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As Sumsun drove his small penis in and out Jen.Jack and Frank made her blow them.She had to control herself from gaging and throwing up.Their cocks tasted putrid and unwashed.The worst was that she could taste her own secretions on their dicks.Under duress she sucked and licked their poles clean of her vaginal juice and even worse her own shit!The salty taste in her mouth, traces of their cum.She did as they told her ,fearful of the punishment for daring to disobey.Samsun moaned a lustful and accented.."Ooo ...yeah....biwtch!'' and ejaculated in her sodden beaver.She could'nt feel her ass!They had put her on all fours earlier and taken turns assfucking her.Jack had sat astride her and reamed her with glee.Slapping,her rump and yelling ''Yeah go pony!Ride her cowboy!''.They had all ejaculated in her spasming butt.Jack and Frank jacked their rods as they educated her on the art of a good blowjob.Earlier Jack had placed his hairy stinking ass above her mouth and made her suck and lick his ring while Frank forced her legs apart and tongue lashed her pussy.She was twirling her tongue around Jack's crown when Frank suddenly screamed that he was going to cum!"Open that lovely mouth ho and take his seed down your gullet!'' Jack commanded her!She opened her mouth so wide that her jaw ached with the effort.Samsun never seemed to run out of gas and was hard again!His prick was shafting her slit!Frank polshed his rocket like a man possessed and relieved himself of his load in Jen's mouth.His thick squirts hit against her palate and rained down on her tongue!She made a "Uggggh'' sound disgusted by the taste and amount of it!"Swallow it ya little slut!Slurp it all down!Taste that African juice!''
She gulped it down and it slid down her throat with the texture of a warm oyster!Jack,forced the tip of his dick into her trap,she felt his cockring against her tongue."Lap it up biiiiitttttcccch!' he erupted in her gullet.Jen struggled to handle all of it.Her cheeks filled with the shit!"That's it my little hamster!Puff them cute cheeks up with my spunk!''.Jen forced herself to swallow the warm mess down.

The other two,were sleeping,still Samsun was impaled in her.Her puss felt sensitive and inflamed.Every time he thrust,she groaned in pain.He climaxed yet again,inside her jism churned hole.It was at that very moment that he had roared into the tent and slaughtered the men viciously!The sight of him had pettrified her more than anything else in her life.

Three months later:

