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Act 1

Little Ione woke up in her bed as the noise from the TV downstairs blared the sounds of a action movie throughout the house. Her face twisted into a frown at the uncaring of her older brother, she sat up and threw the blankets off. Getting out of bed, she opened her door and stumbled still half asleep to the stairs and slowly went down, stair after stair, when a girls giggle invaded her thoughtless state and brought her fully awake. Her brother, Craig, had brought a girl over while he was supposed to be babysitting Ione and and her twin Claire. Creeping down the stairs now, Ione was just imagineing all the blackmail she would hold over her 17 year old brother. Reaching the end of the stairs, Ione poked her head slowly around the corner so she could see into the living room.
Craig was on the big couch, lying on top of his girlfriend Anna, one hand underneath her neck as his other caressed her face and neck, as he kissed her deeply. Ione had just started to be attracted to boys, so instead of jumping out and giving Craig shit, she stayed behind the wall and watched. Wanting to see what boys and girls did, those things you heard about from friends that your parents would never tell you. So she stood there, eyes barely around the corner as her brothers arm slid down Anna's neck to her left breast, pushing and squeezing it through her shirt. Anna groaned into his mouth and raised her body off the couch, pushing at his while her hands slid down his back and grabbed his ass. Moaning, the two teenagers wetly kissed as Craig started a slow rocking motion with his hips, grinding his pelvis into hers. Lifting his head, Craig looked down into Anna's eyes, and lowering his hand, he began to pull her shirt up, first uncovering her flat stomach then her lacy white bra before it he pushed it up over the mounds of her breasts when, Anna raised her arms over her head, he pulled it completely off and threw it onto the floor. Giving Anna a quick kiss he knelt up over her body and pulled his own shirt over his head and tossed it as Anna reached out and lightly scratched his toned form with her nails. Looking down, Craig softly carressed her just above her jeans and slowly moved his way upwards until his fingers were sliding over lace. Gently he undid the front clasp of her bra and peeled it off of her breasts so that the milky white globes fell free, erect nipple straining up into the air. Drawing circles aroung the areolas, he lowered his mouth to one nipple and gently sucked on it, scrapeing it with his teeth as his fingers twisted and pulled at the other. Anna arched her whole body, offering him more as one hand pulled his head harder against her and her other hand crept between their bodies and undoing his belt and top of his jeans, she grasped his hot rod and began pulling on his erection. Craig, in response, licked, bit and sucked on her breasts with wild abandon.
Ione had moved almost completely around the corner, to see better, her stomach feeling a new heat as she watched her brother and Anna make out. So when Craig suddenly sat back up and pulled Anna's hand from his pants, she quickly ducked back behind the wall.
Craig thought he had seen a shadow move at the edges of his vision, but the half naked teenager beneath his legs quickly brought thoughts back to more promising things. Bending down, he kissed Anna deeply and lying on top of her again, he quickly rolled over so she lay upon him. His hands removed her bra off her shoulders and onto the floor and then drifted down to her tight ass, grapping and pulling on her bottom. Ione poked her head back around the corner as Anna broke the kiss and moved down his body kissing and sucking his skin. Her tongue flicking his erect nipples as her nails scraped his abs. Kneeling between Craigs legs, Anna quickly undid the rest of his jeans and pulled them off to add to the growing pile on the floor. Looking down she gazed at his cock, straining against his boxers. She lightly traced his length with the tips of her fingers before grapping the waistband and slowly drawing the boxers down. First his rosy red helmut popped out followed by the length of his cock until she could see his scrotum pulled tight amid a patch of hair. She pulled his boxers off and bent down, her tongue sliding along his length a few times while her fingers tickled his balls and edged towards his ass. Craig just watched as she popped the tip of his dick into her mouth and started sucking on his dick as one hand juggled his balls and the other rubbed up and down, slowly beating him off into her mouth.Closing his eyes, Craig groaned and turned his head to the side while his hands brushed at Anna's hair and shoulders. While Anna started to suck down his entire cock into her mouth, picking up the tempo, Craigs hips started pumping, his hands forcing her farther down while pushing himself deeper into her slurping mouth. Opening his eyes, Craig looked right at his sister Ione, standing by the stairs, her gaze locked onto Anna engulfing his rock hardness, her breasts and hair swaying and bobbing up and down as her hands gripped into his theighs up get more leverage. Looking back down, a secret smile on his face, Craig pulled Anna from his cock, and moving swiftly he sat up, threw her onto where he was just lying and quickly pulling her pants and white lacy underwear off, he literally dove his face into her hairy muff and began to lick and suck on her clit, as his three fingers popped into her wet pussy and stimulated her from the inside. While eating Anna's tasty pussy, Craig raised his eyes and watched as Ione, gazed open mouthed at her brother, her hands slowly rubbing her groin then picking up speed, to keep in time with Anna's frequent thrusts as Craig devoured her skillfully.
