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My name is Alex. I'm English and have lived here all my life. I'm 16 years old. Short brown hair, well built, 6”1. About 150lb. I work out a lot. My parents are the rich, country club type, so we have membership at this really posh gym, which is like a tiny walk from our house. Since I was 14 or so I'd come here a few times a week.

So, one night, I'm at the gym, it's quiet as a grave. I'm just finishing off my day with a few goes on the Chest Press, and I see Jessica looking at me from the counter. She's smiling. She's 21, blonde, lightly tanned, about 110lb, maybe 5”11. She's fit and well muscled. The hottest body; perfectly perky tits, a nice round ass. She has only been working here a few weeks. I kind of have a thing for her.. She has been really flirty recently – not that I'm complaining of course..

She's leaning over the counter, with her breasts resting gently on the plastic surface. Her white t-shirt was tight and revealing. Our eyes met from across the gym. Her smile was enchanting. Subtle red lipstick with pearl white teeth. I looked away and tried in vain not to show my arousal. I brought my attention to the task at hand – my weights. I glanced back at the counter, she was still there, watching me, smiling. I smiled back at her, shyly. She shifted her weight to her other foot and watched me. I dropped my weights back to shifting position.

I did the typical macho thing – try to impress her. Took a deep breath, and changed the weight from 45kg to 55kg. Looked back to the counter, she rolled her eyes and giggled. I pushed forward, and pushed the weights forward a few times. It was hard work, I was perspiring slightly. I put the weights back to the resting position and looked back for Jessica. She was walking to the other side of the gym, toward the swimming pool.

Had I scared her off? I was beginning to feel disappointed. But she paused slightly, wiggled her ass playfully, then carried on walking, swaying her hips like a model does. My penis perked a little. She had my attention, I had to follow her. I got up and walked into the pool area. It was warm and quite misty. I couldn't see her perfect body anywhere. I walked to the edge of the pool.

I heard a giggle, and I started to turn. She pushed me into the water. I sank under the surface of the small, empty pool, smiling. I swam up and took a breath. I heard her walking into the womens changing rooms, still laughing to herself.
“What a minx”, I thought to myself, with a smile.

I got out of the pool, dripping wet with warm water, and cautiously moved down the stairs. I heard the shower running, so I walked around the lockers. It was totally empty, thank heavens. I was a little nervous at being here, but I couldn't turn back. No way. I found her behind the wall of the shower, still wearing her tight white t-shirt, although it was now soaked through, as was her bra. Her nipples were wonderfully erect. Her hair was plastered against her face. I looked into her eyes, and she looked back into mine. She had the most wonderful blue eyes. Nothing needed to be said. We started kissing passionately under the warm shower. I gripped her arm, I could feel the goosebumps on her perfect skin.

She broke the kiss with a certain passionate urgency.
“Take me” she whispered, looking straight into my eyes. My cock was growing ever larger, and at the sound of this I was about to explode from my flimsy gym shorts.
“Are you sure?” I asked. I was really nervous, it was my first time, but this was Jessica. I was beside myself, I couldn't believe it.
She nodded and began to pull down my shorts, which by this time were soaked. She took my 7 inch cock into her waiting hands. Her perfect, silky smooth hands. She knelt down and pushed me gently against the wall, the shower pouring onto her. She started moving her hands slowly up and down while she teased the head with her warm, velvet tongue. I moaned with pleasure. She took all of my manhood into her mouth, using her hands to anchor herself to my hips. I never imagined it could be this good. My t-shirt was soaked and sticking to my chest, my nipples were sticking out like bullets. I moaned again and arched my back against the wall.

It was like an out of body experience. Like I was standing there, watching someone else with Jessica, but I could feel it. I wanted to pleasure her like she was doing to me.
“Stop” I whispered. She moved her warm mouth off my penis, and looked at me, questioningly at first. Our eyes met. She stood up. Jessica pulled down her wet shorts, and panties. She backed against the wall and spread her legs. We kissed passionately as my fully erect penis entered her warm vagina. We moaned with pleasure, together. I lifted her legs and pushed against the wall, we were fully entwined. It was like poetry. She squirmed with pleasure as I pumped with a steady rhythm. The shower was still running down my back. A shudder ran through my body, and I felt I was about to explode into her. She could feel it too and moaned louder. I held on as long as I could, then reached a powerful orgasm. I blew my load, it felt like an blissful eternity. She arched her hips violently, and moaned deeply. Her warm juices mixed with my come dribbled down my legs and were washed away by the warm steady flow of the shower. She fell limp in my arms. I let her down gently, panting heavily. She leaned against the wall and I leaned back against the opposite wall. I was exhausted and in absolute ecstasy. I started at her semi-naked beauty. I wished this moment could last for ever. We looked into each others eyes.
“I love you” she told me.
“I love you too” I replied.
We kissed again for a while, then we put our clothes back on.

We sat down on the benches, sopping wet. We talked about life. We talked about each other. We both agreed that a relationship was impossible. The age gap was too much, not to mention she could lose her job for sleeping with a customer. I loved her with all my heart..
She stayed to get changed. I walked out of the changing rooms, elated.

After that we stayed the closest of friends. We saw each other regularly, and keep in contact via email and phone. Often that led to more. She was the best lover I've ever had.

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2013-07-30 16:40:30
oh god, this made me little cockso hard... I think im black noW!

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2013-07-30 16:39:23
great read stork 10/10 cummed all over my monitor


2006-06-11 11:24:40
a good first attempt. try to work on length. your deion is nice! 8/10


2006-02-13 23:19:09
Very short, but good


2006-02-09 10:17:58
"best lover I'd ever had." It was your first! That goes without saying. Why didn't you cum in her mouth? She could swallow and get you going again. Otherwise, good story, a bit short. 7/10

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