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Hardcore Sex
The Texas sun was melting the pavement on the parking lot as I exited the building toward my car. It had been a long hard week and I was looking forward to a Bacardi and Coke when I got home, I just needed to stop by the Handy Liquor Store before heading home. Pulling into the parking lot, I couldn't help but notice a young gal vigorously tugging on something in the trunk of her car. What really caught my eye was the fact that her blue jean cutoffs were giving me a ready view of her ass cheeks and a slight view of her pussy hair on one side. I could see the flat tire on the left front as I negotiated up next to her. "Just a minute, I will help you out, " I said as she finally got both feet back on the ground and diminished that wonderful view of her netherlands. Reaching into the trunk, I unlatched the spare from its holder and removed it and all the necessary tire tools to get her tire changed. Turning to face me, she quitly whispered, "Thanks, " as I went about the business of changing her tire. Her cotton T-shirt, soaked with perspiration did nothing to hide the hardness of her protruding nipples. I was thinking to myself, "no panties and no bra, what a life." Just as I tightened down on the last lug nut, she reached into the back pocket of her shorts and handed me a dampened fifty dollar bill, " get you something to drink, and me a Dasani,"
she murmered. Before I could refuse, she stuck it into my shirt pocket, turned and started putting everything back into her car trunk. The trip inside the store felt really good. The ceiling fans gently blowing the coolness of the A/C throughout the store. I got her bottled water, my Bacardi, and a six pack of Coke and headed to the counter. The clerk smiled at me as I handed him the damp fifty, then refused to take it and said, "No, it's on the house, we appreciate you helping out that little girl,
she had been out there for about an hour and we were getting worried about her." I stuffed the fifty back into my pocket and started put the door, thanking the clerk as I exited into the blazing hot sun. "Follow me," she insisted as she got into her car and drove onto the boulevard. After a few turns, it was obvious we were heading to Lake Worth, my old stomping grounds. Something was telling me to not pursue this any further, but the man in me won out and continued following her into a trailer park on the wet side of the lake. Stopping about halfway down the lane, she turned into the drive of a very quaint looking modular home. As she headed up to the door , she motioned me to come on in, so I followed her. As I was entering the door, she was exiting her clothes. Her little blue jean cut-offs fell to the floor, quickly followed by her t-shirt. I took her brazen show of nakedness as though it was no big thing, then she turned and headed down the hall saying, " I must take a shower, pour us a drink and I will be back shortly," her tight little ass wiggling as she disappeared out of sight.
Many things went through my mind as I got up and poured us a Bacardi and Coke, none of which were running. My cock was beginning to sense that it was in for a little exercise and was beginning to rise inside the polyester prison. Shortly, she emerged from her shower with only a towel that was wrapped around her head. Her breasts were ample and slightly puffy and her mousey brown pubic hair glistened from the starlets of water that had escaped the drying towel.
She came over to the bar stool I was perched on and climbed up in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and began kissing me full on the lips. My name is Moiria and I would like to thank you for rescuing me today," she whispered between kisses. She moved her little ass around onto my stiffness and teased me with a little bit of friction from her body heat and the heat building up in the front of my slacks. Slowly, she reached down and began unzipping my rising rod from its cover, my hand found its way between her legs and I began easily fingering her pussy right at the clit and gently worked my way down into her slightly damp pussy. With my thumb, I gently worked her clit while my finger began its deeper invasion into her welcoming twat. with my cock now free, she began a slight jerking off motion with one hand and now with her other hand began caressing my bloated balls. She was moaning slightly, as she eased away from her invasion of my fingers and gently began inserting the tip of my dick into the tightness of her spreading, silky, pussy lips. with her legs wrapped around my waist and chair, she easily enveloped her creamy chasm around my magic wand, making it disappear into the depths of her bowels. Her gentle spurtings put her into a mor steady pounding of her ass cheeks upon my cum loaded balls. The imprisoned member, now engaging in a slippery swim in and out of her farting pussy, continued its probing of the euphoric enema that she had released from deep in her sweltering snatch. She was slightly biting on my shoulder in enamored bliss as the second wave of conjugal precipitation rained deep in her snatch. With her eyes closed, she began building up speed as she fucked my dong with increased crescendo. The eruption of my balls met her third spurting of lust in mid stroke. Hre arching back held its stance momentarily, then she released all that she was holding back and her quivering body clung heavily to mine. For several minutes, we silently savored the bliss of our joint adventure. She felt the shrinking of my spent probe and giggled as it exited her gash with a slight popping sound, followed by the gurgeling of the last refrain of fluids that were now escaping her slit and depositing themselves on the top of the bar stool we were sharing. "Now, sir, let's have that drink," she said, reaching for our drinks, and handing me one as she wrapped her little hands around hers and began a long slow pull from its cold contents. "Much better than Dasani after a good fuck!" she exclaimed before making her way back toward the shower again.


2006-03-15 10:32:27
Outstanding story......


2006-02-28 02:08:40
must have part 2 this was to short and im not that drunk

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