She'll make you cum...and cum...and cum again
My Job is to find girls that want to fuck on camera. And If they don't I offer them money to try and refuse a hard bulging cock in front of their face. You wouldn't believe how many girls will wrap their lips around a cock when it's right there in front of them.

I will never forget Ashley. She stood about 5'4" and was absolutely beautiful with a heart of gold! Beautiful!! Gorgeous!! Sexy! Oh My God Fucking Sexy!

I was at the subway looking for girls when I spotted Ashley waiting for her stop. She was a fucking knock out and she sat on the bench waiting. Her deep blue eyes were amazingly stunning and sexy. She had the softest perfect skin, that was so perfect she didn't need a touch of make up and she didn't wear any but the black eye shadow around her eyes that made her to kill for. She had solid brown hair that reached just past her shoulder's. It covered the sides of her face. She had perky juicy lips with a layer of lip gloss that made them shine.

As soon as I spotted her I knew that I had to try and get her involved. I could tell right form the distance that she wasn't going to be easy. After doing this so many times you can pick out the easy ones from the hard ones. But I always strive to succeed.

As I walked towards her with my camera man behind me I smiled and she had a serious look on her face and never cracked a smile. She just looked at me and wondered what the hell I was doing.

The closer I got to her the sexier she was. She wore a tight white blouse shirt with a leather jacket undone over top of it and you could see her large C cup lump breasts perfectly. She wore a black silk skirt that went to her knees. She had sexy beautiful legs. Not too skinny, but just perfect with a light skinned tan.

When I finally reached her I put out my hand for a shake and said, "Hi, I'm Dave," introducing myself.
She reached out with her small soft hand and shook mine looking up at me not saying a word. All I could think about at that moment feeling her hand how good it would feel stroking a bulding cock. The only thing was I knew that it wouldn't be mine and that dissapointed me.

"And your name?" I asked.
"Ashley," she answered in a soft tone sexy voice looking up at me with those piercing blue eyes endulged with black eye liner around them.
"Well, Ashley I wont waste any time and get right to the point. You're a beautiful young girl, by far one of the most beautiful that seen around here."
She finally smiled being a bit flattered, but still had no interest and was wondering what was going on.
"I know that you wouldn't want to apper on an adult rated film would you?"
"No!" She answered quick.
"Even if I were to pay you a nice dollar to?"
"Of course not," she answered. "Why would you even ask me that?"
"Because you're a beautiful and sexy woman and I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't."
"Well, no I don't want to appear on an adult show," she said.
"Ok then, what if I paid you to refuse to be on a show?"
"Why would you pay me not to be on a show?"
"Well, that is simple because you will have to refuse while sitting in front of a tempting man."
"Well, Dave I wish that I could accept your offer to refuse, but I am married and I can't do that."

When girls get to this point I usually start off with a smaller amount of money to bring them in, but I knew that Ashley wasn't going to be that easy and wouldn't go for a couple hundred bucks. I would give her whatever amount that she would settle for, because I wanted her in the studio really bad watching her suck on a hard cock and getting fucked hard.

"What if I gave you fifteen hundred dollars to refuse?"
she hesitated before she shook her head, no, thinking about the some of money. And then I knew that she either needed the money or wanted it.
"How about two thousand," I offered and before she could refuse I grabbed her by the chin while she looked up at me and finished, "And if you don't end up refusing I will give you an additional two thousand on top of that."

Ashley took longer before saying no again, but I knew I had her and she wanted the money. Finally she gave in at three thousand to refuse and an additioanal two thousand if she ended up not refusing. I told her the money would be nice, and she could pay off some debts and I knew she needed it.

I finally got her and I couldn't wait to get her to the studio. She was so fucking sexy I wanted to fuck her myself. I usually didn't get so rowled up due to the fact that I made a living for having sex and watching people fuck putting millions in my pocket. But Ashley...God danm it I wanted to see her get fucked hard. I wanted to fuck her myself.

On the way to the studio she told us how long that she had been with her husband, four years. And that he turned her on, she loved the sex with him so there was no way she was going to fall into the temptation of a guy she didn't know.

When we got to the studio I had her sit in a white leather sofa and told her to be patient while the camera crew got set up and I got one of my guys in the back to get ready to try and seduce her.

