Contains forced masterbation and oral sex
After a few days of healing I was visited by the head nurse again...and as the two guards stood nearby she sat on my bed and pulled the covers back revealing my semihard penis. Her hand slipped down and she pulled my peter firmly, and kneaded my large balls between her fingers.

"Well...we have made great progress during the past few treatments, and I would love to continue your molding in the unique world of sensory abuse ejaculation...but I'm afraid you are to be taken from my special care unit to another location. You will serve the lovely technicians in nurse training and medical research where I'm sure your body will be used to optimum advantage.

"Should you return here at a future date before you are released from Journey's End we will continue the work that I've done with you so far. Actually we had just begun...I have secret treatment rooms known only to the owners...where you would experience truly obscene and painful usage of your penis and testes...and with our advanced hypnotic would soon ejaculate for us merely by the application of unbearable genital trauma."

"But...I must do what I am told...and must release you now. The guards will now transport you to the Med-Training wing." She flipped my pecker back and forth until cum oozed out. I'd like to jack you off now but they need your semen in Med. I know your balls need release...they will do it there."

The guards released me and they strapped me naked in the wheelchair and rolled me out the door and down the hallway. My sense of relief was so intense that I was filled with the special kind of joy that could be experienced only here at Journey's End upon release from a dreaded extraction experience.

The ride, escorted by two guards took a full fifteen minutes, and after riding on two elevators, and entering two separate security areas, I arrived at Med-Train.

The area seemed pleasant enough as far as accomodations were concerned, but the staff was also cold and aloof here...and I actually felt more like a nameless sextoy than in any area so far. I dreaded what they might do to me here also, but in my mind, at least I had escaped another ordeal, and I was that much closer to my freedom.

I dreamed of freedom every waking hour, and also in my dreams...and I cursed the day I had volunteered to come here. I had no possible conception of what ejaculation meant before entering here. I had jacked off to numbness in past years, when younger, but that was quite simply a drop in the ocean, compared to what I had been subjected to here. I wondered if my sex life would ever be normal again after this place...if so it would take a long healing period.


I was taken to my room and they secured me naked to my bed, as before, and after a full meal and special supplements, I slept for several hours. When I awoke I rang for the guards to take care of my toilet needs, and the guards watched me closely as I did my business. I flushed immediately, rather than risk their anger, and I sat wiping myself as they looked on.

When I finished they attached me to the bed again and I watched TV for awhile...wishing desperately that I were somewhere else. It was about four in the afternoon when two nurses and two guards came in, and turned the TV off. One of the nurses spoke to me as the others looked on. She was obviously in charge and her very tight uniform accentuated her perfect ass and well formed tits.

She was blond and had short hair, and was about in her early thirties. she had one of the prettiest faces I'd ever seen. She was very serious and pulled back the covers revealing my large cock and balls.

"You will be here an indeterminate period of time...and I sincerely hope that we will receive complete cooperation from you at all times and without a moments hesitation." She sat on the bed and gripped my hardening prick firmly, and pulled on my balls with her other hand. My cum drained onto her hand but she didn't seem to mind, and she fondled my swollen nuts, pulling them apart for individual manipulation.

"You're prime for ejaculation I can see..." She glanced at the other nurse and spoke as she left the room. "Prep him and bring him to training room 17...we have a 4:30 class scheduled." She glanced at me coldly as she left, and her look chilled me to the bone. I dreaded being under her care, and trembled slightly as the other nurse produced a plastic shotglass of a clear liquid. It was a hybrid of cantharides, or spanish fly, I had discovered over time, and was at least twice as effective, and had other nasty mind altering drugs to facilitate their obscene activities.

I downed it and it was actually quite tasty and had a sweet licorice flavor. It acted immediately, and I tensed up, and a hot flash of sexual pressure fell over me. My dick sprung to life and was rock hard in a few minutes, and I began to breath heavily, experiencing an intense sexual arousal, even more so than I had before here.

I became desperately horny and the guards released me, and with tasers drawn strapped me to a waiting wheelchair. I was in a frenzy of lust as they rolled me to an adjacent area, and soon I was pushed into a waiting space, immediately behind some kind of classroom. I could hear the blond nurse speaking to the class, but could not make out exactly what she was saying.

In ten minutes she came back and motioned for the guards to bring me in.

We entered a small classroom, and there appeared to be at least twenty nursing students watching me intently as I was wheeled to the center staging area. The students were actually closer than in most classrooms, so that the front row was barely five feet away. The seats were formed in a semicircular pattern, with the staging area at it's focus. They all had notebooks and cassette recorders, and many were using a video camera as well.

