Melanie and Matt were best friends. Melanie was a asian with size 38B boobs, about 5'5, 15 years old, and long straight layer hair. She usually wears clothes that doesn't show her curves or any cleavage. Matt was white, 6'0. meduim built, 16 years old, on the Varsity wrestling team, and quite popular with the girls. No one could get why Melanie was even friends with Matt. they look so different. But Matt gets along with her more then with anyone.

On a saturday after finals, Matt invited Melanie over to chill. With nothing to do, Melanie raced over. Well they were watching "The Notebook" and "A Walk To Remember" because Melanie bought those movies over. Matt was just watching the movies for Rachel McAdams and Many Moore since he thought they were hot. When they finished both movies, they headed up to his room to chill there. They started listening to music, surf the net, and started tickling each other. When they were both tired from the tickling, they both sat on his bed for resting. She started listening to his iPod and he just watched her danced on the bed. She tripped and fell on matt and looked him in his eyes. She got shy and stood up. He stopped her and asked her,

"heyyy where are you goin!"
"i dunno, home i guess"
"why? are you tired or something?"
"nah, i feel a bit awkward"

The truth is, Melanie likes Matt. But she knew they can never be together since he wasn't into her.

"psshh why? here, listen to this song. its so awesome huh!"
"haha yeah, i guess it is(:"

He pulled her by her waist and started to kiss her. She pulled away.

"what the hell, why'd you kiss me?"
"well Melanie, i've always liked you. you know.. more as friends."
"oh my god really? i've always liked you too."

So they both found out they both liked each other but no one had ever said anything.
he started kissing her and pulling her waist. She return the kissed even more passionately but now with her tongue. He quickly slid his into hers. Next thing they knew, they were lying on his bed making out. things got more intense and he pulled off her shirt and pants.

"oh my god you're so hot!"
"thank you" she said while blushing.

Matt never knew she was hot since all she wore was baggy clothes thats not revealing at all.
But here she was, in her matching red&black lacy lingerie. Just looking at her made him get a hard on. She was the hottest chick he had ever seen. He started kissing her excessively again and this time his hands roamed through out her body. He was still amazed about how hot his best friend is.

"She looked like that model on victoria secret, Adrianna Lima," he thought.

He wanted to take it to the next level. He took off her bra and let her boobs breathe.
There he was, looking at his best friend's boobs with no care for the world. He started kissing her again while her boobs was pressed against his chest. The only thing that was seperating his skin to her boobs was his shirt so she quickly took it off so now his chest was touching her boobs. Her hand slid down to his bulge and she started unzipping his jeans. she started circling her finger around his bulge. she took off his boxers and let his cock spring out. it was up to 6 inches which is the size she liked. she started holding it and playing with it. Matt was in paradise. He never imagined him and a hot chick would be making out with each other. He wanted her so bad.

"Melanie, ae we gonna.. you know."
"do you want to?"
"well.. YEAH! you're hot and i've always liked you."
"oh well i always WANTED you. (: "

With that, he started kissing her forehead, down to her nose, her lips, her chin, her neck and made his mark on her boobs. He started sucking on her left boob while rubbing the other. he kissed her tits and reached down to her pussy. he slid slowly to her pussy and touched her wet panties which he wanted to rip off with his mouth. He removed her panties and stared at her virgin pussy.

"goddd this girl is so hot" he though to himself

He wanted to tease her. So he kissed her thigh, up to her navel, and went near her pussy and backed away. Finally he placed his hands on her clit. it was throbbing. he started rubbing it which made her let out a soft moan. he kept on rubbing it, now faster and faster. Next thing he knew, she was moaning like crazy. He kissed her pussy and started to tongue fuck her. That made her went into ecstasy. He looked up at her and she had her finger in her mouth and with her other hand, she was rubbing her tits. He kept on tongue fucking her and with his two hands, he put it on her tits which made her even more satisfied. Then he slid one finger into her little tight hole and started shoving it back and forth slowly. When he saw she was enjoying it, he slid another finger and another in. Her hole was loosening and he wanted his cock in there badly.