I told Ashley that if she refused it all that I wouldn't be mad and it was worth just having her there in the mean time because she was so sexy and beautiful.

She didn't joke around much and was so very serious about everything. She though that I was crazy for paying her this money to do this and that I was going to be dissapointed.

Finally everything was ready and I had Brad come out the side door near Ashley with his bulging 9" cock in his hand. Brad was a handsome sexy young man with an incredable build.

When Ashley seen him all she could think about is how she would suck his dick, but she couldn't. He was so hard and sexy and she wnated to suck it so bad. It turned her on, but she kept a very serious face and showed no interest.

He stood right in fornt of her with his hard cock in his hand and still she had no reaction.

Ashley had her elbows resting on her knees and her hands holding up her chin sitting in her palms evenly. Her eyes stared at his hard cock and then up at into his sexy eyes.

She was starting to get really wet. She wanted to lick his hard shaft and make it wet so bad, but still she remained not to do it.

When she looked at his cock Brad knew that she wanted to do it, he could see it in her eyes. And the closer he got to her with his hard cock in her face she never moved to try and get away from his swollen penis. She jsut looked at his cock and then up at him and back down at his hard cock.

Brad took one final step and put his hard bulging dick on Ashley's soft skinned cheek. He rubbed his hard soft skinned head on her skin and his penis started to pulse with throbs. She was so sexy and the touch of her skin on his cock was amazing. He made his way to her hot sexy lips. He swiped it across them slowly with the pressure pushing on them.

Ashley was having a silent inside orgasm as she was wetting all over inside her wet pussy. She couldn't hold it anymore, her mouth was watering as she looked at his hard cock on her lips and then looking up at Brad into his eyes that were saying, 'Suck my dick baby.'

The warmth of his hard cock running through her lips did it. She looked back down at his hard cock and then back up at him and her eyes had completely changed. He knew that he had her. Her eyes were filled with hot lust and she couldn't control it. Brad now knew that he was going to fuck her hard.

Ashley's lips twitched and she instantly gave the top of his hard soft head a wet passionate kiss and still looked up at him now with her eyes saying, 'Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.'

She grabbed his long thick hard cock in her hand and now took over. She pulled up with her hand and put his big head in her wet mouth, pushiing just behind her teeth and soaked it with her soaking wet mouth full of spit with her hot juicy red tounge. His dick was really tight in her mouth and she loved it. She knew that he was going to make her scream for real and she couldn't wait.

Ashley got up on her knees on the sofa and he undid her blouse removing it from her body. And then removed her white bra letting her gorgeous breasts hang free. He grabbed his cock again and put it to her hard nippled sexy tits and rubbed her nipple with it. And Ashley just loved getting tit fucked by a hard cock. And this was a dick that she wanted really bad. More than she ever wanted before. She once again took control of his penis and rubbed her npples herself with his hard dick and stared at it with the sexiest eyes ever. Then she closed her eyes and set her head back while she rubbed her aching hard nipples with passion as she moaned in joy.

All she could think about is how she wished that her husband had a beautiful penis like this and she wouldn't have to do it. She loved the sight and taste of it, she just couldn't help it. And she had cum silently already and was soaking wet, she couldn't believe how wet she was as she could feel her juices from her underwear on her outer thighs already.

She looked back down at his cock and smiled. "Mmmmmm," she moaned and smiled on her way back down sucking and soaking his dick once again. She stroked his cock at the bottom up and down as she sucked his cock wet and wetter taking more in with each gulp in her mouth. When his thick head reached the back of her virgine throat she stopped and slowly eased his pulsing cock down her throat almost gaging, but not stoping taking more and more. She jsut couldn't get enough.

"Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, awww yeah, you're fucking amazing," Brad told her as she put his cock deep inside her throat.

Ashley came up for a breath, but slowly on his cock ending at his head with a big wet kiss closing her lips on the tip of his head. His cock was loaded inspit as her mouth was and she looked up at him and smiled as she stroked his hard wet cock at the head wettened in spit.

"Oh yeah," Brad moaned.

Ashley looked back down at his cock as she stroked it and loved the sight of it. She just stared at it with her mouth open and her teeth clentched together aggressivly as she stroked his hard dick in front of her eyes. She rubbed her soaking wet pussy from under her skirt and moaned almost cumming again as she rubbed herself, stroked his cock and stared at it.