I was taken from the wheelchair and while in a standing position had my ankles secured by straps so that my legs were wide apart. A stationary fixture was installed behind me to eyelets in the floor. It was metal, waist high, and followed the outline of my legs, leaving my crouch area wide open. A strap was pulled around my hips from it and tightened. My hands were bound behind me to the fixture, and a stainless steel rolling cart was brought contained various kinds of instruments...many of which were new to me.

The pretty nurse spoke to the class while the equipment was installed.

"Alright class...we are going to cover basic procedure here at Journey's End, and I want you to take comprehensive notes and observe everything carefully." "This is what is known at Journey's End as an SPU, or semen production unit. It is an object to be used for semen extraction, as well as entertainment on selected occasions. It is not allowed to speak at any time unless requested to do so...under penalty of severe cock and ball torture.

"It volunteered to come here...and is under a legal physical force mandate to be used here each day. It has a one year contract that cannot broken, and must complete the tour with no other alternative. It will received $100,000 tax free, at the end of it's you can see that our SPU's are well paid for their services."

"Today I want you just to observe and take notes and no questions please unless I request them. She sat on a rolling stool beside me and gripped my penis firmly, pulling outward on the fantastically erect member. She slapped it lightly back and forth and gripped each of my balls separately and kneaded them as she pulled downward.

"There are over three hundred SPU's at Journey's End...ranging in age from 20 to 72. Most of them fall within the age group of from 20 to 45. Males who are fully viable sexually with no other problems are accepted here...regardless of age, within parameters, of course."

"You are allowed to fuck the SPU's at any time you desire,or use them in any way not physically damaging, as long as you follow our guidelines, and do not interfere with our constant semen extraction activities. Semen taken from these men is broken down into many constituents...and a large number of substances are considered valuable to our owner staff."

"We do indepth research with the large amount of seminal fluid produced here, and we develop new and revolutionary kinds of aphrodisiacs and medical drugs in the process, among many other things. There are five elements considered to be of utmost importance to the facility, and we cultivate these ingredients using special extraction methods designed for each element."

"An SPU's seminal output increases dramatically during the first few months here, and they must be milked several times a day after that. The SPU's balls increase output by over five hundred percent within three months."

"As you can see there is also major pecker growth, this cock has grown drastically in five months...and now is almost 12 inches long while erect. You can see the wonderful size of this peter and balls for yourself...and I will soon deminstrate the fantastic volume of cum that is expelled during ejaculation."

"Personally I prefer to have my SPU's tied down while I fuck them...that I way I have complete control and can do most anything I want. I always make them eat their own cum out of my vagina is quite erotic to watch, and is usually quite a large quantity for them to endure."

"Of course you may do what pleases you if you become employed here full time...this job has many, many perks, in addition to the large salary, that are not obvious at first glance. At times the SPU may be forced to suck cock...especially as a punishment...and in fact this SPU had done so twice, ingesting the semen on each occasion. I must tell you though that the SPU has no choice, and can be manually forced to do anything at all at the pleasure of the directing staff.

She looked up at me while she was talking, and paused for effect. I was mortified, but was so inflamed with lust that I could think of little else.

Some members of the class snickered lightly, but were attentive once again as the class progressed.

She pinched my left nut uncomfortably, and looked up at me as she spoke: "you will maintain full eye contact with all members of the class and open yourself completely to us...and you will eliminate all pride and self esteem." She glanced briefly at the class...and back to me. "Nod if you understand!"

I was experiencing an intense embarrassment, having the whole class staring at me like I were under a microscope, and the pretty nurse seemed intent on removing every layer of cover to my vulnerable inner world, and self worth. I had never experienced anything quite like it and I felt an overwhelming sense of profound shame and degradation.

"As you noticed class I will be using the most obscene kind of language while, and this inhances it's sexual arousal significantly."

She then brought up a cart from behind and put a small oblong metal pan with liquid in it under my hanging balls. She pulled gently but firmly down on them for a short time and then placed the pan on a platform directly underneath so that my testes dropped down and were fully submerged in a warm liquid.

I was panting now and semen dripped from my engorged dick. I tensed for a second when the fluid engulfed my balls but soon relaxed and my arousal was only amplified by the dunking. The nurse continued to pull down on my testicles into the wonderfully warm liquid and massaged them while they were submerged.

