The first story of this kind I brought to completion, I hope you like it and if you don't would like to hear what's wrong.
She kept ranting at me, yelling and screaming for me to hurry up. We were in the last period of the day, Environmental Science, and were building a lean-to from pine boughs. I

picked a particularly large one up, about the size of a small tree and swung it over my shoulder. When I did I heard a scream, and looked back to see her on the ground. I dropped the

branch and ran forward to help her up.
"Samm, Samm, are you alirght? I'm so sorry, that was an accident ai didn't mean to." I blurted out as I offered a hand to help her up.
She slapped it away and screeched back at me. "You did it on purpose, you bastard!" She ran and grabbed the teacher, and laying on the tears told him that I had intentionally hit

her with the branch.
He came back and brought us both inside to the "Dean of Student's" Office, who's basically the bastard in my school that punishes you for every mundane thing on Earth. While

she lectured me on my supposed crime, I simply tuned it out and couldn't help but stare at Samm. She's smally, only about 5' and less than a hundred pounds, but that's what I found so

attractive. I'd never been a small person; at 6'2'' 244 it didn't seem likely. I had always had an imense attraction for Samm, but her distaste for me was always apperant. What finally broke

the vacuum of my tuning out was the word "expelled". I looked up at the Dean in amazement. She said that I should stay a bit longer, while Samm left.
She rambled on about some crap, while all I could think about what that whore had done, Expelled?! This would ruin my life. After she was done ranting, I trudged down to the

busstop slowly, the thought of what she had done still in my head.
As I approached I saw a lone figure leaning on the aged fence that blocked out the path I was walking on. When I got a bit closer I realised who it was,Samm. I thought to myself

