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sexy teacher and her teen babes meet the most perverse family possible
The sun was about to set and made a fitting back drop to the blackened hole peppered house in front of them. It must have taken thousands of rounds in its old tired shell in this last hour and with the drought lasting as long as this first day of September they'd been lucky to get the ignited timber under control. Fortunately only a mere fraction of its imposing hulk lay burnt beyond recognition.

The golden field was full of beer drinking good ole boys and NRA enthusiasts. It had been one hell of a fight and the local county law men were mightily relieved to have had them here; those guys packed some heavy duty firepower. Everyone knew what was a stake and those fuckers had it coming.

It would have never happened if not for the tip off, the searching scaled back some time ago. The crazies were all dead now but so was one of the cops own men, the recriminations no doubt to follow.

At the moment though all waited for the search party to just get it over with and bring the inevitable bodies out.

Suddenly there was a cheer.

They were alive.

The temperature inside the cab must have been nearly ninety but the beautiful woman remained seated watching the queue of irate cars and trucks which hadn't moved in over twenty minutes. She tapped her nails on the dash board of the brightly painted mini bus as she struggled with her impatience.

She could feel the eyes of the man seated next to her lingering on sweat beads forming on her long neck and firm cheek bones.

"I'm sorry Miss Sims," the sweaty man said hoping she'd turn to look at him so he could admire her full pouting lips. "I had no clue we'd run into this tail back."

Natasha shifted on her seat and the man couldn't help glancing at her firm hot thigh as her mini skirt rode up ever so slightly.

It had been one of those days nothing going right. In fact the whole trip had been difficult to say the least. The idea to take her students away for the weekend had backfired and she'd spent most of the time trying to keep them in line not to mention the accommodation falling far short of acceptable.

She finally glanced to the bus driver next to her who in turn smiled a cracked tooth grim like an eager puppy dog hoping for a hint of acceptance.

"And this drooling fool hasn't helped," she thought to herself uncharitably.

There was a giggle and a female yelp of fun from outside and the bus driver's eyes trailed from the firm figured redhead sat next to him to heat haze covered mirages of loveliness standing along side the road.

Miss Sims seeing his eyes lingering gave an audible grunt of disgust and opened the door.

"Concentrate on getting us back to the college!" She snapped, stepping down onto the hot road her heels clicking on the gravel. She had decided it was time to round up her young charges.

The bright yellow mini bus had certainly attracted a little bit of attention on this jammed road. With stationary engines running for nearly half an hour many pairs of eyes had decided this was the only thing worth a second look.

Miss Sims was the English teacher at the Rose of Texas finishing college for young ladies. The flowery emblem and title were emblazed across the buses side; but it was the gaggle of students stretching their legs and trying to cool off which had captivated most driver's eyes and minds for so long.

"Girls lets get back in now shall we?" Asked Natasha striding up to the side of a gas tanker.

The young man leaning out of the cab window saw the beautiful teacher sauntering confidently towards him and his grin got even wider.

Hanging on his every word or certainly acting like that where Bianca and Sandy. Both girls were blonde angels; waif slim, pouting lips and school girl seductive manners. Dressed in their blue sweaters and knee high college skirts the driver had been staring down into their sexy eyes for an eternity, while other surrounding car drivers had been gazing lustfully at their stretch long legs almost on tip toe as they thrust their heads higher towards the man.

As the teacher approached the pair she shook her head in disapproval, especially at the taller of the two girls.

Bianca Highcastle was absolutely breathtaking to behold and she knew it. Legs that went up to heaven on a slim model like figure her breasts high and rounded with a perfect arse and of course long blonde hair left loose to cascade down to the small of her back. She had a reputation of walking around the school with an unmatched elegance that left other girls looking jealous and guys drooling. Her snooty attitude as queen bitch of the school matched her rich upbringing on her parents million dollar fortune. She was difficult to handle both as a student and girlfriend; Miss Sims had heard all about her reputation of going through guys as quickly as she did her fathers cash.

"Miss Hardcastle, back in the bus, if you would be so kind."

Bianca turned and gave a shrug as if to say," what did I do?" Then she grinned and turned back to the eager young man.

"Bye sweetie," she said with a glint in her eyes then left him, swinging her hips catwalk style back to the bus.

"Hey maybe we could…"

The young driver was cut short as she gave a dismissive wave without looking back her upturned nose pointing snootily skyward.

"You're ok to pass a boring half hour with but don't get ideas above your station, please!"

Sandy her cute companion smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Sorry," she said to the frowning driver," it's not personal she always that rude with boys."

Then she too spun around curtly giving Miss Sims a military salute and marched back to the bus, the chastised driver still admiring the two girl's similarities as they went.

Sandy Michaels was a few inches shorter at only slightly below average height' like Bianca she had shapely legs which today she had accentuated by wearing thigh high white stockings. She had a cute face without the arrogant cast of her friend with baby blue eyes compared to Bianca's flashing green, she also had shoulder length blonde hair pulled back into pig tails and slightly overlarge breasts for her small lithe frame. With her big eyes and sexy stocking pins she'd really nailed that Japanese Magna school girl look.

As he watched them go the truck driver couldn't argue with their confident claims a few minutes earlier to be the two hottest girls in their college.

Miss Sims didn't give the driver another thought as she now turned to the wolf whistles from the cars ahead of her. As she neared the dirty old Buick 3 guys hung from the window hollering. Along the side the jam was a tall high stepping brunette. She balanced on the road side, stretching, cart wheeling and high kicking a practiced routine as her impromptu audience watched mesmerized at the beauty in the tight college skirt and top.

Michelle Wood was a cheerleader and this was the only thing she really knew anything about; which was the main reason her parents had decided she needed this extra year at finishing college before heading off into the big wide world. Admired in the school by others for despite her lack of intelligence she persevered. She was a tall girl with an athletic build everything about her been toned curves and firmness. She was envied at the school for her rock hard breasts, tight ass and killer figure. She had angelic features with a wide full lipped mouth that begged to be kissed and deep brown eyes that you could be lost for eternity in. Long lustrous brown hair held in a single long ponytail down her back completed her appearance.

Michelle finished a spectacular cartwheel and looked across to her teacher with a broad gleaming grin on her face.

Miss Sims gave her a wry smile back.

"Let's go the shows over."

Her captive audience gave a groan of disappointment then a round of applause as she ran past giggling. In more than one car the occupants had wondered upon seeing the stretches and manoeuvres that Michelle performed with ease and would make any contortionist proud what would she be like in bed and what could she do?

One of the Buicks guys on seeing the new sexy teacher in her elegant business suit, short skirt and heels gave her a playful call.

How about you Miss, fancy giving us an encore?"

Natasha glared at him her temper rising then saw the young mans shocked reaction. They were only kids after all.

"Sorry, "she said giving a jock melting wink, "I think you've had enough excitement for one day."

The busy teacher found her final student under a low willow tree. The young woman sat cross legs engrossed in her book. Her raven black hair looked like a cascade of oil down over her impressive sweater encased breast. She wore black rimmed oval glasses which accentuated her fabulous lashes and deep blue eyes.

Sophie Tyler was the final of the four hot college weekenders and also happens to be the most intelligent. She was top of every class and first in every test. In every sense a teachers pet but her gorgeous looks completely saved her from the derision of being a nerd. Like her less academic friends she too had dreamy legs with a trim figure a measurable benefit of her elite schools fantastic gym facilities.

She looked up chewing a pencil between her fabulous lips and arched her back in a theatrical over stretch. Her magnificent breasts thrust forward, larger than all the other girls but firm and high a dream cushion for any man or woman her butt shapely and tight a reward from her exercise.

School brain box or not Natasha knew this one was just as likely to tease and use her charms when the opportunity arose.

As her final student climbed into the back of the bus Miss Sims heard the young truck driver calling.

"Hey Miss."

She tried to ignore him but he shouted louder


She looked to the sky for divine patience

"Yes?" She said in a high school mistress manner

He had some advice.

"I've just been wondering why you guys don't take the turning just two miles back. It runs through the valley it's a longer road but least you'll be moving. Its locals only though, not sign posted for Joe public."

Natasha was unimpressed.

"Why haven't you then?" She asked hands on hips, her academic head kicking in.

He jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the 30 ft of tanker he was hauling.

"This thing's not exactly made for country roads"

She gave a looked along the shimmering length of steel trailer. The midday heat was getting unbearable and now most cars appeared to has either overheated or the occupants given up moving anytime soon.

Back in the bus the college driver wiped his brow his eyes wide in his rear view mirror watching his sexy young passengers. Suddenly his door opened Sims looking inside her finger out in an ordering manner.

Natasha Sims was the dream teacher of the Rose of Texas schools entire male population of academics, support staff and bus driver. She had a deserved reputation as a fiery redhead with a body that even the uber-babes in his back seats would envy. She oozed sexuality and the tight mini skirts she had worn today along with her firm breasts and a small curvaceous ass had severely affected his concentration. He knew that this school English teacher didn't approve of slackers and would have no hesitation in giving voice to her disapproval with great heat that matches her hair.

"Now I'm going to tell you how to get us back home, since you don't seem to have a clue!" She said in her arrogant tone.

"Any arguments?" She added.

The driver gave a gulp aware the girls in the back had also frozen from their animated debates as Miss Sims spoke.

"No ma'm I haven't," he instantly replied unwilling to lock horns with such a fierce goddess.

They found the turning like the trucker had said maybe a mile and a half back down the road. He was not joking about getting his truck down there as it looked like nothing more than a dirt track.

The bus driver gave a smirk and looked at the woman next to him.

She didn't react and nodded for him to take the turning.

"He said it was local traffic only," she added angrily," what did you expect, a freeway?"

The road to her relief did begin to widen and firm up into a clear drivable passage and as they started to make good head way the driver gave her a nod of respect.

"Looks pretty good now miss."

Then he pointed to an old rusty road sign telling them they were 60 miles from their destination.

The lush high grass country side shimmered in the afternoon heat but with the windows open and the bus heading at speed the cool air made the young women's expensive hair styles billow.

In the back Bianca brushed her long golden mane from her chiselled face laughing at how the truck driver had acted.

Sophie touched her lip with her finger as if in thought.

"He was quite cute though wasn't he?"

Bianca shrugged her shoulders. "I've known better."

"You mean you've had better." Michelle added.

The group laughed in agreement.

"Did you see Miss with Michelle's little fan club back there?" Sandy added, the bronze tanned cheerleader shrugging her shoulders resigned to the fact she certainly knew how to put on a show.

"Yeah I though for a second she was going to rip his head off." The dancing babe replied.

"You know what she needs?" Bianca added under her breath.

And Sophie lent to her ear to whisper. "Yeah and I think Pedro driving up front would be first in the queue to give it to her."

Sandy put on a passable Al Pacino accent griping her groin. "Hey mizz Sims say hello to my little friend!" And group erupted again the driver frowning from the cackle, Miss Sims turning to quieten them down.


There was a scream and yelps as window glass showered the back seat passengers. Natasha saw a large figure momentarily at the side of the van the sun blinding the occupants from seeing clearly out of the back window.

The girls spun their necks and saw a distorted backlit figure in the road a halo of golden grass and sunshine putting him into a dancing, pirouetting silhouette.

"Jezzzzzz what the…" Pedro had swerved the bus but had managed to get it back under control.

"Have we hit something, what's happened?"

Natasha gripped his arm; she had caught the best sight of the strange figure.

"Don't stop do you hear. Just keep going!"

Seeing her beautiful eyes full of horror Pedro slammed his foot on the accelerator.

There was a strange noise in the vehicle. The girls were hollering and cursing but one of them had heard it; below at her feet.

Sophie bent down her hand searching in the foot well.

"Oh my God!" Cried Bianca then gave a giggle of surprise.

