Bum Club - A family owned and operated business success story!

Welcome to BuM CLuB – where real men come to ride the open highway!

My names john, and id like to let you in on the little business my wife Jackie and I got going called Bum Club, you’ve obviously found this website through one of our many satisfied customers and know all the juicy details about our secret service, but if not, then ill give you a run down myself.

We started Bum Club 9 months ago when our family hit a financial down turn. Both my wife and I have always been into open sex for all and did not hesitate in sending our children out to earn some keep. It originally was intended for extended family and friends, but grew to be so popular we couldn’t turn our backs on the fistfuls of cash. If you have a problem with where this is leading, I suggest you close this page now.

What happens is quite straight forward, you come over to our ranch residence, hand over the cash and I take you in what I like to call the ‘Riding Room’. This is a small air conditioned room in the basement of our house which contains a toilet roll, a bottle of water and most importantly a young ass open in full doggy styled glory sticking thru the wall ready and waiting to be pummelled. Above this ass, you will see a pair of Harley Davidson handlebars (genuine originals might I add) for you to hold onto while our girls take you on the ride of your life. We turn the music on (songs are pre selected for you from our extensive rock n roll archive) and you get an entire song to bang away.

After the song has concluded, you must finish up and leave in order for the next customer to take his turn.

N.B This is purely anal, our girls pussys are taped up and are designated ‘no go zones’ We are watching your every move from a Closed circuit camera positioned on the roof above you and our girls ass. Any attempt to remove tape will result in what our extended community likes to call “donkey time” – and I suggest you don’t test us in order to find out what this is.

Girls body breakdown:

BETTY is 16 years old; she is a tall slim and milky white blonde with a tight butt and wrinkled brown asshole. It can accommodate cock up to 7 inches long. She been working with us from the start and currently serves around 15 clients a day. Her rates are 150 to lick her butt and cum over it, or 350 to root and cum in or outside it.


SYDNEY is 14 years old; she has a skinny petite and fake tanned frame. Her butt is tight, and contains a small pink asshole. She generally only accepts cock up to 6 inches, but will accept large applicants at a rate of 100dollars per extra inch. Sydney only currently serves around 6 clients a day due to her age. Her rates are 200 to lick and cum over her bum, or 500 to root and cum in or outside it.


LILLY is 12 years old, she has a small thin tanned body and a tight small hole encased in pert butt cheek.
Lilliy is on application only.


If you want more than one girl at one time, or group concessions, then you can make a separate application HERE

Our family looks forward to seeing you at Bum CluB!


I found out about bum club a few months ago thru a friend in West Virginia, he said he rode a 12 year olds butt good and hard in the knowledge he warnt gunna be done by the cops. I thought about this for the best half of a second and decided I would make the plane flight out to Johns ranch to join in on the action. I hummed and harred over which girl I wanted, they were all so beautiful - It also made it harder because you saw the photos fully clothed and you didn’t know which ass you were gunna prefer.. Anyway I chose Betty, because she was so damn fine and perfect I couldn’t find nothing wrong with her, - she had the blondest longest hair all the way down past her shoulders, and the slimmest hottest body. It also said that she had the most worked and open asshole and could take big cocks easily. I got a big cock myself, so I guess this was the best option.

I arrived at Johns ranch for a 2pm appointment, it was big – this guy was definitely making some cash! I knocked at the door and was greeted by his wife Jackie – wow she was really somethin, she had beautiful brown locks that ran past her shoulders and the sexiest little pink maid uniform on.. she was so tanned and so hot with a big pair of fake knockers I didn’t have time to hide my big nobbed woody in my pants. She looked at my pants and smiled and offered me to sit in the waiting room as another client was currently with Betty. She asked for the money and I gave her all 350 of it, she said if I wanted she could warm up my nob for an extra 50. I told her how much id love it but I didn’t know she offered this service and didn’t have the cash on me. She said it was a secret -something she did on the side and not to mention to her husband while she rubbed my cock thru my jeans.

She then walked out the door, swinging her curvy fat butt in that tight maid outfit from side to side, and as she walked out she turned her head and winked the darned sexiest little wink ever.

I looked around the room, it was very homely with its fire place, grand portraits on the wall, and lots of ornaments around, I saw pictures on the wall of the family and kids and began to get so excited about the fact I was going to pump a 16 year olds ass.. I darned couldn’t wait!

And before I knew it the door opened, and standing there was a vision of true beauty, a tall slim blonde with beautiful big blue eyes, a tiny white singlet showing off her small perky tits, and the tightest blue jeans, with long legs that wouldn’t stop.

“Im Betty, and today Grant - you will be riding my ass” she said in her sweet southern accent as she walked over slowly but surely and knelt down at my side.