She left them hanging there, and wiped her hands off speaking to the class once again. I could feel the liquid begin to get warmer and soon my exposed nuts were tingling with a slight discomfort from the heat.

"I'm going to warm it's balls a bit facilitate a more copious ejaculation load in a few minutes. It's stones are very large and must be milked almost hourly at this point."

"Also I must introduce a mild electric current and microvibration to it's balls, to prime them to optimum readiness. Then I'm going to have it jack off for likes to jackoff as we have discovered here at Journey's End, and we will let it do it's thing while we closely observe. It has been punished on one occasion in the special treatment wing for jacking off illegally, and I daresay I believe it learned a severe lesson from that experience."

The students were taking careful notes, and the video cameras were running...but from time to time some of them spoke to one another, covertly...smiling and giggling.

As I stood uncomfortably, my nuts began to vibrate ever so gently, and then I felt the unmistakable tingling of a mild electric current as it saturated and permeated my sagging jewels.

I grunted in pleasure pain as the semi hot liquid did it's work, and soon my balls were quite swollen...even much more than usual. The pressure in my testicles was intense now, and I knew would explode before long if this continued.

She removed the pan and pulled gently on my low hanging nuts and spoke to the class again. "Ok class it's balls are about to erupt so I'm going to release one of it's hands to beat off for us. You won't believe this first fucking load, I'll have to use the special collection pan designed for an overwhelming ejaculation projectile. After the first jackoff, I'll send the semen around for you to examine and smell...yes we use our sense of smell when examining is quite revealing. When you examine the seminal fluid you will feel the consistancy between your fingers."

"Everyone...of course, must be wearing latex gloves at all times during these sessions for your own protection." She looked up at me and I began to stroke my very tight hardon, and cum was already dripping into the collection pan she held it in front of my dick.

"Share your handjob with the whole class...I want to see absolute vulnerability from you...don't you dare hide anything from us. You have no secrets here...none whatever...understood?" I nodded feebly as I began to wank my long stiff pecker, and I glanced around humbly, degrading myself fully to the staring class of nurses. I began to get into it, letting myself go completely, pumping my hip muscles as I beat off. Cum was flinging all over the pan and I quickened my hand motion as my orgasm neared.

I looked down at the pretty nurse as I whacked off, and she seemed quite amused and focused on humiliating me even more. She grinned slyly as I approached my limit, and I was actually drooling as my face went flacid, and I grunted with a loud animal sound, and jerked so violently that my head flung backward and I moaned loudly as an enormously thick streamer of viscous paste splattered out of my distended pisshole, hitting the backing on the pan and running in a small white river of slime into the bottom.

I jerked again and again as I looked at the amazed students...and most of them had a wide and astounded smile on their face.

Seven or eight globs of nut cream spat out of my tortured pecker onto the containment wall, and I could actually feel my balls tighten painfully as they squeezed out every possible drop of seminal scum.

My legs nearly gave out and I hung on the restraint fixture as my cock continued forcing out rivulets of hot liquid. The small collection container was almost full, and as I milked out the last vestiges of my huge store of ball jazz, I could hear the students chatter quietly to each other.

The cute blond instructor reached over and massaged my sore balls and milked out the last few drops of semen. Then she passed the container around the room, and each of the student nurses began examining my load. They rubbed it between their fingers and smelled of it and were talking incessantly as the funky pan of cum was passed to each and every one.

The pan of semen was examined for fifteen minutes, then given several quick chemical tests by the instructor to determine the presence and amount of the five critical elements. The pretty blond pointed out color changes in the semen samples, and the element involved to produce that color.

"Now...", she said curtly, "we'll examine the second load of cum. You'll find that there are quantitative as well as qualitative changes in the semen following successive ejaculations."

She fondled my balls again as she looked up at me. "Ok jerkboy, give us another load of dickwad. Jack it off again and shoot your load...and don't take all day!"

I immediately began to play with my dick again but found it more difficult to attain a full erection. I stroked it rapidly looking at the class and as the blond massaged my balls I began to hump my hips again simulating a fucking motion. I was unable to get my nuts off right away and continued beating off trying desperately to shoot my load as soon as possible.

The little blond was getting irritated by now and squeezed my nuts a bit harder, attempting to relate to me her impatience. "Get your fucking ass stroking," she grunted, "I want another load right now! If you don't produce I will begin working on your asscheeks with a very sharp needle." I beat faster now, looking at her...desperate to get another wad out of my dick.