Sandy and Michelle also burst out in embarrassed shocked giggling.

Sophie brought the buzzing firm piece of plastic up in front of her spectacled nose her long lashed eyes crossing in surprise at her new found projectile. Natasha held her hand over her mouth as the bright pink phallus squirmed and hummed, Bianca adding the obvious in words.

"Someone's just thrown a fucking vibrator through the God damn window!"

They all just seemed to stare in disbelief at the fat 6 inch cock, Sophie holding it at the base upright frozen like a rabbit in head light. It was ribbed corn cob surface not smooth more like solid chunky peanut butter. The raven beauties mouth quivered as her eyes traced the knotted uncomfortable looking length, her imagination working overtime.

"Ohhhh my it's…"

Sandy snapped her out of it.

"Throw the fucking thing away! You don't know where it's been!"

Instantly Sophie reacted and with one disgusted grunt tossed the rubber cock out into the corn fields as the bus continued to zoom at breakneck speed.

Once rid of it the girls then began to panic and Natasha had to shout to be heard. But she never finished her sentence as suddenly the bus lurched; the track was too narrow for its speed and screaming in unison they careered into a small ditch


Five aching minutes later they all began to recover along side the steam belching mini bus. Pedro examined the front wheel and reported it had buckled.

The girls stood arms across breasts surveying the problem. Miss Sims was looking nervously back down the road. What had she seen? It looked like a massive figure in rags, and his face? A bizarre mask? She couldn't be sure. She flicked open her mobile and groaned.

"Shit! No signal."

She shielded her eyes squinting back down the road. The assailant must be a good few miles behind at least. Pedro had really hit the gas when she told him to.

"What kind of sick prankster throws a dildo through a moving cars window?"

She shook her head annoyed at her own stupid thoughts. "Who throws a dildo at anything?"

The bus had come off the road at a fork. There was a pre 40's sign saying "Merryville half a mile ahead." The other fork continued on the main route.

"Ok I'm going to go get help." Announced Natasha. "This Merryville must have a phone or somebody to tow us."

"And leave us here?" Asked Bianca. "No fucking way!" The other girls were shocked at her vulgar language to her teacher.

"We should all stick together." Suggested Sophie; then she too looked ominously back down the road.

Pedro gave a wink to Bianca and Sandy. "Stay here with me I will protect you. " He said this in a heroic movie style way pushing out his chest. The girls looked at each other with sceptical eyes and tilted their head in amusement.

"Yeah sure." They added in disbelief.

The unshaven little man reached into his bus and pulled out a gleaming revolver.

"You bring a gun on a college bus!" Natasha went ballistic. "Are you a lunatic?"

Sophie stepped in again keeping them focused. "No miss; but maybe that guy back there is?"

Bianca changed her mind.

"I'm staying here with the bus."

Sophie rolled her eyes and looked at Natasha. "I'll stay too miss if you want."

Miss Sims nodded in acceptance. It made sense for Sophie to stay, she was the smart one.

"Ok Sandy, Michelle looks like we've got a little walk."

The road was a slight winding incline and slowly the three women began to feel the heat and strain on their bodies. Natasha suffered the most her heels making dirt track walking difficult. Michelle had stripped her regulation sweater before setting off and put on her t shirt out of sight of that leering bus driver. She'd also stripped to shorts her fantastic tanned legs glistening with sweat. Miss Sims had also undone her suited blouse exposing a deep cleavage; but the pale Sandy remained in her sweater her body feeling intensely humid beneath.

After what was an energy sapping climb they came past an old gas station totally derelict then onto a number of empty run down barns. The air was full of humming insects and the tree canopy made the sun hit the grown in piercing shafts of light.

Off the road maybe half a mile away across high grass fields they could see a large colonial style farm house. There was washing on a long line, and noises of farm machinery.

"Let's hope they have a phone," Sandy said wiping her brow.

It had been 30 minutes since the women had set off and back at the damaged bus Sophie once again sat under a tree reading. Bianca had remained in the bus long legs up on the seat corn stork in her mouth. She too had changed into tight shorts and a cut down top. Pedro was near by still holding his revolver. He wiped his brow his eyes focused on Bianca rising and falling chest her t shirt drenched in sweat the valley between her breasts a dark stain. Unlike Michelle she had been less coy in changing in front of him.

She gave him a smile flexing her thighs stretching her calves.

"We feel soo much safer with you here." She said sweetly. Sophie looked up frowning over her book.

"For fucks sake!" She snarled giving the surprised blonde a knowing stare. "This is serious! We've no time for your fucking about."

Pedro had stopped listening anyway he had moved out into the road. He could hear something; an engine. He squinted in the blinding sunlight. A dark shape was appearing. Bianca and Sophie heard it too and sat up to look. It was a dirty flatbed pickup. All the windows were covered in grim the engine growling as it crunched through gears. Its rear flatbed had a black tarpaulin canopy fluttering at the machine gunned towards them.

The vehicle came closer and closer Pedro waving for it to slow. Sophie suddenly felt very uneasy. She pulled herself back against the tree trunk Bianca looking at her then back to the truck.

Pedro was caught in a moment of indecisions.

He raised the revolver, but too late

Aeiieeeeeeeeee! Thuddddddd!

The truck crashed into him the weapon flying into the corn Pedro folding like a house of cards

Bianca screamed; Sophie sexy mouth was open yawningly wide.

"Oh Shit!"

Bianca was standing knees locked together her hands over her mouth just staring in disbelief. The truck had rammed all the way into a tree trunk, Pedro's lifeless body crushed between the tree and engine block.

The driver's door burst open and a huge rag covered mound fell onto the ground. The thing had arms and legs and as it rolled around as if drunk Bianca could only watch in terror.

"For God sake get away from it!" Screamed Sophie, not wanting to leave the shelter of the tree line.

The lumbering figure raised itself up its face covered in a distorted mask of leather and rags. It eyes looked wild, its mouth dripping a fat human tongue with spittle running down his chin.

The fabulous blonde turned to run but the monsters hand reached from under its rags pulling out a strange pistol grip device.

Two darts attached to wires instantly jumped the twenty feet hitting Bianca squarely in the back. She gave a surprised grunt as the electricity coursed through her; then she dropped like a dead weight the Tazer type device knocking her unconscious.

"Ohhhhhhhh heavens no! Bianca!" Sophie gave a cry of despair and began to turn to escape, what else could she do?

The monster reached back inside his truck and with an animal roar pulled out a strange pole like device. It had a petrol chainsaw engine connected to a foot long pole. On the end of the pole was a fat dildo. The thing was bright pink and like the one early knotted and ribbed. This one was massive and as long as a man's fore arm and as thick, the bulbous axel greased end like a cone shaped hand.

He pulled the rip cord and the engine ignited the rod and greased maxi-sized dildo vibrating and juddering at petrol driven speeds.

Wielding the crazy cock above his head he staggered after the fleeing Sophie.

The busty student had seen Bianca motionless on road side but could do nothing.

She ran as the stumbling mad man followed.

As she fled she could hear the dildo buzzing terrifyingly close behind. She jumped through bushes and over tree trunks the mad man seeming to hit every obstacle possible. He acted as if he had four independent brains all trying to move a limb each, sometimes in completely opposite directions. But even so it was a terrifying few minutes before she realised she was alone in the dense undergrowth.

She fell to the floor pushing herself against a tree trunk her body hyperventilating, her breast bouncing like they too were petrol driven.

As Natasha, Sandy and Michelle approached the old farm building they felt sure this place could help. There were numerous cars and trucks in different states of disrepair along with a number of barns full of chugging machines, irrigation devices etc. At last there was someone to call to.

On the columned veranda sat two figures taking in the afternoon air. One was a middle aged plump farmers wife and beside her a man maybe her husband or maybe her father. He was scrawny and tight skinned. He sat in his old wheelchair even from a distance it was clear he had no legs below the tops of his thighs.

"Having trouble?" He shouted down as he puffed on a pipe.

His wife raised an eyebrow in suspicion and a little admiration.

In front of them there were three tired and perspiring beauties. Sandy's freckled face was flush from exercise her twin pony tail blonde hair adding to her 'Britney' school girl attire look. Michelle stood like a fine sculptured statue her perfect chest and tummy like she was indeed fashioned from stone, yet her brown puppy dog eyes and pleated hair made her look innocent and vulnerable. And finally Natasha her fucia pink business suit matched her red bobbed mane the fabric now pulled open her sweaty bra encased chest heaving and glinting in the sun her deep rich tan adding to her sultry appearance. She rubbed her calves together to wipe off the perspiration, her high heels giving her a dominant erect posture even after a one mile uphill hike.

"Can you help please," she asked in little hint of desperation in her voice. "We've broken down?"

The old man laughed rather rudely the wife standing up putting down her knitting and inviting them inside. "Off course my dears, come out of the sun."

The women were glad to be finally in the shade of the farm houses main entrance. The old man twisted his wheelchair like a pro darting along behind them. Sandy looked back over her shoulder and gave an embarrassed expression as the man winked and stuck his tongue out in a licking suggestive manner.

"We just need a phone," Natasha explained. Michelle also quickening her steps as the man pushed and nudge close up against her butt too.

"Hey do you mind," she snapped looking at her teacher for reassurance

"Pa! Behave yourself," barked the wife, "please he's only jesting, don't take offence."

Natasha gave an unnerved smile and picked up the old receiver. The line buzzed but no matter how she dialled she got no response.

"Ain't used it for years honey," explained ma unconcerned. Natasha gave a silent groan of frustration.

"Any mechanic around here we need a tow?"

The old man looked up. "Tow? Sure ma son can sort that out for ya real easy."

Great said Sandy shifting away from the seated man as his hands continue to wander. And all the women nodded in appreciation as they looked around the dusty bare interior.

"He's out at the moment but will be back real soon. Why don't ya take a rest?"

Natasha looked at her watch then thought of the mini bus." I suppose we have no choice but we're hoping he won't be long."

Ma gave them a smile offering a tray of ancient cookies. "Don't worry honey he won't be."

Back along the road the maniac had given up looking for the big titted bitch. He staggered back to his truck stepping over a moaning crawling Bianca. She gave a half conscious grunt as he lifted her up in his powerful arms, her legs hanging limp trainer feet dangling loosely.

"Uhh please I ughhhhh."

She groaned her hands pushing lightly against his oily rag covered chest. The sun was brilliant over head and as she looked up all she saw was a huge featureless black headed silhouette. He carried her to the damaged mini bus as she arched her back arms out like she waking from a deep sleep.

The maniac tilted her head down into the open window of the bus's driver's door. The door was jammed half open and he thrust her head and chest through so she had to quickly come to her senses standing almost on tip toes her hips against the door her shoulders touching the under side of the top of the opening.

"Ugh no, no ughhh you uggggg!" She grunted. Now with more energy returning to her body she had the will to argue, but it was too late. The man was binding her hands behind her back with cord pulling her cute wrists tight together.

Bianca screamed looking around confused and terrified. Once her arms were tied tight he pressed his massive hand between her shoulder blades to hold her in position. With his other hand he reached around to the inside of the door turning the window lever.

The window jacked up rapidly pushing into her t-shirt under her firm tits.

"Oh shit uhh stop stop!"

The glass thrust her tits up and out at the same time jamming her shoulders inside the frame. Her great ass raised and tensed her calves stretching to keep her feet on the ground. He had her pinned, bent over and jammed through the rigid doors window opening. Unable to use her hands to push the glass back down she could only wriggle from side to side.

"Oh God oh God what, what no please!"

The man ripped her tight ass shorts down to her sexy ankles, leaving only a white thong which his instantly snapped.

"Uhhhhhhhh stop, stop!"

She began babbling incoherently. She looked desperately around. It was the middle of the day in bright sunshine. The air was full of crickets and heat haze but she was so alone. She knew no one would come along this track and if they did would they even stop?