She put her hand on my cock and rubbed it back and forth

“You seem like your more than ready big boy” she said with a sweet smile

She stood up and led me by her hand out the door thru a long corridor and down the stairs towards the basement. She still held my hand as we walked down them stairs. The lights were dimly lit, and I couldn’t stop myself looking at her tight ass sitting in those even tighter jeans.

She took me to a door, opened it and let me go in

“The show will begin in 1 minute” she said, kissed me on the cheek and closed the door.


John watched Grant thru the eye of the lens acquaint himself with the room, Grant took his pants down and started to tug at his cock waiting for Betty’s bottom to slide through the wall and into position, he stood still staring at the black hand crafted seat attached to the hole in the wall.

Suddenly, the lights went dark…

The heavy guitar intro to ‘Bad to the bone’ blasted in all its surround sound glory


A disco ball lowered and started spinning, reflecting the colours of the rainbow in clockwise rotation round the room, and perched in position was the most beautiful milky coloured tight little ass, spread out from behind in extreme doggy style - her pussy closed off with black masking tape, and her dark brown ringed asshole staring up at Grant in all it’s opened lubricated wet and wrinkled perfection!

Grant started caressing Betty’s ass to the rhythm of the music

“From the day I was born…… long ago” rung the famous words through the room

He grabbed and squeezed her ass checks; pushed and pulled at them - opening and closing her butt hole in the process. He circled his thumbs around the asshole and pushed them inside, the well worn-in wetness swallowing them with ease.

He put one finger, then two, and three up her brown banger sinking them in deep, finger fucking her back and fourth slowly, her anus stretching, contracting and quickly loosening itself to a gaping state reading for action.

John sat in his swivel chair watching the proceedings with his dick in hand. He enjoyed watching his little girls get banged by big-balled strangers. The way they would play and tongue with his daughters bottoms – the relief they got blowing their loads deep inside their anal cavities.

Grant knelt down and while wanking his terrifically sized cock shaft, licked all up the parts of Betty’s legs protruding from wall to her cheeks and down through the hairless crack to her whore hole and over the masking tape where her pussy was hidden. He juiced up his tongue with more spit and licked back up, digging it in a few inches and tasting all her female loveliness.

“Cause im bad to the bone….”

Grant stood up, slapped Betty’s bum a few times, took his all American rattle snake and stuck it slowly inside the 16 year olds backside

“ARRRRRRRR…. Yeeeeeeeeeeahhh”

It slid in rather easily, Betty’s sphincter sucking it inward deeper and deeper until there was nothing left. Grant grab hold of the handlebars and started to ride.

“Ba ba bababa bAAAADDD”

He quickly worked up speed on her asshole, his buttocks swinging in that high town country square dance manor

“Yeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww!” he yelled

"Come one come all!! BETTYS BUM IS IN FULL SWING!"

She was a real life blow up doll, no human emotions to have to worry about, just a young ass opened and ready for the taking – and boy was he taking it, her big butt hole engulfing every inch and then spitting it back out again, in 100% southern glory

“ba ba ba ba BAD” he sang along to the music, his hands firmly gripped to the shiny silver handlebars riding the kids butt hard and fast to the loud sound of guitars and mayhem.


I was riding her bum bum good, my cock slipped and slided in and out of the hole so darned well I couldn’t believe myself. This was the best darned sex I had in my life. I took my big bean out and wanked while I watched her gaping backside blow out squidgy strawberry fuck farts.

I got my dick really fucking close to cumming thinking about all this set up, the handle bars the music and this beautifully destroyed brown eye gawking up at me.. I thought about how beautiful she was and how darn lucky I is to screw such a good looker.


I worked my raging orgasm up and while I blew my load I shoved it up her crack all the way in.


My cum blew so deep in her backside it probably came out her mouth.


John watched grant shoot his load deep within his daughter butt. John was close to orgasm him self and kept jerking himself while Grant relieved his cock from Betty. The music finished up, and the lights came on, and as instructed Grant pulled up his jeans and walked out.

Seconds later John was in the Ridin Room still jerkin himself good, his girls ass still perched there, because as a general rule, after the last client of the day had emptied their load up his daughter John would take the honour of finishing up.

- JOHN -

God yeah, some of Grants cum was starting to leak out her open corker... Betty’s butt was so flingin juicy, I didn’t waste no time and put my big rod up her and rode it good and hard just the way she likes it, I got on those handle bars and fucked that butt as fast as I could

“YOU LOVE THAT DUNCHA BETTY MY BITCH” I ferociously shouted through the wall

I pounded her ass good.. pulled my cock out streaming my liquid all over her butt and rubbed the sticky white good stuff into her skin.

Hell yeah. I love my girls.

Welcome to Bum Club.

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