My first time with a Latino was with my brother’s friend Oscar. I’ll never forget him because he was so cute. He had just turned 18 years old, was 5’ 7” and probably weighed about 130 lbs. with a nice toned body. You have to believe me when I tell you he had such a cute face and a great smile. Every time my brother would come home with Oscar I would make any excuse to walk into my brother’s room to check him out.

One night I got a call from Oscar. It must have been around 2am and he sounded scared, asking me if I could do him a big favor. I asked him what’s wrong, and he said my brother was really drunk and passed out and that he needed me to come pick them up at the party they were at because their ride left them behind. I told him I had to take a quick shower and that I would be there in about 30 minutes.

When I got there I saw Oscar waiting for me outside and when he saw me he said that my brother was laying on the lawn passed out. We both had to carry my brother into my car and drove off to my house. On the way home Oscar kept thanking me and said he owed me a big favor because the cops had already gone to the party and said they were going to start taking people in if they were still there when they came back. I told Oscar he did owe me a favor because I was about to get laid and I missed out because of him. Then I said, jokingly, “I guess you’ll have to do.” We both kind of laughed. I then asked him how much had he and my brother drank and he said my brother must of took about 4 shots of tequila and wasn’t sure how many beers, but that he only drank 2 shots and a few beers. Then Oscar asked if I wanted a shot because he still had the bottle of tequila in his back pack. I told him, “Sure, why not? But let’s wait until we get to my house and get my brother inside.”

When we got to my house we got my brother out of the car and he immediately started to throw up. Once he finally finished we took him inside his room, took off his clothes and threw is drunk ass in his bed and then I suggested to Oscar that we go to my room because my brother smelled and also so we could take that shot of tequila. When we got in my room I shut the door and Oscar pulled out the bottle and told me, Go ahead. Lets see how big a shot you can take.” I took a big shot and then told Oscar, “O.K. your turn.” I handed him the bottle. He took a big gulp and put the bottle down. “Dam that shot got me hot.” I told him as I started to take my shirt off. Oscar said he was getting hot, too, and took off his shirt.

Damn, Oscar looked so hot. This was the first time I saw him without a shirt and he had such a nice smooth body with a little six pack going on. I told Oscar, “You have a nice body. Do you work out?” He said he didn’t work out with weights but that he liked to play a lot of basketball and also swam a lot during the summer. I then jokingly said, “Swimming huh? I bet you like checking out the girls in their bikinis. Or do you prefer guys in their little Speedos? Huh?” He looked at me and laughed and said “maybe I do, maybe I don‘t” Then he looked kind of serious and said, “Why do you always come into your brothers room whenever I am here?” Then with a smiled added, “Have you been trying to check me out?“ So I said, “Yeah I wanted to see if it was true about what they said about you having a 1 inch dick.” and then started to laugh. Oscar then handed me the bottle and dared me to see who could take the biggest shot. I said ok but wanted to know what the winner would get. Oscar said, “I guess the winner gets to decide that.“ and smiled.

I took a big ass shot and then handed Oscar the bottle and he drank what was left. “I guess I win.” I told Oscar, adding “And since I am the winner I guess I want to see if its true about your 1 inch dick.” Oscar started laughing and said O.K. and stood up and unbuttoned his pants and pulled then off. Damn, I started to get a huge ass boner looking at Oscar standing there in front of me in his boxers. Oscar then pulled out his dick and walked toward where I was sitting on my bed and said, “So you going to suck my 1 inch dick now” and then pulled off his boxer and stood in front of me naked.

Oscar must have been about 7 to 8 inches and uncut with nice smooth balls. ‘Fuck Oscar, you look hot.” I reached out and grabbed his dick and said, “Fuck yeah, I been wanting you for so long.” I started to put the head of his dick in my mouth. “Aw yeah!” Oscar started to moan, “Suck my dick. Fuck yeah that feels good”. His dick tasted so good in my mouth. I started to deep throat his dick as much as I could handle without gagging when Oscar started to pump his dick in and out of my mouth.

He grabbed a hold of my head and started to shove my head back and forth jamming his dick deep in my mouth each time. I reached around and started to caress his smooth ass. I let his dick pop our of my mouth for a second and said, “Dam Oscar you have a nice smooth ass.” He replied, “Oh, you like my ass Michael? Why don’t you lick it?” Oscar turned around and said, “Go ahead lick my ass.” He had a perfect smooth ass with no hair around his hole. I put both my hands one on each butt cheek and spread them apart and started to lick around his butt hole. “Oh yeah Michael that’s it now lick my hole. Lick it good and deep.”. Fuck this was so hot I started to stick my tongue deep inside his hot smooth hole spreading his butt cheeks as far as part as I could so I could go even deeper.

I then slapped his ass and told him to lay on my bed so he would be more comfortable and also so I could take off the rest of my clothes. Oscar got on my bed and laid on his stomach and spread his legs apart. Damn, I couldn’t believe how hot he looked laying there naked with his ass just waiting for me to go play with. I got between his legs and started to tongue fuck his hot smooth hole making sure I got it nice and moist and lubed up. “Yeah you like how that feels Oscar?” Oscar just moaned back, “Oh yeah.” Then I said, “I bet you want something more in your hole.” I began to stick my finger up his tight hole. I could tell he was really enjoying this because he started to spread his legs more and more and also was lifting his butt up in the air a little.

I then stuck another finger up his hot ass and started to whisper, “Fuck yeah, Oscar, you got a hot little ass.” I pulled out my fingers and started to rub my dick between his butt cheeks and whispered, “You going to let me have that ass baby?” Oscar just laid there and moaned. I was so turned on I started to push my dick head inside his tight smooth hole. Fuck, he was tight and I knew I had to go really slow. Once I got my head in I let him relax and get use to it before I tried to stick the rest of it in because I didn’t want him to feel a lot of pain and make me stop. Once I knew he was relaxed I started to slowly shove the rest of my dick inside his hot smooth Latin ass. Inch by inch I slowly shoved my dick inside until I was fully inside. I laid there for a minute to let him relax and also at the same time I was licking his neck and ears. I then turned his head towards me and looked at his eyes and shoved my tongue deep inside his mouth and then started to slowly fuck his hot smooth ass.

I then started to lift Oscar up to get him into my favorite position which is doggy style and put my hands around his hips and started to fuck his hot smooth ass harder. Fuck this was so hot fucking Oscar doggy style. I reached under and started to stroke his dick while I fucked him. “You like my dick up your ass don’t you Oscar?” He answered, “Fuck yeah, Michael fuck me hard!”. Damn, I started to shove my dick deeper and deeper pounding my balls against his smooth ass each time getting closer and closer to shooting my load. I could tell Oscar was about to shoot because he started to breath harder and was stroking his dick really fast so I started to fuck his hot ass really hard and fast then I felt his ass muscle start to tighten as he shot his load. With each load his muscles would tighten around my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore and I yelled out, “Fuck! I’m Cumming!” I pulled out and shot a huge ass load all over Oscars ass and back.

I was totally drained and just fell on top of Oscar and laid there on him with our sweat and cum dripping all over our bodies. We fell asleep naked on my bed with our arms around each other. The next morning we woke up early and cleaned up as good as we could and went to check on my brother. My brother was still passed out and Oscar told me he better take off so I walked him out and told him to come visit me anytime he wanted to. Oscar said he would and asked what I was doing later that night. Me and Oscar kept our secret from everyone else and we are still good fuck buddies to this day.

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