"Oh fuck what?" Bianca tried to look over her shoulder. What was that?

Burrrrrrrrr! The maniac pulled the rip cord again.

She caught a glimpse of the fat bulbous pink cock head dripping with grease its shaft like a heavy tread tyre, hard square chunks on the fat rubber cylinder

He pulled again, this time…

Brrrrrrr uzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

The tip touched the nape of her back below her white t-shirt and slowly began to trace down the sweaty crack between her perfect peach ass cheeks. The tip was vibrating like a demented washing machine on full spin the buzz of sensation coursing through her spine as it sank down towards her clenched pussy.

"No, no, please ugh no nooooooooooooooo!"

About a quarter of a mile away Sophie heard the high pitch squeal of Bianca, the sound of the buzzing petrol cock also slightly evident. The buxom brain box began to pant in fear struggling to catch her breath. Ahead of her was another link road. She needed to get help; any help.

By now Bianca was giving a continuous oval pout with her luscious Barbie pink lips. Her screams had turned into one long unbreakable high pitch groan. She'd known since he'd dropped her with the Tazer that she was going to get it, she was no miss innocent; it had just mattered how.


The narrow jellied tip of the cock had entered her easily and instantly began to weaken as well as lubricate her tight lips. The beast pressed firmly not ever weakening the pressure Bianca Ooooh 's reaching a high pitch as her walls opened and opened and opened until the widest rim of the cone head took advantage of a momentary weakness' in her strong pussy lips to pop into her void.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh God ugggggggggggggg!"

Her beautiful eyes were like saucers; staring at nothing in particular her chest tensed tits about to bust out of the tight nylon fabric. Her knees were pressed inwards almost at buckling point her ass trying to climb to the sky tip toe pushing her pelvis towards heavens in desperation. It felt like a rock band was playing with the volume all the way up on 10 inside her tight tunnel.


The maniac was holding the chain cock with both hands like he was wielding a broadsword. The shiny steel rod whined at intense speed the pink Michelin tyre type cock attached to the end pump deep up Bianca's young but experience cunt. Her perfect teeth chattered as her mind went crazy.

"Oh God he's drilling it all the way to my throat!"

Now deep inside her hot haven she realised not only did it vibrate insanely rubbing her walls with the greased rubber knots it also pumped back and forth like a hammer drill giving her a incredible, unbearable burrowing sensations. She'd never felt a sensation as raw, as powerful or as unforgiving as this. For a second she imagined the teased Pedro standing watching in amusement, then her friends all pointing and sniggering.

The monster was fucking her steadily with his crazy device taking care to give long muscles sapping strokes each time pushing deep inside. Length was irrelevant the thing was as deep as her body could allow it to go; she was penetrated to her eye popping limits.

"Uggggggg noooooooooooooooouggggggg!" Her resonated words quickly becoming delirious.

She was foaming at her lips, eyes rolling back her upturned nose flaring. The maniac dropped his knee ramming in and up higher inside her, lifting her feet slightly from the ground pressing commandingly against her cervix the axel grease now foaming at her wide quivering juddering pussy lips.

"Oh Jezz no it can't go any higheieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

But it did!


The man grunted in delight pushing with all his might, angling higher; intent on keeping her in this ground lifting, impaled, fucked state. The tip pressed hard against her limits.


Bianca gave an inhuman gargle her body for the second time in only a few minutes going limp as she luckily feinted. In seconds it realised it was fucking a rag doll and coughed to a halt.

The beast retracted his dripping glistening monster dildo examining the pummel like end satisfied he had pushed it as far as humanly possible up the leggy bitch.

Back in the farm house Natasha was getting impatient. The old couple seemed pleasant enough the pa smiling and ogling the girls the ma getting some coffee for all.

"Yes sir he'll be back soon," said the pa over and over, wiping his hand across his dirty shirt almost chuckling.

"Then ma son can sort you girls out good and proper." He added with a delighted tone." Don't ye worry about that."

Natasha looked at her watch it had been nearly an hour. She thought about the distance they had travelled from the dildo throwing incident before crashing. What if he had been following?

"Look I think we better get back I left some students at the bus and we can't…" Suddenly Michelle began to cough and splutter. Sandy and the old woman jumped forward to help.

"What wrong my dear?" Said Ma, Sandy holding Michelle's hand as she clutched her flat toned tummy.

"I feel sick a little feint as well." Michelle groaned trying to stand then thinking better of it.

"Miss I don't feel well."

Ma looked up at the teacher. "Its heat stroke do ya hear. You can't expect to walk around the Texas countryside in summer dressed like that, you're just asking for trouble."

Michelle really was beginning to pass out.

"I don't think she can walk back miss," advised Sandy the fat ma nodding in agreement.

"How far is this Merryville?" Sandy then asked. The woman stroked her chin," maybe a mile or more up the hill."

Natasha threw her arms up in frustration." But we've already walked about that and the sign post said…" The farmer's wife just shrugged her shoulders. "I'm only telling ya what I know."

"Will they have a phone there? Asked Natasha thinking through the options.

"I reckon so," came the reply.

Back on the main road Sophie hurried along looking over her shoulder constantly. She didn't know how far it was to a phone or house even, but if she kept on this route she'd get to someone eventually. Her stomach turned as she heard an engine, instantly she looked back and dipped into the undergrowth; but she could see nothing. The engine grew louder and she realised it was coming the other way the way she was walking. As she gingerly stepped out to look her heart rose in relief. It was a black and silver state trooper's car.

The road up to Merryville from the old farm grew steeper and steeper Natasha finding the new walk just as exhausting as the first. She wiped the sweat from her swan neck the rivulets of perspiration filling her cleavage. She could see back down to the fields and also up to a tree lined summit.

"It must be on top of this hill," she thought, "fuck its hot today."

There was a grinding growling noise of an engine below and Natasha could see a grime covered flatbed truck roar up the narrow road. It swerved manically into the farmer's field bouncing along the dirt track. It reached the farm stead and made two dust billowing circuits of the building finaly crunching to a halt.

"Jezz," Natasha thought, "I take it that's the son."

From this distance she saw a large black figure stagger out swaying and spinning around, his arms out trying to steady himself. The figure then paused then ran towards the back of the farm house.

Miss Sims just stared in disbelief. Why was everything going wrong today? Now it looked like sonny boy down there was as drunk as a skunk.

She looked to the sky. "Please let there be a phone in what ever shit hole I find at the top of this hill."

Then she continued onwards and upwards.

Back in the house Michelle was now curled on a dirty sofa softly moaning in her sleep. Ma and pa had brought towels and water and gently dabbed her head. As the flatbed roared up the road and towards the house Pa gave a thumb up to Sandy.

"Here he is!" Pa added with a grin," things are looking up!"

From the cool hall Sandy watched as the tuck circled the house dust cloud rising up the vehicle sliding and bouncing around. She stood with her hands on her hips sweater chest firm and thrusting sexy white stocking legs brilliant in the gloom; and also open mouthed. Her thoughts were similar to those of her teacher watching from the hill above. Then the flatbed parked out of sight and she could hear stumbling and strange grunting. The trucks engine continued to chug the man leaving it running as he entered through the houses rear door. It was clear he was hardly the knight in shinning armour he'd been made out to be.

"Just great!" she groaned under breath.

Once inside she could hear him banging doors then a noise like a tumble. The bouncing clatter sounded like a barrel falling down stairs. She almost burst out in giggles. There was a crash of plates, maybe a groan then silence. Sandy looked to the couple with raised eye brows as if to say "what the fuck is he doing?" The wheelchair bound pa pushed himself over towards her.

"Could ya get the smelling salts from the pantry honey while I go get him?"

Sandy looked at the unconscious Michelle then imagined this drunken fool at the bottom of some stairs. She was tempted to say, " salts for which one," but instead nodded and then on hearing more stuff been broken or thrown about deep in the house she added, "rather you than me mister."

The kitchen was filthy and decrepit and the teen tip toed through pools of gunk trying not to touch any dirty surface. If she'd have seen this earlier she definitely wouldn't have eaten a cookie. The pantry door was open and she leaned inside. It was a deep room with shelves on either side.

"Its right at the back honey," called the wife still dabbing Michelle's perfect innocent face, "use the light."

Sandy stepped inside the wooden floor creaking a little. The light cord was above her head and she gave it a gentle tug.


Sandy gave a half scream her breath been whipped away as she fell through the trapdoor onto a metal 45 degree shaft. She tumbled head over heels her feet kicking the side of the encased slide running down maybe twenty feet and out into a hot, humid, but well lit cellar.

Ma heard her descending shriek then the click as the trap door sprang back closed. The old man had wheeled himself quickly back into view. "Now ma," he said spittle drooling from his mouth, "we really do need the smelling salts." Ma roughly pushed the moaning Michelle aside and nodded. "Damn right we wouldn't want this little slut to miss all the fun."

As if in announcement that the fun had already started Sandy's muffled screams rose up from the deep and secure cellar below.

The trooper's car came to a quick halt as the beautiful girl in her tight uniform ran out into the road. The cop looked startled his dark sunglasses reflecting back the teen vision two fold. Sophie ran up to the window panting heavily blurting out her story.

A bus, a crash, a lunatic, her friends, she stammered, embarrassed by the words, he got a thing, a big cock thing, I think he…" she paused again unsure. The cop was taken aback, was she on drugs? She was about his daughter's age; no doubt a head full of nonsense.

"Listen young lady calm down." She continued to rant." Calm down!" He repeated this time sterner.

She paused catching her breath.

She looked scared, really scared. He wondered if to call it in. No best check it out first.

"Get in Miss you say its back down this road well lets have a look."

Sophie climbed in looking at his uniform, gold badge, pistol, night stick.

"I think he could be armed," she added pushing her glasses back up her nose.

The officer smiled wiping the sweat from his bristled chin. "They usually are young miss; they usually are."

The raven girl began to tense in her seat as the winding road took them closer and closer to the accident. She gave a small grunt of horror as the smashed mini bus came into view. It was on its own no flat bed just strewn about suitcases and papers.

"Stay here miss." Ask the officer, his expression one of surprise at her tale starting to hold truth. .

He stepped from the police car and un-holstered his revolver. Sophie watched as he edged closer looking in the van then at the tracks in the dry mud. He kicked some ripped shorts on the ground. Sophie then saw him spin and hurry around the back towards where poor Pedro had been crushed. He returned his face looking grim the sunglasses reflecting her image back at her.

"Get out of the car." He ordered.

Sophie opened the door he seemed angry.

"There's a man back there with his body nearly cut in two."

Sophie gulped and shook. "Oh God I know, I know it's the driver he…" Up until now she'd hoped he'd have some how survived the impact.

The officer cut her short. "What the fucks been going on here?" The teen repeated her story but the cop wasn't interested.

"Let me tell you what I think," he said unclipping his handcuffs. "I think this poor smuck got himself a hot piece of ass that then changed her mind. And when he got angry she killed him."

Sophie almost choked in disbelief. "It's, it's ridiculous, you said he's nearly cut in half; how the fuck could I have done that?"

The cop held up his handcuffs. "Turn around your under arrest until we sort this out." He spun her, slapping the cuffs on pulling them tight making her shoulder pull back. "Awww that hurts, you're so wrong this can't be happening."

The cop pushed her head down making her get into the back seat.

"Sit there," he ordered. As she sat still protesting he pushed her manacles into a loop in the bottom of the back rest. Now her cuffed hands were tying her to the rear seat.

"There no need for this," she shouted horrified by her bound predicament. The cop got back in the front grunting to himself about not sitting with a killer behind him without been sure she couldn't move.

He wiped his brow slowly then turned and leaned into the back. "Now miss I want to know what really happened."

