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Jennifer felt butterfllys in her tummy.Justin,in her opinion was Gorg with a capital G!Unfortunately she was'nt the only one who thought so.She had seen her sister, Lisa eyeing him.In fact she thought all the girls fancied him!The music above deck,was blaring louder as the drinks flowed freely.She smelt under her arms.Geez! she thought, underarm girl!She looked at herself in the full length mirror.She knew she was attractive[Jennifer was way beyond attractive but conceited she was'nt].Her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders to her lower back.Her hairdresser Juan, never stopped raving about it,almost embarrassingly so!This trip had baked her body to a healthy golden brown.Beneath the bikini her breasts and pubic region were a milky white.The two piece looked good on her, bright orange with white palms and pineapple pattern.On her taut tummy hung a dolphin bellybutton ring.She had bought a variety of them at markets as her family,sailed the various islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.Jennifer had never seen her mom and dad so happy.They were acting like a honeymoon couple and Jen was happy for them.The years of their mom being so lonely while work consumed their dad,appeared over.Their father a computer whizz,had hit it big time!He had sold his rapidly expanding company for millions.Jennifer was'nt a material girl like her sister Lisa.She just wanted her family to be happy and content.A vivid image of Justin in that black speedo flashed through her head and again she felt that fuzzy warm feeling race through her tummy.Even her cheeks got hot!That sixpack was drop dead gorgeous, she thought and giggled.She patted her lean stomach and ran excitedly and expectantly up the steps to the deck.

The three yachts were anchored closely together within swimming distance of the lush island.It's sea sand was white as salt.Everybody was gathered on Jennifer's dad's yacht.A table was laid, overflowing with perfect looking fruit and delicious snacks.Her mom and dad were chatting to Mr and Mrs Jenkins.They were sweet people but their identical twin daughter's Karla and Kayla were twits!So snobish and full of attitude!Jennifer could'nt stand them.They looked at her and sniggered,whispering to each other and giggling.John and Verna Makins an elderly retired couple had brought their grandson,Justin along on what they called a leisurely cruise of the oceans.Justin was twenty and Jen on the brink of her eighteenth birthday hoped he did'nt think she was just a kid.Lisa although only twenty three was a maneater and would go for Justin, just to piss Jen off!Lisa was basking in the sun.On her back wearing shades and showing her gym toned body to the world.Jennifer loved her but knew that her sister could be a really manipulating and spiteful piece of work!He touched her on her right shoulder from behind.Jen felt a strange tingling sensation from his mere touch.She turned to face him.He was so adorable!Her surroundings melted away and she was only aware of him."Come, let's swim!''and he dived gracefuly overboard.Jen,besotted would have followed him to hell if he asked nicely!She pindropped,landing in the warm azure water feet first.As she surfaced he was at armslength from her! His pearly white teeth and beautiful mouth grinning at her."Let's go to my yacht!''He splashed water at her and underneath the warm water he took her hand firmly in his.She looked over her shoulder nervously at the yacht behind her.Maybe she should'nt? she thought for a moment.Justin started making his way slowly through the water towards the 'Emma Rose' towing Jennifer behind him.She looked at his muscular back and felt excitement build inside her.She also felt a tinge of nervousness,this was moving a bit fast for her.She wasn't very experienced.One hot summer afternoon when she was sixteen and nobody was home.Ben a classmate had come home with her after school.She had fancied him and thought the blonde athlete resembled a Greek God.They had listened to music in her room.The sexual tension had been so strong that she could almost taste it.He had suddenly kissed her and she had let him.She had tasted peppermint bubblegum on his breath.They had both been very aroused and she had almost let him take her virginity.At the end she had denied him.He had been pissed and almost forced her to blow him! She had been astounded and abit disgusted at the way he had squirted on her hand and bedding at the end.It had been freaky and yuck!They reached the 'Emma Rose' and Justin let her up the rope ladder hanging over the side first.He looked up at her as she unsteadily climbed the rungs.Under the water his cock was raging hard.This bitch was going to be easy!He was going to pummel her cunt!He ate her behind with his eyes.She had the firmest little butt he had ever seen.Lisa, sat up on her elbows and watched the two of them board the yacht.She smiled wryly,about fourty minutes was all he had before all hell broke loose!