He didn't want her to cum yet. so he stopped and layed on the bed while she grabbed his cock and stroking it. she she was on top of him and stroking and playing with his cock. She kissed all around his cock and sucked on his shaft. her hand grabbed his right ball and just holding it. She then finally put his cock inside her mouth making her head bobbing back and forth. Matt's hands slowly got to the back of her head and he slowly shoved her head deep into his cock which made her choke, But she LOVED it. she was stroking it and sucking on it at the same time. He let out a big moan which made her more horny. she started going faster and faster and faster which made him cum in her mouth. His cum was dripping all over his dick and a huge load squirted into her mouth and she just gulped it down. Then she licked his cock all over collecting the every drop of his cum and swallowed it.

He let out a big sigh. She layed next to him and started kissing him again.

"babe you're so good"
"oh i've wanted to do that to you for a long time."
"oh god baby, now i really have to fuck you."

After getting his rest, Matt went back to her pussy and started eating her out again. He licked her pussy which made her scream out a moan. He finger fucked her and she LOVED it. But she wants his cock in her. NOW.


With that he immediately slid his cock in her hole. She let out a scream of pain and he knew he had popped her cherry. She was moaning like crazy now. He went out and in slowly and then fast and faster. He went so fast that his balls was slapping her ass. She let out a loud scream of pleasure and led her finger to her clit. He saw and put her finger away and put his own finger on her clit and rubbed it really fast. This made her moan louder and more. He was fucking her and rubbing her clit at the same time which sent her to esctasy. He went FASTER and FASTER, and she was loving it.

"FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!!" she screamed.

with that, he slapped her ass and fucked her harder and harder. he was going so hard that he was breathing hard and she still wanted more.


He was rubbing her clit with his finger and fucking her at the same time. She was really enjoying it. Then He felt her warm juices flowing down. She let out a big sigh and layed back next to him.

"oh that felt so good."
"damn babe you were wild there!" he laughed
"yeah, i've always wanted to do that with you and i've had dreams about it and all."
"oh wow, so are we together now?"
"well what do you think?"
"well yeah since we both have feelings with each other."
"haha ok then(:"

the both got cleaned up and just cuddled with each other on the couch watching cartoons.
he kissed her once or twice knowing that he had found his soul mate.
when it was dark, he walked her home hand in hand and wrapped his arms around her when he saw her shivering. they arrive at her porch and he planted the biggest kiss on her lips. she smiled and return the kiss.

"so are you gonna wear different clothes now?" he asked.
"well yeah haha" she laughed.
"haha alright then. bye babe"

Then she went inside closing the door behind her. He watched her closed the door then headed home thinking "i have the best girlfriend ever."

like it? then give me good comments and i'll write more!

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2008-11-24 01:08:55
LMAO.... my gf and i once tried to carry on a conversation about just random things except sex while fucking. at one point i said..... it are go good.......lemme tell ya virgins out there.... get some pussy b4 you comment on a story.....cause.... men are thinkin... o shit damn shes fucking hott... y the hell am i fucking her... idk and idc im FUCKING HERR...


2008-01-06 22:55:56
To the gut below me...
U spelled "sentences" wrong
And its not ashley barbie, he wrote "adriana lima"

And I think its LANNY barbie
Get it right


2007-12-26 10:14:10
I wrote something with that kind of english..In second grade. Not about sex but, the writing style was the same: Terrible. Your sentances had very abrupt endings, and to Ashley Barbie, good to see you know that yes, we do think about how attractive the woman is. If you're having sex, of course you're thinking,"This feels good", but you're also thinking,"How did I get so lucky?" Somewhere along those lines.


2007-10-30 15:40:21
I Have Seen Better Tbh I'm A Virgin, And Probs Could Come Up With Better Lol!


2007-10-19 06:38:48
University of penn. has been making a study of origin of students. many that thought they were pure-blqqooded were very wrong, e.g. all sicillians are mixed with black african blood. so before you throw names around, be sure you're not talking about your own family or your best friend.

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