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So since my last chapter was so "short"
Chapter 3

Crash, the lightning crackled through the sky. Heather watched out the window, as it poured. It was hot and humid, and with the rain, no one wanted to go out, and the pool wasn’t an option. Mom was at work, and it looked like it was going to be one of those days. Mom was working a double, and there was nothing on television. I flipped the channels but it was infomercial after infomercial. I’ve never understood, how, during summer break none the less, all the normal television channels air nothing but infomercials. I finally stopped on Jerry Springer. The episode was “I’m sleeping with my sister” and it made me look over at Heather, who was on the opposite end of the couch staring out the window.

Some guy was getting beaten on by his overweight girlfriend for sleeping with his sister, and every third word was a bleep.

“Wow. She’s really mad at him.” I said. “All over having sex with his sister.”

Heather walked over to me, sticking out her chest, to try to get me to notice her tits. She was wearing a tight pink t-shirt and her bicycle shorts. The t-shirt was so tight, that it left nothing to the imagination, and her bicycle shorts were just as tight.She sat down between my legs, leaning back against me so that she could watch with me. I put my arms around her, hugging her tightly. Of course my hand instinctively found my way down to her pussy and began massaging it through the cloth as we watched television. I kissed her neck and she moaned.

“Oh Joshua, that feels so good.” She said, as my other hand left her stomach and began massaging her breast through her t-shirt. My hand returned to her stomach only for a moment, in order to go up her shirt, under her bra, where I began massaging her soft flesh. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off, then pulled off her bra in order to give me better access to her tits. I moved my other hand to her tits, as she grabbed her bicycle shorts and pulled them off, exposing her naked pussy. I could already tell that it was dripping wet, as she had been anticipating me fucking her again. I began sucking on her neck as I massaged her breasts. She let a hand trail down to her pussy where she began teasing her clit.

“Lay down.” I whispered into her ear. She did as I told her and laid on the couch, spreading her legs for me. I got between her legs, and inserted a finger into her pussy. As I fingered her, I began licking her clit. She grabbed the back of my head as I did this and moaned loudly.

“Oh my god! Don’t stop. I’m so close.” She moaned. She wrapped her legs around my head, attempting to keep it where it was, as I felt her hot juices soaking my finger, and she cried out as I gave her pussy one more lick, squirting out her juices onto my hand. “Oh, god, Joshua. That was wonderful.” She panted, as she released her hold on my head. I slowly pulled my hand from her pussy, and stood up. She sat up a bit and pulled down my black shorts, freeing my half erect penis. She slowly jerked it off, licking the head every now and then until I was fully erect. When I was fully hard, she looked up at me. “I want you inside me.” She whispered, laying back down. I pulled my shorts and shirt off, and positioned my cock at her entrance. I slowly slid my penis inside her, her walls hugging my cock tightly. I could feel her hot juices surrounding my cock, as I began sliding it in and out of her. I laid down on top of her, as I slammed my cock in and out of her, feeling a wonderful feeling building up inside me. “Joshua!

I’m gonna…” She started, but was unable to finish as I felt her shudder under me, and this new feeling of her molten juices around my cock, pushed me over the edge, causing me to cum inside my younger sister yet again.

I groaned loudly as I continued to cum. When I stopped cumming I pulled out of my sister and sat down to catch my breath only to have Heather climb on top of me, and slipping my penis back into her pussy. She began bouncing on my cock, her walls still hugging my cock tightly. We didn’t even hear the door, or my mom yell that she was home, if we had, we might have stopped and grabbed our things. No. We weren’t lucky this time, as we heard the loudest “What the Fuck Are you doing!” We had ever heard in our lives. With my penis buried completely in my sister’s pussy, and our mother now standing in the doorway, looking at the two of us, who were completely naked, what could we say? We were in trouble, deep trouble.

Chapter 4

“What the Fuck are you doing?!” My mother yelled as my sister lowered herself on my penis one final time. Our heads shot towards the doorway to the living room, where our mother was standing. Both of our faces turned red. We had been caught. A wave of dread fell over me. There was no way out of this, we were defiantly in trouble.

“We’re having sex.” Heather said, bravely. I couldn’t believe my sister could be so coy about it. But then again what could we say other than that? She lost her contact in her pussy and I was trying to get it out with my dick? Mom walked in to the room, shaking her head.