Lisa looked at the people around her.Party on fuckers! she thought, enjoy it while you can!She had met Justin on the net two years previously.They were so very alike, almost soulmates.When this was all over they could be together and filthy fucking rich!!!

They entered his tiny cabin and Justin, motioned her to sit on his bunk.Right there in front of her he pulled down and stepped out of his speedo!Jen nearly chocked and was startled!His dick looked huge and she had to say damn ugly!Ben's penis and other's she had seen on porn sites looked almost inviteing.His was a dark brown and the head resembled a large overipe plum!It was erect and jutting before him at a weird angle.Jen felt apprehensive and uneasy and wanted out of here!Any arousal she had felt dissolved.This guy's a jerk!

"Want a joint?'' he asked eyeing her.
"Um,no thanks.I don't do that shit.Um.. Justin, sorry but I'm not feeling so well.I'm gonna go!''Jen rose to leave and almost unbelievably he slaped her a stinging blow across the face!The surprise and force behind it, sent her sprawling onto the bed.Jen took a few seconds to gather herself.She fought off the blackness that nearly overcame her.She was aware of him roughly pulling her pants off.What the fuck is going on! she thought and became angry as her full senses returned.She kicked out at the scumbag with her barefeet and opened her mouth to scream.Justin punched her this time, giving her a bloody nose.She passed out.He was like a raging bull!He looked down at the unconcious bitch before him.Her puss was cleanly shaven and looked like a tight little number.He stuck his middle finger into her.She was dry and her flesh resisted him.Justin reached under his bed and took the small tube of lube.He forced the top of the lube between her vaginal lips and squeezed a generous dose out of it.Working the lube from the start of her cunt down at her ass up to her clit.He noticed a little brown halfmoon birthmark next to the crack of her ass.He squeezed a big blob onto his middle finger and buried his finger up her shithole to the knuckle.Time was of the essence and he did'nt have it to fuck around.He grabbed her legs and pressed them back against her breasts.He reached under and pulled her bikini top down over her tits.Pushing her legs to the side he looked at them.A small white handful with chewy looking nipples.They madened him and brought on a secretion of precum from his angry looking cockhead!In the summer heat and the confines of his small cabin he swore he could smell her musky cunt and ass.He pressed her legs down against her breasts forcefully once more.His positioning lifted her buttocks from the blanket.The way he had her poised,her delightful assets were stretched and ready for him.Still holding her legs by either thigh he guided his throbing prick to her ass.He wanted her analy first.The plum head eased against her rosebud anus.He started working his hips in a slow circular motion and with the help of the lube slid the nut into her.Justin groaned and started to sweat.Fuck this was good!His cockhead felt like it was in a extremely tight fleshy vice.He looked down and humped..His brown shaft ate up her innards entering her like a snake escaping into its hole.She was excruciatingly tight.He worked his way into her untill he was buried to the hilt.His testicals squashed up against her ring.He kept still,savouring the snug fit.He twitched his cock inside her,enjoying his domination and sodomy of the bitch!Then with gusto he started ramming her,skewering her poopshoot with his member.Humping her animalisticaly and with cruelty.Forceing her ass open.Her tiny anus looked stretched danger ously wide around his base.Jen came to,to pain as he sodomised her..She tasted blood in her mouth from her nose.He was hurting her!!!"Nooo, its sore!Stop it! Please,Justin don't!NO MORE!!''She yelled!Justin reached over still ensconsed in her ass and put the radio on loud to drown her protests."Listen cunt!Shut your fucking mouth and take my cock!You want to prance around with that hot little bod teasing everybody huh?!Fuck you bitch!''He slapped her hard again and Jen started to sob uncontrolably.Tears streamed down her cheeks.''Like it bitch?My cock?Do you like it?huh?huh?huh?huh?''Every time he said huh? he rammed deep into her!Jen yelped with every thrust.His penis was so deep that she felt racing pain in her gut.His hands left her legs and he kept her beneath him with his bodyweight.His rough kneading fingers found her small breasts and squeezed and pinched at her.He pulled and tortured her nipples.He twisted her buds so viciously little bursts of sharp pain exploded in her chest!"Noooo,Mommy!Noooo!
Pleassse!You hurting me!''Jen could'nt believe he was forcing himself on her!She had had such a crush on him!Had come here feeling so romantic.Expecting something sweet and gentle to happen and here she was being violated!She cried silent tears as she was robbed of her naivety.He quickened his thrusts as he watched her biteing on her lip,eyes closed and tears awash.Stupid fuck he thought she would die soon!The thought drove him over the edge and he let fire inside her dumpster.Jen's mind was trying to escape from the vicious pounding she was enduring.His sudden moan of delight and sweet release brought her back to reality!He shouted what sounded like a cruel yell of victory at her buttfuck and degradation."Yeah,bitch oh yeah!Take it cunt,take it!Shooooo, YEAH!''She felt his seed erupt deep in her ass crevice.Gushing and spurting hotly inside her.Inundating her innards with a heavy hoseing.Jen screamed at him as he came."You fucking bastard!I hate you!I hate yooouuuu!''Justin was swimming in a lake of arousel,lust and power.He had just cum heavily draining his balls.Still his cock was painfully erect and eager for more.He manhandled the lithe beautiful bitch onto all fours.His hand firmly wrapped around her tight tummy.One finger on her bellybutton ring.He swore he was going to rip it right off!She struggled against him but he was way to strong.The movement of her ass and puss as she struggled drove him wild.With one hand he took his shit encrusted shaft and aimed it to rip into her cunt.At the very moment that he was about to deflower her the almost deafening chatter of heavy machinegun fire filled the air.

