A few months ago I was out with a few friends having a good time when one of my friends pulled out a small little bag of coke and started to take a few lines. I don’t do drugs and just drank beer. After a while we all had pretty good buzzes and decided to go to a club. We were all ready to leave when my friend said don’t forget the coke. We were already in the car and he was driving so I ran into the house and grabbed the bag of coke and put it in my pocket.

Oh our way over to the club we all had on beer and were drinking when a cop drove by us and must of seen us drinking because he made a quick turn and got behind us and turned on his lights. I yelled at my friends fuck the cop is pulling us over try to down your beer. I pulled to the side of the street and the cop came up to me and said I see you guys think its ok to drink and drive. Then he told me to get out of my car and step to the sidewalk. The cop then told me to put my hands on top of the car and started to search me. All I could think about was fuck I had the bag of coke and sure enough he found it and said oh look at what we have here and grabbed my arms and quickly put on hand cuffs and escorted me to the back of his police car. He then searched my friends and let them go and came back to the car and told me well looks like you will be spending the night in jail.

Well we got to the police station and I got finger printed had my picture taken and had all my stuff put in a bag and then was put in a small jail cell. Dam I was so scared I never been arrested before but was glad I was in my own little cell. I was still drunk and nervous, the officer said I was going to stay the night there and in the morning go to court to see if the judge will let me out.

A few hours went by when suddenly a cop came and opened up the door to the cell and put two cholos in my cell. Fuck I was really nervous now and when the cop shut the door and left one of them said hey faggot what are in here for. I guess you can say I look gay because I wear tight clothes and was on my way to a gay club. I just looked at him and said I was drinking and the cop found coke on me. He started laughing and said is this your first time locked up and I said yeah. The other cholo looked at me and then said fuck you’ll be out of here by tomorrow. Dam when he said that I was so relieved and just sat back down on the bunk and hope they didn’t try to hurt me.

An hour or so went by when one of the cholos walked up to me and said hey fag you like sucking dick don’t you. I just looked at him and didn’t say anything. He actually looked pretty hot, he was probably 5 feet 9 inches bald head looked like he was about 20 and had a nice body. The other cholo looked younger probably barely 18 and was short probably 5 feet 5 and slim. The older one said I asked you a question bitch do you like to suck dick then said you are gay right.

Man I was so scared I didn’t know what to say and finally I said yeah I’m gay but I’m not interested please just leave me alone. Now the other cholo got up and said “oh what this vato is a fag” and both of them started to smile and said looks like we’re still going to get our dicks sucked after all. When I heard them say that I was really scared now. I mean yeah they were cute but shit I didn’t want them to hurt me or anything. The younger one walked up to me and unzipped his pants and said you like what you see bitch. I just turned away and said just leave me alone. He then grabbed my head and said don’t fucking turn your head on me bitch, I want you to fucking suck my dick and started to force my head to his dick.

Dam I was so scared I didn’t want to get beat up so I just opened my mouth and let him force his big dick in my mouth. Dam it must have been at least 8 inches I tried my best to take it all but would gag when he would shove it all the way in. He kept force fucking my mouth when the other cholo pulled down his pants and boxers and said fuck homie let me get some of that sluts mouth, he looks like he knows how to suck a dick really good. The first cholo pulled out his dick and other one grabbed my head and slapped my face with his dick and said now take good care of my little friend and maybe we won’t hurt you ok faggot.

They both would take turns shoving their dicks in my mouth for about 20 minutes until I finally tried to pull my face away but they both grabbed me and the smaller one said what bitch your tired of sucking our dicks, I just looked at them and kind of nodded when the other one said well fuck bitch we didn’t cum so I guess we’re just going to have to fuck you then. That’s when they both pushed me to the floor and started pulling off my pants and underwear. The bigger cholo said dam dawg this fag likes to wear tight little underwear, the smaller one then said yeah I know they look almost like panties to me dawg just like my girl wears so now I’m going to fuck you like my bitch.

Now I was really getting scared I didn’t dare yell for help because I knew I would get fucked up by the time the guard would come. The older cholo was holding me down and said go ahead homie shove your dick up his fucking culo. That’s when I almost thought I was going to pass out, the younger cholo had shoved his dick inside my butt all the way in and began fucking me. I had only been fucked a few times and my hole was pretty tight and usually I had to take a while to get used to the dick inside me. Dam he kept fucking me hard and fast for about 15 minutes when he finally said oh fuck bitch I’m about to Cum when the other one said hold up dawg shoot it in his mouth because I don’t want a wet hole. He pulled out and shoved his dick deep in my mouth and at the same time the other cholo started fucking me from behind.

Dam I just felt the smaller cholo’s dick explode in my mouth filling my mouth with his hot cum at the same time the other cholo was fucking me really hard and fast. I suddenly felt at ease and the fucking was actually feeling so good that my dick was getting hard. The smaller gangster noticed and said hey dawg this faggot is actually enjoying this look at his dick its hard. Oh fuck yeah said the other cholo you like my dick up your fucking culo huh faggot. Well I’m going to give you more than my dick I’m going to give you my leche up that hole and suddenly started shivering as he filled my hole with his hot Cum deep inside me.

When he finished they both put their pants back on and looked at me and said look faggot if you say anything to anyone we both will fuck you up so bad you will wish you never met us understand. I just nodded and got dressed and tried to get some rest. Finally morning came and they called my name and said that I had gotten bailed out. Man I thought I never would be so happy to see my friends waiting for me. I told one of my friends what had happened and all he said was well I guess you got your wish after all. I had told him that night I wanted to get fucked.

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2010-09-13 22:08:15
Not the best, but FAR from the worst. It showed signs of true effort, and actual techniques. Which is more then I can say for the idiots who post comments when they can't even spell their insults correctly.

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2009-07-09 17:48:42
Two cholos and a faggot...HOT!!!

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2009-02-26 03:52:00
it is a waste of space! damn!!


2008-07-31 14:01:51
I had a similar experience. I had to suck several cocks over several weeks until I went to court. They would make me pretty easy and I didn't like doing it but like I said I had to. The cum I drank OMG! And all their dicks were so big! They throat fucked me at first then I learned to like it and sucked them like a pro.

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2008-05-28 14:20:32
Omg maybe you all should calm down I mean it wasn't the best story ever but it damn sure wasn't the worst

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