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Researcher’s says that everybody will experiment with some form of homosexuality at least once sometime in their lifetime. I myself love receiving blow jobs from my girlfriend and she sure loves to give them to me. I’ve wondered sometimes what the attraction is that she has for that and wondered what it would be like to suck a dick. but it has always just been thoughts considering I’m very happy with women, especially mine. but those thoughts became reality when I began experimenting with it about a month ago. let me tell you about it.

I’m a 38 year old white man, and I have been living with my girlfriend here in Ft. Collins for about 5 years now. I work for the worlds largest trash company, or should I say, "waste removal company". anyway, I run an automated trash truck. so basically what that means is, my truck does most of the work so I don't have a helper. its just me and the truck. we start our routes at 7am which is early for some folks, and each work day is a different neighborhood. my Thursday neighborhood is right there at CSU, all college kids. you know how that works. all of then have room-mates and party after school. I remember my college days.

Anyway, it was a Thursday route about a month ago that my experimentation began. it was about 7:30am, and I was picking up cans in a culdisac. as I began to leave that street for another, I heard a whistle. I looked back and saw a kid, maybe 20 years old or so, running out to me carrying his trash can in front of him. I stopped and jumped out and he said, "thanks dude, I forgot to put it out last night". it was obvious he just woke up, on his own, or from the noise of my truck, I don't know. but his hair told the story of sleep. when he set the can down, I saw that he was only in his boxer shorts and that it. and he had the biggest hard on you can imagine. it was sticking straight out. it was hard not to notice or even look at it for that matter. he is well endowed. I wasn't sure if he even knew he had a hard on. as I dumped his can I said, "bro! do you know that your standing outside here with a morning woody?"

he looked down and said, "OH SHIT!" he pushed down on his dick but the thing sprung straight up again. it was seriously hard. he said, "DAMN! I need a blow job something bad."

my reply to that was, "I guess it's time to call your girlfriend." then I began to walk back to my truck when he said, "MAN! I don't have one. if fact, I haven't had anything since I moved here for school. do you know of someone I can hook up with?"

I said, "not really. all my girlfriends friends have boyfriends. sorry man. have a nice day." when I got into the truck, he walked up to the window and said to me, "what about you bro? you want to drain my cock?" I was taken back with that question. "you mean, like me, on my knees, sucking your dick?" I replied.

his response was, "ya, my cock needs to be relieved really bad. I mean, look at it. it's so hard it hurts. you can stand on this thing." he pushed his dick down again and let it spring back up. one thing for sure was, it was super hard. I said to him, "do I look gay to you?" "no." he said. "but I’m not gay either, but if you wanted to suck my cock, I would let you just to relieve the pressure." he continued.

I was about to drive off when my thoughts started taking over. I was thinking about what it would be like. I said to myself, "here your chance to find out. take the opportunity. do it." I looked down at his huge hard-on for a moment, then looked at him, then I looked around to see if anybody was watching, then back at his dick.

I finally said, "ok! I’ll do it. let me park this truck off to the side." he said, "RIGHT ON MAN! just come inside after you park it." then he walked inside the house. after I parked the truck, I began walking slowly up to the house, having second thoughts. I was thinking I couldn't believe I was about to do this. but I never stopped walking. after I went inside and closed the door behind me, he went and stood in the middle of the livingroom floor and took his boxer shorts off and toss them. he was now standing there naked before me. his dick was even more impressive in the open than in his underwear. I thought to myself, "DAMN! that a big dick."

as he stood there, his dick was still massively hard and swollen. the head was slightly purple with pre-cum oozing out of it. I guess he was excited at what was about to happen. he had no pubic hair at all. he kept it well shaved. and the veins were popping out of his dick. there was no doubt in my mind that this dick needed to be relieved. he said, "come on, I’m ready."

even though I was nervous, I went over and got down on my knees in front of him and grabbed hold of his cock with one hand and held his balls with my other hand. I never sucked a dick before so the only thing I knew about blow jobs, was what my girlfriend does to me, but since she sucks my cock almost everyday, I had a good idea at what to do.

he took both of his hands and grabbed wads of hair on my head and held it in place as I opened my mouth and let him put his dick inside. when I closed my mouth around his cock, he let out a loud moan and said, "ya! suck my dick. suck it." I started using my tongue as I stoked his dick while I sucked it. that pre-cum tasted sweet and wondered if his cum was going to taste the same.

