What happened with a girl from a dating line.
“Hi, I am just looking for a nice guy to chat with, if you want to know more you know what to do!” said the sweet voice on the other end

At once I sent her one of my ‘cheeky friendly nice guy’ styled messages, which always worked a treat with the ladies.

“Well, allo there! My names tom! You sound really cool and to be honest with you, im probably the greatest person you will ever meet in ya life so I guess you should give me call, but QUICK im about to be cut off!” I said and added my number

Shortly after, I received a reply saying she would call me in 5mintues if that was ok. I replied with a “sure thing!” hung up and waited for her call.

These free trial phone line services gave you around 4 minutes to place a message, find a vulnerable sounding chick, and reply convincing her you were decent enough to call. It takes some time to get into the swing of things, but once you find your niche (mine was luring in the cute teens with charming tactics) you can achieve no strings sex on tap.

True to her word, a few minutes later the phone rung


“Hi, Can I speak to Tom?”

“Speaking! heya how ya doing?”

“Ok thanks”

“Cool! soooooooooooooo. Tell me about yaself, whats ya name all that kind of stuff”

“My names Jessica, umm.. I’m 14 and… well I donno, I go to Meadowlands school.. umm what else do you want to know?”

“Meadowlands? Up in the bank region?”

“Yeah that one”

“Ahh yes, I know the one, you play sports or whatever?” I said, not giving a shit at all of course, but this was simply the process you had to go thru to prove you were a sweet, caring and friendly guy in order to build up the trust in them to meet you.

“Ummm, yeah I played netball last year but I don’t anymore”

“Why not”

“I gave up”

“Ohhhh you lazy little thing!” I said with great interest.

“Yeah I know. How old are you?”

“17” I lied. I was actually 21 but I figured 17 had a better ring for someone her age.

The conversation continued like this for another 10 minutes of so. Me asking her stupid questions and her responding with typically average answers. I could tell she thought I was funny and a charmer though - my magic was working well.

“So whatcha doing this afternoon then Jess”

“Oh not much”

“Wanna meet me at the museum park down town and hang out?”

“Umm, well yeah ok, but I have to be home by 7pm”

Too easy! not too long now before im in! I thought.

We organised to meet in an hour or so because she had to take a bus..

Driving to the meeting point was always an enjoyable part of the process, a chance for me to unzip, take my cock out and let my mind jog into fantasy mode, picturing how she would look, If she would be wearing a skirt, or jeans - the taste of her panties, the fragrance of her vagina, how her hair would look – both on her head and her cunt. It was a time to get my balls nice and juiced up for the slaughter.

I drove down toward our meeting place and parked a few streets away. We organised to meet under a large sign post where no other people would be so we knew who was who..

I parked my car and walked down the road eyeing the sign but couldn’t see anyone.. As I got closer I saw a little girl sitting underneath, obviously it was her. She stood up and I motioned for her to come with me..

“Quickly!” I said, wanting to take her off the main road, in case a friend drove past and saw me with a kid – I always had that kind of paranoia when I was in these situations.

She looked up at me and smiled, already enjoying herself watching my upbeat quirky antics at work

Jessica was quite small, as you are at 14, wearing plain blue jeans and a black sweater. She had a short bob cut, and although not particularly good looking, she had a certain sex appeal. Maybe it was that smallish compact little body girls get at that age. The way they are quickly blossoming into fully ripened fuck bunnies, or maybe it was because they are still unaware of the potential power they can hold over men and end up projecting a great sexual innocence hence turning them into real life blow up dolls, open and submissive to your every command.

We walked into the large tree filed museum parklands… I made her laugh with my charismatic charm and stupid jokes… Sitting down under a tree we spoke more, talking about various topics from sports to television to all the other things typical 14 year olds blab on about. Some how we managed to get on the topic of virginity and she told me she was a virgin - although she mentioned something of an older man she met from the phone line that tried to make her sit in his dick. I didn’t go into it; I assumed maybe she had a cock up her, but im not exactly sure.

It was only 10 or so minutes since we met, but it was fast approaching time for me to sink my fangs deep into her innocence. I danced my dirty mind over her tiny frame - excited to touch and taste the sweetness first hand.

“And I really enjoy things like ea…”

Before she could finish I kissed her on the lips

“Oo, sorry – I just had to do that.” I said quietly as I sat my lips at her mouth

She quietly looked back at me, her unknowing soul not sure exactly how to react.

I gazed into her eyes and smiled, which gave her reassurance she was in safe hands. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and kissed her inside her little face hole with care and delicacy. Moving myself closer to her I slyly slipped my hands under her top and up to her breasts, which sat in a small bra. I squeezed them gently. The feeling of perky little tits too small to fill your hands, but just enough to fondle with was fantastic.

I pulled her top and bra up over her titties exposing her tight little body in full public view, I caressed all over her upper half, running my hands over her stomach and up her small version of femininity to her young lumps, circling around them and pulling at her nipples.

I checked around me and down the hill towards the park road for people… It was almost empty except for the occasional jogger, and although they were quite far from me, it was obvious they could see what we were doing. This aroused me, and for the moment I would continue.

Leaning in, I took a tit in my mouth, sucking and licking at it, flicking my tongue over her nipple while pulling and squeezing the other tit and vice versa. Her soft and silky flesh was a dream to handle, and I took full advantage of it touching and teasing every inch.