Sophie began the tale all over again this time even more desperation in her voice. But the trooper didn't seem to be listening; she paused as he appeared to be looking straight at her heaving sweater chest.

"Maybe I should check you for concealed weapons?" He said scratching his chin.

Sophie gulped but said nothing. He removed his glasses showing small piercing eyes. His hands reached out towards her tits and she tried to pull uselessly away as his fingers began to lift the bottom of her sweater.

"Uh no stop, stop it!" She shouted but he lifted her sweater up hooking the bottom over her head letting it drop behind her neck.

"Oh no what, you can't do…"

The fabric pressed in at the side of her magnificent bare tits. She hadn't worn a bra she didn't need to. Her pale assets thrust up and out pinned slightly together forming a deep cleavage. Her porcelain skin made her pink nipples stand out along with her ruby red lips, permanently open in a shocked disbelieving gawp.

"Oooooh Shit!"

The cop cupped both her fantastic melons feeling the weight of each stroking the smooth globe surfaces. Sophie was breathing heavily but not shouting any more. This wasn't right it couldn't be. The cop grinned teasing the nipples with his thumbs.

"Now that's what I call concealed weapons," he sniggered. He then looked back to his glove compartment." Now young lady," he said in an official tone, we're going to take a drive and you are going to tell me all about it."

Sophie began to shout and call for help as he produced two crocodile clips and leads.

"Oh my no I don't under…"

The cop reached back with a clip in each hand teeth mouths already open about to bite.

"Now stay still miss and it'll be, I said st…there we are!"

Snap! Snap!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sophie yelped her nipples quickly feeling metal jaws clamped around them.

Her tit tips burned for a second and her spine straightening into an erect posture. Each nipple clip had the wires running off back to a little switch which in turn ran to a socket which he snapped into his cars cigarette lighter. Satisfied she was bound and wired up he started up the engine and eased the car up the fork road towards Merryville.

"Please, please you don't have to do this, "she shouted. What did he want a confession? She hadn't done anything it didn't make sense!

Sophie twisted and turned trying to loosen the nipple tugging clips but it was pointless. She gave a scream as the cop raised his right hand and without looking over his shoulder flicked the tit ticklers switch.



It had been only a couple of hours since the girls had chatted and flirted at the road side with not care in the world. They taken advice on a short cut and now they realised with growing horror what a mistake it was. In that time there had been a crash; a death, and for Bianca and Sophie sexual humiliation beyond their young minds imaginations. The group had become split and even now for some the clarity of their predicament was far clearer than it was for others.

Sandy had tumbled down the kitchen shaft until she was spat out onto a dirty wooden cellar floor. She pushed herself up arms locking her long stocking legs curled under her. The maniac was there and he lumbered out from the shadows knocking over a table grabbing her pig tail hair hauling her up. She squealed as his mighty frame lifted her up over his shoulder. She'd not even had a good look at him before she was hanging down kicking her knee high stocking legs her hands thumping his oily rag covered back.

She knew it must be him; the dildo throwing lunatic and she screamed with all her heart.

He spun around as if looking for something. She glimpsed it for a second as he turned left and right and stuttered in horror.

"Oh, oh, oh J.J.Jesus!"

He focused on his object pounding over to it Sandy screaming her lungs out.

"For heavens sake someone help me!"

She felt his massive hand up inside her skirt ripping her kickers off.

There was a pulley over head and he grabbed the hooped ends tying her wrists into them. He hauled the rope with one hand lifting her off his shoulder so she hung down her long legs just not reaching the floor. In this stretched position her fabulous figure was enhanced even more. Her legs looked like those of a mannequin white stocking amazingly long up to fine skirted hips then an hour glass waist with those slightly overlarge breasts busting from her sweater top the globes raised and thrusting as her arms pointed vertically to the pulley in the ceiling.

"For Gods sake please what are you doing?" She moaned his intentions starting to become clearer.

Now she could see him fully and her question seemed ridiculous. A huge oaf of a man; his bulk like that of a bear. He swirled around his hand trailing across a table his leather clad body like some crazy medieval armour. She gave out a gargled protest as he pushed a fat foam ball into her mouth. She bit down the sponge seeping with a filthy viscous liquid. She didn't know it but it was horse semen. Her eyes could only plead as her lips foamed with the sponges contents Sandy unable to speak and not wanting to swallow.

"Hey how you doing down there?" It was the old Pa calling down the stair well

Sandy gargled and spluttered the Pa sniggering.

"He's got lots of lovely toys that I bet you just can't wait to get acquainted with."

Sandy had seen them already she looked desperately at the masked mans distorted face eyes wild and lustful

"He calls them his Dominators," The Pa chuckled again, "make girls real willing to open up for him after a stint on one of them."

Sandy began to wriggle desperately as suddenly the maniac waved a huge knife in front of her face and taking a firm grip on her sweater sliced it open, then bit by bit into shreds until it fell completely from her body.

His masked leather face crackled as he grinned and grunted taking care to shred her sweater completely now only a rah-rah skirt, stocking legs and pure white big cupped brassiere remained to hide her charms.

Sandy eyes no longer looked at the maniacs instead they stared down to her side. She'd seen it almost as soon as she'd fallen into this room. The cellar appeared like some type of workshop with a number of strange machines in different states of construction or repair. But it was this one that stood proud ready for action next to her that filled her with dread.

The machine was like a barrel on its end. From a wide hole in the top protruded a pole. It was a hollow tube rising up maybe a foot into the air. As it went it formed into a fat ribbed cock. Similar to the buzz cock used on the shapely Bianca it was a good 2 inches wide but this one's penis head tip showed a finger wide bore hole, the end of a tube which ran down the rod into the barrel. On either side of the barrel at its base were two ring hoops with rope manacles on. The whole machine had a lawn mower motor attached to it for feeding power to the rod and unknown to Sandy a tube pump hidden inside the barrel.

When switched on sandy would understand that not only did the rod bounce and vibrate like a rutting stallion but the filthy slimy contents of the barrel would be pumped up and out of the tip in 3 second spurts. It would only be a matter of minutes before her pounded pussy began to cough the slime back down the cock in through the barrels opening so creating a continuous gushing cum fountain.

The Pa closed the cellar door with one last comment. "Just give him the nod when you're ready to whore for him."

The maniac looked to the door above then back to his half uniformed babe. He ripped her skirt off showing a cute trimmed slit. He left her bra on he like how it pushed her heaving desperate freckled tits together giving her an amazing balloon bouncing chest.

She tried to kick as he pushed the barrel between her stocking legs. She was unable to stop him as one at a time her hooked her ankles either side of the barrel inside the loops. She was desperate.

"Oh god he's going to make me sit on it. Oh its massive I can't it won't what's in a barrel? And why the motor? Oh shit!"

The bore hole cock pressed against her tummy and he hauled the pulley making her back arch raising her pelvis. The tip slid along her slit them he found his target.

"Oh god it's touching my little chute!"

He released the pulley Sandy pussy shaft swallowing maybe 3 or 4 inches as her hips dropped.

"Mmmggggggggg!" She bit on the ball, come gushing out like cream out of a quickly bitten cake

"OH its sliding up ugggggggg it's too big I can't ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The cock opened her painfully wide, sliding into her tight twat. The man them gripped both rope manacles on her feet and pulled. Her legs ached as she felt her body stretch her hips sinking deeper onto the cock. It was maybe 6 inches in now and she tried to squirm her mouth still full of spunk ball.

"Fuck he's forcing me on it like tightening stirrups on a saddle! Ugggggggggg!"

Finally once he was satisfied she was sat firmly on his monster he released her ceiling pulley just enough that her weight slumped down, making her sit deeper and harder onto the cock.

"Oh god I feel so used, I'm a fucking human doll."

Sandy groaned and arched her sweaty back. She was sat spread eagled over a cock pumping barrel the cock tip now a eye popping nine inches in her body. Unable to lift from it she only sink harder onto it as her arms weakened.

She whimpered looking down at her tummy she felt like the cock tip would pop from her belly button; she was sure her groin was bulging, the device rigid and upright impaling her like a glove puppet.

The maniac bent down to the motor.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz! The Maniac pulled the petrol cord the barrel jumping to life.

Thuda! Thuda! Thuda! Thuda!

Instantly everything before seemed like a heavenly dream.

"Uggggggggg, uggggggggggggggg!"

Sandy began to spasm the thing pounding up making her ankles try to jump from the rope hoops. It was twisting and buzzing too, the first few spurts of ejaculation unnoticed until the pipe filled fully and her inside was pressure sprayed with cold white slime.

"Ugggggggg no, what, what its filling me with...ugggggggggggg!" The pig tailed hot teen was beginning the ride of her life.

The Pa could hear the machine kick into life and he rubbed his hands in glee. He wheeled himself to the stairs.

"Ma if ya finished hauling that bitch I could do with a hand up as well."

Upstairs in the bedroom Ma stroked the murmuring Michelle. The girl was a perfect specimen. Now completely naked Ma admired her coffee sun tanned skin. She traced a hand over her curvaceous hips around her peach firm ass down toned athletic legs.

Michelle beautiful pouting lips pursed as she gave a drugged sigh her long lashed eyes closed in forced slumber. Ma felt along her side cupping a firm tit pinching the dark erect nipple. She'd been playing gently with each and now they stood up and firm Michelle's murmurs ones of unconscious pleasure.

"You'll have to climb up yourself," She shouted back; Pa cursing her to high heaven. She smiled stroking the nape of the perfect girls back. He needed the exercise. She'd give him five exhausted minutes then she'd go get him.

Ma opened a drawer at the side of the flowery bed and rummaged through the contents. She removed the lengths of rope and binds. She looked at the other instruments in the drawer and she licked her lips in anticipation then looked back at the strong young woman.

"Best get her all trussed up first before we wake her," she concluded.

A few miles down from the house the state trooper car meandered along at a leisurely pace. It was mid afternoon and in the back Sophie was squealing like a pig. The police car interior was intensely hot and as the car took the winding climb she remained bound to seat the two crocodile clips tightly holding an electrified nipple each. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


The officer had flicked the switch and left it on. The cigarette lighter power surged to her impressive melons making them swell more as she convulsed the copious amounts of sweat steaming on her hard pulsating tits

"Noooooooooo stop uggggggggggggg oh fuck ugh I'm going to uggggggggggg pass out Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The cop shook his head in a matter of fact way not taking his eyes of the road.

"No you aint miss, it not the first time I've shown a bitch how to do a proper interrogation.

He didn't need to turn he could see the raven haired wench in his mirror. She was fantastic to behold wet red lips open showing pearl teeth clenched. Her black rimmed glasses gave her deep blue eyes an innocent girl lost look, but her mountainous bucking tits, sore nipples like top hats, clamps sizzling was something more reminiscent of a back street snuff porn movie.

"Ohhhhhhhh please I'll tell you anything you want uggggggggg just uh just stoppppppppppp!" She begged.

She didn't understand. Her tits were on fire, heaving melons more bloated than she could remember her nipples fed a constant stream of electricity into her flesh the sensation spreading out enveloping her tits then running down her spine making her anus convulse like a gobbling fish.

"Ug! Ug! Ug! UGGGGGG!"

The cop flicked the switch the torture instantly stopping, Sophie's body slumping, tits dropping as if they had suddenly become vulnerable to gravity.

The cop looked in his mirror. He'd give her a few seconds then.

"Time to continue!"

He flicked the switch again.

"Awwwwwwww no, no, noooooooooooooo!"

"There's a little stop a bit further up, why don't we take a break?" He said pointing to a dirt track turning in the road.

"Oh God anything, just stop this!" She screamed, the veins on her neck bulging her lips gleaming like she'd just drunk blood, the surging power almost making her tits glow like beacons.

