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One day my friend Steve invited me to what he called "a huge drunken party with hot, drunk girl everywhere." Immediately I felt the urge to accept his invitation without of course like a natural male, I did. About half an hour later steve picked me up in his old 1987 oldsmobile and we were on our way. When we arrived at the "huge" party i became gravely disappointed. As we walked across the threshold of the house we saw two girls drinking Smirnoff on the couch.

"Some huge party," I exclaimed.

"Shut up Jason, everyone's jsut showing up late," said Steve

A moment later I recognized the first girl to be one of my old friends from high school, Joanne. Joanne was 5'3 with an athletic figure and nice curves. The girl sipping Smirnoff with her I didn't recognize. She was about 5'5 blonde hair, beautiful green eyes and an ass I will never forget. I later learned that her name was Samantha. Well Steve and I walked in, grabbed a couple beers, sat down and started sippin' and talkin' to the two girls.

Joanne inquired about the "huge party" and Steve said that he thought it was at this address. After a short moment Joanne remembered that only a week before she was totally trashed in the house with a bunch of other kids. What a surprise, Steve the all-knowing dumbass got the dateds mixed up and we were stuck at a lame four person "party."

After a few mintues of chatting with the other three I excused myself for a trip to the bathroom. I walked up the stairs and down the hall to find the bathroom. I closed the door and was about to whip out my dick when i heard someone coming up the stairs. Figuring it was Joanne headed to her room I ignored it. Then all of a sudden the bathroom door swung open and I was startled. I came to realize that it wasn't Joanne, but actually Samantha.

We both sat there in complete awe until Samantha said, "Wow!"

From that moment I knew we both had a connection. Samantha quickly hurried out in embarrassment and I took my piss and went downstairs. Just as i got to the last step i Heard Samantha say "I'm outta here, this party is lame." She gave me a glance as if to follow her and once again, being a regular male, I didn't hesitate and we hoped into her car.

As we drove down the winding road I learned that Samantha's parents were in Lake Placid for her little bother's hockey tournament. I had a feeling we had the same thoguth on our minds. After a bit of akward silence between the two of us Samantha apologized and said, "I'm sorry for wlaking in on you, I had no idea that you were in there, I hope i can make it up to you when we get home." This is where i started try and remember if I brought condoms with me and after checking my wallet found none.

The car stopped in front of a decent size house with all the lights off and Samantha said, "Well here we are, my house. My plain old boring house." Immediately I said in return, "Let's see if we can change that a bit and make things a little more exciting." As soon as we walked in Samantha headed up to change while I waited in the living room.

Immediately I thought of how amazing it would be to bang the shit out of that hot blonde. Imagining to myself seeing those perky C-cup breasts bounce as I drove my hard cock into her. Soon enough I felt my dick jump up and start to harden and thats when i heard out of nowhere,

"Hey! Jason get up here and help me out, my door is stuck!"

I rushed up to see what the problem was and as i turned to the left i looked through a wide open door. I sowly walked up to it and saw Samantha with nothin but her panties on looking at herself in the mirror. I could see her flawless skinned tan back with nothing covering a square inch of it. I smoothly asked

"So, what seems to be the problem here?"

Samantha turned with her hands covering her tits and exclaimed, "Well I feel awfully bad about walking in on you, so i figured I'd let you do the same." In return I said, "Well you didn't need to over do it like this." But then my dick jumped again and i thought "I yes she does."

Within a matter of seconds we were face to face inches apart staring into each others eyes. Then suddenly our lips met in a passionate and deep kiss. I almost lost it righ there. This petite blonde was almost naked right in front of me and now it felt like she wanted to ride me like a horse! Before I knew it she had the belt buckle of my pants open and she was reaching around for my now stiff cock. She pushed me onto her bed and grabbed hold of my dick. She carressed it moving her hands up and down in a perfect motion along my shaft. After about 30 seconds of that she took her breasts and put them around my dick and used the same motion. I moaned in a low pitched voice and was just about to lose it all but she had sensed it was coming and wrapped her mouth around my cock right before i was about to explode.

Within a second of this feeling my dick burst and i spurted ounce after hot sticky ounce of my cum straight into her motuh. Surprisingly she got every bit of it down in one gulp. I looked down towards her and she gave me one those looks where she wants to keep going, but you want to return the favor. Within seconds i had her flipped over and my mouth was carressing her rock hard nipples. She let out soft moans every few seconds and I could see a wet spot forming in her panties. I grabbed hold of her nipple and slid my hand down right under her panty line and she gasped.

I thought she was going to lose it right there but instead she started grinding up against my her and moved with wicked force. After maybe 15 seconds of this erotic motion she was screaming and panting ready to explode, and then it happened. She came so hard I thought she would pass out right there on her own bed soaked in her on cum. I removed her panties as fast as i could and started licking all around her pussy in hope of getting all her sweet juices in my mouth. After a minute or so I was finished and we both smiled at each other. Then she asked if I wanted to go "all the way with her." When she said this she seemed almsot hesitant and i asked if she had had sex before. She responded with a shy "No." She asked me if I had any rubbers and I explained that i didn't bring them. To my surprise she didn't much care at all.

Samantha sat there on her bed fingering herself, watching me and waiting for me. Immediately i grabbed her in my arms and gave her a deep long and passionate kiss. From that moment on we knew what we both wanted. I put her down and spread her legs. I slipped the head of my cock up and down her slit as she softly moaned and I started to work it into her tight little pussy. I pushed it in and out little by little and i noticed a tear in her eyes. Immediately I asked if she wanted me to stop. But she persisted and wanted me to continue. It took me about 3 minutes but i finally worked my cock all the way into her and her tears supressed.

She got up onto her elbows and exclaimed "Wow, Jason, we're fucking...O it feels so good!!"

Then i started pumping in and out of her as she watched and moaned

"O god damnit that is amazing!!! Keep going OOOO MY GOD!!! FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER DAMNIT!!!"

I pounded and pounded her and she continued screaming

Then she let out a lud scream of pain and pleasure at the same time.

Just then we both came as hard as two eighteen-wheelers hitting head on. We both sat as I continued pumping into her slowly but surely as we both released our fluids. Once we finished we both sat there, my cock still inside of her. Samantha looked up at me as if she were fading away from the world and just said,



2009-09-14 04:04:29
o-O You're all retarded, i HAVE let a guy i hardly knew fuck me and cum inside me.

Thats how i lost my virginity, my friend told me about him, said he had a huge cock, said he was gonna be at this place we all hang out.

but we had never actually met till that day.

I was tired of being a goody-two shoes.

and weve been together for ten month since!

so HA!

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2009-07-07 04:20:59
This was stupid, no virgin would take a guy who she hardly knew home 2 fuck, and no smart girl would let sum guy cum in her, specially a virgin.

If ur gna lie, write better ones. Oh and the grammar, kinda sucks, that's what could make a good sex story bad.


2007-05-31 16:30:55
Why is this liste as a true story? I don't believe a virgin girl would take a total stranger home to fuck just because she say him tak a piss.


2006-06-23 12:46:10
The frist and the second guy is really dum because a virgin will let you nut inside them and virgins will fuck a random guy. Just not you two player haters


2006-02-24 17:31:14
virgin girls dont let u cum inside...nice bluff

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