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Part 3

I now went to that Public washroom more often than before, looking for Arnold, but I didn’t met him. Instead of meeting Arnold again I ran into Leo….

I had to notice him as he stood at my side by the urinal. My eyes popped nearly out of my head when I saw what he had to offer.

A few Minutes later the red station-wagon stood near me and behind the wheel was the red-haired man. He looked at me, laughed and let the antenna of his car-radio go in and out. I had to laugh too. It was a very outstanding way to tell me what he had in mind. I got into that car. It was no question what would follow.

„Hello, I am Leo“, said the red-haired man with a grin. „Oh, the lion“, I replied before I said my name. We didn’t talk anymore. In silence we drove to Leo’s place.

In the stairway I couldn’t get my hands off Leo. I grabbed his dick through his trousers. He had a nice hardon. “Do you let fuck ?” Leo asked with his nice Italian accent. I nodded enthusiastic. Yes, I loved to get fucked up my ass!

„Do U tak Poppas ?“, Leo asked me. I just didn’t know how to answer. I have heard about poppers but had never taken some. „Hm, U hav to. It makes u extra horny!“, Leo said as he opened the door.

He shoved me through the door. “The bed-room is right there.”, he said, pointing to a door opposite of theentrance, “go in there.”. I looked around. Opposite from the bed was a big mirror.

„Come, undress !“, said Leo and opened his pants to get his monster-cock out.
“Come here, lick, u little pig!”, said Leo and offered me his cock when I sat naked on his bed. “Damned, that thing was big ! It was a beautiful cock, long and very thick, slightly bent upward, crowned with a small cockhead, uncircumcised and surrounded by red hair.”

I let my tongue swirl around the nice head. The cock smelled good and tasted even better. Hmmmm, I had to have this cock in me !

Leo then held a cotton-clad in front of my nose. I guessed it was the poppers, that he had talked about earlier. I just smelled on that cotton, but Leo put one of his fingers against my nostrils, held that cotton under the other and told me to inhale deep, then hold my breath for a few seconds and then exhale through the nose. He then did that again with my other nostril. After the first deep breath my heart began to hammer. I felt as if the whole world was turning around me, well to be exact turn around my anus.

Never before I had felt that empty back there.

„Please, fuck me.“, I pleaded. I was horny like never before.

Well, Leo did what I asked for.

He fucked me and filled my ass with his hot cum. He used me. He told me to kneel on the bed and to lift my ass. Then Leo mounted me. He fucked me until he came and he spilled his spunk in my bowels.

He didn’t care if I came or not, if I was satisfied or not.. He used me as his little fuck-toy and I liked it. I liked to be used, treated like a whore. I loved my asshole stretched and fucked rough until it gaped a lot. Every time I had an itch for a hard ass-fucking I went to Leo, and it was quite often.

„Wud U like more than one cock ?“, Leo asked me one day when I showed up at his place to get fucked. Sure, I liked more than one cock ! I wanted it bad.

I undressed myself in the living-room , knelt wordless on the carpet in front of Leo who sat motionless and watched tv. I fished out his big, hard cock and started sucking. I tried to get as much cock as possible down my throat. The big cock tasted so wonderful. I loved to go down on him. I always had a hardon when I knelt naked in front of Leo, making love to his magnificent cock, licking his big hairy balls. My nipples always got hard like pebbles. Goosebumps covered my whole body. When Leo asked me about more than one cock I looked up at him and nodded yes, his cock still in my mouth.

Leo grinned while he put his big hand on my scalp and pressed my face deeper in his crotch and his cock deeper in my mouth. With his right hand he fished for the small brown bottle. He opened it carefully. A sharp aroma filled the room. I became addicted to that stuff.

Leo placed the little bottle upright and took a paper-hanky, put it over the opening of the bottle, pressed his index-finger against the paper-hanky and shook the bottle. The he held the piece of paper under my nose.

„Please, Leo, fuck me !“, I moaned and inhaled deeply, held my breath for a moment and then exhaled.

„U no what to do, don’t u ?“, asked Leo and looked at me until I looked down and nodded yes.

Yes, I knew exactly what he wanted!

I crawled on all four in the middle of the room, wiggling my ass in lewd invitation, lifted my ass high in the air and bend my upper half down until my hard nipples where touching the rough carpet, then I pulled my ass-cheeks with both hands aside so Leo could see my little dark hole, my stiff cock and my shaved balls. My little dick was rockhard from anticipation.

„That’s right. “, said Leo, got up, spat himself in the hand, rubbed his saliva on his cockhead and thrusted his big hard dick deep in my ass.

„Ouch!“, I gasped.

„U need it a little ruff !“, said Leo and grabbed my hips. “Up with ur hot little ass !“ Leo fucked that still tight hole. Again and again he thrusted his big hard cock in that little rosebud. Yes he hurted me, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed to get used, to get abused and the feeling of my stretched backdoor getting filled totally. Again Leo held the fabric under my nose and again I inhaled.

The room seemed to spin around me, around my stretched ass. The pain subsided and Leo could take me like he would have taken a female. I enjoyed his hard, his powerful thrusts up my ass. Suddenly it was over. Leo filled my ass with his sticky seed, then he withdraw and went into the bathroom to clean himself. It was like every time he used me and I came back for more.

I was hot ! I wasn’t satisfied. I picked the small brown bottle, soaked a hanky with that liquid und inhaled the aroma. With my left hand I pulled and twisted my hard nipples while I masturbated with my right hand. It didn’t take long for me to cum - on Leo’s carpet.

In this moment Leo came into the livingroom and saw the surprise.

He was on me in a flash, grabbed my neck and and twisted my arm, pinned me to the ground. “You are hurting me !”, I protested, but Leo was much stronger than me.

