I was doing some drinking with my friends in my basement bar when my 12 year old adopted daughter came down. My wife and I adopted her as a baby from Korea. My wife and I had divorced about a year ago and Kimmy lives with me. She came down, wanting to hang out with us, but I told her to stay upstairs, this was no party for little girls. Me and my 4 buddies were drinking, shooting pool and bitching about the women in our lives, or the lack thereof. Kimmy went back upstairs like she was told, but she came back down about an hour later. By then we were pretty drunk and getting a little rowdy. When little kimmy came back down again, sticking her nose into our fun, I decided to teach her a lesson in obedience. I grabbed her arm and threw her across my lap and proceeded to lift her skirt and give her a spanking. After just a couple swats she was struggling so to told my friends to hold the little brat down for me. They sat on either side of me on the sofa, one grabbed her arms, holding them behind her back, and two held her by her ankles. The fourth just knelt in front of me holding her waist. Little Kimmy was firmly in place now, completely unable to move. I rested my hand on her little ass and adjusted her skirt so it wasn’t in my way. She was wearing a tight pair of white satin panties that shimmered in the black lights that I had throughout the basement. One of the guys commented on what a cute little ass she had, and I caressed it gently, smiling at the boys as I did so. Kimmy tried to struggle again but was unable to get away from the five grown men that were holding her down. The two guys holding her feet were actually holding them apart, and the more she struggled, the further her legs were spread. I gave a few more swats on her ass and then began sliding my hand over her tiny buns, rubbing in circles and then I slid my hand down between her legs cupping her little mound. I grinned at my buddies and told them to have a feel. They each took turns feeling her sweet little ass, running their big hands up and down her bare legs, and slipping their fingers along her slit. I told the guys to put her legs together as I slid her panties down and off. She was trying to scream so I stuffed her panties into her mouth. We all got a good look at that naked ass and pussy now, spreading he ass cheeks wide, exposing her tight asshole. The guys spread her legs as wide as they could so we could see her dark smooth pussy lips open wide. We moved Kimmy from the sofa to the pool table so we could get a better look. We had her face down, spread eagle over the table, taking turns licking and fingering her cunt. When we flipped her over, one of the guys ripped her shirt open, showing us her little dark titties. He was pinching her nipples, pulling on them until they were hard and erect. I was sucking on her cunt while he was doing this and she was getting wetter by the minute. The little whore was actually enjoying this. I pulled her panties out of her mouth, telling her to be quiet and do what she was told of she would really get something to complain about. She started to scream but I slapped her across her face and she stopped. I told her to stand up on the pool table and strip the rest of her clothes off. When she hesitated, I told the guys to strip her, which they did. She was lying on the green felt, trying to curl up. I dragged her to the floor, standing her up and forced her to put her hands on her head, kicking her legs apart. Now just stand there and let the guys get a good look at you. Well guys, go ahead and have a feel I told them, and one by one they took their turn running their hands all over her tiny naked body. They even forced their tongues into her mouth, kissing her roughly. While they were doing that, I was stripping down myself. I sat on the sofa; bring her here boys I said sitting with my legs spread wide. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight up. I want her lips sucking on my shaft guys, make it happen. They forced the little girl to her knees, twisting her arm behind her back and using her black hair to force her head toward my waiting cock. Her lips were being forced open by my hardon but she kept her teeth clenched. Suck it bitch jack hissed at her, and he twisted her arm until she screamed and when she did he shoved her mouth down on my cock. Her mouth stretched wide around my shaft as her head was shoved harder, forcing her to take more cock into her mouth. Jack still held her by her hair as he shoved her face up and down and we all listened closely as she choked and gagged on her first cock sucking lesson. Larry stripped down and positioned himself behind her, grabbing her tiny hips and lifting her up higher. Fuck the whore I said as he pushed his fat cock into her cunt. I took her hair from Jack and continued to fuck her mouth as the guys got naked and waited for their turn. I told jack to grab a glass from the bar, telling the men to cum in the glass not in her pussy. Larry was really pumping away in her tight smooth pussy, slamming his cock deep inside her. Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed the glass and shot his load into it. He got up and Jack took his place, fucking the little asian slut hard and fast. I let go of Kimmy’s hair, telling her to keep sucking daddy’s cock like a good whore. I smoothed back her hair as she obeyed. Telling her what a good little slut she was turning out to be as she sucked my cock as Jack was filling her cunt with his cock. He had her by the hips, just ramming his meat into her violently. He couldn’t take it anymore and he emptied his cock into the glass. I told the other two to wait a second and I stood up and told her to take a deep breath bitch cause daddy is gonna fuck your face like they did your cunt. I grabbed her hair in both hands and force fed my cock into her face. Fucking her hole just like a cunt. Bucking my hips I buried my seed into her throat as I came, choking her with it. I pulled my cock from her mouth and rubbed it all around her face, lick it whore I commanded, and she obeyed. She wasn’t trying to get away or stop us anymore. Lay down Steve I said and I lifted Kimmy up and positioned her over his cock, get ready baby I said, then I dropped her with her legs wide open, ramming Steve’s cock all the way inside her young cunt. I told Tony to stand in front of her and then ordered her to suck his cock. She never hesitated, reaching up and grabbing it, pulling it to her lips and slipping her little mouth around his cock. Yeah, that’s right baby, you can come down anytime you want to now. Just be prepared to service the guys from now on you little slut. Steve said he was gonna cum so Tony backed off and I handed Steve the glass. When he finished, the highball was almost half full. I told the guys to sit back so we could all enjoy watching Tony fuck my little girl. He bent her over and slipped his cock into her pussy and when he stood up, she was impaled with her legs dangling. She would have fallen forward but Tony had her titties in the Palms of his hands feeling them get harder by the minute as he bounced her up and down on his cock. We were all stroking, watching the show and shooting cum into the glass when he dropped her and grabbed it and finished filling it with his seed. Kimmy was lying exhausted on the floor. I told her to go upstairs and get dressed for bed and then come back down. We got dressed while we waited for her to get back. When she did, I told her to sit at the bar and placed the glass full of cum in front of her. Ok baby I said, her is your bedtime drink. I grabbed her hair, forcing her head back and told her if you don’t drink every drop, then we are just going to have to fill it again. But the next time it will take a lot longer. I let her go and we stood around the bar to watch. She took the glass in her little hands and put it to her lips. When she grimaced and hesitated, I unzipped my fly and thee others followed suit. She found some courage at that point, sucking some of the thick liquid into her mouth. She swallowed the first taste and then sucked another mouthful of cum, almost gagging on that one. Keep going baby I said, zipping my pants up again. She continued at that pace, one mouthful at a time, until the glass was empty. That’s a good girl Jack told her and we all gave a pat on her ass for a good night except me. As I slid my hand down the front of her pj pants, I whispered into her ear. That was nice baby, but daddy is going to want some more in the morning, squeezing her sore, wounded cunt in my hand. I kissed her ear and told her to run along to bed.

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look hes not sick if he doesnt act on is a FANTASY' so dont be stupid you fuckers

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meh goodish story line but it could be tons better... atm it's pretty shit and you really need to practice your writing skills

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i loved it omg

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fucker it sucks


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Yeah right!! It wasn't so nice..... Rape is sucks!! 0.9/10

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