"OOhhhhhhhh, eeeemmmmmmmmmm.....ahhhhhhhhh," she moaned and stroked his cock harder and faster. Rubbing her soakened pussy at the same speed. Sticking her hands down her panties felt as if she had stuck her hand in a big jar of warm gel.

Finally she went back down on his hard cock sucking yet once again, and then licking up and down his enormously long shaft and then stopping at his sack licking and sucking it all over and looking all the way back up his shaft. She licked back up his cock with her wet jusicy tounge and stopped at his head again forming a kiss and sucking his head. She licked and kissed it while she looked up into his eyes with her hot sexy lusting eyes begging to get fucked.

"Do you want to get fucked by that?" Brad asked her.
"Oh yeah," she answered quick with a giggle smiling and as she licked his wet head.
"Do you?" He asked again.
"Yeah, fuck me baby," Ashley answered and let herself free laying in the corner of the couch with a huge smile.

Brad got on his knees and kissed her for the first time. She was the most natural beautiful and sexy girl that he had ever seen. They kissed passionately as he rubbed her breasts and she jsut couldn't keep her hand off his hard aching penis.

Brad bent her back in his arms as he sucked and licked on her hard brown nipples. Her breasts were so sexy and firm. They just sat there waiting to get sucked. She put her hands through his hair and pushed him into her breasts as she moaned with excitement. Her pussy was touching his stomach as he did sucked om her breasts, he could feel how soaked she was. Soaked wasn't the word, she was running an ocean of pussy juice. He let her fall back after feeling it and dropped down to her burning pussy. She opened her legs for him immediately and her white underwear were now see through, through the silk. He licked her wet pussy from the outside and rubbed his tounge close to her clit. She grabbed his head and moaned with huge smiles.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....Awww....yeah," she moaned and then looked down at his tounge.

Brad removed her underwear leaving her only in her skirt and her pussy was fucking gorgeous. Smooth and clean and soaking wet. Her lips stuck out and her clit waited to be sucked. She was soaking wet everywhere around her pussy and the inner sides of her thighs. He went down and slowly tounged her clit as his two fingers made it to her soaking waith hole. As soon as he touched her they slipped right in.

"Oh My God," she gasped in amazment. She was so horny and hadn't felt anything like this as she started to wet all over again all over his fingers. He started lickeng her clit, but she couldn't take it anymore and just wanted to get fucked. She pulled him up and said, "Oh My God Fuck me."

Brad didn't argue with the hot nineteen year old as she opened her pussy for him.

"You want to get fucked bad don't you baby?" Brad said grabing his cock and slowly dropping it down to her waiting pussy.
"OOOOOhhhhhhh yeah, fuck me, stick your dick in me," she begged with her crazing face of lust.

He slid his fat head up between her lips a couple of times wetting his cock with her juisce and then slowly entered his fat head into her tight tight pussy. He absolutely loved the feeling of her pussy and so did she as he stretched her open.

As soon as Brad entered her she gasped and smiled with her top teeth biting down on her bottom lips.

"OOhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned out loud as he was only working his head into her. The more soaking wet that she got as he slowly moved into her and the deeper he went into her pussy allowing his cock to fuck her. Tthe more steady it was the more Ashley begged for him to fuck her.

"OOOOHHHHHHH, oooohhhhh, yeah, mmmmmm, oohhh, yeah, aaawwww fuck me," she begged as she gasped with every breath and tried to look further down as his cock fucked her. "OOOhhhh My God, fuck yeah, mmmmm fuck me."
"You like this don't you baby?" Brad asked pushing his cock into her at a steady pace. Only going about half way.
"OOhhhh yeah, your dick id so fucking hard and big," she said and he thruseted a bit more of his cock into her and she canted her head back, "Mmmmm....Ohhhh yeah aahhhhhh fuck me."

Brad grabbed her sexy breast and used them to push her back and forth on his cock.

"Oh my God your dick is so hard," she said and looked up at him riding his cock with pleasure.
"You make it hard with this tight pussy of yours."
"Ohhhh mmmmmm fuck me."
"Ohhh fuck baby I am going to come all over you," Brad told her.
"OOOhhhhh yeah mmmmm fuck me."
"I am going to fuck you right now," he said.