Lisa, had quietly slipped over the side minutes before the deck was raked with spitting bullets.The tipsy and raucus assembly never knew what hit them.They tumbled like skittles.Jen's dad standing at the time and telling a rather lewd joke.Took a volley across his chest.He stared down in disbelief at the gaping crimson holes across his white T and then tumbled backwards into the sea.Jen's mom was the only one who tried to dive for cover.Still in midair she took five bullets in the side and was dead before she landed.Mr and Mrs Jenkins took the brunt of the fire.They slumped forward in their bulletriddled deckchairs.Mr Makins somehow thinking that he was hallucinating stood up unsteadily,pointing theatricaly at the oncomming dinghy and shouted ''What the hell...his face exploded as it was ripped apart.His wife fell next to him her throat a pulpy mess.Lisa waited till she heard the mens boots pounding on the wooden deck.As she climbed back over the rail she surveyed the scene.The amount of blood flowing from the dead bodies surprised her.The men were a dirty uncouth rabble.Standing out like a sore thumb was the captain, the immaculately dressed and thickset African,Bakr.''Why if it ain't Miss Lisa!''he yelled giving her a huge bear hug.She pulled free of his embrace."Now,now Miss Lisa,don't be like that to your business asscociate the adorable and lovable,Bakr!''he said smiling broadly."I thought there had been a terrible misshap and you had been killed along with these other fine folks!'' he gave her a big wink.His men suddenly let out whoops of surprsie and wonderment from below."What are those dumb fucks on about now!?'' he fumed loudly to no one in particular.Two of his men appeared each with a twin draped over their shoulder like a bag of potatoes.The girls were screaming and bawling."My word!A day when we reap our just rewards,boys!''' Bakr roared and laughed uproariously.He leant forward and slapped Karla playfully on the rump."Boys we having sweetpie for dinner!''Yells of delight greeted his promise of what was to come.Karla and Kayla were screaming like banshee's."Oh,get these two bit ho's the fuck out of ya!''Bakr bellowed."Sorry about that noisy little interlude Miss Lisa!They will pay a dear price for their assault on our eardrums!Now,finance time!The balance I am sure you will NOT forget to deposit once the estate is wound up,right Miss Lisa?''