“Well I can see that.” Mom sighed, shutting off the television before taking a seat next to us. “Do you two realize that incest isn’t legal, none the less a taboo?” Mom asked. We looked at each other then back at mom and shook our heads. No one had ever discussed incest with us before. “Well it is.” Mom sighed. She was taking this unusually calm. “I know you two hadn’t found boyfriends or girlfriends at all in high school, and seeking out relief of this kind is… not unusual for people your age… but it is a taboo. Does anyone else know you’re having sex?” Mom asked.

“Just Jessi. But…” Heather started.

“Alright Jessi knows. Have you been fucking her too?” Mom asked, looking at us. I nodded.

“Well, I can’t say that I can condone this type of behavior, but it’s not like I can stop it. You two are having sex now, but, I mean, You are adults now.” Mom said. “But you two… three need to be using protection. Heather you will go on birth control as of the end of the week. And as for Jessi, well until you can confirm she’s on it, Joshua, you’re going to be using condoms with her. Has your friend Johnny been fucking your sister?” Mom asked.

“No.” Heather said. “Ew.”

“Good, let’s keep it that way. I don’t want your sister getting knocked up now.” Mom said. I couldn’t believe my ears. Our mother had just given us permission to keep having sex, and told me that my best friend couldn’t get in on the sex fest. Mom got up and walked out of the room. “By the way. You two should finish up and get cleaned up for lunch.” She had left us to our own actions, and Heather took immediate action, kissing my neck and having me shoot back to being rock hard again, as she bounced on my cock.

“Oh…” I moaned, as I began massaging her tits. She sucked on my neck a bit causing me to moan. She pulled back a bit, and looked into my eyes.

“You really like it when I kiss your neck huh?” She said. I nodded. She smirked and I pulled her into a passionate kiss, before letting her return to my neck. It felt like bliss. That’s the only way I could describe it. Her pussy hugged my cock, and her sucking my neck was releasing endorphins into my blood, causing nothing but pleasure. Then I felt it. The build up.

“Oh, Heather, I’m gonna cum.” I said. Saying this I felt her walls clamping down hard on my cock. She was feeling it too. She slammed herself down hard, as she came, causing me to cum with her, and inside her. She pulled her mouth from my neck and kissed me passionately.

“Oh Joshua. That was so good.” She said, looking into my eyes. “But I wonder why mom was so supportive of us having sex if it’s a taboo.” I felt so satisfied, I didn’t really care to answer. After a few minutes she pulled my penis from her pussy, and stood up. She bent down and grabbed my sorts, tossing them to me. She gathered up her clothing and I did the same, as we made our way into our bedroom. We grabbed fresh clothing and put it on. Heather put on her bikini top and a new pair of bicycle shorts, and I put on my swim trunks, and a black wife beater, and we made our way over to the dining room. We sat at the table, where we found premade subs on our plates, and cold bottles of our preferred sodas in front of us. Mom had already dug in, and as we dug in, she stopped.

“Now for a few ground rules, you two.” She said. We looked up, with our mouths full. “I don’t want you two having sex while you have any friends over.”

“But what about Jessi?” I asked after taking a huge gulp.

“Jessi is a whole other subject. I mean with friends over that don’t already know. And don’t think you can just run out and tell all your friends that you’re having sex. I want to know if you’re going to tell someone, and I wanna make sure this doesn’t get around. I happen to know Jessi’s mom personally, and we’ve always thought alike, so if it comes back from her that you’re having sex, then I’ll sit down with her and discuss it. I’m going to see if she plans to put Jessi on birth control anytime soon. If I can convince her to do it, than you may not need the condoms.” Mom said.

“Okay.” Heather said.

“Second, I don’t want you pulling any more friends into orgies. Jessi is one thing, but I don’t wanna hear that you’ve let Johnny in on it, or even your friend Catlin.” Mom said. My sister and I looked at each other when mom said this. We hadn’t even thought about Catlin.

“Why not?” I asked, looking back at mom.
“I just don’t think it’s a good idea that you start getting all of your friends involved in sex.” Mom said.

Heather looked at her.

“But why? Catlin is always masturbating when I’m with her. Her mom put her on birth control last month, because she knows how horny she gets.” Heather protested. Mom sighed and nodded.

“Fine. But Catlin is where I draw the line. I don’t wanna hear any arguments after that.” Mom said, as she finished her sub and got up. “Alright?” She asked. We nodded in agreement. Mom got up and left.