The car pulled under the canopy of the tree line and mercifully the cop switched the power off.

"Oh fuck , fuck, fuccccccccck you can't do this I..I.." She gave a shriek as he raised his switch hand again. "Please! Please, ok, ok I'll do whatever it takes."

"Now listen," he drawled climbing out of the car and opening the back door. "Your friends you keep telling me about. Well if they came up this road they're already in good hands." He unclipped her rampant nipples then unfastened her seat manacle.

"Now what you need to understand is there's the law round her; then there's the law." He helped her stand her legs bending in, her tits still exposed sweater over her head firm thighs glistening in her short skirt.

"We make the rules here and it would be good for you to understand that."

Sophie looked at him her beautiful spectacled eyes confused but so sensuous. "Y...yess officer I understand." She said not understanding at all.

The cops admired his bound prisoner gently cupping her heavy tits. "I bet you got a real tight honey pot just waiting to be plugged,"

Sophie shook her head, "no please you can't you mustn't." The feeling of his weathered hands on her soft pink flesh almost as bad as the clips.

The cop scratched his chin then pushed her ahead of him into the undergrowth.

"If you're real good I won't put the tit ticklers back on when we set off again. Now move!"

The clearing he spoke of consisted of a large fallen tree trunk surrounded by dense vine like vegetation. It was calm and humid a million miles from civilization. The buxom student stumbled in her small heel school shoes her legs now glowing with perspiration. He was going to do what the hell he liked with her and what was the point in shouting. She'd cat hollered in the back of the car for ten minutes but they'd passed not a soul.

"Now miss," he said proudly standing in front of her unbuckling his belt. "let me show ya what ma family is famed for in these parts."

With that he unzipped his pants and his limp fat maggot sprang out. Sophie gulped it was like a purple headed football sock

"Get on your knees and make it a big as it gets," he barked, "and let me tell you it's a mouthful when its angry."

It had been left up to the student's confident, stunning teacher to try and find a phone. She'd been told that the little town at the top of the hill would not doubt have one. Natasha reached the summit of the hill looking a sweaty dishevelled state. Her lips were dry her ankles aching, her high heels and business suit tight around her waist and ass not ideal for mountain climbing.

Ahead was a sign; "Merryville at last" she said panting.

As she looked along the row of shacks her heart sank. Was it all derelict? There were no people; no sounds in fact. The windows of most building were smashed and it appeared even in its hay day Merryville was nothing more than a large set of farm buildings and lumber mill.

"Can I help ya?"

Natasha spun around startled by the voice.

Standing in the door way of one decrepit but in tact building were two men. They were tall but scrawny, thin geek necks, maybe in their thirties, piggy eyes with poor dental work. Both had dusty boiler suits on their pale scrawny chests showing under the braces. Natasha noticed neither had shoes on.

"I need a phone," She said hope fading. "I'm a teacher and we've broken down and I've left my students at the farmstead."

One of the men picked his gaping front teeth, and then spat on the floor.

"The farm house ya say? Well they don't have a phone."

Natasha bit her lip not wanting to lose her temper.

"That's why I've just climbed up here they said you'd have one."

The other man sniggered then patted his colleagues back.

"Yep I'm sure they did. Come in miss lets see what we can do for you."

The beautiful teacher looked up and down the street. It was a ghost town. The two men looked shifty but there was no one else around. She needed a phone.

"Oh stop being so paranoid!" she thought to herself.

She then nodded and gave a warm smile stepping inside.

The door slammed behind her and she stood with a face of incredulity as one of the men pointed a rifle barrel up against her thick sexy lips.

"Now take that barrel end nice and gently in that cute mouth of yours." He commanded

She opened not knowing what to do. Her mind was racing she knew that it had suddenly turned very bad. "What's happening I've got no money."

"Look I'm really not wanting any...uhhhh!"

The tip slid in a mere inch pressing on her tongue the man looking straight down the barrel into her flashing eyes.

"Take it nice and easy till we decide what we going to do with you." And he cocked the hammer making Natasha's knees tremble.

The other man was now behind her and his arms reached around to unclip her suit blouse slowly peeling it from her shoulders. It fell away to show her black laced bra tits glistening after the climb her neck glowing with the effort.

Her heart sank even further." Oh god I know what they want!"

"Now you stay real still while we undress ya," The gun man added. She tried to speak but he wagged his finger as his colleague slowly unzipped the back of her skirt.

"Wow what an ass we have here," he beamed tugging the fabric down over her rump.

"It seems you and your little flock are going to have a bad day." The gun man continued. Natasha's skirt dropped to the floor showing her thong and firm tanned thighs knees turned in to hide her crotch as she teetered in her heels.

"Would he shoot her if she pulled away?" She didn't know. The man behind her felt strong even with such a skinny frame; all sinew and log chopping muscle.

The undressing geek trailed his hand up her leg to her tight rear.

"You sure are firm in all the right places."

Natasha just stood frozen her body was tired her mouth sucking on a barrel tip the geek now gripping around her waist fingers curled in her thong straps.

She knew how she looked. God she knew. It was an advantage nearly everyday of her life but today she wished her gym perfect shape would melt away.

"Now you're gonna put on a show for us honey," the man behind her announced slowly pulling her thong down over her hips showing her lightly haired red pussy.

Natasha felt the material fall down her thigh but could only look ahead down the rifle barrel. The gun man motioned for her to move into the room. There was a big rocking chair waiting. He then her told her to sit on it still keeping the barrel in her mouth. As she sat the other man jumped behind the chair pulling her shoulders back.

"Lean back," he ordered "and open your legs." Natasha shook her head.

"Best tie her down then," came the response. The geek began to wind a rope around her wrists pulling them behind the rocking chair back. Now bound to the chair the other man removed the barrel from her trembling full lipped mouth

"Oh God who the fuck do you think you're going to do?! You can't get away with this!"

"The law..." then she paused these guys looked like they didn't give a shit about the law." Oh please I don't want..."

"Get the butter bro!" The gun man said with a grin.

The sculpted Michelle had final come around. She didn't scream she couldn't her mouth full of ball gag. She couldn't move either so tightly was she bound to the dirty metal bed frame. Michelle had performed many thigh splitting positions throughout her cheerleader career but none seemed as extreme as this. She was laid on her back a pillow under her midriff making her arch upward perfect half domes point to the roof. Her arms were pulled back and together bound to the bed board a thick rope wound around her chest looping her tits pulling them tightly together and up into a wonder bra cleavage; if like she needed it.

She tried to look down over her chest her thighs ached enormously. He legs were pulled wide in a perfect 180 degree split one long leg pointing to the left wall the other toes pointing to the right she had hooped ropes around each ankles the other ends wrapped around heavy wooden furniture.

Her pussy had been shaven clean the tender skin smeared with sunflower oil.

"Uggggggggggggggg!" She bucked a little as the old fat woman slowly fed a tube into her greased pussy. The last thing she remembered was sitting sipping coffee.

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The tube sank deeper and deeper inside her like a burrowing snake.

The old Pa was at her side now in his wheelchair.

"Afternoon miss back with us I see?" Michelle shook her head her tightly drawn back hair adding to her European S&M look. She wrestled to move but couldn't.

"Oh you're strong," we already know that, he giggled. You have to be you need stamina for our games."

The Ma bent over her, looking down, her fat face flush with excitement.

"Do you like the position you're in its makes it so much easier to get to your naughty holes."

Michelle felt embarrassingly exposed like some gynaecological operation these two old fucks the doctors.

The Pa reached out putting his hand over her bound roped tits and she bit on the gag at his hard groping touch.

"No point in lying to ya were gonna be real nasty."

Michelle didn't understand. What could they do? She began to realise moments later.

On a table was a candle and holder the flame glowed in the dim half light of the bedroom. Pa reached for the candle and carefully began dripping hot wax on her tits ends. The wax instantly hardened making her nipples burn with heat.

"Ooooooooh no shit uggggggggggggggg!"

At the same time Ma took her considerable weight and began to stamp on a foot pump like you might use on a camp bed. The pussy tube began to flex with air and Michelle felt the inexorable expansion of an orange size leather balloon deep inside her pussy shaft. After only a few panting pumps it was beginning to form a sphere pushing her walls out in all directions her muscles failing to resist.

"Oh nooooooo!" Her mind wailed feeling and seeing her pan flat groin swell.

Michelle's perspective on the evils of the world had suddenly become much darker.

Back in the Merryville shack Natasha was trying not to grunt in sensation. Her arms were bound her bra thankfully still on sweaty bosom heaving. The geeks had a sexy ankle each and had pulled her luscious legs apart her heels wriggling to no effect.

The slurping noise was as disgusting as the act. She could see down to her buttered slit the rifle barrel a good 6 inches up inside her. The gunman was twisting it around the cold barrel slowly matching her internal temperature. The shaft wasn't thick but it was steel rigid and as he slowly pumped it back and forth she felt at any time he could do her a serious damage up there.

"Yeah school teacher ride it," he sniggered his hand still on the trigger his face dripping spittle as he drooled as the babe groaned.

"Ug, ug, ug!"

"Oh God this can't be happening!"

She gritted her teeth her eyes fixed on his trigger her mind on the stiff rod twisting in her

"No please stop uhh uhh ohhhhhhh shit ohhhhhhhhhh"

He was pushing deeper angling higher the other man had a hand free and he eagerly twisted a buttered finger up her anus bending it inside her trying to get her to buck and gulp. The hard rod was one thing but the man's bony finger entering her virgin rear unchallenged made her nearly puke.

"Oh don't do that you filthy bastard!" She snarled knowing that her fiery retorts only seemed to make them hornier and more animated in their probing.

He leaned forward to get his tongue on her buttery clit licking just above where the barrel slid in and out finger still jabbing in her ass.

Slurpp, slurppp

Natasha began to moan in sensation and revulsion. The man was circling her clit with his tongue the rifle barrel creating cream foam as it slopped in and out.

"You fucking in bred bastards you'll pay for this!" She moaned her eyes rolling at the sensation and humiliation

They pushed her legs a wider apart making her grunt like a hog. " That's it she getting hot!"

"Come on ride, ride!" He hissed beginning to ram harder and faster.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhhh!" Natasha began to buck and grunt over and over the sweat pouring from her. Her eyes were on storks the rigid impalers end sight pressing up against her G-spot.

The licking man suddenly grabbed the barrel easing it out.

"I want to get ma tongue up her, lick out all that churned butter." He graphically explained feeding the barrel into her tight clenched anus.

"Do ya pumping up there while she dribbles her juices on my tounge."

Now the licking man had both hands pushing her thighs apart slurping and darting into her slit the gun man continue he barrel rut but this time up her tight rubbery anal shaft. He licked with his rough tongue at her entrance spreading the lips circling the bud allowing her to drip contents down his chin.

The rod up her ass was an incredible new sensation she felt her ass wanting to lift, pushing her mound into the man's face, grinding her open hole onto his grateful mouth.

"Oooooooooooooooo!" She shook her head looking at the gun man. "No it won't go its too hard I...I...Oooooooooooo!"

"Keep riding it honey, be a good girl or it might go off." He chuckled then he furrowed his brow. "I said ride it!"

Natasha began to scream and cuss as he rammed in hard and uncaringly.

"Jesus uh, uh, uh no, no, no!" The other man was biting firmly on her clit his hands pushing her legs so wide she thought she was a performing cheerleader.

"God stopppppppppppppppp!" she wailed he mound bouncing so much the groin man was struggling to keep his tongue inside her.

Patting from effort the geek slid the barrel slowly from her rear admiring the buttered filthy end. The other man also knelt back then stood. The gun man turned and mounted the gun on wall brackets and then they both un-clipped their boiler suits.

As the fabric fell away Natasha gave a gulp of surprise the men's flaccid cocks a good six inches while still arousing. She suddenly realised the hard thin barrel may have been the least of her troubles.