„U lick now ! The whole mess !“, he ordered me and pinned me down. Sure I had the chance to fight him but secretly I had dreamed of this situation often.

Sure, I tasted my own semen often to enjoy the taste and texture of it but no one had ever watched me doing this. Nobody ordered me to do such weird thing and nobody had forced me to lick my own cum - until now

I stuck out my tongue to licked all of my ejaculate. It was so humiliating! I loved every second of it.

Leo got another hardon emidiately and so he fucked me again, before he ordered me to leave.

I felt so humiliated, so abused but I loved it and I knew that I would be back for another hard fucking.

Another day when I was horny as hell again I went to Leo to get fucked, but when Leo opened the door I noticed that he had a guest. He didn’t introduce me to his guest and he didn’t tell me the guests name, but after a while out of the blue he asked his guest: „Would U like to fuck him ?“

Leo’s guest just nodded his approval. “U want to get fucked, or not ?”, Leo then asked me. I nodded. “Then undress !”, Leo said and began to unbutton his shirt.

I followed his example and were naked within seconds. Leo’s guest was next and then Leo was naked too.

„Come here, take that cock in your mouth !“, Leo said. I obeyed imediately. I needed a big hard cock in my mouth and there it was. I wanted even my yaws stretched. I noticed how big the cock of Leo’s guest was. I havent seen some cock that long until this day! It was a good eleven inches long and two in diameter. I had to open my mouth wide to get it in. While I sucked that long cock enthusiastically Leo had soaked two cotton-clads with poppers and stuck them up my nose. With a big cock filling my mouth I could only breathe through my nose. Whenever I breathed through my nose I had to inhale the drug and a few seconds later I felt as if my body was on fire. My head was in a daze and the room seemed to turn around me. I felt like drifting on a wave of pure lust.

„Sucks good, didn’t I tell u ?!”, Leo asked his guest. The guest nodded agreeing and closed his eyes to enjoy my sucking-skills.

It seemed to me that these two horny guys had talked about me.

„Don’t talk so much, Leo, fuck me, please !” I moaned. „Come on, then spread those cheeks for me!”, Leo growled. I pulled my ass-cheeks apart with both hands and presented Leo my tight puckered hole. Leo put his knob at my tight entrance and thrusted in while he pressed my head merciless in the crotch of his visitor.

The long thick cock of the visitor went deeper in my mouth as I would have dreamt about in my wildest dreams. I felt as if I had to vomit, but I took the whole thing deeper and deeper down my throat. I tried to breathe through my nose, but sll I smelled was the smell of poppers. My rectum opened easily and Leo went balls deep in my ass with one mighty thrust. I felt like split in two but to be honest I loved it.

Then Leo began to fuck me. He fucked my ass for all he was worth and it didn’t take him long to fill my ass with a big load of cum. Nobody knew about AIDS back then.

I was in a daze with those two poppers-soaked cotton-balls up my nostrils. Leo withdrew and then I had to sit with my back to the visitor on the visitors fat cock. Well, I did so without hesitation and soon I impaled myself as deep and hard as possible on his hard cock while my own hard cock jumped with each thrust in my ass.

Now Leo saw his chance to stick his cock that has just been deep in my ass deep in my mouth. I guess he waited long for this chance.

„Open ur fucking mouth !“, Leo commanded me.

Naturally I opened my mouth and Leo stuck his cock that had just been up my ass in my mouth. The taste of cum and my own ass wasn’t that bad and I liked it. Luckily I had cleaned my ass, before I went to Leo, like Arnold tought me to do. When I was alone in the bathroom I usually put the nozzle of the shower agains my spincter and let the warm water fill my bowels. I then pressed the water out and cleaned the bathtub after this procedure.

„Ah, u pig!“, Leo said and rammed the fat cock down my throat.

Yes, I have been a horny bitch my whole life and I liked it this way ! I wanted to get treated like the whore that I was.

Yes, I sucked that fat cock that seconds before had stuck in my ass with devotion. I cleaned the whole thing, licked up every single drop of cum that was left on it

Yes, they should use me, abuse me as they liked it !

With one cock in my mouth and another even thicker cock pounding my ass I felt like in heaven. I feared to suffocate but because the lack of air I widened my throat as much as possible so Leo’s nutsack could slam against my chin. Tears were swelling in my eyes.

I couldn’t remember how long they fucked me this way but after a while they ordered me to lay over a table with my head hanging over one edge and my ass over the other edge. Now Leo again fucked my ass and his visitor stuck his monstrous cock deep in my mouth. More than the fat cockhead I couldn’t get in but I sucked it with lust.

„Change the holes, gentlemen!“, Leo announced, pulled his cock out of my ass, stuck it back in my mouth and rammed it down to my tonsils. I gagged but with one big cock thrusting deep in my ass and another cock deep down my throat I had no chance than to cum. My whole body began to tremble, goosebumps where all over my body, my nipples where hard as pebbles, my head was in a daze and then fountains of semen, prostatasecret and pee shot out of my stiff cock and splashed on my abdomen. I felt the big cock in my throat twitching and I hadn’t to swallow. Leo shot his load right down my throat.

Leo wanted to withdraw but I grabbed his ass-cheeks and pulled him to me and his cock back down my throat while the other guy fucked my ass. Again another load of pee shoot from my cock and landed on my abdomen and I started to moan. While I came the guy who fucked my ass came too. He shot his load deep in my ass. I felt his cock quiver.

Motionless I lay on the table. Leo had his cock still in my mouth and I sucked on it like a baby on a pacifier. The guy who filled my ass with his cum hadn’t withdrawn yet. He waited until his cock slipped out of my gaping asshole. Now sperm ran out of that hole and dribbled on the table.

„Came good ?“, Leo asked and made three drinks.

I nodded. Yes, I came like never before.

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