Ione couldn't help but notice Craig watching her, but she was too entralled by Anna's wild gyrations, breathless swearing and sweat soaked body pushing at her brothers face while her hands pulled his head tighter against her until finally Anna froze. Her body stratched taunt, breasts and hard nipples pointed at the ceiling, Anna bit her lip and groaned as her hips convulsed in tiny spasms, her creamy fluid gushing out of her pussy into Craigs face. Drained, Anna slumped, exhaused onto the couch. Craig, dientangling himself from between her legs, crawled forward until he knelt between her theighs, her legs on either side of him. Gripping his cock in one hand, the other spreading Anna's legs further apart so her pussy was wide open, Craig looked up at Ione, and watching his sister, he slid himself slowly into Anna's tight hole until his balls were squeezed against her ass. And still keeping his eyes on Ione, he began to pump his hips, driving himself into her wet heat. Picking up speed, Craig leaned forward and bracing one hand by Anna's head, he slid the other hand under her back and pulled her ass up. Anna began rocking her hips in tempo with Craigs steady pistoning. Ione, meanwhile, was also keeping pace. Her fingers, with a will of their own, were rubbing the front of her pajamas while her eyes devored the sight of her brothers glistening cock sliding in and out of the hairy pussy, their bodies moving together, Anna's sweaty breasts bounceing and then she finally met Craigs eyes. And Ione watched as her brothers face twisted, his hips shuddered and he pulled out of Anna, grabbing his dick again, as thick semen spurted out and landed on Anna's stomach and tits. Craig his eyes still loicked on Ione, watched as his sister took a hesitant step into the room, her mouth open and tongue sticking out, before she arruptly turned around and ran up the stairs.A wet stain spreading across the fornt of her PJs.

Act 2

The next night, after a whole day avoiding her brother in every way possible, Ione crawled into her bed just after her parents went out again and lay there awake. Tonight she was wearing the same pjs as last night and she thought she still could feel the wet spot on her front. Just lying in bed, she remembered the feeling of her first orgasm with a heavy beating heart, and just as she started playing with herself, Claire, Ione's twin sister, came in. Jumping into her own bed, Claire told Ione how Craig was acting all weird and had even phoned his girlfriend and told her not to come over. Then in a summary judgement that older brothers were idiots and that no-one could understand men, she turned over and fell asleep. Waiting for a half hour, Ione just lay there, making sure that Claire was truely asleep before she began to again imagine her brother's cock. Slowly rubbing her pussy through her PJs she day dreamed about having someone make love to her and eat her out the way Craig had done for Anna. Then hesitantly she slid her fingers beneath her pajamas and felt her hairyless pussy sexually for the first time. Lightly rubbing her lips she pushed them apart, and toyed with her clit. Then travelling farther, her fingers brushed against her hole, and Ione slowly pushed her index finger in, up to the end of her fingernail. pulling out slightly, she pushed her finger back in a tiny bit deeper. Groaning, she pushed her other hand under the sheets and pushed her PJ bottoms down around her spread knees. Then, still pumping her finger in and out of her pussy, she used her other hand to rub more vigorously at her clit. Groaning louder, Ione was shocked when Claire sat up and looked over at her. Pulling her finger out with a wet slurp, Ione looked over as her twin asked what she was doing. Sitting up, her PJs still around her knees, red faced Ione promised her to never tell and told Claire what she had seen last night and what she was doing just seconds ago. Claire was amazed and asked Ione what it felt like. After sharing how wonderfull it felt, Ione was shocked again when her twin asked if she could show her. Claire, as equally embarassed as Ione, slid out of bed and joined Ione in her bed. Ione then slowly pushed the blanket to the end of the bed, then laying down she pushed her pants of the rest of the way and bared her pussy to her sisters eyes. Spreading her legs she slid her fingers along her lips and pushed one finger back into her wet pussy. Going back into her fantasy, she rubbed her clit with renewed haste as her finger pushed in deeper. Feeling the bed shake slightly, Ione opened her eyes and turned her head and watched as Claire removed her PJs. Lying down naked, Claire watched Ione masterbate before slowly pushing her own fingers between her legs and began toying with her clit. Watching her sister finger herself, made Ione rub herself harder and she began panting as a feeling of joy flowed throughout her body. Spreading her legs wider, Ione pushed her middle finger into her pussy, joining it with the other till she had two fingers pumping into her. Rubbing faster and faster it was not even a minute before her body could take no more and she shuddered her way into her second orgasm ever. Letting her fingers stay inside her, Ione rolled to her side, and watched as Claire slowly fingered herself. Looking at her sisters body, the same yet so different from her own, she pulled her fingers free and reaching over, traced one wet finger across her twins nipple. Claire gasped, turned her head until the girl's foreheads touched and gasped again as her sister traced her chest and flicked the other nipple. Rubbing herself faster, Claire stuck her tongue out and touched it to Ione's lips. Hesitant, Ione opened her mouth and licked her sister back before moving forward and, bringing her hand to the back of Claire's head, began to kiss her sister ardently. Swinging one leg over Claire's spread leg, Ione pushed her damp pussy against Claire's shaking theigh. Breaking the kiss, Ione looked deep into her twin sisters eyes, and with a shared private exchange, slid her body down. Her pussy leaving a wet trail down Claire's leg. One hand entangled in her sisters hair, the other quested down Claire's body until it slip between her legs and pushing her own out of the way, Ione slipt two fingers into her sisters wet fuck hole, and began to pump them in and out. Bending her head, Ione traced Claire's body with her tongue, until she could suck and bite on her erect nipples, while grinding her own pussy against the athletic hardness of Claire's leg.