Justin had groaned when the sound of gunfire roared.Oh well shit happens!What a waste of prime pussy he thought as he reached under the matress and retrieved the large fish gutter.He raised it high.Jen glanced over her shoulder seeing the knife raised to strike.She kicked back hard with her foot,connecting him flush in the groin.He yelped and collapsed on her the knife falling from his hand.She untangled herself and raced up to the deck.The sight that met her filled her with horror.Her dad, floating face down.Streaks of blood splashed against the side of their yacht.Men on board,one of them talking to Lisa.She knew she was in terrible danger.Instinct propelled her and she dived into the water.Swimming for all her worth towards shore.Lisa's eyes had grown wide at the sight of Jennifer emerging and looking at them.Her mouth droped open.Bakr seeing her facial expression turned to follow her gaze.He saw a beautiful looking girl dive into the water,naked except for a bikini top gathered below her small boob's."Oh shit!Justin,you dumbfuck!''Lisa screamed.Her face distorted with rage."Do something!Kill her!For fucksake,KILL her !''Bakr unholstered his gun and leveled it ,holding it with both hands.He opened fire at the swimming figure.Plops of water flew into the air near Jen.She was on her feet now running towards the lush greenery which promised her cover.She put every ounce of energy she could muster into her headlong race to the foilage.It beconed her,close now.One of the men unshouldered his heavy calibre rifle and unleashed a fiery torrent in Jen's direction.Lisa saw the bullets whip up sand to her sisters left and then the bitch was swallowed by the jungle!"Fuck!Shit man!''Lisa stomped her foot with the sheer aggravation of it!''Send men after her and kill her!It ain't bloody difficult!'' she hissed.

Jen had maintained her speed for at least fifteen minutes as she raced through the jungle.She had fallen twice and stumbled countless times.Her naked body had taken a beating as branches lashed her.Her mind raced faster than her body.They all dead!She thought.She had seen the carnage and knew they were gone!Was it possible that Lisa could be behind this?Would she kill their parents and try to kill her to?
She had cried bitter tears as she hurtled onwards.Despair and grief threatened to crush her.She was tiring markedl, her bolt winding down to an exhausted jog.Her feet were grazed and sore.Sweat ran into her mouth from her top lip and her hair felt matted to her skull.Her ass ached and felt raw where Justin had used her.She had fellt his seed oozing from her on the yacht.She stoped,leaning on a tree for support gasping for breath,her lungs felt on fire!

"Now,now Miss Lisa!Calm down to a panic!I have sent three of my best men after the girl.They will catch up with her in no time!''Bakr gave her a confident grin."Stick to the original plan and forget this minor problem!Please Miss Lisa I can't handle the angst!''Lisa was pacing giving Justin an icy stare for letting Jen get away."You send the sos signal'' he continued.."The two of you were ashore when you heard the gunfire.You watched from the jungle as pirates ransacked the boats!You waited for them to leave before you swam out to the yachts.The world will be aghast at the terrible tragedy that has befallen you two!Both of you will grieve bitterly and then collect a healthy inheritance.Plain and simple!I'm leaving now!I will pick up my men after the storm has died down.They have more than enough provisions and know the jungle!The picture is rosy!'' he chuckled loudly and his tone reassured Lisa.

It took the coastguard three hours to arrive.The authorities lapped up their version of events.It was all over the news.So sad!So savage!They were treated like royalty and sent home as hero's who had survived a ghastly tragedy.