The sun was beginning to set over the horizon, but it was still much to bright to continue with this in such wide a public domain.

“Lets go somewhere more secret eh?” I suggested.

She nodded and I helped her up, brushed the dirt of her butt and gave her a peck on the cheek, leading her towards a big thick tree I had used on similar situations, which was a fantastic banging spot. I helped her through the dense bush and directed her into a space big enough to lie down in almost complete privacy.

“Can you suck my cock now” I ordered, sitting her down and undoing my buttons, revelling my hard rod. She took it into her small hand, which helped exaggerate the size of my manhood, and looked at it with curious eyes, taking in what was probably her first view of an erect cock. She began to kiss the head a few times before proceeding to take it into her mouth, bopping up and down in a slow, wet mouthed and inexperienced fashion.

I ran my finger down her back and under her panties squeezing her small butt, this aroused me more and my erection grew to full attention, I parted her child cheeks and gently rubbed a finger back and fourth over her asshole as she continued to suck my dick.

“Time up” I said and took the cock out of her mouth.

“Lye down on your back” I said in a firm but relaxed manor. She followed my orders and lay down. I ran my hands up her to the top of her jeans and pulled them away from her waist revelling her soft creamy skin and fine firm legs.

She lay on the ground open and exposed. 14 years old in a bush with a stranger with her pants off and her legs open wide, letting him do whatever he wants with her. I cherish these moments. If only her parents could see her now!

I leaned into her panties and ran my nose up them, taking in all those sweet feminine candy flossed pheromones. Her little pussy was visible through her underwear as her virginal juices were seeping steadily onto the cotton and into my mouth. I continued teasing her cunt with my tongue and fingers and she began letting out sighs and tiny moans.

She was nicely prepared now for a pussy pummelling, I peeled her undies away from her privates revelling a light brown, thin and curly layer of pubes. Her vagina was clearly visible thru her hair; it was neat and tidy and untouched my human hands.

I rubbed my hand up and down in a slow and sensual motion over her young pussy, touching her clit as I moved up and slipping a finger inside on my way down, continuing in this fashion for some time as well as occasionally pressing at the rim of her asshole. Her facial expressions were gold, her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly ajar - she was in her own world of erotic indulgence and she was loving every second of it. I took my finger from her dripping hole and brushed it over her lips and into her mouth; she licked her juices off.

I bent in and moved her legs back to so her knees were close to her shoulders, and took her wet cunt into my mouth darting my tongue in and out of her hole and up to her clit and back down to her asshole and rimming it firmly. Her pussy was the sweetest I had ever tasted; so bright and clean smelling - like fresh flowers upon an open field, and I made sure she knew I was enjoying it by really licking it all over, lapping her juice up like a thirsty greyhound.

“Please can you fuck me now?” she said

I stopped and raised my eyes in surprise. This was the first thing she had really said since we started kissing..

“Keep a hold of your legs baby” and she did so, supporting herself with her legs back and her wet slit open.

I got onto my knees, pulled at my cock a few times and sat it at the opening of her hole, making small circles to juice it up. I slowly pushed it inside her body and she let out a little sigh, one of excitement and tension. I continued to work my way inside until the full rod was embedded in her. - her lubricated virginal walls gripping tightly around my manhood. She kept her eyes closed and was breathing quickly, I pulled my dick half way out and pushed it back in filling her up, and slowly but surely I began to work up a rhythm that had her moaning in both pain and pleasure.

To the side of me about 10 feet I noticed someone walking a dog, and slowed down the pace of my fucking so she wouldn’t be so noisy.

“Quiet” I said.

We lay silently with my cock inside her, her knees at her shoulders and my hand over her mouth, if discovered by someone this would clearly look like rape, so I waited till they moved on.

“I should get going now, I need to be home soon” she said

“Sure ok, let me finish first ok?”

And this was what I had built myself up for, I worked up my rhythm quickly, faster and faster I thrusted my cock, deep inside I fucked her hard and unforgivingly, she let out yelps and opened her eyes in terror - I covered her mouth and continued to bang her senselessly, harder and faster I rammed her whore hole – grabbing her tit hard with my other hand as I continued to pummel the crap out of her – my climax began to rise ever so strongly and I held it back in order to let her to know the feeling of a man – the feeling of a stranger taking her innocence – of having her body broken in – her virginity stolen – and at that I let out a boisterous moan and blew my ferocious load of seamen deep into the confines of her cunt - flooding her fallopian tubes with fuck juice.


I withdrew my cock from her slowly and gave her a kiss on the lips and we both lay for a few minutes to recover.

“You were amazing Jessica” I said in all truth and sincerity

She looked at me and smiled as she pulled her underwear up and put her jeans back on.

We stood up and I walked her out of the bush and lead her to the bus stop, gave her a kiss on the forehead, bid my farewells and never saw her again.


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fuckin' child molester===next


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All you Canadians who think it's OK to rape a 13-year-old girl ---- No wonder you're a third-world country, you inferior sicko assholes.


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sick fucker. that was clearly RAPE


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Pay no attention to the moral mafia QA. From the comments, it looks like the same two assholes leaving about half of the messages. You were a little hurried in your writing. Take your time and embellish the story a little. I would like to have seen and heard the chica a little more too. Keep writing.

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