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Chapter Seven:

"And you say that Walter is still trying to initiate an incestuous,
sexual relationship with you?" Margaret asked. She sat with her
notebook and pencil again, pretending to take notes. A day had passed.

"That's right," Patty sighed. She squirmed nervously on the couch,
uncomfortable to be discussing her private life with a therapist. She'd
expected Margaret Kelly to be old and dowdy. It was discomfiting to see
that the counselor was her age, and was endowed with a petite body
every bit as curvaceous as her own.

"Did Walter try to have sex with you last night?" Margaret raised her

"He certainly did. He was very aggressive."

Patty trembled in spite of herself, remembering the furious pussy-
pounding Walter had delivered the night before. Again, she had failed
to suppress her need to fuck her own son.

"Was his cock stiff?"


"I have to ask a delicate question now." Margaret folded her notebook
and dropped it on the floor. "You've told me so far that Walter has
made sexual advances on you. I haven't asked yet, point blank, if any
of these advances have been successful. Have they?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Have you fucked your own son?"

"Of...of course not!" Patty spluttered, instantly reddening with shame
and fear. "What kind of question is that? I would never allow my own
son to help himself to my own body."

"That's not what Walter says."

The ensuing silence was long and tense. Patty's blush deepened, and she
shamefully averted her eyes, avoiding the counselor's calm stare.
Already she knew that she'd been caught. Horrible fantasies flashed
through her mind's eye: of newspaper headlines, of a judge denying her
custody of her son. Patty wondered if there was any point in trying to
lie further.

"I'm not going to tell anyone about this, Patty," Margaret said
soothingly, as if reading her mind. "Anything you admit to me will be
kept in strictest confidence. But I do think it would be best if we
started being honest with one another. Walter admitted, with some
persuasion on my part, that he has already fucked you many times. He
says that you enjoying sex with him a great deal, but that you feel
ashamed of yourself for letting your own son fuck you. Is that true?"

Patty took a deep breath and, finally, met the counselor's eyes.

"That's about right," she said.

"You know, maybe it's not really so awful to let Walter keep fucking
you," Margaret suggested. "After all, you're both horny, and he's old
enough to --"

"No!" Patty stopped her with a brisk wave of her hand. "Please, don't
even suggest that. It's disgusting. It has to end right now. I simply
can't allow Walter access to my body any longer."

"Then why do you let him fuck you at all, Patty?" Margaret paused,
letting the question sink in. "Is it because you're so horny?"

"I...I guess."

"Have you always been so horny, or has it only been since your

"Always, I guess."

"I see." Margaret hesitated again. "Patty I'm going to ask you some
very personal questions now. How often do you think about fucking and
sucking in the course of a given day?"

"A great deal."

"Does your cunt usually respond to these thoughts by becoming moist and


"Was you cunt moist and swollen when you first allowed your son to fuck


"The questions I'm asking now, are they making your pussy feel wet and

Patty flushed with embarrassment.

"I guess."

"I think it would be good if I took a close look at your cunt, Patty."
Margaret held up her hand, as if to stem off a possible objection.
"Don't worry. I have a degree in physical therapy," she lied. "I'm just
going to inspect it, Patty. All you have to do is pull down your pants
and let me have a look."

Patty thought about this for a moment, but by then Margaret's stream of
sex-oriented questions had made her pussy so itchy and horny that she
was too distracted to object. She rose to her feet, kicking off her
shoes and pulling her jeans off. Now all she had on were her panties.
Patty sat back down on the couch, pulling the cotton bikini panties off
of her rounded little ass, exposing her hairy pussy mound to the

"You have a great deal of pussy hair," Margaret observed.

Margaret knelt on the floor in front of her. Patty blushed as she let
the counselor spread her long legs wide apart, completely opening her
wet, curly-haired pussy. Margaret leaned close, pushing her face
between Patty's legs. Then she ran her fingers up Patty's inner thigh,
wiggling one between the pouting lips of Patty's extremely horny cunt.

"Does that feel good?" Margaret asked.

She began moving the finger briskly in and out.


"Your cunt lubricates very easily, Patty. I've only just begun to touch
it, and it's already dripping. It's very warm and swollen as well."
Margaret pushed in a second finger, jacking her off harder. "Does this
feel better?"


Patty blushed with shame, splaying her legs wider. The whole scene was
absurd; she already knew that Margaret was a horny dyke who wanted to
seduce her. But, since she had begun fucking her son, Patty's sex needs
were so uncontrollably strong that she reacted helplessly to any
stimulus. Now she started humping and wiggling her ass eagerly on the
couch, fucking her wet pussy onto Margaret's hand.

"Now your cunt's getting even wetter. The inner lips seem to be
spasming as well. You have an extremely tight pussy for a woman your
age. I can see why Walter has such a strong desire to fuck you, even if
your are his mother."

