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This story is basically true, but there's a little phantasy in it as well.
Part 2

The years went by, I turned fifteen and were still turned on by men. I didn’t like the boys in my class as sexual partners. I was hooked to older men, but to meet them wasn’t that easy for me, because I didn’t know how to look for them.
I knew a few public washrooms in my area, but to get there without be seen by fellows wasn’t easy. At that time I felt ashamed of being “different”. Anyhow, finally I was successful and found one not too far away but without folks my age near. I went to this place quite often because I could increase my cocksucking skills and swallow lots of cum.
I started dating girls too, but I absolutely preferred men.

„Do you like to come to my place ?!“

That question was rhetorical.

I would have run after that guy just for the chance to take his dick in my mouth.
It was long, thick , slightly bend up an circumcised.
I’ve seen it through the gloryhole and was hot for it. I moved my fingers slowly a few times in that hole until the stranger, his name was Arnold, finally pushed his dick through that hole. Almost devout I had knelt in front of it and had taken the tempting cockhead in my mouth, softly moaning.

It tasted wonderful !

Softly I began to suck on it. I wanted to taste the salty sperm, wanted to feel the texture on my tongue, wanted to feel the twitching of that magnificent, beautiful dick in my mouth, but at that moment the wonderful piece of manmeat was pulled back.

„Do you wanna come to my place?“

„Yes !“; naturally I would come with him, I wanted to get fucked !

When we reached his place he galantly took my jacket .

„I am so hot for you “, he whispered and kissed me, touching my little hard cock. „Let’s go into the tub together.“, he said and I nodded yes. We had a glass of whine while we waited for the water to fill the tub.

Finally Arnold and I got into the tub. We were splashing a little and then Arnold put his hands under my ass and lifted my cock above the surface of the water. „Looks good to me.“ ,he mumbled and took my stiff dick in his mouth. I really appreciated that my cock was worshipped this way but I had an itch to get fucked for days now.

Arnold couldn’t hold it much longer and let me slip into the water again. That was the moment I had waited for. I turned around quick and presented him my backside.

„Have you ever fucked in your bathtub ? I asked him.

„No, never, but I think I will now.“, replied Arnold and grabbed a jar of lubricant to grease my backdoor. He stuck his index-finger in the jar and pulled it out.. With a wicked smile he drilled his finger deep in my backdoor and admired the goosebumps that appeared immediately on my back.

„Hmmm, you are responding well.“, he said.

Then he placed his cock at my tight backdoor and slowly drilled it in. For me it was a sensational feeling to get fucked in a tub and I began to get a little cocky.

„Come on, let’s get out of the tub, I guess there are lots of places in your flat you havent fucked yet!“

„Yes, that’s right. “, Arnold agreed.

„So come on, lets warm the flat !“

„Well, O.K!, said Arnold, „then go into the kitchen !“

He hadn’t to beg twice. I jumped out of the tub, ran into his kitchen and sat on his washer.

„You are a crazy guy !“, Arnold said laughing when he came into the kitchen with a big hardon. „And absolutely horny !“ I ended the sentence while I lifted my legs and presented my rear entrance. Arnold thrusted his cock in me. My own hard cock waved with each thrust in my hot ass. But before me or Arnold could come I pushed Arnold back and leaned over the kitchen-table, my ass waggling invitingly. But Arnold was not allowed to cum right there and then. He had to follow me to the corridor where I laid myself like a girl with spreaded thighs on the carpet. But he was not allowed to cum there either, because I flew into the living-room where I waited for him on hands and knees, presenting my ass to Arnold. This time Arnold turned the table on me. He sat on the sofa. „Come here !“, he said, waving with his hardon. I straddled his hips in a flash and he buried his tool deep inside my ass. I started movin my hips, riding his big cock deep in my ass.

This time I couldn’t escape. Arnold held me tight and as I slowed down a little he thrusted his big hard dick hard and fast deep in my ass.

Finaly he couldn’t stand it any longer and he shot his hot cum deep in my ass. I felt his dick twitch and I felt happy . Arnold then sucked my cock and I rewarded him with a big load of cum.

Well, almost every day on my way back from shool I dropped by at Arnolds place and let him fuck me. I was in heaven! I was able to swallow a whole cock of about nine inches and still lick the balls meanwhile – at the age of 16.

Arnold taught me a lot of things, he introduced me to soft sm and tried to stick his whole hand up my ass. Well he wasn’t successful, but he had opened a door and I guess he would have been successful in fisting me if he had had more time, but some day as I went to Arnolds place after a vacation with my parents his flat was empty.

Watch out for part 3


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2006-02-11 19:36:38
Dude, learn to write. Writing is a discipline. So realize that discipline and write an idea to its logical conclusion. U jump around so much that it,s hard to keep track of what's going on. I like the idea, that you're reallly horny, but take a few more words and describe what it feels like to get a cock up your bum. what his mouth on your cock felt to you. Just because you cummed, doesn't mean you're satisfied.
A lot more deion is needed.
rudbored one ps u got 3


2006-02-11 17:36:02

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