. I

scooted backward in nervousness, my little legs shuffling back and forth as my eyes became

more watery "whoa little thing, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you" Luc said, as he crept closer, and I crept

away further...higher...too high on the wide part of the couch arm, looking back and forth at Luc

and my sister who was sitting patiently.

Luc got up to my thighs with his hands as I kept shivering and

crawling backwards, "Hey.. hey.. hey...relax, relax Luc said softly as he got closer and closer to me,

while loosening the cord on his pants and eventually working out his large, veiny, erect penis I

started huffing rapidly, still crawling back and shuffling my legs as Luc softly said, "Shh Shh

it's ok! it's ok! At the high point of my huffing he slowly inched his penis closer to my drenched folds

and shifted my panties over....engufing all of the crotch in the grip of his fist. Just before I let out the last

huff, and could crawl back no more, I felt the large head on top his long shaft press against my entry.

I stiffened up quickly and let out a huge gasp, and then I could hardly control my legs, my

body was shaking so much that Luc's strong hands could barely hold my legs open .

He slid his vessel halfway into me as I looked back at Thierry..she was still patient. I let out little gasps

every time he got halfway in-and-out, feeling more pressure everytime on something deep inside of me

until finally I felt something fleshy in me shift harshly... I saw a trickle of blood flow down from my folds,

a place no one had ever breached until now. With every thrust thereafter I quieted down, letting Luc

slide his immense nine-inch penis into the little place between my legs that was not yet meant for

someone like Luc, it hurt so much , but felt so good to have Luc inside of me, I was still teary and

scared but I was still doing this for my sister.

Now with every concurrent thrust a new trickle of blood flowed down past his shaft as

my sister eagerly watched. Luc went faster and faster until he nearly had my weak legs wrapped

around him, my panties since torn off and my tender breasts held tight. Luc was nearing the end...he

now plunged faster-ending my virginity; my young blood secreting

the moisture between us until Luc and I could take no more. Luc came inside of me, spending

everything he had between my legs, I came shortly after, my legs with no signs of life, and my sister

with nothing to say but, " Now you deserve all of me."


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