Finally I began to feel my balls tighten and I jacked off faster until once again I jerked and grunted, expelling a pulse of white cream into the pan. I grunted several times, looking with glazed eyes at the attentive audience as my dick spasmed...milking semen from my sore balls in five or six involuntary spurts, and the white seminal fluid once again accumulated in the pan. There was, of course, much, less then before, and my prick soon became limp again...having spit the last drops of my seed into the waiting receptacle.

The instructor passed the pan around again, to be thoroughly examined by the twenty female students. She reminded the class that the puddle of semen produced was thinner than before, and contained less of it's basic constituents.

Fifteen minutes later the instructor tested it again...and the color results clearly indicated that much less of the five base elements were present.

When she had completed the test she secured my free hand once again to the back fixture and began to pull on my exposed pecker and balls. She spoke to the audience as she used her hand...and looked up at me with a stern expression on her pretty face. "I'm going to jack you off myself now, and I expect more semen. If you don't shoot off again soon I'll cause you severe pain with the needle you see sitting in the alcohol me?"

I looked at her in panic and concentrated on getting my nuts off again. Her expert hand moved rapidly up and down my semihard dong...and she slapped against my large balls on every down stroke.
She stopped and put a glob of lubricant on her hand and bagan again, even faster, looking up at me. She looked in my eyes as I stared at her in exhaustion, not sure whether I could unload again or not.

"Come on you fucking asshole, blow your wad again. You fucking like that don't you...fucking like having your weiner jacked off! Yeah you filthy bastard...spit for me!" She moved her hand so rapidly it was a blur and I focused my whole mind on blowing my nuts in her skilled grip.

She frowned at me and started jacking my raw pecker off with both of her latex gloved hands. She gripped it, one fist over the other, and spit out her commands at me as she whacked it at high speed. You fucking bastard blow your wad for me or I'll shove a needle all the way through your asscheeks!"

I looked at the students, one from the other, as I arched my head back...and was overjoyed when I felt my seed forcing it's way up my abused peter and into the pan. I moaned very deeply and grunted in extreme pleasure as I spit out my last possible store of seminal fluid, and the small amount that was left sprinkled the bottom of the container and splattered over her hands.

She stopped and wiped the drops of cum off, and pulled down on my aching nuts again. I tensed up from the pain, barely able to endure her firm grip.

She passed the pan around the room again and after another examination of the sparce amount of dickwad...she tested it one last time, showing the marked loss of most of the five elements with her color test.

She finally ended the class and as the students left I was placed back in my mobile carrier and taken back to my room. The guards had to hold me up and keep me from falling into the chair. After being secured, I sat there numb and dazed from my hard sexual treatment.


They allowed me to sleep most of the next day...and when I awoke I felt much better. The special hypo they had given me eliminated my pain and had given me many hours of peaceful rest.

Toward evening the guards and nurses came for me again. My huge capacity for recovery and reconstitution had restored my usual cum load, and this time I was taken to one of the medical experimentation areas for usage. This time I was greeted by an older nurse, who appeared to be about in her forties. She was a redhead, and quite voluptuous, her wonderful body filled out the white uniform to perfection, and her large tits extended outward magnificently.

I soon found out that she was one of the nastiest, most obscene nurses in the whole facility, and that I would be subjected to a special and incredibly horny kind of sexual usage unique in Journey's End. One, I dare say, that I would become highly addicted to.

"Take him into the lab please," she murmured to the guards...

They quickly whisked me into a large laboratory and two nurses there helped place me into a special fixture, sitting, with legs spread, and arms secured behind me. It reminded me of the mini theater that I had been subjected to earlier in my experience here, but was open, and in the center of the lab, and with a number of seats in front of me.

The gorgeous red headed nurse came in and sat before me smiling broadly. "We specialize in drug experimentation here," she said slowly..."drug experimentation and"...she paused and looked into my eyes..."fucking and sucking." The two other attractive nurses smiled knowingly and looked down at my nearly erect cock. My dick was still a bit raw from the last episode, but was, none-the-less, ready and primed for action.

"We develop the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs in the world I dare say, and you, my fortunate friend are going to help us in our endless quest for the unusual, and the ground breaking. We have fifty new medications that we are currently working with now, but alas we must have test subjects for our work, many test subjects...and that is where you come in."

"We have discovered that you have the unique physiological makeup that we require here, and therefore we're going to allow you to have a lot of fun, while you are helping us."