Things were certainly going to be interesting from now on.

“Mom, why didn’t you forbid us to have sex? Why are you supportive even if it’s incest?” I asked. My mom shook her head.

“I thought you might end up bringing that up. It has a lot to do with your father. And I don’t mean your dad, I mean your father. See, I didn’t meet your dad until after you were born Josh. You and Heather have two different fathers. Heather’s father is your dad. Your father is… well let me start back at the beginning.” My mom said.

Chapter 5

“You kids need to hear this story, and I don’t want any interruptions.” My mother said. We both nodded and listened intently. “I had matured almost as fast as your sisters, but I didn’t want to have sex until I was married, so I spent my afternoons usually tickling my clit and getting off.” My mother said as she looked at me. I was sunbathing in the back yard….

Natalie laid naked on the chair with her back facing up. The sun kissed body as she napped on the deck chair. Her skin was tanned nicely, only showing lines where her bikini bottom had left them. She had red hair, and a petite figure….

“I was kind of small back then, but the imagery that the media puts into our minds nowadays was still there. I wanted to be sexy like the supermodels. So I worked on my tan every day.” My mom told us.

“What I didn’t know is that your uncle had been keeping an eye on my sunbathing everyday. I had thought he had been working during the summer until a certain time, but it turns out that he had been getting off of work an hour early. Jason had arrived home early a week earlier, and had been watching me sunbathe, and then masturbate, while letting himself get off.” Mom told us…

Natalie rolled onto her back and spread her legs, letting her bald mound get some air. She spread her legs, and reached a hand down to her pubic mound. She began teasing her young clit. She trailed her other hand to her left breast and began teasing it. As she began masturbating, her brother Jason watched from across the back yard. He pumped his six inch cock in his hand.

“Mmmm…” Natalie moaned. “I wish I had a real cock inside me.” She gasped. Hearing this Jason slowly moved towards her….

“So there I was, naked as a jaybird, masturbating in the back yard, and Jason was watching and listening. I said I needed a real cock and it was all the invitation he needed. Before I knew what was happening, he had slipped his cock inside me and took my virginity.” Our mother said. My cock was now standing on end, I needed to fuck. I looked over at Heather, who was teasing her clit under the table, through her shorts…

“JASON! WHAT’RE YOU DOING?” Natalie yelped, pulling her hands up to cover her breasts, even though her brother was buried to the hilt inside her.

“You said you needed a cock inside you. So I put mine inside you. I’ve been watching you masturbate every day this week. You seemed really horney.” Jason said.

“I am, but…” Natalie protested.

“But what?” Jason said as he began thrusting in and out of her snatch…

“It felt wrong, but at the same time right to have him inside me. Your uncle wasn’t making things easy fucking me while I protested to him fucking me. He had taken my virginity, and what’s worse, he had me feeling really good about it.” Mom said.

“So he fucked you right there? Without protection or anything?” Heather asked.

“Yes. We did it, until about ten minutes before our parents got home, right there on the patio. Then we moved to his bedroom and continued until just before dinner.” My mom said. “After we didn’t speak for about 3 days about what we had done, but our lustful desires got the better of both of us, and he ended up sneaking into my bedroom late one night.” Mom said. The story was obviously affecting mom too.

She hadn’t moved her arm out from under the table for a while, and when I stole a glance, I saw her fingering her bald pussy. My mother was actually masturbating while telling us the story.

“Mom, if you needed to masturbate while telling us, it’s okay. I don’t mind, and neither does Josh. Just don’t hide it.” Heather said. My mother looked at me and I nodded. She pushed her chair back and put her legs up on the table…

“Jason? Is that you?” Natalie whispered as she felt someone slip into the bed next to her.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Jason said. “Do you regret us having sex the other day?”

“No, Jason, I don’t regret it. It was wonderful that we both had our first time together, and I want you to be my lover for as long as we both can.” Natalie said.

“Well I’ve been thinking, as much fun as it is, we shouldn’t have sex without protection again. If I knock you up when you’re this young, mom and dad would kill us.” Jason said.

“Do you have protection?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah. I’ve got some condoms. I brought them with me.” Jason said.

“Well put one on. I don’t wanna get pregnant, and I need you to fuck me hard.” Natalie said….

“He ravished me for hours. Your uncle was unrelenting when he fucked me, and could go for days on end if I would let him.” Mom said. I watched as she continued fingering herself.