For three days the men aboard the rusty fishing trawler had their way with the twins.It had started the moment they were taken aboard.They were brought to Bakr's cabin.They had cried incessantly and begged for mercy earlier as they were made ready for the 'officers'.Rough hands had stripped them buck naked.The group of men had laughed and chatted all the time in their tongue as they oiled the twins bodies.Karla had yelled loudly in pain as one of them had proded and poked at her pussy and ass..He had drilled her with his fingers,scraping at her intestines.The pain had been excruciating!They were pushed into the cabin.Bakr and six of his cronies were waiting in anticipation.They had consumed a large amount of rum and were drunk and mean.Lust had eaten at them as they awaited the girls arrival.They fell on the fifteen year olds like demons from hell!

Karla screamed a gut wrenching yell as she was flung over a table.Her tummy hurt like hell as she bounced against it.Bakr grabbed her hair and forced her face down onto it.The table was old and worn and Karla felt a splinter embed itself in her cheek.She screamed.Bakr rewarded the young bitch with a heavy handed slap on the back of the head."Shut the fuck up!Noooooow!''He bellowed the force of his thunder sent a splash of his saliva onto her bare back.They were quiet and subdued and almost comatose after that.Karla whimpered as his large hands roamed over her back.She felt his sandpaper like paws work her young supple flesh.Bakr groaned from the feel of her against his leathery hands..He undid his heavy buckle and his trousers slipped to the floor.gathering around his ankles.Amongst the ho's of the islands he was known as cannon or black mamba for obvious reasons.He wore no underwear and manouvered his prick so that it was tight against the young things buttocks.It looked like ebony and ivory.He squashed himself tightly against her.The picture of his now fully erect,dark member pressing her whole young crack open and sticking out way above her little hard buttocks drove him ballistic!In his intoxicated state he was like a rabid dog.Karla felt his penis thrust against her.It felt large and sweaty and hot against her skin..She was going to be raped and there was nothing she could do about it!Bakr gave a whoop of joy at what he was about to take forcefully and greedily.He kicked her ankles apart unkindly with his heavy boots.The pain caused Karla to cry out loudly.Panic washed over her like a tidal wave."No,please!You can't!I don't want to!!!!!''Her protests aroused him more!Bakr shoved himself brutally inside her.He all but split her in half!His thick dong opened her up like a can of sardines.Her vaginal walls were stretched and pushed aside.He invaded her and ploughed through her hymen like a freight train!.Karla was so pain riddled that her whole body cried out for relief.She sucked in air and let out a wretched scream.She rose on her toes to try and escape his burrowing organ.Her body tensed painfully.He used the opportunity to take hold of her quaint little titties.He treated them as harshly as he was treating her puss.He fucked her hard and fast.His cock seemed to be buried in her body like a spear.He could'nt get it in any further.Bakr, fucked her like he fucked his ho's.He tore her and his cock was awash with her blood.Karla reached her pain threshold and thankfully let the darkness take her.Bakr was banging the white bitch,his dominance and control over her enthralled him.Her virginal blood was running down her thighs mixed with cunny juice.
He was rooted in her.The other cunt screamed.Continuing his pulverising of her, he glanced over his shoulder.Kayla was flat on her back, he could see her ass minced against his hard bunk and one of the lads was screwing her hammer and tongs.The others stood in line waiting to have a crack.Bakr nailed the bitch for ages.She was moaning incoherently from his continueous punishment.He lit a cigarette and when he was finished put it out on her ass cheek.She mewed in pain like a cat..He eventually drew her to him and emptied his balls deep in her body.He grunted in triumph as she took his gush of jism.And so they fucked them throughout the night.The torture grew more insane as the night drew on.One of the guys nailed Karla spreadeagled to the table and they repeatedly raped her till her pussy was so abused that it grew red and swollen like some weird hard amber bulb.By the third day the twins were a bloody mess.Teeth knocked out,asses torn and gaping.Their stomachs were bloated from all the copious amounts of semen released inside them.Their vagina's barely resembled female sexual organs.Used and abused they were tossed overboard to the sea like discarded garbage!