I continued to suck his dick and I was doing a pretty good job of it I must say. he just kept holding my head and moving his hips back and forth to help the motion while he moaned and enjoyed his blow job. I myself had a hard on and was enjoying it. sucking his dick turned me on. about 15 minutes into it, I was really getting into sucking his cock when he began holding my head tighter and thrusting his hips harder. his moans got louder and then he said, "I'M CUMING! I"M CUMING!."

then I felt his cock swell up and then a mess load of hot cum began shooting into my mouth. the force was so hard it shot down my throat and made me gag. I swallowed half of it before I started swallowing it on my own. he was due for a nut. he kept squirting squirt after squirt in my mouth, maybe 7 or 8 squirts. I had to keep swallowing one right after another to keep my mouth from over flowing. in the end, I managed to swallow it all and loved every drop of it. His cum tasted really good and I wanted more.

he kept sliding his dick in and out of my mouth slowly to make sure I got every little bit left in his dick. I was looking up and he was looking down and we had eye contact as his dick was in my mouth, he said, "yes! that was nice." I pulled his dick out of my mouth and said, "that tasted so good. if I didn't have to get back to work, I would stay and suck your dick all day long. but since I have to leave, I was wondering if I could come back tonight so that I can take my time and really enjoy sucking your cock."

I began kissing and licking his dick when he answered, "for sure dude. Just come on buy and you can have all the dick you want." I kissed his dick good bye and said, "great. I really enjoyed it. later." he told me his name was mike and then I left and went back to work.

after work, I went home and showered, then I headed back over to mike's. I was very excited to suck his cock again. when I knocked on his door, a different kid opened it. he said, "AH! you must be our trash man. come in." puzzled, I followed him inside and saw mike on the couch and another guy in the chair. the three of them were watching porno's and drinking beer. Mike stood up and came over and said, what’s up bro? this is my room-mate Jeff, and my other room-mate Robert. don't worry, their cool.

I was confused a bit about his room-mates presence, but I soon found out what was happening when the three of them took all their clothes off and sat on the couch next to each other with their legs spread open. I was now looking at three naked men all with tight round balls and nice cock’s. Mike said, "we have been waiting for you. these porno’s made us horny and we want blow jobs. So start where you want bro, it doesn't matter. Suck as much dick as you want. you can suck these dicks all night if you want to." that made me excited. I didn't even say a word, I just went over and got down between Robert’s legs and began sucking his cock like I did Mike’s hours before. after awhile, I began to switch dicks and play with the others as I sucked. I sucked, licked, kissed, both their dicks and their balls. I was having a good time.

I sucked their dicks for hours. after I made one cum and ate it, by the time I sucked the other two off, the first was ready again to bust a nut and so were the others as I switched from dick to dick.. I made all of them cum multiple times and I ate ever bit of it.

since then, I’ve been going over there almost daily sucking the three of them off. we all have a good friendship with this and so far its working out great.

to anyone thinking about giving their first blow job, I suggest doing it. it is great. but if you don't like, well at least you know because you gave it a try. good luck.


2006-05-06 03:42:10
the last comment is funny. he states thats he has never experimented with homosexuality. however!!!!!!! he read this story and posted a comment. just by reading the story, he has experimented with homosexuality. its all in his head.

good luck guy!! you'll be taking the next step soon. lol


2006-02-20 05:45:29
This is a gay story, not bisexual. And the writer is totally wrong that everybody will experiment with homosexuality at one time or other. Not so. I never have. I'm heterosexual and I wished you queers would stay away from this web site. We like to fuck and eat women's pussies.


2006-02-20 00:50:40
you lied with your intro. if this is bi, write a sex scene with your alleged girl-friend, otherwise post it as gay !


2006-02-18 18:59:27
lol i think the very last small paragraph is funny as shit

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