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Serious NON porn story.
Can a demon love? - Story by MISTER BIG T
One of my more serious productions. I blame it all on the rainy days and the fact that my potatoes burnt leaving nasty smell all around apartment. Nevar forgat the potatoes =(

There I stood, next to my mistress who sat on a throne made out of flesh and bone. The snakes in her head tore another small mammal to shreds. Her red gleaming eyes were watching closely, as the serpent cracked the small animal’s back before eating it. She gave a smile which made her snakelike tongue dance on her lower lips obviously unknown to herself.

"Lyniar,“ she suddenly called my name.
"Yes, Mistress Ann?" I answered as I realized that I had just mentioned my deity’s name.
She looked to her side and said the words that hit me like a lightning, "I'm in love.“


It's been ages since I had stumbled into that small cave. I had been on a regular walk when I had seen that caving which lead to... Well many could confuse this place as the biblical hell but it was the lair of my soon-to-be mistress, an unholy demon living on earth. The lava that flowed down the walls was causing enough heat to burn the skin of a normal mortal.

But ever since giving my soul to her, I became immune. I became immune to pain, suffering and sadness as well. I no longer became ill, I no longer felt... Anything. And throughout years, I finally earned my place to stand on her right side. To actually, call her by her real name. Not Lilith, not Luciant, nothing that'd fit for an almighty demon. The name was Ann. A simple, mortal name from the time when she was still a normal human. It was an honor that was granted to only few. It made me feel... Special for the first time in my life.

"Did you hear what I just said?" she asked making me break from my thoughts.
"Yes I did. Who has received such an honor, Mistress?" I replied.
She gave a worn-out smile "Marionette, the angel,“

I was kind of shocked, but I tried my best to hide it.

"But mistress.... She is a female... And also a creature of light,“ I started to protest but she stopped me soon.
"You dare to defy my will?" she hissed while her eyes began to glow red.
I immediately fell on my knees "I'm sorry Mistress!" I chanted for few times before I dared to continue “I was not questioning you, I was merely wondering what you see in a person such as her...“

Long uncomfortable moment of silence passed between us.

"She makes me happy just by seeing her… A thing that no one else... Has been able to do in aeons,“ she started and for the first time ever, I felt her voice became sad almost as if she would burst into tears... But that couldn't happen, we immortals had no feelings...
"Mistress…“ I started to speak only to again be interrupted by her.
"Bring me an animal. I'm getting hungry,“ she said while looking me directly into my eyes.
I bowed my head down "Yes, Mistress.“

As I walked towards the cages that held rodents, small mammals, and other animals I came to realization that Mistress had just eaten. But why...Why would she want me to leave her all alone?


I rested against my heavy axe and looked at Mistress, who seemed to be caressing the puppy in her hands instead of eating it.

"Does.... Does the meal not please you Mistress?" I asked her.

There was no answer as she continued to stroke the puppy's head.

"Mistress, is something wrong?" I finally dared to ask.
She snapped the creature into half with one move of her arm as she spoke "I want her. Gather our followers and capture her while she’s playing among the flowers."
"As you wish,“ I replied while bowing a little and then hurrying off.

Later that day I saw Marionette playing among the flowers as my mistress had predicted. But with a man. They were talking, having fun, and holding their hands. The utter happiness emitting from them did not leave a thing uncertain. These people loved each other.


With a sore taste on my throat, I told my Mistress what I had seen. The glimmer in her eyes.... It was not gone, yet it had changed. It had changed to dark and crimson, like a red wine.

"I.... I see...“ she finally said, as she was finally able to talk. She looked into distance for a long time.

I was about to speak when she told me that she wanted to be alone for sometime.

I walked away when I met a servant who seemed to be in a hurry.

"Where are you going?" I said, stopping the small man.
"I have important news for Mistress!" he yelled.
"Mistress is busy. Tell it to me instead,“ I responded.
"The man the angel was with... He was her brother!" he replied.

I was overjoyed to hear this. I ran back to the throne room of my Mistress to tell her she in fact had chance with the little angel. That the two could be a pair, that she’

The sight that greeted me was my Mistress who had cut her tongue and throat. And I saw a sight, which I will not forget no matter if I live 2500 years old.

The blood had formed a small heart broken into two.

"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. "
-Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970), Marriage and Morals (1929) ch. 19

The end

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2013-05-25 13:18:31
I wanted it to Be longer and more fleshed out because its a good premise for a really good story. And her sudden death was kinda a buzz kill

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2012-04-16 20:10:32
I loved this so much!

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longer... no sex.... good poetry

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