In the wood clearing and down in the farm cellar two more females were gazing in awe at the families prize asset. Sophie was struggling to contain the cops cock in her mouth. It had hardened and hardened with her ruby lipped attention and now it filled her cute oval pout fully. It was like a log; maybe 10 inches long the fat purple end now painfully tight the foreskin pulled back hard.

The cop had his hands gripping her black mane pulling her on to him

"Keep going," he hissed,"the interrogations going just fine."

He withdrew his length out of her gagging throat raising it up against the side of her nose nudging his cock tip into her eye socket. Then he gripped his shaft at the base slapping her hard across the face with the purple end.

She yelped at the rapid battering on her checks and nose.

"Nothing like a good cock whipping as ma old man would say." He laughed the disgusting slopping noise of flesh on flesh resonating in the forest.

He was hammering the fat truncheon hard against her face Sophie squealing trying to pull away.

"Slop! Slop! Slop!

"Ready to bend over yet?" He shouted, Sophie frantically nodding her face covered in spittle and pre come strands.

At the same time in the cellar Sandy had a different type of punishment to content with. The bucking twisting dominator was driving her crazy. Her clit was hard her juices undoubtedly flowing; not that she could feel them. The thing continued to pump her full of slime the stuff belching from around her weakening pussy lips. Her arms ached and she too heaved a bra covered bosom; bouncing like an ad mans dream on this crazy home made bronco.

"Ohhhhhhhhh it's going to shake me to bits!" Flashed her mind, "my ass is giving way anymore and I'll shit myself!" The bone shuddering vibration course up from her pelvis to her eyes her vision blurring a little. It made no wonder she had a wet disgusting ball gag in her mouth she'd have probably chattered her teeth to pieces by now.

In front of her she had to watch the maniac strip from his baggy trousers under sheaths of leather his cock had appeared and he shamelessly wanked himself to erection.

In her delirious state she thought she was seeing things his monster cock curving up to a good ten inches or more, massive bull like balls, the end glistening pink the spunk hole similar to his dominators cervix pounding end.

"Oh god," she thought the buzz cock feeling like it was trying to twist sideways in her. "I'll do it, I'll suck it, I'll fuck, I'll milk it dry, it just get me off this thing!"

Her head began to nod frantically her eyes staring into his masked eyes holes.

The thing understood. But instead of moving towards her it turned and staggered to the steps

"Oh shit no! Where's it going?"

It was leaving her clambering up the stairs its massive cock waving. It crashed through the rear doors out into the blazing sunlight. The tarpaulin truck was still parked there chugging away to itself the engine in idle all this time. As the maniac reached the rear of the flat loader he pulled back the tarpaulin

Sat the wrong way around on a high backed chair was the leggy Bianca. Her fantasy hips and waist were bound with a rope to the chair. The chair itself bolted to the flatbed floor. Bianca had a gag over her mouth her long hair bedraggled like a wild woman. Her Hollywood thighs were spread out as she straddled the chair. The thing was another Dominator; a vertical pounding dildo linked to the trucks drive shaft drawing power from the idling engine; buzzing and monotonously pumping up into her exhausted pussy hole. This one didn't pump come but instead the corkscrew cock length was constantly squirted with axel grease from a tiny tube, allowing hours of grease penetration.

Bianca was almost unconscious, deliriously hot pussy on fire, her drilling a never ending nightmare. She saw the maniac standing half in silhouette his massive erection hard and vertical against a leather pot stomach.

His eyes stared at her weakened green beauties. She looked at his cock again, then back to his face and she too nodded in desperation.


The sun was beginning its decent; the afternoon air hot and sticky over the Texas fields. Four college babes and their beautiful teacher had taken the wrong turn and now hours after the first crazy attack on that deserted back road they'd eventually found themselves split and in desperate need of help.

Miss Simms the groups sexy 30 something teacher had gone to get help, but only managed to run into trouble of her own.

Natasha had asked the help of two white trash brothers and now she had her hands bound behind her back with her body naked apart from the black bra and stiletto pink heels. She clenched her thighs together curling her hips to hide her modesty still seated in the old rocking chair not willing to try an escape. It would be pointless.

The two scrawny geeks stood in front of her boiler suits now stripped. Their freckled bleached white frames made their hereditary prize assets looked obscenely large, like some cartoon exaggeration.

Natasha looked open mouthed at the two men's waving erections. Each mans cock was 9 or even 10 inches long, impressively thick and firm , with the pale skin and downy hair giving them a adolescent appearance.

"Our family sure are proud of our cocks,"one of the men said smiling and winking to Natasha.

"Famed for em round these parts," added the other.

"All boys ya see. Ma and Pa wouldn't have it any other way."

He came closer gripping Natasha's cheeks; squeezing them into a full lipped pout. "But I sure would have liked a sister like you."

Both sniggered and admired her from long waxed legs up to her elegant neck and beautiful face.

Natasha shook free snarling back at them with brilliant teeth.

"You come near me again and I'll fucking bite that hand off. "

She kicked out with her legs the sweat pouring from her back. She was a real firecracker.

The men reeled back looking a little angry; even surprised.

"Now miss that's no fun ya hear! Me and my brother ain't keen on holding ya down all the time." His bro nodded rubbing his shin where Natasha's heeled toe tip had connected.

"Maybe you need some persuading first," one said scratching his chin. The other agreed and with that they both lunged towards the cursing goddess.

Natasha wriggled and kicked as she was lifted and dragged to her feet. With her hands behind her back it was impossible to put up any winnable battle. She screamed as one grabbed her ankles holding them together the other held her waist lifting her; carrying her towards the kitchen table.

They threw her onto it face down her bra held bosom pressing onto the wood surface.

"Uggggg you fucking..."


She gave a yelp as one slapped her upturned ass her long legs apart heels on the ground claves stretched, her muscles tensed like a cat about to leap.

But she was leaping nowhere one of the men pressing down hard on her shoulder blades while the other one gave her more spanking.




Natasha bucked and screamed each flat palmed hit making her tanned ass glow red Natasha giving a cock stiffening yelp of indignity with each blow. She tried to close her legs but the brute kicked her cute heels apart hitting her butt again in punishment

"Be still you bitch or we can spank ya all day."

The English teacher continued to scream and struggled the other man having to press down with his full body weight to stop her rearing up.

"What a fucking ass" the spanker said caressing then slapping then repeating the process over and over. And remembering her rifle barrel probing he added."Real slimy rear now that you're buttered up."

Natasha looked over her shoulder her red hair ruffled yet still looking saloon perfect.

"Oh God, oh no you fuck no please no I I Ugggggggggg!"

The brother had opened his blackened fridge producing a ribbed knobbled vegetable. About 6 inches long and thick like a massive yellow cigar. The man began to smear butter over it tapered bobbled end.

"Lets see how you are taking this corn cob up your ass." He said with a wicked wink.

Natasha tried again to close her legs but the man stepped between her heels opening his legs making her spread achingly wide. The other brother pressed down on the small of her back allowing her shoulder to rise Natasha's neck stretched like her head was trying to escape her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo!"

The rigid corn ribbed cob pressed against her anus and she screamed as the man pushed and pushed forcing the fat cold vegetable in; then past her sphincter.


She could feel the ridges bumping over her anal rim her hole widening and widening the thing been pushed in painfully hard.


The sensation eased a little the worst part over. She had the fat cob in her ass now her muscles still not believing but now coping. But only just...

"UGgggggg god its ugggg no stop oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The man pushed in till maybe 5 inches of cob had opened her void. Then he began to withdraw the ribbed shaft pulling on her inner flesh as she felt the sensation of shitting a solid hard turd.


She gritted her teeth her legs buckling in as the cob was almost removed. Almost; just the last tapered half inch kept her sphincter from squeezing shut.

He pushed back in this time faster making her grunt like a hog quickly pulling the cob back getting the same grunt from the different bowel evacuating sensation.

In again!




"Nooohhhhh ugh, eieeeee, ugh ugh awwwwwwww ugh, ugh, ugh!" Miss Simms began to yelp, pant, scream, beg all in one continuous buggered groan.

The men laughed cocks as stiff as poles, eyes fixed, tongues drooling as one pinned her to the table as the other began to fuck her ass with fast deep stabs of the corn cob.

In the valley below deep under the farm house Sandy was groaning and biting hard on her wet spunk gag. The little blonde was at the mercy of the bizarre leather clad maniac's sex machine. But as the incredible sensations had increased to almost breaking point he had disappeared.

Why had the maniac left her? She'd nodded to him! That was supposed to be the sign the old man had told her. She understood now; after a ride on this monster she'd fuck anything that moved to get off it.

Her pussy couldn't take much more of this mechanical pounding. Even with the ingenious ejaculating tip head in use her inside were becoming sore. Had he left her for hours of gasping horror? Her question was answered moments later as a taller version of her was helped down the stairs into the basement.

Sandy recognised the stunning blonde teen, it was Bianca her friend. She looked drawn; her thin face even more tight, her cheek bones sticking out, big expressive green eyes looking dazed. She was naked her film star figure glowing with sweat her rock hard tits like a stick on addition to her fine body.

Bianca held onto the maniac, nails gripping his leather gown as he half carried, half dragged her down to the cellar floor. The once aloof girl saw her classmate and best friend bound and suspended; forced to straddle the barrel shaped device. See could see the power cock buzzing and pounding up into the young woman's slit, black lubricant spilling out back into the wooden container. Bianca knew what she was going through having only just been released from her own "dominator."

"Oh God! Sandy! Sandy, no, no!" She cried her lips quivering her face one of knowing horror seeing her cute stocking friend bucking like on a bronco.

The huge beast let go of her hand and she collapsed to her knees as in prayer.

"Oh God sandy, it's a nightmare!"

The man, if that what he was; looked at Sandy as she gyrated and flexed trying to climb off the thumping cock but to no avail. She was again nodding; desperately looking into his eyes. Her thoughts were frantic.

"Anything; anything for fucks-sake GET ME OF THIS THING!!"

The maniac understood.

"Goooooooooood!" It drawled both women hearing the first understandable noise from its bloated lipped mouth

He picked up two large dog collars attached to lengths of chain. He clipped one around Bianca's neck and with a pair of pliers made sure the metal buckles were locked in place. Now even the young woman's desperate fingers could not unfasten it. Happy she was on ten foot a long chain. He approached Sandy.

The dominator shuddered to a halt Sandy limp on the tip like a worn out Christmas fairy. She felt the collar around her neck and in seconds she too was on a long metal leash.

Bianca was moaning to herself in deep despair as carefully the maniac unfastened Sandy's heels then ball gag until finally, using the pulley he haul her off the dominator.

"Ugggggggggggg!" Sandy cried with her newly freed lips, her arms taking the strain.

"Be quiet!" It growled its big hands tugging down making the cute teens body rise, until.


She was finaly extracted from the horrid pole cock.

"Ohhhhh thank fuck!" She groaned her chute free of the invader. As he lowered the pulley her black heels touched the ground, then her legs buckled and she was dropped into a exhausted heap.

Finally he unfastened her hands and she crawled on all fours towards Bianca.

"Kneel," it grunted dragging a chair in front of them sitting down, legs apart, cock upright against his leather stomach. He pulled both chains making the girls edge towards him

Sandy was thankful to be free of the spunk gag and tried to reason with it.

"Please why are you doing this?" She said her eyes looking sincere and so sexy.

"Suck!" It growled pointing to its rampant cock.

They didn't say another word in refusal just moaned in horror their eyes darting to each other then the monster cock. Neither wanting to go first.

Both young beauties were between his massive spread thighs the maniac holding both chain leashes in one hand his other able to command their heads and hands. It was easy for him to direct what he wanted. Each girl had a reluctant wrist pulled to his massive ball sack another to his cock length then once they were massaging his manhood he gripped Bianca's neck. She would be first to have to swallow his cock head.