for a momment, how ought I act now? And a slow smile spread over my face, I knew what I'd do. Slowly and quietly I walked up behind her, and when
I was close enough I slung my right arm around her neck, my much larger frame fully engulfing her tiny one.
"So Samm, how are ya?" I hissed into her ear with a snicker.
"What?! What are you doing, Scott? Let me go!" She screamed, sounding far more angry than scared.
I wrapped my arm tighter around her neck, until she pounded on my arm and gasped.
"Shutup, woulda Samm? I'm not going to be listening to you anymore, in fact I believe 'tis you'll be listening to me. Now scream again and I'll pop that cute little head
of yours like a zit, Do you understand?"
She bent her head back and around and spit in my face. "Fuck you Scott, let me the fuck go right now!"
I punched her in the back of the head, and grabbed her hair as she fell forward from the blow. "Naughty girl, that was the wrong answer." I slid my left hand
down the front of her tight jeans, and snuck it past the band of her panties. I probed my fingers deeply inside of her, loving the wonderful feeling of her soft flesh
"God that feels good" I mumbled barely outloud. Tears streamed down her face and she blushed deeply. "Have you had enough?" I asked after a bit.
She nodded slowly, tears dripping to the ground. "Yes, please, please stop..."
"Ok" I said with a smile, and removed my hand. "Now, turn around." She did so, and I pulled back my fist and hit her in the face, as hard as I could.
She fell to the ground, unconscience with blood gushing from her nose. "Not so pretty are y'know, eh Samm? Well no matter, I never liked your nose much anyway, a bit big."
I slung her little body over my left shoulder, not caring about the blood. I snaked my hand down the back of her pants, feeling her and reveling at the thought
of what I was going to do next.
"Let's find somewhere quiet to do this, ah hon? It'll be fun, promise." I said to the unconscience girl with a snigger. I walked out from the stop towards the woods, and
when I found a good spot-- a clearing deep in the woods, far from even the sounds of the road, I stopped. I put her gently down on the ground, and searched out some thick, heavy
vines and rockmoss;. Returning to the clearing I found her groaning, stiring very slightly. She started to rise and I pushed her gently back down, putting the moss to her face
to staunch the still free-flowing blood. I tied her ankles together with the vines, but not too tightly, so I could move them as I needed. I bound her hands to her neck tightly--
she wouldn't be needing them. I unzipped her pants and pulled them down to het ankles, she groaned louder as the cold air toucher her skin. I looked down at her panties
with a huge grin; white cotton, a bit more innocent than I thought, it seems. I reached down and stroked her legs softly, the cold skin covered in goose flesh from the temperature.
Reaching up further, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her gorgeous little breasts moving up and down slowly with her breath, restricted by a thin cotton bra. Unbuttoning it, I squeezed
gently at the beautiful orbs of flesh, my erection pushing against the front of my pants.
She groaned louder and sat up, her eyes open, and screamed loudly. "My God, NO! Scott STOP! STOP IT!" I slapped her across the face, my large hand leaving
a massive red whelt on her face, and her eyes filling up with tears again.
"I'll do whatever the fuck I want with you now, you're mine, alright?! Now you better just sit back and enjoy this, because nothing you do will stop it."
I sat down and lifter her to my lap, her naked thighs against my clothed ones and my erection straining harder. I leaned my head forward and kissed her deeply, my tounge probing her
mouth gently.
"Enough of this, I'd like something a bit more." I lifted her slight frame up easilly, unzipped myself and pulled my by then completely errect penis from my pants. I ripped
the panties viscously from her, and lowered her bare, neatly shaven pelvis to my exposed member.
Looking down at what she was in store for, she started screaming and beating at my chest with tiny fists. "No! No! Stop, stop please!"
I ignored her pleas, and force her opening slowly onto myself, until I felt a barrier. "A virgin? Surprising, well, not for long." I put my hands on her shoulders
and pushed hard, breaking the seal and letting blood flow. She screamed out in pain and I just smiled.
"Shhh", I cooed "It will make it no easier screaming like that, so shush." I lifted her hips up slowly, and brought them down quickly, she screamed out,
and I hit her accross the face again. "Would you like me to stop, is that what you'd like?"
She stared down at my blood-covered jeans and nodded, huge tears welling up in her beautiful little grey eyes.
"Ok, I'll stop." I lifted her from my pelvis and set her on her knees. I stood up, waving my blood soaked penis in front of her mouth. "Open your mouth"
I cooed, "And suck on it." She shook her head, more tears flowing, and I slapped her again. Still she didn't open her mouth. I held her nose closed, she sputtered and
tried still to hold it shut. I hit her again, and she gasped for breath. I shoved myself inside of her mouth, the dried blood mingled with her saliva and my own fluids
and went back to a liquid.
"Do you like the taste of your own blood, you whore? Do you!?" I demanded, hitting her once more. "Now suck, and move your head back and forth."
She did, and I smiled as I held the back of her head tightly, rocking my pelvis back and forth. I felt it growing, and I think she could too, because she screamed out around
me, and tried to pull her head off. But I held her hair tight and rocked it back and forth, quicker now. I came with a groan, jamming myself forward, filling her mouth to my hilt.
I slowly slid myself out of her mouth, breathing heavily with an amazingly satisfied look on my face. Her eyes were red and my cum dripped from her lips.
"Swallow it." I commanded, and she did it, even more tears streamng down her lovely face. "No worries hon, I'm not done yet." I fondled her lovely little
brests some more, waiting to be ready for another round. "You know Samm, I always have been so attracted to you. It's too bad
you've been such a bitch, who knows, maybe things could've been differant? Ah, it seems I'm ready already. Now turn around" Obediently she did. I reached down and
scooped her up with one hand, and lifted her abov emy pelvis. I slowly lowered her opening towards my penis, and then, having a change of thought, pushed her slightly forward.
Feeling the movement, she screamed yet again and squirmed wildly, trying to escape my grasp.
I ignored it and pushed her downward until I felt the head of my member against her tiny anus. "Now, you're going to feel a little pinch." I said with a grin
and pushed her down, hard. I felt myself crowded into her incredibly small space and groaned with pleasure. I held her thighs tightly and lifted her up and slammed her
down, over and over until she screamed bloody murder and I could take it no longer. I fell to my knees, forcing her to hers and her head to the ground. I held her
hips and pumped forward and back as quickly as I could manage. Then I felt it again; the amazing rushing rollors of pleasure covering and consuming me. I pushed
hard once more, and held forward tightly as my member jerked spasmodically in her confined space, releasing all of itself.
"My God, that feels so good." I groane dloudly, laying on top of her and fondling her breasts some more. After I grew bored I simply lay there,
and was lulled to sleep by her soft sobbing.
I woke with a start, she was shifting beneath me and managed to squirm out from my weight. I flailed my arms at her ankles, and one caught. She fell, heavily, and
her head glanced off of a rock.
"See what you've done? Hurt yourself again. Whatever, I'm almost done with you, once more and then I'll let you go."
"Please Scott, no more, I can't take any more, please stop, just stop..."
"No no, once more and then you can go, Once more." She wept openly, and I put my hand under chin and rose it so she was looking at me.
"It's alright. Don't worry." I pushed her down to the ground. She lay on her back, and I spread her legs out, exposing her opening fully. "I didn't finish with this bit earlier, but
I think I will now."
I kneeled in front of her and slowly slid myself into her opening. I leaned in very close, smelling her breath, rasping my tounge out to taste her tears. She grimaced and turned her