Jen rose from the crystal pool.The water was icy cold but refreshing.It lapped at her hips.She took her long hair over her shoulder and squeezed the water from her locks.Gabriel,sat on a large rock watching her every move.She gave him a sweet smile and motioned him to join her.She knew he would'nt,he disliked water.She had had to coax him to bathe.Only when his constant refusal had pissed her off and she had got angry had he succumbed.He seemed to find her pout the cutest thing ever!She could tell by the way he looked at her that he worshipped her..She gazed back at him.This morning she had awoken early to the sound of birds,snug under her furs.She had looked at him across the red embers of the dying fire that separated them.He had been fast asleep and she had just stared at him for a long time. The realization that she loved him had come flooding over her. Her heart had seemed to fill with love .So much so that it gave her an emotional pang in her chest.She had cried,silent tears as she studied him.Happy tears!She had called him Gabriel because he had saved her like an angel from certain death.He had nursed her wounds,feed her,kept her warm and safe and held her tightly as she sobbed with all her heart for her mom and dad and lost innocence.She knew he wanted her so badly.Never,in all this time had he tried to force himself on her.That made her love him even more.She had taught him some English but it was an uphill battle.He struggled to get his tongue around the words.She smiled at him lovingly as she approached.She had become taut and athletic lookiing.Slightly fuller at the hips.She had blossomed into a raging beauty and looked like something out of a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition.From his head to abdomen he was all man.Beautifully built and rock solid.His hair was jet black and incredibly long almost like a mane.Only his eyes were alarming,yellow and wolflike.His face was handsome with fine Roman features.From below the navel he was all wolf, his fur thick,his legs large.His paws were huge.He was as comfortable on two legs as on all fours.The palms of his hands were covered with thick dark yellow callouses.She stood before him,their eyes,locked.She knew she was ready.Jen had awoken this day anew!Her darkness replaced by light.Her hand was dwarfed as she entwined it in his. She led him to the cave.They stood just staring at each other.Finally as a single tear rolled down her cheek, she said "Take me.I want to be yours, forever!''Gabriel could not exsist without her.For to many years he had toiled alone.She had given him life.Jen had given him breath.They kissed a lingering exploring kiss.Jen tasted his mouth,she bit his lip gently.He did it so beautifully!The kiss made her loins hot.She felt her bush become moist.Her nipples stiffened into little rubbery buds.She held onto him and reached down searchingly between his legs.What she found both excited and scared her.She had seen his penis and large scrotum before but never unsheathed.Her touch made him whine and a growl started deep in his throat.It was both animalistic and powerful.She looked down at her hand,wrapped around his dark pink member.It was expanding in her hand.She felt it begin to throb.Jen kissed him and knelt before him.Being so close to his rampant cock made Jen weak at the knees.Her excitement made her breathing difficult and she began to pant.Her face felt hot and flushed.Her eyes became glazed with lust and longing.His fuckstick was fully erect.The base was as thick as her wrist it tapered into a upside down V '^' knob.The head twitched with a life of its own.Jen stuck her tongue out and licked the tip.She felt Gabriel's body stiffen and his cock jerk.He began a doglike pant which seemed to be ever increasing in volume and intensityIt reminded her of her hound at home when he was thirsty.Jen took him in her mouth and teased him with her tongue.Running it up and down the shaft feeling the thick vein that ran underneath it.When she reached the thick heavy base she noticed a amber red knot the size of a tennis ball.Lovingly she made her way back to the head leaving a trail of kisses on his manhood.The sensations she was giving him sent Gabriel into deep ecstasy!She sucked his cock as if it were a lollipop.He tasted manly and delicious and her cheeks sunk in as she worked him in her mouth.The sudden release of doggycum,caught Jen by surprise but she drank it down greedily.It kept coming! Like a fine spray of mist.Jen moaned and shuffled her feet further apart as she swallowed down his juice.Her legs shook from strain and arousal. Her toes turned white as she remained squating.She reached down with her free hand and found her wet opening,working her clit.Little stabs of pleasure made her gasp..She took her mouth from him and his jism ran over her lips and down her chin falling onto her perky small tits.She took squirt after squirt,full in the face.It was exciting her and she worked her puss more feverishly!As Gabriel yelped and growled and released his mighty load she pleaded
for more"Yeah,Uhuh!Oh you drenching me.Fuck it's goooood!Wet me baby!It's sooo warm.Yes!More!''She jerked his cock with her hand harshly wanting it to keep cumming!It continued to drizzle down on her,inundating her face.It was hot and like a fountain and she was loving every minute of it!Gabriel between gulping for air was utter ing "Uggh,ughh,ughh...'' softly.She drained him.Jen's puss had never felt so open and wanting.She craved for him to fuck her and make her his.She wanted his babies.Jen was so hot and lustful after the bukkake that she looked like a sex starved bitch on heat."My turn know!'' she said teasingly.And positioned herself for him to take her.Gabriel stared at his beautiful mount.She looked incredible!Jen got down on all fours.She stuck her ass in the air in invitation.Forcing her buttocks back tautly.She wanted him to runt her!To smash his cock inside her and have his way with her!She longed for him to join them and make her his bitch for eternity!Most of all she craved
to milk him with her puss!Her sweet surrender and submissive pose drove Gabriel animal!He sprung behind her and hoisted himself on Jen.He held her firmly at the waist and pistoned his cock searching for her.Jen was so wet she could feel her twat dripping.He found what he was seeking at the third hump.They screamed together with delight at their copulation.His heavy doggycock froced her lips and cunny walls.It secreted a substance that made it easier for his mate to take his ever expanding girth.His fuckstick eased into her and reached where no man had been before.Jen felt totaly skewered!His head was by her neck his mouth resting on her flesh.She felt his spittle against her skin.He stayed motionless panting heavily and savouring his first mounting.He was snuggly connected to his bitch.His joystick filled her orivice to bursting point.''Oh shit if feels real good!Don't wait baby,FUCK me!''Jen cried urgently.He obeyed immediately and enthusiastically ravished Jen with abandon!Her body shook with his humping.His knot was grinding against her entrance seeking to come in.He slowed and for five minutes they worked to get it in her.It hurt and stretched her so that she thought he may split her but he was gentle and patient.She moved her ass in a circular motion grinding it into her body.Eventually it poped in and sealed their joining together.His bulb inside her,Gabriel lost all control and gave in to his dark wanton animal desire.He bucked and humped hard.Jen had no choice but to let him ride his wave of pent up lust.He was'nt making love to her,he was nailing her!Jen thought.In time to come she would teach him to be gentle.His wicked and forceful thrusting made her scream,moan and groan with unbridled joy.Their fuckfest was long and hot.Jen was bathed in sweat,her tits bouncing.His pelvis ramming against her ass beat out a loud, rhythmic beat.Her juicy pussy was frothing,her pubic hair matted.She had cum deliciously twice already screaming her appreciation to him.

Gabriel's seed letting was like opening a faucet.Deep in her fuckbox,Jen felt him hoseing her down sweetly and hotly.He howled at his dominance and fertility!His howl rose to a crescendo as he impregnated his bitch, before him on all fours!His cock was spasming and gushing in her and the pure base pleasure of it made Jen have such a earthshattering orgasm that she nearly passed out.After,when he dissengaged,his offering leaked heavily out of her.Batheing her thighs with jism.They slept entwined,her head on his broad chest.The trace of a smile of contentment on her face.The exhausted slumber of young spent lovers!

The End!

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2015-01-03 22:01:31
The story looks like its unfinished...but good story tho!

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2010-03-27 11:52:23
HEY! You did GREAT! Story #2 was just as GOOD as the first. The grammar was good and the punctuation was good, too. Got yourself a proofreader? Well, anyway, WAY BETTER in the English Lit department. PLEASE KEEP WRITING, YOUR STORIES ARE GOOD.


2010-03-23 02:43:17
I enjoyed this story! prt 1 was great!

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2008-09-24 16:18:38
Personally I would have liked it more if she had been able to travel back home and get revenge on her sister. Maybe by blackmailing her not to rat her out in exchange for a life of servitude or something like that.

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2008-05-28 12:56:19
u suck... jk. this is a good story

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