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She always like him but she never admitted it because he was like a brother to her
I turned over to look at my night stand and I saw the clock. “Pout in the morning!” I had school tomorrow, it was three in the fuckin morning and I still couldn’t get to sleep. My name is Shenessa and I go to NYC high school. Im 5'5". I have brown skin, long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and thanks to my mama 36c breasts, and a big ass with very thick thighs.
Im what my mom calls a tomboy. I hate skirts, the color pink, cheerleaders, preppie girls, makeup, and anything what so ever that reminds me of a Barbie doll.
I love jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, video games, basketball “im on the varsity team at my school,” football “I tried out but didn’t make that team because the coach is sexist,” volleyball “I’m on the team,” and track “I’m on the team.” As you can see im very athletic.
My two best friends are Alycia and Deondrey. Alycia is 5'6" with brown eyes. In fact besides that she pretty much looks the same as me excapt her hair is shorter and her breasts aren’t as big. We’re both sophomores. Deondrey on the other hand is a senior. He’s 6'4", and he’s very muscular. He has a six pack with muscular arms, but he isn’t too muscular “just perfect.” His skin color is a mix between caramel and milk chocolate. It’s a color that hasn’t even been named yet so I have to do the best I can to describe it, it’s very pretty. His eyes are green with specks of blue and gold, and he has light brown hair. He has thick full naturally pouted lips, and he has a great smile with dimples. All the girls in my school drool over him and I never saw why until recently.
I’ve been friends with him since second grade. We only just met Alycia about two years ago so me and hi have a stronger bond. He was like the older brother I never had, but lately I’ve been looking at him differently. I didn’t dare tell him though because knowing Drey. He would probably laugh at me. Besides he has dozens of girls just jumping at his feet why would he want me.
I couldn’t sleep all last night, and I can’t sleep at all tonight. Since all I was doing was tossing and turning around in bed I decide to go see Deondrey cause I to know for a fact that he wasn’t asleep yet. I didn’t have to do much to get to Deondrey’s house since he lived right next to me. All I had to do to get to his house was go up my fire escape to where it met his, and go up a little more to where it was right in front of his bedroom window.
I didn’t feel like putting regular clothe on so I went to see him in my pj shorts and thank top. I was walking up the escape very quietly trying not to wake my mother up. I started to hear some strange moaning. I kept walking up until I came face to face with his window. What I saw shocked me. I knew Deondrey wasn’t a virgin and he had sex, but seeing it still shocked me. It was Deondrey and his girlfriend. Her legs were spread open and Deondrey’s was between her thighs lick and eating her pussy like he hadn’t eaten in years.
I stood there watching. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t stop looking at her tossing back and forth while Deondrey flicked his tongue ring over her clit. I wanted so badly to be her. I wanted so badly for Deondrey to be my first. Something weird started to happen to me. I started getting hot. My thighs started to tremble and my pussy started to get warm and wet. I till couldn’t stop looking at him eat her out. She started to moan louder and louder.
I couldn’t take it any more it felt like torture. I slid my hand down the front of my shorts and started to rub my clit. “Oh shit Drey Drey!” I heard her say rite before she screamed trough an earth shattering orgasm. Deondrey stood up his face covered in her pussy juice. He licked his lips and grinned at her.
A small moan escaped my throat. He looked up out his window strait at me. I ran down to my room as fast as I could hoping he didn’t really see me with my hand down my shorts. I laid in bed till about four a.m.. I heard footsteps. Someone was coming down my escape. There was a knock at my window, I got up and went to open it, and saw that it was Deondrey. My heart started to pound as if it was trying to jump out of my chest.
“Hey Nessa.” He said. I looked down at my feet and said “hi Drey Drey.” “ What are you doing up so late?” I said trying to sound innocent. He laughed and said don’t play me like that Shenessa I know u saw me and my girl fuckin. “I didn’t see all that. I just saw u eat her pussy!” I blurted out. He looked me in th ye and said “I know you liked it I saw playin with that li’l virgin pussy of yours.” “I’m not a virgin.” I said a lying trough my teeth.
“ you want prove that.” he asked with a grin on his face. “Whatever how the hell am I suppose to prove that?” I said a little bit aggravated. “Drop your shorts” he said.
You can’t be serious I answered nervously. He looked at me and said seriously does it sound like im join Nessa? I said no and pulled down my shorts. “Turn around and bend over.” I did as he instructed. Seconds later I felt him start to rub my pussy. A small moan came out my mouth. U like that Nessa he said in a deep voice. He slid a finger inside me, all I could do was moan. He started to move his finger in and out in a slow pace. I started to rock back and forth with his fingers. He increased his pace and I began to whimper.
“ Im gonna ask you sum questions Nessa.” he said suspiciously.
“And if you lie there’s gonna be hell to pay mamita. You know I know when you lie so don’t try to play me, iight?” “Yes Deondrey.” I moaned almost out of breath.
He slid his fingers out of me, but I could still feel them at my entrance. “Have you eva given head before?” I answered no. “ have you eva had your li’l coochie eaten out before?” I answered no. “ Have you eva had a man beat that li’l coochie up before?” I said yes. He slid a finger inside me and asked’ “are you sure Nessa?” I whimpered yes. He slid his finger out and then slid two in. I yelped, “are you positive Nessa?” he asked again. I moaned yes almost hissing.