Heaving herself against her sister, Claire felt Ione's fingers delve into her,deeper and deeper, and panting she looked down as her sister sucked on her nipples. Senseing her gaze Ione looked up and and locked eyes with her twin. Their hips moving together, the twins ground against each others body parts, bringing them towards newly found feelings. Ione, as felt herself about to come again and her fingers got even wetter as Claire's love juice began to flow, pulled forward and drove her tongue into Claire's mouth and began kissing wetly. Claire, now able to reach down, pushed her fingers into Ione's pussy and started pushing her fingers deep into the unfulled hole. Breaking the kiss the two girls looked down at their pussies being pummeled by the other girls fingers. Ione strained her head back and groaned hard as she rocked until almost simutaniously the twins shuddered into a joined orgasm.

Act 3
The weeks that followed were full of new experiences for Ione, with her sister they tried everything that could come to their vivid imaginations. From eating each others pussies to grinding wet pelvis' to fingering each others asses to finally using household toys in every orafice they would fit, the two girls did it all. But Ione still wanted to do more. She wanted a hot hard cock pumping into her pussy, she wanted to suck a mans rigid tool and finally she wanted to taste a mans thick white fluid gushing down her throat. For the previous nights, while her twin pumped a candle in her pussy, Ione dreamed it was her brothers cock. So she made a plan to suduce Craig.
Coming home from school early one day, she heard the TV on in the living room. Creeping to the entrance, she stopped. She couldn't believe it. Craig was watching a porno. Her heart beating faster, her dreams coming to life, she quickly pulled off her school blazer and unbuttoning half her top, she stepped around the corner and voiced that her pussy would be better than his hand. Then her eyes registered the shocked look on his face, his hand in midstroke on his long thick cock, and it was her dad! Undeteried, Ione stepped forward and quickly stood between her father's legs. Kneeling down, she gently removed his hands from where they had froze and looking deep into his eyes, she grasped his softening penis in both hands and began to stroke him back to stiffness. Feeling her dad get hard again under her careful manipulations, she broke eye contact, leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. Hearing his gasp, she licked again, smelling the huskness of his sex. Bending over more, she smelt her way down his cock till she felt his ball hair brush her lips. Hesitantly, she licked his sack and tasting his saltyness, feeling his balls move under the gentle strocking of her tongue, she opened her mouth and slurping one ball into her mouth, she sucked on it like a candy. Feeling her dad's tense body relax, his hands brushing her hair softly, Ione stopped her stroking him and began to lick his nine inch cock from base to tip, covering him completly in her saliva. Once it was totally lubed, Ione brought her hand again to his cock and began a slow up and down stroke that left the top of his hardo-on free. Meeting her father's eyes once more, she licked again at his tip and, popping him into her mouth, she started to bob her head onto his manhood. Sucking and twirling her tongue around his helmut, Ione took her father deeper into her mouth, bobbing her head in time as her hand pumped him harder and faster. Watching as his head rolled back, Ione felt her dads hands force her head deeper onto his cock as his hips began thrusting his cock into her mouth. Gagging slightly, Ione took as much of the thick rod as possible, her nose flaring with deep breaths, loving the feeling of his cock pushing past her lips, boucing hard off the back of her throat. Sucking as hard as she could, Ione felt a pulse under her hand and pulling her face away from his cock as her mouth got a shot of fluid , Ione continued pumping her hand and watched as his cock spurted thick white fluid into the air. His semen landing on his stomach and legs, some on her face, she bent forward and licked him clean, sucking on his softening penis, making sure she got all of her fathers juices.