head away at the slimy muslce carresing the soft flesh of her face. I slapped her once more and roared "Don't fucking turn away from me whore, I own you! Do you understand?!"
She turned her head back towards me and nodded, more tears gushing from her tightly closed eyes. "Now, are you ready?" She shook her head and cried more. "Well, that's to

bad, because I am."
I shifted back slightly, not removing myself from her, and pulled her legs up over my shoulders. Her calves lay astride my face, and I licked at them lightly. I leaned forward until

her feet were just above her head. Grabbing her shoulders tight, I pushed myself forward, roughly humping into her. She cried at this quick motion and I slapped her. I leaned foward

further and put my face to hers, and kissed her deeply, my tounge probing and scraping about within her mouth. I grabbed her neck and held it almost to the point of her choking. I held

tight and shifted my pelvis forward and back quickly, I slid in and out of her roughly, tears gushing down her face and my tounge rasping out and grasping them.
I went faster, pumping in and out with huge relish at her wonderfully tight feeling. I held her neck tightly, loving the pleasure I got from her pain.
Cascades of pleasure waved over me, consuming me once more. I squeezed her neck even tighter as I came yet again. My fluids flushed from me into her, and gushed from her

opening onto me.
I lay down with a huge sigh, and fell asleep yet again. I woke slowly, the tinge of snow on my skin. I looked around and seeing no one, looked down to Samm. I jostled her

"C'mon Samm, we've got to go, it's snowing." She didn't move. "Samm? Samm, wake up Samm!" She still didn't move. I looked at my hands, still around her neck, and the

purple-blue colour of her face, and realised what I had done.
"Oh God, God no..." I said, shuddering. I wrenched my hands from her neck, pulled my cold member from her dead opening and ran, ran into the woods never looking back.

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2009-04-01 19:47:58
pretty good, but a piece of advice. when you put paragraphs, dont cut into the middle of a sentence and make a new paragraph. you should finish the sentence, then make a new paragraph.its kinda annoying when someone does something like this:

"When I did I heard a scream, and looked back to see her on the ground. I dropped the

branch and ran forward to help her up."

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2008-08-08 20:33:14
i liked this story and i agree with the other people, if you weren't thinking it you wouldn't be reading it. takes a sicko to know a sicko. this was a great read. keep up the good work!


2008-06-20 11:14:07
2 all those readers dat think the writer is some sick, demented bastard (no offence 2 the writer) remind yourself, YOU are the ones looking up stories 2 do with ''rape'' and ''murder'' so technically, YOU are the sick, demented bastard. Great story.


2008-06-20 10:44:24
I cummed 4 AGES !!! Great story.


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toi main lun ghussa apni

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