"Ungggh! Oh, Margaret! Unngggh!"

"Was your pussy this hot and juicy when your son fucked you for the
first time, Patty? I notice that your cunt seems to spasm harder when I
ask you about it. Does it arouse you to think about your own son
fucking your pussy, the way it feels to have a young boy's stiff,
throbbing fuck organ pounding into your cunt?"

"Ungggh! Oh, stop! Stop talking dirty! Ungggh!"

"Your clit is swollen, Patty."

Still pumping her fingers rapidly in and out of Patty's gooey fuck
hole, Margaret brought her left hand to the fat, dark pink bud
protruding at the top of her cunt. She put her left forefinger on it,
rubbing in a circular motion. Patty gasped, fucking her hips rapidly
off the couch.

"Does this feel good?"

"Ungggh! Oh! Unggggh!"

"I think it would be good now to see how your pussy responds to oral
stimulation, Patty."

Margaret lowered her head, burying her face between Patty's thighs. She
pressed her mouth to the blonde's wet, tasty fuck hole. The next thing
Patty knew, the counselor had begun to lick and suck.

Hungrily Margaret sluiced her tongue up and down Patty's throbbing fuck
hole, eagerly lapping the cunt cream from the folds of Patty's pussy.
Patty instantly felt her pussy growing even hornier, oozing a heavy
flow of fuck oils onto the counselor's tongue. Margaret slid her hands
up higher, peeling open the pussy petals. She thrust her tongue deep
inside Patty's pussy, licking deep inside Patty's cunt.

"Oh, suck me," Patty gasped.

By now the extreme pleasure of having her pussy licked had made her
lose all control of herself. She clutched Margaret's head with both
hands, frantically fucking her ass off the couch.

"Lick it good, Margaret! Ungggh! Oh, shit, you're making my pussy so
juicy! Suck it, Margaret, suck my cunt!"

Margaret pushed her tongue in and out of Patty's pussy, making the
blonde hump her ass faster on the couch. The clit was very hard now,
twitching obscenely with its need to be licked and sucked. Margaret
wriggled her tongue on it, sending spasming waves of intense pleasure
coursing through Patty's body. Then she took the swollen clit directly
between her lips, sucking hard, puckering her cheeks on it, as if it
were a tiny cock.

"Suck me, suck me!" Patty gasped. By now the blonde's face was a mask
of insatiable fuck need. "Ungggh! Put your fingers in again! Oh, shit,
my cunt's so wet! My pussy needs to cum!"

Again Margaret straightened her fingers, gooshing them into the
clasping interior of Patty's hot, achey fuck tunnel. Rapidly she jacked
off the horny woman, banging her knuckles on the puffy lips of Patty's
fuck slit. Then Margaret sucked the clit bud much harder, pressing her
tongue on the tip, pushing it back and forth.

"I'm cumming!" Patty squealed. She clawed the back of Margaret's head,
almost weeping with pleasure, fucking her ass frantically off the
couch. "Ungggh! Suck my pussy, suck my horny fucking pussy! I'm cumming
now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Patty's pussy spasmed violently, nearly as hard as it had the last time
she'd enjoyed a savage fucking with her son. The delicious musky-
smelling cunt cream flowed heavily from the hairy hole, giving Margaret
a plentiful amount of pussy juice to tongue and lick up. Margaret kept
her head buried between Patty's trembling thighs, continuing to lick,
suck and fingerfuck the cum-spasming pussy. Eating cunt, she thought,
was almost as satisfying as slurping the cock juice out of a huge,
throbbing boner like her son's.

"Well!" Margaret sat back on her heels, licking her lips to savor the
last droplets of pussy juice. "I'm sure you feel better now, don't you,
Patty? You certainly came hard, didn't you?"

Patty sprawled on the couch, staring down at her. She'd come to discuss
her sex problems frankly with the therapist. Instead she'd wound up
allowing the therapist to lick and suck her cunt. Patty wondered what
was coming over her. She felt so horny these days that the slightest
prompting could induce her to spread her legs and give her pussy to

"Your pussy's still very juicy," Margaret observed. She slipped her
finger back into Patty's pussy, sliding it teasingly in and out. "Would
you like to suck my cunt now, Patty?"

"I--I don't think I'd better."

"Don't be ridiculous."

Margaret stood, in no hurry, instinctively understanding that Patty was
too horny to refuse her. Margaret stripped naked, revealing her petite,
busty body to the blonde. Then she stretched out on her back on the
floor, splaying her thighs wide apart, showing her wet, black-haired
pussy to the sex-starved blonde mother.

"You'll feel a lot better after you suck my cunt, Patty," Margaret
purred. "I can see that you're still very horny. I'm only trying to
help you, after all. If I let you lick my pussy, your desire for
sucking might be satisfied. You might not be so eager to give blow jobs
to your own son."