The high school bitch didn't make eye contact her dark lashed eyes half close her full mouth opening to envelope his bulbous cock head. She had to open her mouth into a skin stretching yawn, so wide was his member. Sandy watched her eyes blinking at her friends slow but successful servicing of this maniac. Although exhausted and dirty Bianca still looked fabulous glowing tanned skin her blonde hair now dark rooted but so full and thick her tits like ripe fruit, nipples a light succulent pink.


The beast pulled her chain collar making her take deeper gulps Bianca's hands on his thighs pushing back. He gripped Sandy neck pulling her face over his cock Bianca rearing back with relief as he released her neck. The cock spat from her mouth spittle trailing from her lips Bianca coughing and spluttering but not uttering a word of defiance. Sandy unable to push back against such strength closed her own young eyes and with the same yawing mouth swallowed the monsters rod.

Sandy felt the creature pull her head down deeper and deeper onto his cock. She was struggling to breathe the seeping eye on her tonsils. She coughed and baulked but the maniacs hand kept a firm grip pushing her mouth further down around his length.

"Stop stop your choking her!" Cried Bianca the maniacs masked eyes suddenly locking on her trembling face

He groaned in delight and animal passion pulling Bianca to her naked feet.

"Oh god no please I don't want to fuck." She moaned trying to push away. "Not you. Not that fucking warty horrid cock."

Sandy was free of the massive tool now spittle drooling from her lips and she spluttered a crazed, desperate idea.

"Maybe, maybe he'll let us go then?"

The maniac didn't wait for the discussion to finish.

Bianca knew what he wanted, he was lifting her leg. He wanted her to straddle him, pushing Sandy back away his cock sprang upright like a flag pole and with his hand around Bianca's diminutive waist he hauled her onto his rampant rod, spreading her legs wide over his thighs making her straddle facing him her body slowly sinking onto his rod

"Oh god uhhhhhhhhh," she moaned unable to stop the inevitable.


She gave a long slow groan her pelvis sliding down to his hairy greasy base her lips spreading her tired canal opening to swallow the fore arm size cock.

As Bianca slid fully onto him her feet pressed on the floor she could lift herself up and down at will and the Maniac used his waist hugging arm to demonstrate what he wanted. She slowly began to fuck his cock lifting her hips letting the massive length slid half way out before resting back down.

"Oh sir is this what you want? Ugh is ughhhh it please ugh please don't uggggg hurt me!"

She felt his hand trail down her rear over her ass his fingers spreading her cheeks. Sandy gave a grunt of refusal as her collar was tugged towards her friend's sweaty crevice. The beast gripped the pig tails girls head thrusting it into Bianca's bouncing butt.

"Lick!" He ordered

Sandy mouth pressed against her friends little sphincter in one long forced kiss.

Bianca gave a grunt feeling her friend's tongue on her ass hole and searched her back thrusting perfect domes into the maniac's spittle drooling lips.

Sandy was shaking her head and trying to resist. But Bianca didn't want to anger him.

"Oh God Sandy just do what he wants, I can't go back on those things, "Bianca groaned, feeling her nipples sucked hard by rough greasy lips.

The beast's finger pushed down to her ass crack parting her cheeks so he could feel Sandy's tongue pressing on the sensitive rear hole.

Bianca began to moan the deep thrust of his cock filling her young tight tunnel. She rose and fell the warty cock tugging at her lips the head pushing hard against her cervix like the awful buzz cock he had used before. She felt like a total whore, her ass feeling her young friends tongue, big fingers keeping her cheeks wide; other hands groping her tits pressing a dirty digit in her mouth his eyes staring in her as she groaned and grunted astride him

"Uhh, uh, uh, uh, awwwwwww!"

Suddenly with incredible strength he lifted his bucking slave and Bianca gave a yelp as he twisted her around her long legs flailing out almost knocking the kneeling sandy over. The beast gripped her hits with one hand holing her up his other hand parting her thighs Bianca now straddling facing away towards sandy.

Oh oh he's gonna. OoooooooH!"

"Ugg uggggg! Ohhhhhhhhhhh agggggggggggg!" He thrust up against her licked ass at the same time lowering her.

"Ugggggggggggggg!" Bianca gave a painful cry as her penetrated her ass

No no no ugggggggg oh god ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! His massive cock ramming up opening her sphincter, her leathery walls yielding with protests as she took as good six inches of his fat rod .

"Ohh Jesus ugggggggggggggggg!"

The beast gripped her thighs with a monster hand each, pulling them apart allowing her arms to try and hold herself up. But it was no use she slid the full length down onto the rectum filling cock


The beast pushed his thighs wide forcing her legs even further apart her toes just touching the floor. He slit was wide and open the lips looking loose and well exercised. A wet tunnel visible up into her.

Sandy was rearing away horrified but the beast pulled her back. She knew what he wanted. Her head was tugged between her thighs until her nose and lips pressed on Bianca's sweaty sex. She would have to lick her best friend's pussy out while he fucked up into her ass.

The maniac began to ram up off his seat making Bianca scream and thrash. Sandy's head pressed against the wet snatch the noise of the pumping anal monster ringing in her ears

Phut! Phut! Phut! Phut!

The teen goddess was screaming now her head shaking in refusal her body unable to beat such strength

"No no uhgg too much uggggggggg no no aggggggg god no your ugggggggggg killing me!"

But he wasn't just fucking her ass to within an inch of endurance. Long hard deep thrusts Bianca feeling the cock tip ram deep in her gut, his hands on her tits his tongue licking her neck, her friend mouth pressed against her slit.

"No, no, no, nuggggggggggggggggggg!"

She was bouncing up and down screaming her head off tits like hard domes her eyes wild. Her body and mind had been exhausted now this new intense fucking was motivating her to try harder fight back, resist but it was all in vain.

"Oh God stop ugh ugh stopppppppppp!"

Suddenly he'd let go off Sandy and the girl pulled back gasping herself

He gripped under Bianca's thighs pulling her legs up and out now all she e could do was sit hard down on his pole. He began to lift her body up and down fucking his cock with her body lifting the allowing her to drop hard onto him ramming the cock to the hilt

"Ugh, ugh, ugh ugggggg!" She was drooling and gasping her eyes rolling in a daze.

"Oh God sandy I can't take any more!" She wailed. But Sandy just knelt her face shocked and unable to respond.

Moments later Bianca had passed out and just slumped there as he bucked upwards. The maniac lifted her from his cock and stood his cock waving like a dark medieval weapon. He thrust Bianca to her knees holding her golden blackened mane. Bianca head was drooping, her senses slowly coming around. She pushed up with her arms her tits squeezed together in a photo shoot pose and he gripped his cock at the base slapping it across her half conscious face.


He bellowed as his dick began to explode.

Massive spurts of viscous white filth began to shoot. Bianca face was been showered with strands of jelly come. Two, three four enormous ejaculations the high cheek boned snooty bitches face now an iced cake white mass of semen. Chunks in her eyes sockets and frothing bubbles at her nostrils, her dark lashes covered in snow-like specks, her mouth open strand of come dripping and cris-crossing her beautiful pout like a manic spiders efforts.

Seeing her friend almost drowning in come Sandy gasped over and over, hyperventilating with horror.

It would be her turn next!

A few miles away in the intense heat of the undergrowth the air was full of indignant grunts and yelps.

Sophie was on all fours; knees in the dirt hands clawing in the soil. The cop had removed her knickers and as he knelt behind hard against her butt the pleated college skirt hid the mind popping pounding she was getting. Each thrust forward made the raven beauty give an animal grunt her eyes crossing her rimmed glasses falling down her nose. The cop had earlier hooked her sweater over her neck to expose her melons and with each deep thrust her tits swung forward and then backwards like huge love pendulums; the sore nipples pink and long like a laden cows udders.

"Uggggggg, uggggg, uggggggg ugggggggg!"

Sophie gritted her teeth unable to stop her grunting. She knew he was loving her moans but she found it impossible to stop.

His cock was like a battering ram. God it was big, maybe 10 inches and thick too. It curved slightly up making the fat squeezed penetration as intense as she could imagine.

"Uggggggggg! No no ugh ugh!" She gasped looking over her shoulder hair cascading down big blue eyes innocent and pleading

"Ug stop its too hard uggg uggggggg!"

But he just kept up the steady brisk rutting his hands clenching her tight waist every so often groping a swinging tit tugging the nipple like he was indeed milking an udder

"That's it miss good girl uggg good girl!" He coughed, his brow covered in sweat his unbuckled pants at his knees. "You be a good girl for daddy!" He teased drawing his cock to the tip allowing her pussy flaps to begin closing before sliding al the way back in; as tight a fit and as powerful as a piston in a cylinder.

"Ohhhhhhhh uggggg, ug, ug, ug!" Sophie just wanted him to stop but his stamina was excellent so was his self control.

"Com'on bitch you can do better than that." He laughed gripping her arms pulling them back at the wrists so now she just knelt, her tits swinging freely her shoulder aching as he held her arms behind her shoulders like some big titted suspension bridge.

"Ug, ug,ug,ug,ugggggggggggg!" He began to thrust faster, still the long almost exiting strokes, but much faster.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh godnnnn ooooooooohhh ugh, ugh, ugh, ugggggggg!" She was wailing and thrashing, her mouth the ruby red oval, her teeth gleaning as she bit hard at the gut turning penetration.

"I'm gonna come inside you tight pussy you hot little slut." He shouted as his cock becoming a blur.

"Uggggggggg nooooooooo please please!" She screamed aware she wasn't on the pill, her pussyfeeling like he was trying to climb all the way inside.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah that's it that's it!" He groaned, his ass juddering like a farm machine," all the way in, all the way up!" He laughed.


Both made the same convulsing gargle.

The cop felt his balls tightened his tubes flood and one, two, three then four powerful orgasmic spurts of come. The busty brain box suddenly felt her hot pounded pussy awash with lubricating and cooling liquid, her cervix deep inside squelching with spunk and nudging cock head.

He rammed harder still, three, four more times, Sophie's tits slapping hard together up against her chin; the girl exhausted only held up by her suspended arms. And when final he released her wrists she collapsed face first into the dirt.


He withdrew his long glistening cock, come trailing with it and gave her white ass a hard slap as he stood up.

"Now we know whose boss I reckon we're gonna get along just fine."

"Please can I go now?" She whimpered in a confused pathetic voice. She still struggled to understand how and why. Maybe it was her fault, did cops do stuff like this?

He buckled his belt Sophie still panting for air. Before she could say a word he pulled her arms behind her back again and re cuffed her.

"Back in the car miss," he laughed, "interrogation over... For now."

Back in the bedroom of the old colonial farm house Michelle could hear grunts and occasional yelps from the cellar as the maniac dealt with her two friends. Michelle on the other hand couldn't scream. Sure she wanted to but the rubber ball gag just absorbed her bites and the only noise she could make was a muffled desperate noise.


Her eyes were so wide they looked like they would pop from her head.


The pa and old crone sniggered and taunted as they continued their games

First the candle wax on the tits, Michelle excellent domes now like snow covered peaks her rock hard nipples encased in drying wax.

Michelle was in a surreal dream world. Nothing made sense; why, how, who? So many questions but unable to speak she could hardly reason, and the burning wax on her nipple ends had focused her attentions very quickly.

But that was only the beginning. The crazy couple had now moved onto the ball. An inflatable rubber ball pushed into her pussy then pumped to the size of a fist.

The first inflation had been the worse experience of her life. The sensation of growth; the dawning horror and understanding of what was to come had her mind swimming. Embarrassment, pain, humiliation, despair had all mixed into one and Michelle wished so much to be back at the road side cart wheeling in front of boys again.