“Mom, do you want me to fuck you now?” I asked. She smiled at me.

“Incest may run in our family, but not right now. I’m gonna have to run back to work soon. So let me finish this story.” Mom said…

Five years later, Natalie walked into her brother’s room. “Well, we’re in for it now. Mom and dad are going to kill us.” Natalie said. Jason looked up from the newspaper.

“Why? They already know that we’re having sex.” Jason said. “They said as long as I don’t…” Jason stopped cold mid-sentence as he looked at his sister.

“Go ahead finish your sentence.” Natalie said.

“You’re pregnant?!?” Jason said.

“Yes! What am I going to do? I mean sure I finished high school early, but how am I gonna move out and support a kid.” Natalie cried. Her brother stood up and walked over to her. He put his arms around her, holding her tight.

“I’ve already thought of that. I’ve been saving for a while now. I can move us into an apartment or into a house for rent, and I can work until you have the baby, and when it’s old enough we can both go to work.” Jason said…

“And that’s the story.” Mom said as she put her legs down. “Rachel, your older sister was born 6 months later. After her birth, your uncle decided it might be complicated for her to know early. But he came back to visit, the last time he did, I got pregnant with you Josh. Your uncle still sends money so I can support you four kids, as does your dad.”

“So my father, is uncle Jason?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m sorry you had to hear like this.” Mom said.

“How beautiful. You two stayed together all that time.” Heather said.

“Yes. And we still are deeply in love, but your uncle has had his tubes tied so he won’t have any more. He had them tied after Josh was born. But I wanted more kids. That’s why I dated your dad. I wanted more kids.” Mom said. “But you two need to keep this to yourself. Rachel and Becky don’t know yet. And I want to break it to them easily.” We nodded in agreement. Mom got herself cleaned up, then headed back to work, leaving the two of us to our own devices.

Chapter 6

Mom made sure that not only Heather got on birth control, but she had Jessi’s mom get Jessi on it too. For the next two weeks I had sex with Heather on a regular basis, during which time I shouldn’t have to let the pill kick in, but no one bothered to tell me. But one night, after a particular sexy dream I woke up with a full hard on. At first I softly jerked my cock, but then I looked over at Heather, who was lying in the bed just across the room. I pulled aside my covers, and found myself climbing under hers. She wasn’t wearing much, just a white and blue laced bra, and a pair of panties. She was laying on her side with her back to me, and I slowly slipped my hand over to her bra strap and pulled it down. I maneuvered my arm under her, and down to her cloth covered pussy. I began to massage it only to have her roll onto her back, forcing me to free my arm. I looked down at her body in the moonlight through the window, and swept aside her panties with my finger. Just looking at her pussy made my cock throb. I needed her bad, but I didn’t make a move. I just stared at it for a moment. I moved back up and kissed her neck softly and as I did, I slowly pulled loose her other bra strap, and pulled down her bra, revealing her young firm breasts. I moved my mouth down to her breasts, and took the right one in my left hand, gently massaging it. I took the left one in my right hand, and began licking her areola, causing her to moan slightly. I looked up, and saw that she was still asleep, so I continued. I gave her areola another lick, then lowered my head onto her nipple and began to suck it. She gave out another involuntary moan, and then mumbled something. My tongue danced around the nipple as I sucked on it. I then moved my head to her right breast, allowing my hand to take over the work on her left breast. I began sucking on her nipple, causing her to moan again. “Oh Joshua.” She moaned, and I looked up at her. She was staring at me as I sucked on her breasts; obviously she had awoken when I had switched sides. My cock throbbed as I kissed my way down her stomach then to her cloth covered pussy. She undid her bra and tossed it to the floor, as I pulled off her panties, and tossed them aside. I stared at her pussy again as my cock throbbed for attention. I leaned down, and took in the scent of her hot pussy, before licking her clit. She grabbed the back of my head, as I slid my tongue into her hole. “Oh god.” She moaned. I began sucking on her hole as I licked it. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me tightly against her, as I tasted her hot juices envelope my tongue and shoot into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed down. “Oh my god, Joshua. That was amazing.” She said, as she released her legs. I moved back up to her mouth and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues wrestled as she pulled off my boxers, freeing my cock, and began to jerk it. I pressed it against her, and she released my cock, allowing me to rock my hips against hers, my cock rubbing against her pussy. She rocked her hips back against mine.