Jen wailed as she was tackled hard from behind. She hit the ground hard and her breath was knocked from her lungs.She gasped for air like a fish out of water her chest heaving like a billows.Her body shook from fear of what they would do to her.She had collapsed from exhaustion, stinking of sweat and grime as she forced herself to keep going in the moonlight.Visibilty had been poor and she had tripped headlong over a thick vine.She had promised herself that she would rest only for a few minutes to get her breath back.Sheer tiredness had taken her into a deep troubled sleep where she lay.She had awoken at sunrise only to have the nightmare continue.She had heard them bearing down on her.She had tried to run but her legs were stiff and weary and they had caught up with her easily.The man holding her tightly around the knees, screeched with exhilaration"I got her boys!I got the wench!Yehaaaaaaa!''He let out a throaty rebel yell.Jen reached down and pulled at a handful of his hair with all her might!"Ouch bitch!You cunt!'' he screamed angrily.He grabbed her arm and twisted her flesh painfully.''Ow!'' she wailed and screamed at the top of her lungs from panic"Help me!Oh God pleaassse,somebody help me!''She knew her cries were in vain but she wanted to live!To be happy,travel,fall in love and have babies!So many things she still wanted to experience!His companions arrived and one of them kicked her in the ribs!She felt as though someone had hit her with a hammer!She was in agony and her side felt numb.She writhed from pain on the ground. The three men watched her and laughed.Jack was a huge bald biker looking son of a bitch.His ears,nose and eyebrows were adorned with piercings.His fat uncircumcised penis sported a gold cockring.He was a mean disturbed character who loved to give pain.Samsun was a short stocky Malaysian.An incredible tracker,his face was a patchwork of scars from many a brawl.Frank was a wiry Ugandan and as thick as pigshit!He had a perpetual gummy toothless grin.She looked at the three of them eating her naked body with their eyes.They were like something out of a deeply unsettling macarbe nightmare!She lost her will to fight and through pure terror became a babbling,begging and beseeching little girl!Her tears flowed and ran down her face forming clear trails through the dirt and dust.Jack looking down at her.Could'nt believe their good fortune!He was amazed!Fuck,she was beauitiful!Her dishevelled state only added to the alure."Boys!Put some bedding down on the ground.We going to have us a party!''Samsun, unrolled their cheap unwashed and scratchy blankets on the floor hastily.The naked girl had already given him a cockstand.Jack, picked her up by the ankle with one hand and tossed her onto the makeshift bed.Jen was traumatised."No!no!oh no!...You can't!Don't please,pleasssse leave me!I can't take this nooooo more!''Jack undressed.He could smell his own rank,sweaty body odour.He took everything off.He kneeled down between her legs opening them wide and placing the ball of each of her feet on his shoulders.She was ajar, her pussy secreating a greyish fluid from a minor bladder infection she had picked up in the jungle.Jen tossed her head from side to side.She was past resisting.Tired of fighting,her being raped was inevitable now.She felt so ashamed!Open like a flower for this beast!Her feet rested on his hot sweaty shoulders, she was at his mercy!Jack gripped his shaft and opened her pink petals.His knob found her moist cunt channel.The feel of her soft inner skin felt exquisite against his crown.The knob dissapeared from view between her legs.Jen felt him slip into her.She blinked as fresh tears broke.Jen felt more of him invading her.She sighed in resignation.When his ring bareing cap met her protective hymen, Jack was flabbergasted!His mouth twisted into a evil grin.His lips peeled back.Jen looked at him.He was disgusting and so gross!"Boys ya not going to believe this bird!She ain't ever had a oneeyed snake up her!She sure does now!And big daddy Jack is going to pluck him a juicy cherry!Yeaaaaah!''He thrust savagely forward as Samsun and Frank animatedly urged him on.Jennifer shrieked as he punched a hole through her virginity.The skin tore and her blood flowed within her.The pain was intense and she bit