Kneeling back upright, Ione relocked eyes with her father and slowly traced a finger across her face, gathering all his semen she parted her lips and sucked her finger clean. She then began to unbutton the rest of her shirt, pulling it off, she removed her traing bra. Once Ione was topless, she placed her hands on his legs and pulled his pants and underwear down to ankles where her dad lifted his feet so they could join her clothes on the floor. Using his knees to stand up, Ione looked down at her dad, the man who would never tuck her to bed in the same way again, and slowly pulled her white panties down from under her school skirt, feeling the wet spot that had formed without her even being touch. Reaching behind her, Ione undid the clasp for her skirt and tentativly pulled it from her body till she stood completely naked in front of her father. Then stepping forward she straddled his waist, her damp pussy sitting upon his soft cock. Gently placing his hands on her smooth white theighs, she drew her hands up her legs until they met at her pussy. Gently stroking her clit with one hand, Ione used her other hand to spread her puffing lips and stuck a finger deep into her pussy. Slowly thrusting her hips, Ione leaned so far back her dad had to reach around and supporte her with one hand while his other hand strocked her soft firm skin from knee to ass. Breaking her gaze, Ione's dad watched as she rubbed her clit and shoveled fingers into her pussy. Feeling his cock slowly begin growing again, Ione pushed herself harder down on him, grinding herself into his lap. Once his cock was back to full stiffness, Ione pulled her fingers free with a wet pop and slid her pussy up and down his hardness, coating with her fuck juices. Stopping her frantic clit rubbing, Ione reached her hand out to grasp the back of his for added leverage and stuck her wet fingers into his mouth. Letting her dad suck his daughters fingers, tasting her virgin pussy flavor, giving him a taste of what was to come. Once her fingers were clean, Ione wrapped both hands around his head and leaned forward till their faces were inches apart and sucking on her lip, she ground herself into his lap, his hands squeezing and pulling on her tight ass. She then watched as he leaned forward and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Frenching her father while she thrust into his lap electified her and she quickly shuddered into an orgasm. Leaning back she met his eyes and with a silent yes, he picked her up and lay her onto the couch. Bracing himself a foot above her, Ione's dad traced her face with his hand, drawing down her neck, tracing across her chest and nipples, picking at her belly button until he finally flickered with her clit for a few minutes before pushing two fingers into her wet hole, feeling around inside her, his thumb rubbed softly on her button. Pulling his fingers free of her hot tight embrace, he spread Ione's legs wider and grabbing his cock, her dad pushed slowly at her hole. Groaning, Ione reached down and helped him push his cock deeper into her pussy until his balls slapped gently against her ass. Pulling out a bit Ione's father pushed back in, her lips tight around his cock. Slowly he began to pick up speed, pumping himself deeper, if possible, into her pussy, while Ione thrust her hips against him, loving the feeling of his long thick cock sliding into her. Thrusting in motion with his steady pumping, Ione reached down and pulled on his ball sack with one hand while the other rubbed ferociously on her clit. Ione watched his amazed face looked down where they were joined, father and daughter. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Ione felt her father begin to thrust into her urgently when suddenly he pulled himself free, his cock springing free with a wet slurt. Giving him an upset look, she nodded in answer to his unspoken question. Ione stood up and took her fathers hand. Leading him to the side of the couch, she lent over the armrest and braced herself on the pillows, her ass wiggleing in the air. Spreading her legs, she looked over her shoulder at her dad and smiled. She watched as he gazed on her, her white ass sticking up and pussy juice trailing down her legs. Dropping to his knees, Ione's dad licked up the juices flowing down her legs before shoving his face into her pussy. Slurping at her pussy, she felt his tongue quest inside her between sucking her pussy lips into his mouth. Standing up, he brought his cock back to her pussy and with one thrust, pushed his entire length inside her. Banging away with ardour, his hands gripped her ass as her head bounced on the cushins. Ione breathed faster and faster as her dad fucked her hard and fast. Rolling Ione over, her dad wrapped both her legs around his head and continued to pummel her pussy, Bracing her hands behind her, Ione fucked back at her dad, forcing him go deeper inside her. Pulling herself free, she sat up sweat soaked and wrapping her legs around his waist again she guided his cock back to her pussy, Wrapping her arms around his head, her ass barely on the armrest she thrust her self back onto his cock. With both of them puming away, Ione looked up at her dad, his gaze upon her while his hands pulled on her hips, keeping them in tempo so they could both enjoy as much as possible. Ione stared as his face tightened and then felt his hips shudder, his cock began to pulse sending streams of thick come jetting into her pussy. Feeling the warm fluid flooding her Ione could take no more and clenching her legs, thrust her hips and joined her dad, groaning and shuddering into her best orgasm ever. Her pussy flooding so much, juices spurted out the edges of her filled hole.

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