Brad made her lay length ways on the sofa as he crawled on top of her and entered his cock into her and was about to really fuck her. She was so fucking wet and the sofa was soaked where she had just been positioned for him.

He got back on top of her and pushed his cock into her and then started thrusting deep and hard going faster and faster with each stroke but starting off slow.

"MMMmmmmmmmm, oooohhhhh, fuck me yeah mmmmm fuck me," she begged more as his cock went deep into her tight now stretching more loose pussy. She closed her eyes as she begged him to fuck her.

Brad started faster now entering 3/4 of the way in her and then out and in again.

"EEEmmmmmmmmm oh my god fuck yeah, mmmmmmm fuck me mmmmmmm ohhhhh yeah, mmmmmmm fuck me, yes , yes yes, yes ooooohhhhhh."

Now he was poounding her hard and fast thrusting his whole cock in and out of her as she screamed and bounced back and forth while he fucked her.

"ooooohhhhhhh, oooooohhhhh, ooooohhhh, fuck ahhhhhaahhhhh, aahhhhh, ooooohhhhhh, yeah mmmmmm yeah oh fuck me Brad aawww oh my god fuck my lonely pussy. oooohhhh, ooooohhhh my god, oh my god ahhhhh oh god," Ashley continued to scream.

I had my cock out jerking it at this point. Oh my god this girl was amazing.

"Oh fuck yeah," Brad roared and pulled his cock out of her pussy and squirted his cum all over her.
"MMmmmmm," she moaned and smiled as she rubbed his spirm all over her breasts.

Brad crawled on top of her and rubbed his spirm into her breasts with his cock that finally blew his load on the hottest origional girl that he had ever fucked. And then he put it in her mouth as she licked it and looked up at him sexy.

I walked over to the edge of the couch by her head stroking my eight inch cock above her. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Tahnks Dave," she smiled rubbing her breast.
"No, thank you Ashley."
"Do you want me to suck you cock?" She asked.
"I'd love that," I answered.
Brad took off behind the camera crew and Ashley got up sitting on the couch and took control of my penis.

"AAAwww fuck yeah, I knew you would be worth the money Ashley," I said as she sucked my cock.
She looked up at me and smiled while she sucked my cock and rubbed her pussy maoning.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as she swallowed my cock deep and hard. Finally she stopped and looked up at me as she stroked my wet hard cock hard and fast.
"Oohhh fuck yeah," I said as I started to cum.

Ashley stuck out her tounge and caught my squirting cum that landed in her mouth and some on her face and breast.

After I slowly started to go limp she sucked my dick and licked it with those amaing sexy fucking eyes piercing once again from the eye shadow and rubbed my cum into her breasts.

When her mouth let go of my cock she looked up at me and smiled saying, "Mmmm, I hope you invite me to your place sometime she said innocently and dead sexy."

"I'm glad that you said that, I don't think that you have to worry about that, I want you to be all mine."
"I'm all yours," she said and took my cock in her mouth again for one last suck.

God fuck she was amazing that day!!!!!!!! I will never forget Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!

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trust me if she was married for 4 years she would think twice cheating. in reality if she did cheat, thats truly pathetic.


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2/10...paybacks are hell, you lame dick punk


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nice story 10/10


2006-03-01 02:21:46
lol...thank you archaic for a better understanding of your comment...all my advise is to you is think before you comment and maybe think of yourself...what does that mean? I'm sure we all know...thank you for the elaboration, greatly appreciated!! And also thank you 'Reader' for your support and agreement!
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No 'reader', I only comment stories I think can be improved. I dont leave posts for crap. This was not crap. it was just not as well crafted as it should have been. ee, you miss the point. if you are going to take the time to sit down and write a story, then post it here for the world to comment on; you should expect comments. I admit I have sharp teeth sometimes, but thats what it takes to get noticed, so be it. People remember the details, sometimes far more then the story. Those details need to be tight. Just because it is a story 'about' porn does not mean it has to sound like porn. Its a good premise, its original, make it as good as it can be. I am a lot of things, a dumb ass is not one of them. Keep writing, get better, get great, prove me wrong, I'll be the first to prais

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