involuntarily into her lip.Her nostrils flared and her feet twitched and kicked against him."Yeah,princess!Feel it baby!Take Uncle's dong,darlin!''Jack was getting off on her face.It was grimacing and contorting as he filled her.Jen felt uncomfortably penetrated.She just wanted this to be over!Her throat was dry and she needed water.Jack was humping her quickly,his entire length was submerged in her warm deepths.His sac squashed against her pubes and banged against her anus."Yip!Ya,good angel!That's a warm sperm guzzler ya got!Oh yeah,don't nobody ever tell ya different!Uhuh hmmmm sure is FINE!''He suddenly drove into her with all the force of his hips violating her further.He licked her face.She turned her head,closing her eyes.He licked her from chin to ear."Fuck yeah,huh!How's that!Bam!Bam!Bam!"He clung to her as his jism burst forth in her core.He mumbled and slowly withdrew from her."Look boys!Take a peek!''His shaft was crimson with watery blood.A strand of reddish murky white semen still joined them like a dark witness to their copulating.He lay back quenched.Jen was defeated.She felt the man's outpouring trickling out of her and collecting on her ass.Samsun was next,he took off his jeans,revealing a small jutting prick.He turned her on her tummy and rogered her ass.Her backside was raw from her earlier sodomy and although the man was small he made Jen whine throughout with pain.She ranted,when he dryly stuck it in her.He rode her furiously,clinging on to his ride like a horny monkey.He made Jen beg for relief from the raw chaffing pain"No!Damn it! You fucking hurtring me,bad!That's sore!''She dug her fingers into the dirt and broke out in a sweat.She cried,groaned,begged and moaned but he would'nt stop!He ass fucked her for what seemed like hours with unmatched stamina.He was killing Jen's butt!She had never felt such excruciating pain,it devoured her gut.She screamed."Awww,ouch!Heyyyy pleassse!Aaaaaah finissh!!!!Oh I beg you,PLeAASSE!''He pulled his stabing dick out of her butt as he shot.Jack and Frank looked on in awe at the amount of jism he let loose over the bitches ass and back.His spurts were strong and covered an amazing distance.One wet sticky spurt hit her head.Jen closed her eyes grateful to be free of her tormentor.She could feel his stuff all over the top half of her body.It had felt warm against her flesh. Now cooling,she felt it running down her sides.Jen was thankful,Frank choose her vagina to runtJen let him take her.Frank knew nothing of women.He was a halfwit and this was his first fuck.He made a hash of it.No sooner had he sunk into her than he grunted and bucked his ass,orgasming heavily.Jen felt his burst in her twat.His mouth stank like sewerage and she wanted him off her!"Idiot!'' Jack shouted and pulled the man roughly from her.

They give her water which she guzzled down.She ate the food ravenously as they made camp.She feared they would kill her after the rape.As if reading her mind,Jack said ''Not yet baby shoes!Ya the night's entertainment!''.

The dark,drove Jen to the depths of despair and humiliation.They did unspeakable things to her.In the small tent they passed her about like a rare delicacy to savour.Samsun,had her under his blanket his chest against her back.His hand painfully holding her leg back.He was rooted in her and bucking wildly.He had been going at her so for at least an hour!

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i did not get the story the sex parts were okay but needed too be more erotic

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Awsome story though wat happened to the twins and did she get killed you should do another

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Realy GOOD story. You just need someone who can proofread for you. Get one of your readers. If they truly are interested in your stories, I'm sure they would be glad to help you.
Here is a bit of grammar that might help you: a sentence is ended by a period (that you have), but then before you start another sentence put in one or two spaces. It generally reads better. Also the word [was'nt] is misspelled - try [wasn't]!

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Wat happened 2 the twins after they were thrown aboard ?


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