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Hi here’s a story that happened to me a couple weeks ago. My husband always has friends over to watch football, they sit around and makes bets on what’s going to happen during the game usually I sit back and just watch. But this past Sunday I was drinking more than usual. they were making a bet on rather the one team was going to make a field goal. my husband Steve said this kicker hasn't missed all year, his buddy's Darryl and Gregg said he’s due to miss one. Usually they bet a dollar at a time so know body wins are loses much each week .this time Darryl said how about 5 bucks I could tell Steve drank pretty much he said make it ten. Darryl and Gregg said sure there in. I asked if I could get in on this one. they all looked at me and laughed, sure put your money on the table. I don't have ten on me ill pay later. Darryl said oh no money up front. then Greg yelled out 10 bucks or show us your tits for the ten. I said no way they both started on me come on how sure are you, he’ll make it. I looked at Steve and said we’ll can he make it. Steve said he never misses, all right guys I'll take that bet. we'll when he kicked the ball it hit the goal post and bounced back no good ,the guys yelled clapping and cheering. time to pay up, i slapped Steve on the arm .you told me he don't miss, he usually don't. Steve put ten dollars on the table and looked at me and said your turn. I pulled Steve in front of me and said loan me ten dollars i winked at him and said ill pay you up stairs later he said sorry a bet is a bet pay up. all right i had on this football jersey that was cut off just below my tits and no bra. I slowly lifted it up and flashed then pulled it right back down again. Greg yelled for ten bucks you have to let it off for the rest of the game Darryl and Steve said that sounds fair, alright I stood up and took off the jersey and sat back down. Steve reached over and pinched one of my nipples and said that's the way it goes sometimes when u bet. a couple minuets later it was 3 down 1 yard to go. I bet they’ll make it. I put the jersey back on if I win ,Darryl said ok but if you lose off come the pants. Steve said remember you have to pay up if you lose , I know they'll get it .they were stopped short damit i yelled and stood up pulled down my pants bending over so my ass was right in Steve's face. I was wearing a black thong now nothing else. I need a beer they all said get us one to. as i handed out the beers they each reach out and squeezed my ass .it was almost half time now .they where betting on a another field goal Steve asked if i wanted in on the bet reaching over and playing with my tits .Greg said if you lose we all get to play with your tits too .guess what i lost again. Greg motioned me to come over to him patting his lap said have a seat hon this will be fun. I sat down on his lap facing him. my tits sticking out right in front of his face he started slowly rubbing them, then squeezing both of them together and licking each nipple. i could feel him getting hard .Darryl yelled my turn i got up and went over and sat on him the same way he was already hard as he licked and sucked on my tits i rubbed my pussy back and forth in his lap . ok that's enough and went back over to Steve both guys said wow. Darryl went to get us each a beer and Greg went to the bathroom Steve yelled no stroking it guys Steve reached over and put his hand in my panties and said wow your really wet then he slide off my thong and played with my pussy rubbing it and sticking a finger in me . he just laughed i was moving my hips and moaning .lets go up stair for a minute Steve said we cant we have company .Darryl and Greg both came back in the room . the game was ready to start again. they both looked over at us and smiled after the kick off they said we’ll bet if its a run or pass and i could pick which one. I didn't even care what the bet was and said run .of course it was a pass , what do i owe they all three looked at each other and said blowjobs at the same time. I looked at Steve and asked are you sure its alright, he said you got us all hard now you have to do something we cant watch the game like this. Greg was first he walked over to the sofa and pulled down his pant and sat next to me he had a nice cock about 7” so i bend over and put my head in his lap licking up and down and around the tip . then slide my mouth up and down swallowing more each time until i had it all in then back up again until just the head was in my mouth Greg put his hands on my head and start fucking my mouth faster and faster Steve was sliding his fingers in my wet pussy .i could feel Greg get tense and start to shoot cum in my mouth i swallowed all of it i was cumin to .when he was done i licked him clean as he stood up Darryl sat down right away his cock was about 8” and really thick i suck on him about 5 minutes then he shot a huge load it ran i couldn't swallow fast enough it was running out the side of my mouth down my chin .Steve told me to get on the floor i got on my hands and knees and he slide in me .i came right away .he fucked me hard a couple minutes then grabbed my ass as he shot in my pussy i could feel it running down my leg . the rest of the game all three took turns fucking me in the mouth and pussy Greg even in my ass which i usually don't let Steve do. By the time they left i was covered in cum on my face , tits ,pussy ,ass and someone even on my feet I don't even remember who did that .as they left i yelled next time I'm going to win Steve just smiled and said i think you already did.

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2014-01-18 23:33:23
I'm going to watch a game tomorrow, and this guys wife is hostess and she will serve her guest with what they wish... A wet sloppy blow-job as I fuck her mouth, holding her cheeks and slowly fuck her tonsils

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2011-10-21 18:53:57
paragraphs please! with that aside, it reminded me of what i did during a game, only difference was that i didn't loose so many times in a row. but in order to fuck me they had to win the call and had to cum before the ball was turned over. if the team lost possession, that was it. time for another bet. you'd be surprised how fast guys can cum.


2009-02-25 20:41:10
is that what you call pass interference . are a quarterback sneak the only ones that really scored was steve two friends. they ran beer past the hubby scored a tit flash. ran the beer back again for a blowjob in the first down and fucked a her pussy to win the game.

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2008-08-06 16:27:44
Good overall, this is a particularly strong, long-running fantasy of Mine for My future wife, but I want to involve a lot more men at the party, and naturally she'd know ahead of time. I do agree though, keep writing stories for us, but use some paragraphs, please.


2006-06-26 11:39:19
Don't lie. This story is really about your mom. I watched that game,that sucked too.

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