"Now..", she said softly, "the same strict rules apply here as in the rest of the complex but...we are a bit more lenient in my lab, and you will be treated in a far more agreeable manner. Our staff are really quite oversexed and promiscuous, and are, of course, chosen for those very qualities. We will begin today with an unusual little concoction that shows great promise, and you can give us the personal feedback that will be so valuable to us."

She took out a wierd looking device, quite like an atomizer but with much smaller bulk. "This little gadget," my well endowed friend, "sprays an invisible mist into the nostrils...that is immediately absorbed and utilized by the body. We find that this form of drug delivery is much faster and more efficient, and has fewer side effects. Oh...I must caution you that occasionally we have unforseen side effects, but they are almost always harmless, and are sexual in nature."

"If we are ready ladies, let's begin the experiment." She placed two small nozzle ports into my nostrils and pulled the trigger. I felt an indefinable breeze whifting into my nasal passages, but could detect no odor or liquid of any kind. "Now don't be afraid, breath in'll like it I promise."

I did a she said and inhaled deeply, and felt a smoothness come over me, a wonderfully nasty erotic feeling, and soon my pecker became fully erect, oozing the usual discharge of sex fluid.

It was a wonderful feeling, and I was soon in the throes of the most pleasant feeling of lust that I could remember. "Thats it," she breathed, "you like it don't you." "Now lets install this special condom...and find out what's in your semen." She slid the specially formed prophylactic over my rock hard prick and smoothed it down until it tightened in and gripped my pecker like skin.

She grinned slyly at me..."We're all just nasty girls here...we like to fuck and suck and do other really filthy things. Is that ok with you? My eyes were bright and eager as I nodded my head up and down. "Good...nurse Debra, would you please sit down here and suck this cock?"

One of the nurses smiled broadly and sat next to the redhead, and looked eagerly at my bouncing pecker. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it up and down as she licked her lips. She was quite an attractive brunette and as her tongue licked the sensitive head of my dick I moaned and slumped back against the straps that held me. I wondered why the restraint straps were necessary, but I supposed it was because of possible unpredictable side effects from the new and sophisticated aphrodisiac drugs.

I should have been frightened but somehow I didn't feel that...and was so relieved to finally have some kind of satisfying sexual release that I was in heaven at the moment. The condom was so thin and tight that I could barely tell it was there and as her soft tongue licked my dick from top to bottom I layed back and grinned widely at the ceiling, and let her do whatever she wanted.

She quickly moved down to my balls and began to smell them...sliding her nose over them and licking them with her warm mouth and washing them in the process. The other nurse had sat down with them by now, and they watched in pleasure as the pretty cocksucker slid her mouth down over my long hard prong and began to suck it in earnest...her expert mouth gripped tightly around my erect cock, licking it as she sucked.

I was grunting in pleasure by now and the voluptuous redhead smoothed my hair down softly with her hand as I received the blowjob she knew I needed so desperately. She was comforting me and telling me to enjoy the nasty mouth doing me now.

Debra moved her head up and down more rapidly now...she was becoming quite agitated and obviously enjoyed eating dick, and before long I strained against the straps, lunged forward, and spit a huge load of hot semen into the condom. I squirted again and again as the rehhead smoothed her hand through my hair comforting me, and the top cavity of the condom became engorged with thick warm seminal fluid.

She sucked even harder as I jerked my dick up into her mouth, and soon the intense pleasure became a little painful, I was experiencing such a profound and consumate ejaculation that my balls were hurting from the hot blowjob I was receiving.

It was so satisfying and theraputic that I could barely move afterward...and just lay there limp as a rag. She pulled her hot mouth off my dick and wiped the saliva off her lips and the top of the condom. The redhead then expertly removed the full rubber, and took it to the refrigeration unit for storage.

The redhead sat back down and looked at me as she rubbed my neck softly..."Good fucking cocksucker isn't she!" She wiped my dick down gently removing all the residual semen and massaged my emptied nuts very slowly.

They removed me from the fixture and I was taken back to my room for a good night's sleep. I hadn't felt so good for months now, and the experience was incredibly healing for my body and mind.

I fell into a wonderful sleep, having somehow recaptured a part of myself that had been removed in such a cruel manner. My self esteem, and libido were healing noticably after all the disgusting trauma that had been forced on me. I didn't know how long this would last, but I had learned to take one day at a time here at Journey's End as I inched ever closer to my release...and my freedom.


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absolutley boring to say the least, all fantasy and not possible truth to any of the action

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