He slid out of me and pushed three fingers in. “ Deondrey!” I yelled sounding out of breath. “Stop lying to me mamita.” He whispered.
“I know you’re a virgin, I can feel your hymen at my finger tips.” I felt like I was burning up I was so hot. My body tensed up, as I started to become more and more bashful. He felt me tense, “it’s iight if u iz Nessa, der aint nuffin wrong withat.”
I felt myself starting to turn red. He continued questioning me. “Do you want to stay a virgin?” I answered I don’t know. “ I stopped touching you, and I know you didn’t cum yet, and you were supposibly against this, so why is yo coochie dripping?” I don’t know I answered honestly not knowing. “Do you want me?” he asked sounding mad sexy. I don’t know I whispered. He laughed a little bit and told me to stand up. I tried to but my legs weren’t working like they should of been, so I just sat down on my bed.
I pulled my panties up but just left my shorts of because he grabbed them before I could put them on.
“Can I have those back?” I said starting to get irritated. “No you can’t” he said sarcastically, then he threw them at me. I tried to put them on as fast as I could because I suddenly remembered my panties were see trough. I would of stayed like that if he hadn’t started looking at my crotch and licking his lips. I was feeling so embarrassed I couldn’t even look him in the eye, I looked down at the floor.
He stated to speak. “So you’re not sure if you want me or not huh ma?” I manage to stutter out the word yes. “Ma I know you do don’t lie to me.” How do you know I said trying to act as if I didn’t know what he was talking about. “ I know you fantasize about me. Two nights ago at around two in the mornin I thought you wuz still awake cuz I heard some noises. I thought it wus u talkin. So I came down to see wut u wus up to. I came in trough yo window cuz u left it open, you weren’t awake you wus just mumbling in yo sleep. I wuz bout to leave but then u started moanin and screamin like some nigga was killin you. I wuz bout to wake you up and out of nowhere you start screamin, “Fuck me Drey please don’t stop, harder harder please Deondrey. Damn it daddy hurt me.”
Deondrey started to laugh after he stopped quoting me. “ you wus havin a wet dream bout me ma.” I felt myself start to turn red again. Once again he repeated “Do you want me ma?” I answered yes. He walked up to me and kissed me. He grabbed my hand and he walked me up to his bedroom. He started to kiss me again stripping me at the same time. Once I was naked he made me lay down on his bed and told me to open my legs. He pulled me down to the edge of the bed and got on his knees. He pushed my legs even further apart and he licked my pussy bottom to top.
A shiver went up my spine and a small whimper came from my throat. He dug his face into my crotch and started to lick and flick his tongue over my clit wildly. I started to moan and twist and buck my hips. I grabbed his sheets and began to grind my pelvis into his face. He flicked his tongue faster and faster, making me even more wet. He held my thighs and pulled me down hard and fast on his tongue forcing it inside me. I screamed then started to whimper as my body started to tremble. He repeated this act over and over again. When I began to scream his name he started to suck and lick on my clit again, except this time he started to finger me at the same time.
I couldn’t hold on much longer. Moments later I started to scream like a mad woman as I felt volt after volt of electricity start to surge trough my body. Multiple orgasms washed over my body as I screamed his name and trembled helplessly. I felt him suck and swallow all the pussy juice out of me, the more he did it the more came out. When he stopped all I could do was shiver.
He stood up and undid his belt buckle, he pulled down his pants and then took of his boxers. He moved up on top of me with his legs between mine spreading my thighs open. I felt the head of his dick at my opening, he felt so huge. I started to get nervous, I went tense again. “Relax ma.” he said sounding like the caring boyfriend he would later become to me. He started to kiss my neck and push in me at the same time. I felt him stretching me out, he was so big I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad I felt tears start to rush down my cheeks. “Open up for me ma.” he whispered to me sweetly. The walls of my pussy tried to accommodate to his size but he was just so big. It felt like he was stretching me from inches to miles, but he continued to slide into me.
He came face to face with my hymen. “Im sorry Nessa.” he said to me, he kissed me and with one long, hard thrust he broke my hymen. My pussy started to burn. I wanted to scream but he kept kissing me so I couldn’t. He waited a minute before moving again. When it stopped burning and I stopped clawing at his back, he started to move in and out of me slowly. Even tough it hurt more then it felt good I felt little sparks of pleasure.
Small moans started to come out of me. He increased his pace, and I started to moan a little bit louder. He started to groan,” yo so fuckin tight Nessa.” he said while still increasing his speed. After about 4 minutes he lost control and he started to pound into me mercilessly and I was enjoying every second of it. I started to scream and moan. Every time a moan came from my throat he started to beat my pussy up harder and faster as if I was encouraging him. I stared to scream his name and I felt him get harder. My pussy started to contract around him, almost milking him. He started to move even faster, I felt like a piece of pavement being jack hammered. I began to cum bucking my pelvis against him wildly.
Seconds later I felt him tense up. He rammed me hard one last time burying himself deep in me. I felt shot after shot of his cum being pumped into me. It seemed he would keep cuming for eternity. It felt like he was releasing gallons of his seamen into me. When he was done he turned over and dropped on the bed next to me. We where both panting very hard. When he caught his breath, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. He kissed the nape of my neck and whispered very sexily into my ear, “your mine now Nessa, I love you.” I said I love you too. And he held me till we fell asleep.

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