“Ugh, Heather, I’m gonna cum soon.” I said only to stop, shooting my seed onto her stomach. My cock was still rock hard as I leaned up, to let her wipe it up. She wiped it up with her index finger, and put it in her mouth swallowing it down, then pulled me into a passionate kiss. I grabbed a hold of my cock with my right hand and guided it to her entrance, slowly slipping it inside. She gasped as she felt me enter her. She was hotter than ever and tighter too. My cock throbbed hard enough to hurt as I got it fully inside her.

“Oh my god Joshua. You feel bigger than before.” She said.

“I’m so hard, it hurts.” I said.

“Well let’s fix that.” She said, rolling me over onto my back. She began kissing and sucking my neck causing me to moan loudly. “Hmm. So that’s the spot.” She said as my cock throbbed inside her. It felt so good when she began sucking on my neck again, I was in heaven. I began rocking my hips against hers as she sucked on my neck, sliding my cock in and out of her. She began rocking her hips too, as she gave my neck her attention, helping me to get off. She pulled back, straddling my cock, and began bouncing up and down on top of me. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock as she rode me, and I could feel myself about to go over the edge.

“Heather I’m about to…” I started, but she leaned down and French kissed me. I came inside her as her hot juices covered my cock.

“Oh god, that was so good.” Heather said. I looked into her eyes, before pulling her into another kiss. “I wanna fall asleep with you inside me.” She said. I nodded. She pulled me out of her and lay down next to me. I lay on my side, and shoved my cock back inside her hot hole. “I love you.” She said as I put my arms around her.

“I love you too.” I said, before we both slipped into slumber.

The next morning, I awoke, only to find that Heather wasn’t lying beside me. I got up and got dressed. I made my way out to the kitchen and made myself up some pop tarts, and downed them with a glass of OJ. I went to the living room, only to find the sliding door shut. I pulled it open only to find a book thrown at my head and my sister shouting at me. “Get out!” She yelled, Tears rolling down her face. “Leave me alone, Joshua.” I slid the door shut, and made my way into the bathroom. While taking a long piss, I noticed something in the trash that explained it all. A tampon casing, freshly tossed out. My sister was on her period. I knew how she was going to be during this time, she wasn’t going to want anything to do with me, none the less fuck me. I had to get my fun elsewhere for the next four or five days. After finishing up in the bathroom, I gave a call to Jessi to tell her to meet me in the park, for some lunch and some fun. I made my way out the back door to avoid running into my sister. I grabbed my bike, and rode off towards the park.

Later at the Park, after Jessi and I had gotten a bite to eat, we made our way into the woods, hand in hand. She shoved me against a tree and began to kiss me passionately. Which now that I look back at it was understandable, since she hadn’t had my cock in nearly a week. She reached down to my shorts and pulled my penis free and began jerking it softly as we kissed. I moved my hand into her shorts, to find that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and that she was quite wet. She took her free hand and forced my middle finger inside her. She wanted me bad. She shoved her tongue in my mouth, and slid it against mine before pulling free from my grip and dropping to her knees. I felt myself stiffen as her lips encircled my hard cock. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding her tongue across my shaft, getting me fully hard in no time. It was obvious that she didn’t want to waste any time as she stood up and shucked her pants, pulling me to the ground on top of her. She pulled off her shirt giving me easy access to her tits as I positioned myself at her entrance and slowly slid myself inside. Her pussy clamped down hard, and I could feel her cumming under me. I waited for her orgasm to subside before beginning to thrust in and out of her. “Oh Joshua!” She cried out, clamping down even harder on my cock causing me to cum hard inside her. We stopped for a moment so I could regain my composure.

“I wanna try something new.” I whispered in her ear, as my orgasm subsided. She nodded and I pulled out of her. My cock was coated in both of our fluids. I directed her to flip over, facing face down and to raise her ass in the air. Before she could ask me what I was doing I slowly slid my cock into her asshole. She cried out at first, but her cries turned into moans as I began sliding my cock in and out of her again. Her ass was tighter than her pussy and I found myself about to climax again when she cried out that she was going to cum. I pulled my cock out of her ass almost instantly and slammed it hard into her pussy, pushing us both over the edge. She collapsed onto the ground, and I collapsed on top of her, taking our time to recover so we could both stand again.

“Oh my god,” She said hugging me. “That was awesome.” She smiled. We both got dressed and made our way back to our respective homes.
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