Patty slid off the couch, her mouth already watering, unable to resist
the sight of Margaret's moist, juicy pussy. Patty lay on her stomach
between the brunette's legs, confronting the curly-haired fissure of
her butter fuck slit. Then she pressed her mouth on it, red-faced with
shame and passion, licking another woman's cunt for the very first

"That's a good girl," Margaret sighed.

Margaret splayed her legs wider, completely opening her throbbing pussy
for Patty's lips and tongue. She pushed her hand down, peeling open her
pussy petals with her fingers. Then she started humping her ass lightly
on the floor, hungrily thrusting her wet, horny pussy onto Patty's

"Get your tongue in there, Patty! Ungggh! That's a good girl! You like
the way my pussy tastes, don't you?"

Patty didn't answer. She was already too busy licking and sucking. As
Margaret had suggested, the taste of another woman's wet cunt was
extremely exciting to her. She felt her won pussy throbbing lewdly as
she thrust her tongue in deep, lapping the fragrant cunt oils from the
depths of Margaret's aching cunt.

Margaret's cunt was getting wetter, throbbing on her lips. The inner
lips spasmed, needing something to suck on. Patty straightened one
finger, then as second, gooshing them into the narrow, creamy interior
of Margaret's fuck channel. Margaret gasped as the blonde started
jacking her off, banging her fingers rhythmically in and out of her
wet, overheated fuck slit.

"Suck me now," Margaret cried. Her big tits jiggled as she humped her
ass off the floor, fucking her wet, hairy pussy onto Patty's mouth and
fingers. "My clitty! Ungggh! Suck my clitty! Oh, fuck, oh, please, put
it in your mouth now! Suck it, suck it hard!"

Patty obeyed, now pumping her fingers in and out of Margaret's cunt as
fast as she could. Margaret's clit was fat and swollen, protruding at
the tip of her fuck opening. Patty wrapped her lips around it, sucking
hard, puckering her cheeks as shed did when she sucked her son's cock.
Margaret clawed the back of her neck, hard enough to draw blood. Then
Margaret's aching, tight cunt hole spasmed and throbbed in a long,
violent cum.

"Lick it, Patty! Unh, unh, unh, lick it, suck my pussy! I'm cumming
now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Patty feverishly kept sucking and fingerfucking, guiding the horny
brunette through the duration of her orgasm. At last Margaret let her
pink-flushed ass cheeks drift back to the floor. Margaret sat up,
smiling shamelessly, rewarding Patty's cunt lapping efforts with a
long, lewd kiss.

"Now, you enjoyed that too, didn't you?" Margaret said. "See, Patty? I
don't think there's really any harm in fucking your son, but you don't
really have to, if you don't want to. Whenever you get horny, you can
just come to see me. Free of charge. You have a beautiful body, and a
wonderful, tasty pussy. I'll be happy to lick it for you whenever it
feels wet and hot."

* * * * *

"Ooh, that's nice, honey. Your big cock feels so good." Margaret lay on
her back later that night, her ankles bouncing on Henry's shoulders,
letting her horny son enjoy another fuck in his mother's tight cunt.
"You love fucking Mummy's tight pussy, don't you?"

Henry didn't answer. He was too busy laboring feverishly between his
mother's thighs, ramming her blood-swollen cockshaft in and out of her
pussy. Margaret humped her ass to meet his rhythm, eagerly thrusting
her horny cunt onto his cock.

"Honey? Would you like to fuck another woman besides Mummy?"

"I don't care," Henry panted.

"Her name's Patty Wayne, Henry. I know you'd like her. She's blonde,
and very pretty. And she's got awfully big tits." Margaret hesitated.
"Do you remember the other day, when I was telling you about the boy
who fucked his mother? That's the one, Henry. Patty is very, very
horny, honey. She wishes she could keep her son out of her panties, but
she's just too horny to resist him."

Henry was too busy fucking his mother to answer, but Margaret could
feel his prick swelling even stiffer in her pussy. She knew Henry
sensed the direction her conversation was leading, and she knew that
the idea already turned Henry on.

"Henry, why don't you visit Patty Wayne tomorrow? I'll give you an
excuse, so you can see her when her son's at school. I'll bet she'll be
at home, playing with herself. She really is terribly horny, son. She
needs more fucking badly."

"What d'you want me to do it for?" Henry panted.

"Because I think it would be fun for you," Margaret giggled. "And I
think it would be nice if the four of us could all start fucking
together eventually. Patty just needs a little more persuasion. Your
cock is an awfully good persuader, honey. I know that for a fact. Will
you promise to see her tomorrow, Henry? And give Patty a good humping?"

"That's a good boy." Margaret whimpered, feeling her pussy throbbing
around his cock. She wrapped her legs around his back, bucking in a
frenzy of lust. "Now fuck your mother, Henry! Hard, lover, fuck your
mother hard!"

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