Ma and pa were both pulling at the strong rubber tube. They must have done this ten times now and her pussy was getting weaker and more elastic each time.

"That's it baby it's bigger again but I know you'll just deliver it like all the rest."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmfffff!" She arched her back legs at right angle tied to furniture her tits bound in rope

"Push you bitch; pop it out onto the bed like all the rest." Pa had been delighted with her efforts so far. He wondered how big a ball so would eventually be able to manage.


With that they both tugged with grimaces on their faces and as Michelle bucked, her pussy widened and with a greasy noise the big apple size balloon was delivered on the bed.


Old hands moved to her pouting pussy pressing and opening their handy work looking up into her pink love canal.

"Not as tight as you use to be eh?" Pa giggled and he stroked his old skeletal hand as in thought.

Ma stroked Michelle hair and cheek the girls eyes terrified. Pa wheeled himself to each stretched ankle and unbuckled her. She was still tied at the wrist , hands over her head and with the fat ma knelt on her flat tummy she couldn't move anywhere. Ma threw the rope through a rafter and looped it down and then tied her long legs together at the ankle the bound them to the rafter noose. She stood back and her and pa tugged the rope down pulling Michele legs up to the ceiling her back raised ass off the bed shoulder carrying her weight onto the mattress arms till attached to the head board.

Pa lifted himself onto the bed and sat at her upturned tanned rear.

She couldn't see him but felt the cold metal spout been slowly pushed into her anus. The man had greased the tip and as the spout widened to a funnel he ease it in bit by bit. Once the funnel was firm against her cheeks he took a rubber belt wrapping it around her upturned waist clipping it to either side of the funnel.

Now the thing was hooked onto her bottom the funnel spout a good six inches into her rectum slowly tapering as it went.

Ma," the old man said holding Michelle fabulous ass as if admiring a picture. Go rustle up so real runny porridge." He laughed Michelle wriggling and making muffled protest. "And make sure it's nice and warm!"

Michelle's thoughts repeated over and over. "Miss help, where are you Miss Simms?"

The cellar maniac appeared spent; his cock deflated still dripping long strands of post come. But there would be no let up in this house.

He still stood towering over the exhausted Bianca. He spun around and searched for the spunk gag Sandy had been wearing.

"No no please I did what you...uggggggg!" Bianca struggled as he forced a gag into her mouth her face still dripping come her body covered in perspiration, hair matted with ejaculation and other bodily liquids.

Tying her hands behind her back he dragged her to a row of cages no bigger than dog kennels forcing her in on all fours locking the bars behind her.

"Oh God," cried Sandy straining at the limits of her chain length the metal rattling as she tried to move the stairs, "were fucking trapped here!"

The maniac looked back and nodded enthusiastically.

"Hee! Hee! Hee!"

His insane laughter scared her more than his idiotic, infantile one words commands.

Now he could concentrate on her. He pulled the chain forcing her to stand and as she struggled he pulled her to him. She was diminutive but full figured; overlarge pink nippled breasts, great ass and thighs with shapely white stocking pins. She was still in her heeled black college shoes her calves stretched and sexy and that cute pigtailed bobbed blonde hair made his blood course through his veins.

He groped her melons hard lifting and twisting spinning her, gripping her ass admiringly examining his catch. Her flesh was full but firm she had bulges in all the right places. He looked around... "he had another dominator for this one."

Sandy began to scream. The machine had two long metal storks with nipple clamps on the end and instantley she knew these snail like storks would vibrate like a hammer drill.

Why? Why her? This machine would dominate her in a completely new and humiliating way. She wrestled and tried to resist, praying for the mad man to get hard again so he could fuck her and allow her some respite.

She knew her teacher was still out there trying to get help and like Michelle upstairs her thoughts weighed heavily on Miss Simms saving the day.

As Sandy was strapped and clamped into position she thankfully had no idea of the beautiful redhead teachers unfolding mountain shack ordeal.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

The punishment on Natasha anus was unrelenting. She was hoarse from screaming and yelping and now all she could do was grit her teeth and grunt loud high pitched noises.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhhhhh!"

Her legs felt like they could give way the cob pounding making her ass feel numb. The man had not reduced or increased his speed in fifteen minutes the cob like some machine pushing all the way in then pulling almost out making her muscles squeeze to extract it yet at the last second be overcome by strong manly hands pushing back in.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

The men were transfixed; even they had lost track of time watching the yellow cob blur in and out seeing her ass bounce and wiggle her knees touching heels doing a tap dance on the floor.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

The one pinning her could feel she had weakened and now only lightly held her in place. She was still thrashing her head but she knew she couldn't get up. By now it was only for show and both she and the men knew it.

Her ass even buttered still didn't really accept the intrusion and the sensation and pain still there and not seeming to diminish.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

She could believe that if they fucked her all day with the knobbled hard food she'd still be grunting at midnight.

"Please, please, no more ugh, ughh no more ugghhhhhhhhhhhh"

His thrusting had started to get deeper and deeper his enthusiastic lust taking over reasoning and she was scared he would loose it up her.

"No, no stop please stop stop!" She shrieked feeling the thing begin to slip away from his hand her muscles sucking the length inside her.

He stopped half thrust, just in time.


Natasha closed her eyes blushing red as her anal muscles did their thing forcing the hard wet cob out of her hole landing with a dirty thud on the floor.

She felt her bra been unclasped and her body allowed to straighten a little. The lace came away allowing her full firm tits to breathe. Her brown nipples were hard with the rubbing on the wood her olive skin glistening with sweat the perfect smooth domes making the sweat run into rivulets down her perfect circumferences. As she rear up her tits held their place resisting gravity, pointing towards rotting timber walls.

She felt her hands been untied her wrists unwound from rope.

"Now listen bitch," Came an order, "any more fighting and we'll fuck you for another 20 with an even bigger cob."

Natasha nodded gripping the table edges with her hands, still bent over, knees tired, heels wobbling,. She couldn't take another session of this.

The one who'd been using the cob pushed his groin behind her his hand directing his now rampant cock towards her pussy. The man was on fire the sight of her anus spitting and gulping that thick thing for so long a sight unimaginable. And the groans and grunts. She'd really hated it; hated the cob, hated the bent over position, hated the two ugly hilly billy geeks sweating to high heaven knowing that there was no way to stop them getting their fat cocks all the way up inside her when they decided.

Jezzzzz he was stiff! And he let her have it!

"Ugggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Natasha gulped and she had groaned embarrassingly loud as he began to slide up inside her pussy. His cock felt as big as it looked but her shaft widened allowing him to delve further and deeper.

"Uggggggggg!" she grunted again feeling his tip push to her limit his waist almost pressing on her bent over ass cheeks.

He rocked back and forth building up speed his strokes getting longer.

"Uggggggggggg ug ug ug ug ug"

The table was shaking and creaking mixing with the teachers loud animal grunts. Each thrust forward her mouth formed a dry lipped pout a intense bellow of gut intense sensation her eyes opening ever so wide dark lashes flaring. Her nails bite into the soft wood top her ass making a dirty wet slapping noise as his pelvis thrust against it.

His hands slid down from her tight wiast feeling her ribs tracing up underneath to her two hard tits.

She bit her lip as his hands began to squeeze her mounds , twisting and massaging, his cock ramming into her hole her knees pressing in together the legs of the table looking as shaky as her own well turned pins.

"Ug! Ug! Ug! Ug! Uggggggggg!

Natasha felt his cock lifting her wiast making her toes almost leave the floor. The table was beginning to sway with the hard thrusts and the red head began a long teeth clenched snarl.


The table gave way the legs bucking mid thrust the woman and her rider falling down onto the collapse pile of wood with a crunch!

The man fell on top of her his cock sliding almost out but he kept fucking, pulling her waist up making her get on all fours over the crumpled wood splinters.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

She was like a chugging farm yard machine a long continuous grunting session the cock sliding in and out, the teachers now getting into the rhythm her face expressing the deep massive ruts forward, the relief of a suggested removal only for the cock to ram in at the very last second again.

He began to pant his ass bouncing up and down at breajkneck speed.


She felt him twist her tits almost all the way around as he release a long strand of chucky semem up against her cervix the second spurt like his bell end had exploded in pent up pressure.

"Ohh God uggggggggggg!" She groaned sensing the torrent inside her.She felt like a quickly filling jug.

But she knew it was only half over. His brother had been sat on the bed end legs apart huge erection in his hand as he stroked himself watching the display. He'd looked deep onto her eyes as his bro had hammered away and gave a satisfied, amorous groan seeing her pupils dilate as she experienced the fucker's ejaculation.

"Now my turn," he gleefully said standing up looking at the bed, deciding how to take her.

"On the bed babe, lay on your back!" he ordered.

Natasha struggled to stand firm hands gripping her throwing her on the bed. She rolled onto her back pushing her self up towards the bed end, the man climbing on the linen like an approaching panther.

As he climbed up her his cock slid along her shins and thigh getting closer to its target.

She felt his body fitting with her as his cock slid up her soaking wet pussy. She gave another moan of embarrassed, arousing penetration. Her clit was hardening her lips tender to the warty monster.

Her hand s gripped his back and waist trying to hold onto some kind of dignity. Some kind of resistance. But it was no use. She was been fucked against her will mercilessly in a dirty mountain shack by two in bred deviants and she was starting to come. She had felt it rising, as she panted , moaned and gasped her head focused on one thing. She was going to come.

"Ug,ug no, no, no ugh ugn, no no!"

Her voice was getting higher and higher. Her thighs were raise long legs hooking around his bouncing ass, trying to hold it in, trying to keep the thrusts at bay.

"Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

She was bouncing on the bed the man almost thrown from her his hand eagerly twisting her tits nipples like corn cobs themselves.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fucckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Her pussy was exploding the muscles gripping and swallowing trying to take the ten inches deeper, deeper to her womb. Her eyes were tight shut her face screwed up in ecstasy and hideous ashamed horror.


Her lips parted in a satisfied exhale her body still pounding hard aginst the bed board as the man thundered home.

"Oh yes that's it I'm gonna let it fly baby, then it's off to the old farm stead for you bitch."

"Yes, yes yes oh oh!"

He withdrew in one long slimy motion straddling her chest thrusting his cock between her cleavage


He began to fire arch's of come over her mounds, under her chin, onto her nipples and sweaty shoulder blades


Her chest was swimming in white eruption the stink filling her nostrils the mans hand smearing in into her firm tits, pushing his wet sticky fingers into her mouth, Natasha now coming to her senses spluttering and coughing as his digits pressed on her tongue.


In the bedroom Michelle was thankful to be finally free of her gag. It made her pointless screams at least easier to do

"Eeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit shit no no uggggggggggggggg!"

The warm, very warm slime was filling her bowel. The porridge was slowly draining inside her the funnel making gluging noises from time to time as air escaped and liquid filled its place

"Uggggggggggggg Jesus stop stop please!" Michelle cried.

The mad couple had decide suspending her legs from the ceiling could be improve on now she still remained on her back, tits roped hands tied to the bed board but also her legs had been pushed back and down to her tummy knees either side of her bound tits her feet at her shoulder toes touching either ear. With rope and expertise she had been trussed into this ass high bent double position.

"Ugggggggggggggg!" The funnel pointed straight up like the crowning summit of a perverse human statue.


Ohhhhhhhhh fuck fuck I can't take it uggggg I'm gonna....

She wanted to shit it all out but with the funnel like a plug all se could do was squeeze tight around the tapered shaft

Ma heard the friendly wail of her son's police siren as his trooper car approached. She increased her efforts, pouring the remaining slime into Michelle's anal funnel.

"Quickly Pa, "she said waving her hand to motivate him. Let's get this one dressed and all sealed up before he gets here."

end of part 1

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